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No audio after installing a GeForce 210 Video Card
I recently installed a Gigabyte Ge Force 210 and then it disabled the on-board audio device. This video shows how I get around in activating my on-board audio again.
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Summoners War - How to Increase Monster Skill Level
This video shows how to increase you monster skill level.
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How to Install a Banana Plug to your Speaker Cable
This setup fix my problem when there is no input to my amplifier and I put the volume to maximum, a hum is coming out of the tweeter. With this speaker cable and banana plug, when I put my amplifier to no input and maximum volume no sound is coming out of the speaker. When I listen to music - superb quality.
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Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaning on a Mitsubishi Mirage
When I connect my Evoscan Tool, I'm getting an Intake Airflow Sensor (12) from time to time. So decided to clean the MAF sensor with a spray cleaner. This is on a Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo.
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How I fixed my computer Disk Signature Collision
I re-installed windows operating system, then my 1 TB drive won't show up in Windows Explorer. Under Computer Management it is saying the disk is offline as there is a signature collision with another disk. This video shows how I fixed this issue. If you decided to follow this solution I'm not liable with data lost in case something goes wrong.
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Install New Hard Drive for IOMEGA HMND CE
I tried putting another drive on my IOMEGA HMND CE. This shows how I put the 1st 32MB and the firmware onto the hard drive.
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WD My Cloud Power Consumption
I'm a bit concern about how much power to run this Western Digital My Cloud NAS as it will be running all year round. So I measured the wattage when the NAS is active.
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Howto Replace Hard Drive on your Asus K52F
This video will show you how to physically remove your hard drive and replaced it with a new one. This video was taken by Olympus 850 SW.
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How to upgrade Phat Xbox 360 20GB Fujitsu to 250GB
I used a 250GB original Xbox 360 slim drive to replace the 20GB. The original drive is a 20GB Fujitsu which is replaced by 250GB Hitachi. I find it much cheaper and easy this way rather than buying a
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How to change CMOS battery on Asus K52F
Video shows disassembling of Asus K52F. My original purpose is to remove the CMOS battery to reset the Bios Password but I end up just replacing the battery with a new one. Removing the CMOS battery won't reset the BIOS password or the User password.
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Connect an Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor to your old Phat White Xbox
This video shows how to connect a Kinect Sensor onto your White Xbox 360.
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Connect your Bluetooth Device iPad Mini to Sony SRS-X5
This video shows how I paired a new Bluetooth Device like iPad Mini to Sony SRS-X5 Bluetooth Speaker.
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Share your Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone 3G internet connection to your Tablet
Wish you had a 3G connection for your Tablet. If your Tablet have wireless connection, you can use the 3G connection of your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Most application or games on android requires internet connection to work. So this is quite useful when your outside your wireless network.
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Summoners War - How to Evolve a Three Stars Monster to Four Stars
Video showing how to evolve a 3 stars monster to 4 stars. I evolved a 2 stars and 3 stars monster. You will see what are the requirements on evolving a monster.
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Wincong SL-02A Series Solar Power Intelligent Controller
This is a 10 amp solar power controller. I like this one as you can set most of the settings manually to suit your need. Prevents your battery from overcharging and over-discharged.
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Remove Hard Drive and RAM on Dell Latitude D630
This video shows how to remove the Hard Drive and both RAM on Dell Latitude D630.
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Find Out Which Memory Card is Best to Use for ReadyBoost
This test the Read and Write speed of USB Thumb Drive, SD Card, Compact Flash or any Memory Card. I've tested various memory cards and the results are shown in the video.
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Escape Action Level 25 - Solution Walkthrough
How to solve Level 25 of ' Escape Action ' android game. Usually you can solve this in less than 5 minutes. No hints used.
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How to completely backup your iPad Mini to a Computer
This video also shows where is the backup files located in your computer. You just need the iTunes software and a way to connect your iPad to a computer. I really like backing up in the computer as it is quite fast to restore compared in iCloud backup. You could do a multiple backup by just copying the backup folder to a different location and putting it back when needed.
