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Better Together Spawning Problems Make The Nether Peaceful
Spawning problems in the Better Together version of Minecraft have made the Nether almost peaceful. MOBs do not appear to continue to spawn. Ghasts, Wither Skeletons and Blazes become rare. MOB farms don't work.
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Simple Wither Skull Farm - Maximum Yield - Minimum Time
This AFC farm is only 10 to 14 blocks long, is built in a Nether walkway and averages 1.7 skulls per use. No need to half slab out 128 blocks. Uses some sticky pistons and a relatively simple redstone circuit. Enjoy!!
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How To Find A Woodland Mansion - In An Old Survival World
In a very old Survival world we spawn in a Cartographer to find the closest mansion. Then we fly out more than 3,000 blocks to find a distant mansion. We concur the mansion and build two Evoker prisons.
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Medieval Minecraft E51 - Simple Fully Automatic Wool Farm!
Medieval Minecraft - Building The Kingdom. In this episode we look at a fully automatic, completely AFC wool farm. Simple survival build. No shears or Redstone required. Just stand nearby and collect unlimited wool!
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Simple Gold Farm
Minecraft, Simple Gold Farm, Above Nether Roof, Xbox, Survival, Spawning Ranges, Rail Systems In Nether, Nether drop - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLAvwXw16S4
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Medieval Minecraft E55 - Elytra Airport - Functional and Realistic
Medieval Minecraft, building the kingdom. In this episode we explore a functional airport that replicates FAA standards. We have some fun applying FAA radio procedures while reviewing the build. Here is the link to a video on Elytra Launchers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPrr6ou_ADM&t=25s
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Three MOB Head Farms
Three MOB Head Farms. Very simple wither skull farm. Simple charged creeper storage and retrieval.
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Medieval Minecraft E53 - Ultimate Elytra Launcher (No Boats) Fly over 1,200 blocks
Medieval Minecraft, building the kingdom. In this episode we build two epic Elytra Launchers. Each one enables us to fly over 1,200 blocks. One is set up in a base well below the surface and the other is in our village. No boats or glitches. We will repeat this design many times and thus be able to fly across most of our Overworld.
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Medieval Minecraft E40 - Making Banners
Medieval Minecraft, building the kingdom. In this episode we learn how to use the banner feature in the latest update to the console addition.
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Ultimate XP Generator - In Bedrock Minecraft
Exploit the new Bedrock game mechanics to generate 30 levels of XP in a few seconds!! No Mods! Pure Survival. Enjoy.
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Epic Cathedral - A Survival Build
Medieval Minecraft Episode 57 - Survival Cathedral. In this episode we do a quick overview of a cathedral built in our survival word. We use many different techniques to control spawning. We also take a look at a large XP generator/grinder.
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Super Simple Wither Skull Farm
This simple farm will yield one skull from nearly every Wither Skeleton found in the Nether. No half slabbing. Works in all versions of Minecraft including Better Together. Minimal resources. Enjoy!
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Mega Quartz Mining - How To Survive In The Nether For Hours
Medieval Minecraft Episode 56 - Mega Quartz Mining. In this episode we travel around the Nether and collect stacks of quartz blocks so we can finish the cathedral. We have some fun battles with the MOBs, travel over 400 blocks and spend almost two hours in the Nether.
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Simple Charged Creeper Storage and Use
In this video we build a simple system to collect creepers, charge them up and use them in a MOB head farm. We also use the same farm to rapidly level up with huge amounts of XP!! You will never fear the creeper again!
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Medieval Minecraft E45 - Fully Automatic XP Farm!
Medieval Minecraft - Building The Kingdom. In this episode we look at a fully automatic, completely AFC XP farm. Not very hard to build in survival, no Redstone required. No hitting. Just stand nearby and collect unlimited XP!
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Medieval Minecraft E7 - The Iron Golem Farm
A let's play series where we go on a quest to knighthood. In this episode we build an iron Golem farm in the village we just found.
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Simple Drawbridges
Minecraft, Lava or Water Drawbridges, 3 Designs, Simple to Moderate Redstone, Sticky Pistons, T-flip flop, Hopper Timer, Repeaters, Slime Blocks, Fun Functional Builds.
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Nether Farm
Used the basic structure of a Nether walkway to make a high yield grinder and XP generator. Ended up getting stacks of wither skulls and chests of glow stone and blaze rods. Great drops from this grinder.
