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Greater Daemon of Nurgle rises (chaos rising)
a cut-scene (pretty sure there was something before this, but not with daemon i think) from WH40k: Dawn of war 2: Chaos Rising added text in annotations so easier to read, since quality doesn't seem to be as good as thought on youtube (i blame windows media player :P) will upload soon video from elemental invasion in WoW & pics or vid from my warhammer 40k Ork Army
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Left 4 Dead the Witch startled
This is what happens if you accidently startle the Witch
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40k-Ork 'Ard boyz - in hd
'Ard boyz video redone in hd :P
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Warcraft 3 RPS?
Old interview with Rob Pardo from Blizzard Entertainment, looks like Warcraft 3 wasn't supposed to be a strategy game at first
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Plague Toads unbagged (from ForgeWorld)
Finally putting out new videos, 1 of 3 ForgeWorld nurgle daemon unbagged, first off, Plague Toads which is plan to use for Beasts of Nurgle, they come 3 in a single bag.
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Great Unclean One unbagged (ForgeWorld)
Another Nurgle Daemon unbagged from forgeworld, and in this time there is the amazingly detailed Great Unclean One, not sure if video does it justice but it looks great! All music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) -Oppressive Gloom -Gathering Darkness -Land of the Dead Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Araghast introduces himself [Chaos Rising]
The Chaos Lord Araghast introduces himself to the Space Marine Blood Ravens
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Screamers of Tzeentch unbox (plastic kit)
Unboxing (though with no tripod, oh boy) of one of the new daemon plastic kits, Screamers of Tzeentch the anti-tank units.
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Herald updates and more
After a long time doing nothing hobby related for months, I am finally starting going again and showing some works in progress including different nurgle skin and try at Slaanesh herald on steed/seeker
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Plague Hulk unbagged (ForgeWorld)
The 3rd Nurgle Daemon unbagged from ForgeWorld which is the big ol' Plague Hulk which I will just be using as a Nurgle Soul Grinder which would look a lot better then anything i would convert from Nurgle which not sure if i'll even try, sorry about the length but you can skip the last 6 minutes if you already have the Soul Grinder pack. All music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) -Nervous Piano -Gathering Darkness -Controlled Chaos -Gagool Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Unboxing Ork Stompa
I finally got my Orks Stompa and this is me unboxing it and showing sprues (or well as well as I can at this camera) and few other stuff
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Nurglings unboxing (new plastic kit)
Unboxing continues, this time it's the itschy little cuttie Nurglings that are so cute you just want to eat them up (WARNING: do not eat them, not exactly healtht) :P, hope you enjoy despide the tripod.
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quick primed poxwalkers look.
Just a quick video I wanted to throw up since I haven't done any in a while, showing some of the detail on the new Death Guard Poxwalkers from Games Workshop, I'll try to start uploading more frequently.
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the new Orky Walkers
Hey, here's my first actual video with a camera :P (not recorded from games or just pics) with the new Ork walkers, now they're not completely done, but just testing the water and seeing what people think of this
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Plaguebearers WIP - Chaotic update - paint in april
WIP of a 10 man squad of plaguebearers i've been slowly working on. I was going to post first a video with those plaguebearers but was never happy with lighting and colour came out weird, but seems unavoidable with this camera unless would go edit most of it
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Forgeworld unboxing part 1 - re-uploaded
Got a Forgeworld box in the mail 2 days ago and decided to film it even though camera doesn't do this models justice - this is in 2 parts this is re-uploaded with added about 2 more minutes
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Ork Megadread [HD]
Decided to see what you get with megadread kit from ForgeWorld
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40k update - Stompa, pink horrors
I feel like video quality can still be improved, am for some reason getting lack of video codecs that I've installed and for some reason I am painting less and less could be since not played 40k in ~2 months now, I'm going to improve the videos also try less dragging it on so make 'em shorter.. if you have any suggestions or comment for improving the videos please let me know.
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I'z playin' : Space Marine demo-p1.mp4
Hey this is part 1 of my first "let's play" video and in Orky fashion called I'z playin' the Space Marine demo came out yesterday on Steam for everyone that had pre-ordered (comes out for everyone on 23. august) so hope you like it, mainly worried if anyone could hear since mic not picking much :S
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chaotic update 28 feb 2015
The shakey camera strikes back! What's going on since got back into painting and what I have been up to, enjoy!