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Philippines - Sea urchin taste
In Puerto Galera for our beach hopping, a woman vendor ask us if we want to taste a sea urchin, it cost 100 pesos for 3 sea urchin. Inside the Sea urchin ‘roe’ consists of five orange fingers underneath a fierce spiny shell - this is the edible part of the urchin, the ‘roe’ and try to eat it.
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How To Put a WiFi Adapter on Your White Xbox 360 to Connect to Wireless Access Point
I always want to move my Old White Xbox 360 to the bedroom, problem is there is no wired Ethernet connection. Using the device in the video makes it possible. And the good thing about it is the device is quite cheap. It can be powered from the Xbox USB Port, so no extra power supply. This can also be used on your Smart TV, Blu Ray, Network Attached Storage or virtually any device with Ethernet port.
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How to use Samsumg Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 as Internet Connection for your Computer Tethering Hotspot
This video shows two ways for your computer to connect to the internet using your smart phone Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. By using Tethering and portable hotspot which share your device's mobile data connection via USB or Wi-Fi.
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Mobile Power Bank charging a Samsung Galaxy
This video shows a power bank rated 2800mAh charging a Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm really glad I bought this device it is quite handy and just cost less than $10.
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How to replace speedo cluster lights on Mitsubishi Mirage
If you have a busted lights or just want to replace it with LED lights then this video will show you how easy it is to do. You just need to remove the speedo cluster from the dashboard then you can access it at the back easily.
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What you need to check Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC ) of Mitsubishi Car
Knowing the Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC ) of your car makes it easier to pin point the cause of your car problem. You can tell your mechanic what to look for, which saves a lot of time and money. It eliminates the guess work.
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Move / Copy your Xbox 360 Data to a Usb Device
Move or copy your data to thumb drive or USB hard drive. If you use a non microsoft xbox drive you can only utilize up to 32 GB.
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How to cook a Crispy Pork Hock using a Convection Oven (Crispy Pata)
This is a healthy way of cooking a pork without using oil. You just need a Turbo Broiler or Convection Oven.
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Laptop SATA / IDE Drive to External USB Drive
Turn your Laptop SATA / IDE Drive to a external usb drive. You will just be needing the right enclosure for the hard drive. The drive I used here is 2.5in but the procedure is almost the same for your 3.5in desktop drive.
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How to remove RAM and put back on your Asus K52F Laptop
This video shows how to remove RAM and how to put it back on your Asus K52F. Asus K52F accept DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SODIMM socket for expansion up to 8GB SDRAM. This video was taken using Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V.
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Black and Decker Dustbuster Pivot Vacuum Cleaner
Easy Handheld vacuum cleaner
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How to install bluestack in your desktop
Easy installation of bluestacks on your computer, any version of bluestacks can be downloaded in web and for thier requirements.
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How to open botttom panel of Nemo Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher
This dishwasher got an error on flood microswitch. In order to fix it, I need to access the microswitch at the bottom. It is a bit tricky to open the bottom panel that is why I made this video.
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How to open Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo C5730
This shows you how to open the CPU case if you want to add additional RAM, upgrade the hard drive or just want to clean up.
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Fix Movie Maker Won't Run or Open
Not all Movie Maker problem can be solve by this solution. After downloading Windows Essentials, Movie Maker won't start. My system meets the minimum requirement. This video shows how I fixed it. Make sure your system meets the requirements for this to work. Memory: 1 GB of RAM (2 GB of RAM or higher is recommended) Processor: 2.4 GHz (single processor) or a dual-core processor Internet browser: Internet Explorer 7 , Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 , or Safari 3.1 Internet connection: Internet functionality requires dial‑up or broadband Internet access (provided separately). Local or long‑distance charges might apply. Graphics or video card:Video card or video driver that supports Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (or later) and Pixel Shader 2.0 (or later). Additional required programs: Photo Gallery and Windows Media Player.