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Flaming Drawbridge
One of the most useful and fun builds I have done. Keeps the MOBs out of a new base built around a Zombie spawner.
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YouTube Trailer
Quick fun run through some doors and bridges around my main Overworld base. Then off to some grinders and finishing at a small castle built around my end portal.
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Flaming MOB Shooter
Had a blast building this unique XP generator below a Zombie Spawner. Found a rather difficult glitch when MOBS are stored on slime blocks. Max out the MOB count, light them up, let them burn down to a one hit kill and collect XP!!
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Medieval Minecraft E54 - Elytra Traveling - Reliable Long Distance
Medieval Minecraft, Building the Kingdom. In this episode we demonstrate how to link up Elytra launchers and fly all over our world and return in a reliable way. No arrows or rockets. No getting lost. Day and night flights. This is the way to travel in Minecraft!! Here is a link to the Elytra launcher - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPrr6ou_ADM&t=60s
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Best Way To Mine Diamonds In Minecraft
This tutorial combines a number of techniques into the most fun and productive diamond mining system possible in Minecraft. Enjoy!
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Gast Battles
A collection of Gast battles that took place while laying down half slabs to control MOB spawning in the Nether. Found a natural place in the Nether where Gasts spawn and are easy to kill. Learned how to survive in the Nether for long periods of time.
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Medieval Minecraft E49 - Ghast Hunting Lodge
A single player let's play series where we build a Minecraft kingdom. In this episode we finish our Ghast hunting lodge at the top of the Nether. We collect lots of Ghast tears and brew potions of regeneration. We create an area for Ghasts to spawn and harvest up quickly.
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Making Beacons3
Complete build putting five beacons on top of a Zombie spawner. Starts from gathering the wither skulls, defeating Wither Boss and ends with five new beacons at a new base.
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Monostable Circuits & T Flip Flops
Detailed explanation of monostable circuits and T flip-flops. How they work and how to build them. Four different designs using repeaters and pistons. Link to a farm that uses one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmzo41sh5Zk. Link to bridges that use them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p899_4SbsTA
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The XP Monster
Minecraft, Survival, XP Generator, Grinder, Skeleton Spawners, AFK, Automatic, Fast Unlimited XP, Simple Build, Using Dogs, Setting Up Xbox For AFK Sessions, Using Water Ladders.
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Beacons In The Nether
Minecraft, Beacons In Nether, Xbox, Breaking Through The Nether Roof, Dispelling Rumors, Digging Vertical In Nether, Using Beacons, Gast On Stick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDUG0Al4tYU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4k6v-tark4
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Nether Drop
Minecraft, Survival, Simple Safe Long Drops Without Water, Great For Nether Builds, Applied On Top Of Nether Roof In Gold Farm, Fastest Descent Possible.
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Medieval Minecraft E38 - Curing Zombie Villagers
Medieval Minecraft, Building The Kingdom. In this episode we convert zombie villagers into villagers and start to repopulate our village. Yes, we had a MOB siege during one of our AFC sessions and lost nearly all the villagers!!
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Simple Melon Farm
Minecraft Survival, Simple Build, AFK, Fully Automatic, Monostable Circuit, Signal Delays, High Yield, Easy Redstone Tutorial
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Medieval Minecraft E37 - Lava Drawbridge
Medieval Minecraft, building the kingdom. In this episode we use a little Redstone to make a safe way to get in an out of our village. Here is a link to another video that shows three more ways to make lava drawbridges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p899_4SbsTA
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Medieval Minecraft E39 - Simple Slime Farm
Medieval Minecraft, building the kingdom. In this episode we make a very simple slime farm. This link can be used to identify slime chunks in your world - http://chunkbase.com/apps/slime-finder. Make sure you have your seed number before going to the site.
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Medieval Minecraft  E17 - Sugar Cane Farm
A let's play series where we go on a quest to knighthood. In this episode we build an automatic sugar cane farm. We use a daylight sensor connected to a simple mono-stable circuit to activate a row of pistons once a day.
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Medieval Minecraft E30 - Finding The End Portal
A let's play series. In this episode we find the End Portal and open it. We use Eyes of Ender to find and open the portal.
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Ghosts In The Nether
Minecraft, Ghosts In Nether, Pure Vanilla Survival, No Mods, This Area Of My World Must Be Haunted, Gasts, Wither Skeletons, Gast Tears, Beacons In The Nether
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