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BGLO Summary and review - final vid
Key Points : *Christian Principles and secret societies are apart of the foundation of BGLOs and therefore aren't truly founded upon Christian Principles *Violence within the hazing process doesn't help our black community but hurts it and perpetuates violence being down to black groups *Intraracist actions that members did(as a reflection of the racist society they were in) and still do to this day make it hard to support any fact that BGLOs were founded on a political foundation to help their entire race verses just being a social organization due to the rejection on their white counterparts
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Black Latinos in Hollywood and the one drop rule
This is the link that I talked about in this video : http://youtu.be/tT7_oQzDYMw
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Black sororities and Hair
We'll be going through the African American sororities and fraternities from a different angle. In this particular video, I address a 17 year old girl who wasn't allowed to attend a function in 1998 (I say 1998 and at the end of the video I say 1999 but it's 1998)....have to view the video for the rest of the info
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Christian Greek Letter Organizations and Christian Priniciples
Examine Christian Greek Letter Organizations and Christian Principles
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Don't fall for the he who finds a good wife finds a good thing line Ladies!!!!
Ladies, if you hear a guy quote, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing". Let him know that it won't be you. One of the fruits of the spirit is faithfulness-- and they don't have a clue. Matthew 19:9-11. LOL, that bible line is also found in the YouTube video how to get a church girl.
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"Ghetto" Names and changing the African American Mindset
So, African Americans name their kids with the ishas and other names and a spoken word piece was also done in which it was stated that we need to reclaim these "ghetto" or different status names which I don't concur with (because we have no true value of our African descent) but here is the link : http://youtu.be/JbS8LPkohCc
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African American sororities and Christian Principles
So one the common arguments that you hear in terms of defending BGLOs is that they have a history that is worth being honored as well as that it was built on Christian principle's...the next few videos will ? those arguments....to be fair the racial aspect may be attributed to them "not knowing any better" but the ? still stands with them knowing better about Christianity.
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Are women in the church today being a "How Many Licks" type of without knowing it?
I pose a ? about putting our carnality on sale. "And if she got it she don't flaunt it. She keep her body a secret. Don't want to get her husband what everybody been seeing... Why you say men are dogs and then you get dressed and feed them?"...What are you feeding ladies??? Death or Life? Link to KB's authentic video : http://youtu.be/HU10vaF2QpI
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BGLOs and Christian Principles
Examining BGLOs and Christian principles to see if they were built on Christian principles
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African American Mindset and Hair
Would our view on hair be different as well as our beauty supply stores?
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Healthy Transition Tips Week #4 - part 2
Alisa Keeton founder of revelation wellness is good about focusing on something other than wanting to look good which is something that I agree with as well. Through her workouts she helped me to see that exercise is a reflection of your life and that if you cannot stay consistent with it, then what else aren't you able to be consistent with in your life as well. I also share some transparency about my weight loss up to this point. I also got the 100 calorie packs idea from hungry girl.
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BGLOs and Christian Principles...to teach spritual or not ????
BGLOs state that they are founded on Christian Principles but you never hear them voiced specifically w/o verses to reference....the only way we know what Christian principles are is through the way in Christ choose to bring his public message....and the message of BGLOs are not heavily focused on Christian Principles at the chore nor do they elaborate further in the public
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Christian version of Hook-ups
You can always get to know someone in a friendship. I explain what the Christian version is of Hook-ups that we see in the world. I also explain why I don't believe in kissing on the lips before marriage. Link that explains what hooking up is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3Q2L7YQ2Hk&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E
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Make-up and African Americans
Another upload in changing the African American Mindset
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Healthy Tips Video....to Strip or to Not Strip...LOL.
Are workouts like Zumba and Stripper Pole classes appropriate for Christians to do? Link to Mary Mary Aerobics : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRqeOaeWMc&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E Link to America Vs Hip Segment in which they talk about how hip hop has made strip dancing more popular : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkQd0Tk7_mQ&feature=share&list=PLA4F6E83CADB32669
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Protein packs a Punch
So this video is to help with snacks that are needed to help with a healthy lifestyle. Here is a link from which I got ideas about what protein snacks I needed : http://greatist.com/health/high-protein-snacks-portable Also, make sure you get snacks that are low in sodium, fat and sugar as well to balance out other foods that contribute to your diet. The total items that I mentioned have about 5grams of sugar and 4 grams (3 grams from the cheese sticks and 1 gram from the 1% cottage cheese) of saturated fat. I forgot, beans are an excellent source of protein as well to incorporate into your diet. Make sure that when you buy nuts that they are raw and unsalted .
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The Boy is Mine Syndrome in the Church!
Ladies don't fall into the trap of the boy is mine syndrome. You don't want to be like Rachel and Leah! The Boy is Mine Video for reference : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va1Y6uAgNJY&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E . Reference to the bachelor/bachelorette video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb68TvD5aqc&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E
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What would you wear to the club?
