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MadTV 2007 - 3 Minute Meal
MadTV 2007, 3 Minute Meal Sketch. Woman tries to make a romantic banana split and ends up cutting off her finger, burning herself, and losing a tooth
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MadTV 2007 - Bird Poop
MadTV 2007, Bird Pooping Sketch. Guy tries to propose to his girlfriend while getting pooped on by an increasing number of birds.
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Davis is Burning 2010 - Mario Going a capella!
10:43 pm Recording time - 17th Video I took that night.
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Davis is Burning by DLP - Warm up
Before the doors opened, some last minute practicing.
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Tickle Me Emo
Tickle Me Emo on MadTV. Fucking Hilarious!
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Davis is Burning 2010 - King and Queen of DiB are crowned!
10:39 pm Recording time - 16th Video I took that night.
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Simon Cowell Nipple Play
Last Night's American Idol Competition revealed something interesting about one of the judges. Watch as the moment comes and passes without Paula's obvious amazement is edited out
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Birds in Downtown Sac getting their Fractal on
Just some trippy birds that always fly around downtown Sacramento and a really weird looking sky.
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Davis is Burning by DLP - Scheiße
The first number performed by the boys from DLP
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Christianity, My Take, Fear of "The Golden Compass"
So, my mom sent me an email, outlining this new movie that was coming out in December, The Golden Compass. This movie, made by an atheist, is based on children's books by the same person. These books come from a viewpoint where God can die and does. The ensuing wrath of the Christians is inevitable. Their feeling that they are being repressed or that their kids are being indoctrinated, when they are in the majority and do most of the indoctrinating when their kids are young...but we'll just ignore that...cuz it's inconvenient. I also briefly discuss my experience and continuing reeducation of myself in the vein of learning more about Christianity, it's beginnings, the faults with the bible, etc. Unedited
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Driving in to Sacramento at Night
So, I frequently drive this way home and I always see this amazing panoramic view of Downtown Sac, unfortunately it's on this freeway exit and it's virtually impossible to stop and actually get out and take a pic. So since my Pre recently got video capability, I decided to take a video of the scene. I wish it were more zoomed in and higher quality, but whaddya gonna do?!
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Davis is Burning by DLP - All the boys on the Runway
All the boys of DLP on the runway struttin' their stuff.
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UCD 2011 Mr. Greek Universe - Contestant 4 - Talent Portion
I don't know his name, so if anyone knows it, let me know.
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Ain't Got Love by Mason Jennings (performed by James Clark)
Big Jimmy's singin' time! Gather 'round kids! And this is why I need a directional mic. It will be my next purchase when I have free money again. And this is also why it's fun to perform when there are drunk people around.
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Davis is Burning 2010 - Milay!
8:57 pm Recording time - 10th Video I took that night.
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Fireflies in Northeast Ohio
Just some fireflies by my partner's family's campsite in Northeast Ohio. Been a long time since I've seen these guys and I had to take some video of 'em.
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Fleet Week 2007, San Francisco, Blue Angels
Just some video I took of the Blue Angels during San Francisco's Fleet Week. I was actually out on my dad's sailboat and we got some awesome pictures and decent video. I'll post the other videos once I get them sorted out, but I wanted to get the Blue Angels up at least, before it gets to be too long after the actual event. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the shakiness. One of the downsides of being on the boat.
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Flag Waving...
...FLAG...WITH an L. durka
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Matt Dillahunty California Tour - Sacramento
Matt Dillahunty stopped in Sacramento for a talk at the Reason Center and was sponsored by the group Sacramento Atheists and Other Freethinkers.
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YouTube Debate Question - Gay Marriage Question (shorter)
Do you believe gays deserve the right to marriage? If not, why do you believe that gay people do not deserve equality? Please rephrase your answer in the form of the original question. Trimmed to 30 seconds. Paul Cox, Sacramento, California.
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Driving over the NW Broadway Bridge in Portland, Oregon
Driving over the NW Broadway Bridge in Portland after driving to Mt Hood.
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Davis is Burning 2010 - The boys of DLP perform
8:26 pm Recording time - 5th Video I took that night.
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My Dad's Present...In a Dark Room
His Present again, only this time in a dark room, so you can actually see the flashing/fading effect. I noticed it doesn't fade all the way off, but rather to a dimmer setting...in case you were curious...which you weren't.
