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How to  Change your skin on Minecraft
Tutorial on how to cange u'r skin on MC. Srry bout the quality Fraps int working @ the moment =( Music: Bobby Yarsulik- Your world on Minecraft I realy rushed this coz im doing other vids at well but its a basic tut and is lagit and works =)
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MineCraft-Diamond Cave
My Mineraft Cave with cool stuff... Music- Original Minecraft by Bobby Yruslik (i think thats how u spell it =P )
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Matt, Lets Play MineCraft-001 We Were All Noobs Once
Getting started in mine craft in my lets-play..... Oh, and sry theres no HD =( my comp stuffed up and wont let me use Fraps, also my mic is retarded and wouldnt let me record =[ so i had to use music, meh next episode ill do voice over. Music : Bobby Yarsulik-Minecraft
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