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Terraria: How to get the Lava Charm and Lava Waders
In simpler terms: 1. Go to the underground layer where there is lava (not underworld). 2. Find a cave system. (Better chance to finding a chest) 3. Find a golden chest. 4. ????? 5. Profit, I think. "The Lava Charm is an accessory found in Chests." - http://terraria.wikia.com/wiki/Lava_Charm 1/28/15 - 22,331 views. Jaws have been dropped. 6/5/15 - 72,697 views. Minds have been blown. (Thank you) 1/11/16 - 207,218 views. Dafuq? (I am happy)
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Postal 2 - How to get the Police Uniform
This is how to get a police uniform in Postal 2. Police uniforms will unlock the Police Armory (contains tons of weapons and armor), and gives you more authority (Kill a civilian and police just laugh or comment). Also sometimes on missions when you escape from the police, some police don't care and when another police hits you, the other cops start shooting the police that hit you and then police vs police happens. ___________________________________________ All rights reserved to "Running with Scissors".
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Locations of all Diamond Blocks in ttt_minecraft_b5
You need 9 diamond blocks in total. There are 14/15 in total. These are either all or most of the possible locations where these blocks could be. Song: Mr. Scruffs - Kalimba Requested by: Draconzis (I made this video just for you) Hope it gets 2 view from you and me. (;
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Shadow Warrior: Anime Easter Egg
I apologize if my actions in this game offended any of you.
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The End in Minecraft Map - Trouble in Terrorist Town (ttt_minecraft_b5)
Put all the diamond blocks in the furnace and get a solid diamond block. Offer the diamond to Notch and BOOM, The End. Video showing locations of diamond blocks: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G02JJPDYLMw Map: ttt_minecraft_b5 Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=132345
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Deadpool Easter Egg - The Wizard of Oz
Stumbled upon this beauty. The house from The Wizard of Oz (I'm pretty sure) during the tornado scene. Also this game is freaking awesome.
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Postal 2 - How to get to the Church
Such a simple spot. I had trouble finding it, maybe you had, also? ___________________________________________ All rights reserved to "Running with Scissors".
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Old Battlefield 4 Compilation.avi
This is an abandoned compilation project from early 2014.
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Glitched out of the Map - Battlefield 4 [Possible Spoiler]
So I died and spawned where I fell and died.. Campaign mode.
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(Quickest Way) Secret NPC Chest in Whiterun - Skyrim
This is the quickest way I found to the hidden NPC Chest in Whiterun. I posted this because I couldn't find anyone else find this idea so I thought it might help you people who searched for this.
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