If you are a Christian and you go to the club....what do you wear to the club??....Can it be interchangeable?? Young Vs Old. Clip that was mentioned from Mary Mary below : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvzJ7VWc0pg&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E
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Variety and Plastic Surgery.
This week was def. a struggle for continuing to eat healthy and exercise so for some variety I ate out as well as for exercise I did something different then what I did previously. I also bring up a topic on Plastic Surgery.
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Going to the club...
1 Peter 4:3-4.
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FDA or No FDA? - Week #9
So, I wanted to pose a health discussion ? for this week....FDA or no FDA? Also a few quick tips about exercising and eating healthy @ the end.
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Healthy Tips Part 2- Week #10
A few more tips on eating healthy when eating out @ a Panera's or a similar restaurant. I forgot one tip- avoid salad dressings and any sauces when eating or when going grocery shopping - - they can have a lot of calories as well.
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Healthy Video Diary #1
Drinking Water.
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Dating Vs. Courtship
Dating is getting to know if someone maybe a possible potential date --. Courtship is already knowing that someone could be a possible mate with the intent to marry or working towards that. Which one do you prefer? To make sure there isn't any confusion I won't be doing anymore uploaded videos but I do have some videos via youtube for ya'll.
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Healthy Tips Week 2
Healthy Tips #2, Key Points : Eat to get Healthy and to take care of you body and not to lose weight. Weight loss should be viewed as an added bonus(Latter I heard on Dr. Oz) Make sure that you are conscience of what you are eating and why not mindless eating behavior(Jillian discussed mindless eating) Make sure you eat 4-5 times a day (every 3-4 hours- Heard on Dr. Oz) Medi Verses Romans 12:1&2 and 1 Corinthians 6:20
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Week #3 - Sugar Challenge!
We consume a lot of sugar that is not necessary. How much sugar can you cut back on this week? Do you find that you are craving sugar after you have cut back on it?
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Two transition tips to eating healthy. Week #4 - Part 1
I give two transition tips to help with the transition from unhealthy eating to healthy eating and as Bob harper put it taking small steps for a gradual transition. 1 Tip is for your food choices and Tip 2 is for exercising. This is the link to the overweight/obese work out that I talk about in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN40iWW1QYE&feature=share&list=PL72012B411ECCF992
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Changing the African American Mindset....
How would things be different if African Americans saw themselves as the larger group???.....time for a mindset change...first question through this view will be on natural hair
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BGLOs history- "rich" history or no "rich" history
Two of the most common arguments for BGLOs is that the history of the organizations is something to be honored. This upload addresses the history and whether or not this is an actual premise of why BGLOs are to be held by their members the way that it is
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Health Discussion ? of the week- check description box for more info
So I posed two ?s regarding the workplace and obesity. #1, Should workplaces cover full expenses for people who are obese and have a sedentary lifestyle since they contribute to their lack of activity. #2, should employers offer free memberships to various gyms for a year or weight loss programs for a year to contribute to more physical activity. A better ? that I forgot to ask in the video is that should obesity be listed as worker's comp if a person gets sick due to obesity? Another ? is regarding what employees and scheduling, is how do employers reschedule their work shifts so that their employees are allowed to eat every 3-4 hours?
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Is it okay for christians to...
New Topic.....
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Carnal Guys up in the Church!!!!- Had to get  it off my chest.
So there is a song by Lecrae that I reference and talks about two individuals being carnal : http://youtu.be/U1TH799N3Ms , also I reference another video about stuff Christian guys say when I talk about guys going on a mission's trip and they are talking : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z0xoUYNqos&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E. Make sure that they have a heart behind whatever they are doing and not solely to "impress" (don't like that word ) you is what I meant by the mission's trip comment.
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Updated Healthy Tips - Week #10
So I give some tips that have helped me lose weight and get healthy.
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Matchmaker - find me no find, catch me no catch, unless he is a matchless match!
I discuss why match making is not necessary in today's church. Link to Fiddler on the Roof song : http://youtu.be/59Hj7bp38f8.
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Dateless Beauty - More ? Maybe? Give it to em?
It's been a minute....but you know it goes....LOL...
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Violence and BGLOs
If BGLOs are based on Christian principles than why is there so much violence.....?
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Gay Marriage ...
I explain my views on why gay people should be allowed to get married.
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A white woman painted black?????- Changing the African American Mindset
How would fashion be different if we were on the same status or the larger group??????
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Serve me some pornography (aka sex trafficking) while I fight about sex slavery! Hypocrisy.
We sell sex in the media (sexual objectification of women) just like they sell sex in the sex slave industry. What makes us better then them? Video on stats of Christians having sex before marriage : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2uYy36-6z4&feature=share&list=PL55727DBE25530C8E. Blog that states the correlation between porn and sex trafficking : http://www.covenanteyes.com/2011/09/07/the-connections-between-pornography-and-sex-trafficking/
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Caricature 1800s-1920s and today- African American Mindset
Actually the caricature started around the early 1800s
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