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Necrovision Intro Full
Video d'introduzione di Necrovision!
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painkiller overdose story ITA
storia raccontata in video di painkiller overdose (versione ITA)
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Crash Team Racing parco coco park super speed hack time trial
An little video of hack found by me on Coco map. Video captured on a pc version, used epsxe emulator and cheat engine. If anyone know how to convert the address and the value found with cheat engine in a gameshark/AR code for use in a psx please tell me how do it.
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Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 Snowmobile race best run (1:02:95)
Miglior tempo della corsa in motoslitta delle missioni speciali con la prima versione del gioco. Best time with snowmobile race in the special operation with the first version of game.
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Sfida tra il Campione Zeb89 e Total Enigma, partita del 19-10-2011. Enigma usa il laser cheat? ps. Perdonate se ho fatto quell'editing ma un'amico mi aveva mandato un msg su steam, e m'ero dimenticato di mettermi offline e dato che è stato fatto tutto al volo ho preferito fare cosi.
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Crash Team Racing Super Speed Hack Tutorial
This is a simpe video for show you how to use super speed in ctr. If you use another emulator or different emulator version, the address will be different, maybe also with different game version but I think the value will be the same, so you can use this video for "how to do". Here Download for the game (original pal platinum, i've tested with ePsxe 1.9 and have same address, so don't trust the address of the video that was with older epsxe version): http://adf.ly/1Ml1Z1 or http://adf.ly/r8Fbl psw: by_peppins edit: value can be 2147483647 also edit2: I've found another way (fastest) to find both address needed, read below: 1: See the video above and find the first address by searcing value 4byte between "268400000 & 268500000" (after going on a turbopad) 2: then, after found this address, you need to find the second address (you can also see the video but this is new fastest way). 3: Copy the first address on the windows calculator (for programmer) and substract "58", you will have the second address. 4: Copy it, click "add address manually" (it's on the right, above address list) on cheat engine, paste the address and click ok. 7: select and freeze both address and change both value to "1999999999 or 2147483647" Enjoy the super speed (remember that the second address will give you maximum speed but is bugged if you go out of the map or against a wall, so be careful) ;-) ps. look at full screen HD ;-)
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crysis terrain deformation
Deformazione dei terreni in crysis grazie a una mod (Terdef) che abilita una funzione gia implementata nel gioco ma mai completata.
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Bejeweled Twist SuperMegaCombo
DISTRUZIONE DI 3 GEMME DI FRUTTA IN UNA MOSSA CON REAZIONE A CATENA PER UN TOTALE DI 76 GEMME DISTRUTTE IN UNA MOSSA, SEGUITE DA UN BONUS DI FRUTTA, UN'ALTRA GEMMA DI FRUTTA E ANCORA UN'ALTRO BONUS DI FRUTTA!!! Per il video in FHD (1920x1200) andate qui: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O3HNJX0B Per il video in MQ (960x600) andate qui: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HAB9BKK4
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Left 4 Dead 2 Fun Bot IA
Gran bel bug dell'IA dei bot quando si ha poca energia e i bot tentano di curarti... Bug of the bot's IA when the player have little energy and they try to cure him.
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Painkiller Head Mod (Grapple Hook) For The Game Painkiller. Mod Made By Dany25 Download: http://pkzone.org/download/PainkillerGrapple.zip Instruction: For best effect try to put the painkiller at long distance and jump/run like in the video above ;-) Remember to grab back faster the painkiller when you are jumping up so you can throw it again faster.
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slow motion video
Video dimostrazione in slow motion (quello che i nostri occhi non vedono)!
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Skylanders Imaginators OP imaginator gameplay proof nightmare
Hi all, I and some friends/parents play with same account and we have reached the stats of OP. Here the proof of gameplay with OP imaginator that play as normal (just with huge damage), so not super fast or can avoid any damaged even with 5-6 digit stats. ps. I can't show you the total of power becase it require lot of time (30s every 1000), because here are 5-6 digit number.
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Crysis Physics
video che mostra la potenza del motore fisico integrato del CryEngine 2!!!
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The hog rider game possible WR record 3.8k clash royale clans
This is my best record i've got with this game (previous was 3.7k and 3.3k). It's hard to beat but is possible, my error here was at end, a jump instead of double jump. For me it's much harder to reach 1000-1500 then to go above this score (with game that go much faster is much easy).
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Painkiller Hell & Damnation C5L1 Enclave Speedrun WR 5s Trauma With Cards
Painkiller Hell & Damnation C5L1 Enclave Speedrun WR 5s Trauma With Cards
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Serious Sam 3 Secret Developer Room
Scoperta stanza segreta degli sviluppatori e metodo per uscire fuori dalla mappa :D
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Painkiller Hell & Damnation C5L1 Enclave Speedrun WR 27s Trauma Without Cards
Painkiller Hell & Damnation C5L1 Enclave Speedrun WR 27s Trauma Without Cards
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crysis wars fun
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crysis scale MP bug part2
bug nel salire le scale nel multiplayer...
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crysis scale MP bug part1
bug nel salire le scale nel multiplayer...
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Skylanders Imaginators Canyon Glitch
In the video i was playing for fun just for show you the glitch..
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Crysis Wars Super Finish Mesa
Nuclearizzazione in Mesa da una distanza mostruosa!!!
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Skylanders Imaginators skip doomlander area on scholarville with OP imaginator
In both video difficult is Expert, the imaginator have more than 40k of attack. If I attack him normally, he need to lose gears like all others Doomlanders, even if i'm OP, so more time to kill. I just need to keep attack on the empty area where the Doomlander will spawn, then he will die instantly.
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crysis demo bug: coreani immortali
è un bug persistente nella demo di crysis: provate a lanciare un coreano di sotto (anche in diff delta) se non l'avete colpito nemmeno una volta non muore e si rialza come niente fosse. Guardate nel video come si rialza e corre di qua e di la...
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Skylanders Imaginators common weapon stats
Video proof of common weapons stats above +1000, default imaginator, just +64 level. Lot of them (COMMON WEAPON) for any type of class are above +1000 of attack, and also lot of COMMON PARTS are above +1000. I'm still with 1.01 version for have less parts until I reach my target. 27/08/2017
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Old dangerous trekking video from web
I saved this video some years ago from dreamcatcher forum and recently found on hd xD ps. of course is not me
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Skylanders Imaginators race freezed enemy glitch
Glitch with freezed enemy in race mirror cups.
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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Double Gem Road to nowhere
Got double gem but not counted.
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crysis jump technique
tecnica per saltare piu in alto con un semplice salto con la forza... Firt you run to the your object (container, wall...), watching down; when you are nearest the object jump (with strenght mode on for high wall) and try to make "yes" with the cam (move up/down) and you jump a lot up :D. At the beginning is difficult, but you will learn fastly ;). If you make "yes" at the perfect time you jump 3-4 container and highest wall!!!
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