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Everwing - open eggs and evolve dragons
OPEN EGGS: Sar (legendary), Pong ( rare), Ban (rare), Lethio (legendary), Unagli (legendary), Lavabolt (legendary), EVOLVE DRAGONS: Rageon (common) - Ragore, Rex (common) - Raxillius, Viking (common) - Viktron, Feanor (rare) - Feandroth, Kiin (rare) - Kigi, Furlix (legendary) - Furline, Flo (common) - Flora
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Create an iCloud Backup of your iPad Mini
Shows how easy it is to setup iCloud backup whether doing it automatic or manual. 5GB free storage and you could increase it if you want. Select your important data and application to backup.
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Floors Escape Level 3 - Solution Walkthrough
Shows how to solve Floors Escape Level 3. The same as Escape If You Can for iPad.
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Watch Movies from Internet Browser in your Android phone
This method also works with iPad, though its not free like in Android. If you are having a problem with Flash Player in your Internet Browser, then this is the right application for you. Or else, you can't watch your favorite movie online because it is not supported.
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Measy Smart Remote Air Mouse / Mini Keybord
RC12 Wireless Air Mouse. This is like a mini keyboard and a mouse in one. This works in different operating systems. Also works on Smart TV, computer and android devices. It is time to change those bulky wireless keyboard and mouse. And replace it with this small device. Dimension: 200x57x25mm Weight: 144g almost the same as your regular remote.
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Sisig ( Pig Head )
In this version of Sisig I've used a pig's head. This is another way of cooking it, with small crunchy bits even the kids will love it.
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Floors Escape Level 9 - Solution Walkthrough
Shows how to solve Floors Escape Level 9. The same as Escape If You Can for iPad.
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NetComm Home Entertainment Connection Kit NP203
This video shows my file transfer test when connected on the same power point and when 2 rooms apart (approx 10meters). Necomm AV Series Technical Specifications: Data Transfer Rate : Up to 200 Mbps over Powerline Operation Range of 300m in wall power lines.
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Video Zoom Test of Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V Compact Camera 20x Optical Zoom
This video was taken using Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V without a tripod. Compact camera with mega zoom. Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V specification: 20x Optical Zoom, 18.2 Megapixels, Full HD Movie. Setting when this video was taken: Movie shooting scene - Intelligent Auto Movie Quality - AVC HD 9M (1440x1080) Movie SteadyShot - Active
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How to select which DC Motor will best suit a Wind Generator
I'm planning to build a Vertical Axis Wind Generator. First, I need to find a dc motor which is the heart of Wind Generator. All work will be wasted if I don't have the proper motor. So selecting a correct one is crucial. Watch the video and see how I choose which one to use.
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Install Viber in your iPad Mini
Shows how easy it is to install Viber in your iPad Mini. Viber uses the mobile data or wifi internet so calling overseas is easy and could be cheaper this way.
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Find out How often your Computer System is using ReadyBoost
At 4K Read, a USB Thumb Drive is much faster than a Hard Drive apart from SSD Drive. That is why if you have a SSD Drive, ReadyBoost is disable. On my test, the gain speed for 4K Read is about 10x. On the graph shown on the video, you will see how often it uses the ReadyBoost Drive.
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Fix XP Mode or Hyper-V won't load up or install
Installed XP Mode or Hyper-V in a new computer but won't load up. This video used an HP ProBook to show you how to configure your computer settings.
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Connect iPad Mini without 3G to internet
While travelling and your kids need an internet connection for their iPad Mini without 3G, then this video will show you how I did it and keep them busy for hour.
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Do it yourself TV mount on Entertainment Unit
Video showing how I put a TV mount on my existing Entertainment Unit. I've built this entertainment unit from an MDF last year thinking that I have enough space for everything. But this year I needed a place for my center speaker so this is my solution.
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