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Iota phi theta Zeta Xi Probate pt1
The probate of I.S Legit One
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Iota phi theta Zeta Xi probate pt2
This is the second part
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Bayonetta SnM
This is just the bayonetta dance to Rihanna song SnM. I thought the song fit her perfect so I did it. All copyrights go to the rightful places. Sorry about the long slides at the begining
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PrOwcision Rants about Hoes!!
This will put an end to the debate on everyones favorite topic..HOES!!!!
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PrOWcision Rants
Its me talking about the nba being back.....hey its my first upload its complete randomness but fun...sorry if it offends people...Ironic that I dont even like basketball
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The history of Forever and Prolific Rose
This is a glimpse at the bands I was in during High School
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PrOWcision rants about Jays
Was destroying the matrix worth it for shoe I had in the past?
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Prowcision Takes The Cinnamon Challenge
Is eating a spoon full of cinnamon really an accomplishment?
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PrOWcision Presents My Productive Night
This is a good example of what a college student does during any type of typing assignment
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PrOWcision Rants about The misconception of music viideos
We all Like Music Videos but do they really tell are story?
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PrOWcision jerks
Can you truly be a jerk...you will find out after this!!
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