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The New MST3K is Tone-Perfect
"Every Country Has A Monster" "rap" "song" from the "new" "season."
Views: 52732 Christopher Stuck
ARK: Survival Evolved - Castle Grayskull Build WIP - May 17. 2017
Slowly coming along. The hut in the main room is a crafting piece from a mod. The crafting space will soon be a nursery and the area by the hut will become a fair space where crafting can be done. Obviously lots of room for additional animals, which was the whole idea to start with. The rooftop buildings are taming pens that make it so that I can tame up to five carryable creatures at once.
Views: 93 Christopher Stuck
Car Hockey in Rocket League
Five goals ain't nothing to sneeze at.
Views: 11 Christopher Stuck
Dinosaurs Cursing Each Other - 5-7 a.m. in South Carolina
This is part of why I became a morning person once I moved to South Carolina. The other part is the single-pane windows. This is what my bedroom sounds like every morning in the hours before and after dawn.
Views: 75 Christopher Stuck

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