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The Mad Dad #SWOSCARS2017
A man(Arka) lost his wife when he chose to put his works above the family. After 14 years, He decided to fix his mistake and make it up to his daughter (Laura). He seek help from his friend (Migxz) but he always ended up being silly while he try to show his love and care. Director: Arka Avicenna Participants: Laura Sampson the 3rd, Migxz Pogi, Faize Groove Music credit to its owner, I don't own any of the music background.
End Road #SWOSCARS2016
End road is a smallworlds film about two adventure friend. Green and Wilson was riding their bike before they found themselves stuck in the End Road. Wilson has bad feeling about their journey, but Green keep believing his guts that nothing bad gonna happen. They heard creepy sound and voices on the wood that finally lead them to unbelievable truth. Thank so much for everyone who support me to accomplish this film. And thanks for my girl Aurelia for her support and keep saying that I can do this. I finally can make it dear.. I hope you gonna like this. and I hope all people going to love it.. Best. Green
Happy Song #SWMusicAwards2017
"When a song can draw a smile of the universe" Directed by Arka Avicenna Participant : Aurelia Aurita Blue Orakel the 4th Faize Groove Migxz Pogi Credit of Song: Happy Song by Pharrell Williams Sound Effect: FreeSoundEffect.com Special Thanks to Owner of Cabin by the shore, Masie Litlewood. Spoken Words member. Kuya Edward Cullen the 91st. Jasemay Angel And everyone for the support!
Prom 2016 #Smallworlds
Enjoy the prom from the coolest to silly one. Apologies if you get dizzy watching this. its quite fast.. (DIZZY ALERT) hhahaha Song by: Pitbull - Timber ft. Kesha