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Dead by Daylight - Guardian of the basement
Hi this is my new dbd video! enjoy and be sure to drop a like and a sub if you liked the video.
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Zed oneshot + fiddleesticks
Like and sub. I said fiddleesticks cuz fiddle was blind :(
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Undertale mettaton fight (ex)
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Amnesia:The dark descent - The small horse 2 Part A
Welcome to another one of my videos!! This time i will start uploading more and i will begin to upload a lot of amnesia cuz i love it but iam a scaredy cat so if you manage to make me play something that is not a joke custom story or even the main story you are someone really convincing!! Anyway if i get 3 likes and 10 views i will do part B.Thats all!!
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Dead by Daylight - Dr. Meg and her SWAG
and another one of my dbd vids. like and sub if you like the vid.
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League of Legends - Graves jungle!!!
Like and sub if you are hyped for his cigar!!
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Amnesia:The Dark Descent - The small horse 2 Part C 2
So before the game really did crash so i did it again but the same happened today so expect the last part d tommorow.
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Amnesia:The Dark Descent - The Small Horse 2 Part C
So i ran through the dark level again and started in the mario kart thing but at the end it bugged out so i will save all the last part for the one last video enjoy!!
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Amnesia:The Dark Descent - The small horse 2 Part B
So i when i thought that i finaly got through the scariest part in this custom story this happens... I will re do it tommorow but just wanted to show this that iam not afk i just got... uh go and watch for yourself...
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mocking a darkrp admin
So just watch and like. The server is Zarp.
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Dead by Daylight - Wraiths peek a boo
Like and sub or dilike or comment. ill be happy for all.
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My first zed outplay
Ufff už 3tí editování a konečně je to dobře :3. btw jsem zed wanna be main a tohle pro mě moc znamená.pokud se vám video líbilo dejte like a subscribe.
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Dead by Daylight - Meg and the hatch
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