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I'm back! feb 2015
Finally put a video on youtube again in a while afte finally getting in the hobby again, now I've gotten a new computer (which has annoyingly cause nothing but trouble) and only done in windows movie maker so expect rough cuts and don't know if video quality with suffer from it
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Status report - chaos is fickle
Thanks for the 90 subscribers :D even went quite up when didn't upload for like 2+ years. Showing the situation I'm in at the moment, trying to start a new army around 8th edition.
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daemons update 14.10.2012
Some of the Chaos Daemons i've been painting including: Screamers of Tzeentch, Daemon Prince, Nurglings and also some vehicle wrecked markers
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megadread take 2 [HD]
I just decided to re-do the whole megadread vid, and no more blinking pretty much ad about the video editor, hope you enjoy and please comment and like kinda weird having so few vids done and 2 of them being re-doing previous videos :P
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Willy in action
This is a video of Willy (non-combat pet, optained through newer orphan quests) eyebeaming a critter pig.
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random voice vid
I got bored and since kinda slow putting out videos i decided to record this, hope you like it since was pretty nervous recording it
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MaxMini small unbox
another unboxing video, now form maxmini but can't say i was in a crazy happy mood (cause of work) and kinda tired, hope you still enjoy, still wanted to open it soon as possible of course :P please thumbs up if you like it and hope the lighting is a little better, if you enjoy these videos (will try to make more with better lighting) then might get a new camera (cause this one is dated video wise at least)
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daemons update
May contain pretty bad editing that where made quickly so video wouldn't be around 11 minutes
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40k "short" update and febrary fail
On what was supposed to be a short update ends up being a 8 min video
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new HD camera test
testing my new camera i got today, sorry if the backround noises from the nba game are loud :P hope you like the video and the models
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My Evil Sunz Ork army (WIP) - slideshow
Here are slideshow pictures of some of my Evil Sunz army, here's a link to better pictures of my army http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=44917 hope ya enjoy, music by Doyle W. Donehoo; (Dawn of War 2 soundtrack)
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Forgeworld unboxing part 2
part 2 of the orky forgeworld stuff, I did try to have as much lighting as i could in the room, didn't seem to work that well sometimes
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Araghast fight vid.mp4
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warhammer 40k: 21-7-11 update
small update with what i've been doing lately, quality doesn't feel 100% though mainly weird that for example the skin color is a little more green then have it (its green of course but closer to camo green)
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I'z playin' : Space Marine demo-Part2
not sure if anyone was waiting for this, but finally a part 2.. sorry for stupidly long time to get this up (specially since played and finished the game long time ago) so kinda weird to be putting part 2 of a DEMO finally out now, forgot it for a long time but then always came out badly quality wise, but think i finally got it now. There could be a problem with the sound syncing or that seemed to be when skipping over this to check quality.
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Charger fun - co-op
old video of me 'n my friends testing hard rain on realism mode for the first time (video from last year)
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Lighting test (plus small update)
says video might have issues (need to get video converter) much better lighting in this video so quality should go up. Too bad the quality doesn't make it less shakey ;P though trying to ask for tripod back.
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showing army p1.mp4
sorry about the quality, this is a video i made few months ago trying to show my army, the slideshow vid might be better quality wise, still not sure if might get a new camera (don't have ton of money) but might if more people watch :P
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showing army p2.mp4
part 2 - i'm not showing whole armies in theese videos, also if i do another video like this later i'll probably be further away with camera since as you can see at the end you can see it much better and not as much focus problems
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What i plan to paint this month (february)
Hey, this is what I'm gonna try to paint for february, even though i suck at trying to paint mini by x time aperantly and with more stuff to do now (taking a class on learning on computers (to fix etc) which is a huge book but hope i can paint most of 'em or at least finish one (cause like i mentioned in the video, i'm not sure if i have completely fully painted a mini most is half painted and some have very few things left.
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My Ork 'Ard Boyz
sorry about the lighting in advance, was gonna make the video today when there was kinda bright outside but battery was over when ~20 sec in :S (though looks more like i need a new camera if people have interest checking these videos out :P)
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L4D single player demo - Tank
a Left 4 Dead Single Player demo from map: subway
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Death Guard log #1
well FINALLy uploaded, please leave comment how I can improve my green stuffing skills and some tips with would appreciated with both the video and army.
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5000 points of Chaos Daemons!
5000 points of Chaos Daemons that I have based. About a month since this was recorded but since my computer keeps freezing is only reason why haven't put it up earlier, though turns out there was almost no editing needed. Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ I will probably put up a video later with rest of the stuff what i have in boxes still.
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