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Eddie is Eddie
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Davis is Burning 2010 - Ke$ha Tervo shows up!
10:14 pm Recording time - 13th Video I took that night.
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Another day of Fun in Sunny Sacramento
Yes, Sacramento is the freakin capital of this state. No it's not LA...LA is smoggy and it smells funny. Travis is retardicon and attacks tourists and people just in the park, as well as small animals.
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My Story
This gives a quick synopsis of how I came to realize I was gay. What I dealt with since I was also Christian. If you have any questions about my experience or anything I may have missed or glossed over, let me know and I can make follow up videos. (sorry about the crunchy audio, something in the conversion process is screwing up)
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Short Vlog Update 09-27-07
Vlog update, some frustration, with myself, situations, youtube, etc.
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Blue visualization shown on Cingular's Ads that is not on the phone itself!
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UCD 2011 Mr. Greek Universe - Contestant 1 - Talent Portion
I don't know his name, so if anyone knows it, let me know.
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iPad experiencing fluttery images flashing on screen while scrolling
My iPad has been experiencing random fluttery screens while scrolling quickly.
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KABOOM!! In San Francisco 05-12-07
This is a yearly thing that KFOG puts on in San Francisco. Fireworks put to music. I've captured a good amount, sorry about the shakiness, the downside of being on a boat. Didn't do too much to this, so hope you like it
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Volume v. Loudness
Yeah, got sick and tired of the whole "loud commercial" thing that's been happening recently. Well, not just recently, for a while. I've been noticing that some commercials just seem louder than others. After doing some research I found out that it's not the volume, it's just the amount of sound that they cram into that volume that makes it sound louder. Anyway, before I say too much, enjoy the video.
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Pink Party - Dancing
Video of all the folks at the main 2 block stretch of the Pink Party on Castro. Dancing, and dark
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The Present I got for My Dad
A light panel that I got for my dad. It lights up and is less than 1 mm thick...coolness.
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Happy Happy Happy
It's the Happy Happy Happy guy from China Town in San Francisco.
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Driving in to Tahoe
Driving down to Tahoe for good times and returning ski stuff...wheee
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Mac Commercial - Vista Security
Mac Commercial making fun of the extremeness of Vista's Security. Enjoy
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The Dive Bar Mermaid
Sacramento bar with an aquarium and a mermaid
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My Special Pussies
Words can't explain.
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More Riding on the Bus through the Gay Neighborhood
Riding on the bus from 21st and L to 18th and L. When the bus turns, the gift shop ETC, is a gay gift shop. Just past that brick building is another red building, that's Club 21, the 18 and over club. When the bus stops, on the other side of the block is where the clubs/bars I go to are. When it passes the next street, the yellow building is a thrift store, next to it is Lambda Community Center, across the street from that is the Merc (old man bar). After the carwash is the street, then the brand new apts they put in...where 2 bedroom apts go for about 1600. The purple building after that is The Bead Fetish, that's where I got the beads and stuff for your necklace. Enjoy!! See how noisy the bus is? It's full of creaks and crap!!!
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Driving Around Downtown (2/3)
Driving around downtown with crazy travis, occasionally you'll see him try and jump in front of the camera, I try and smack him away and that's when you get dizzy.
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UCD 2011 Mr. Greek Universe - Contestant 5 - [to be named at a later date] - Talent Portion
And last, but definitely not least, the winner of Mr. Greek Universe 2011, Delta Lambda Phi's own [to be named at a later date]!!!
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Davis is Burning by DLP - On the Floor pt 1
Sorry, in 2 parts, I hit the wrong button.
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Sef playing with playdough and singing
Hanging out with my nephew Sef.
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Rainbow Flag
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Bitching out YouTube and NBC Vlog 05-22-07
So yeah, it was bound to happen. YouTube pulled one of my Will and Grace videos after having just pulled Doodlez a few months back. They're fucking lame and so are NBC and Viacom. They bitch about someone showing their shit online, when they show their shit over the air for free. I hardly think a 1 minute clip on here is going to lose them any amazing revenue, but whatever.
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Travis v. Spinning Wheel of Terror
Travis shortly after his fight with the Dome of Fear...he is so retarded, he hadn't yet realized that his right side was totally paralized. You'll see at the end where it kicks in.
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