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World's Deepest Mine - Gold Alchemy
South Africa's TauTona mine, real life alchemy, and Halicephalobus Mephisto. Footage from the 2012 documentary, "Down to the Earth's Core". We have travelled into space and looked deep into the universe's depths, but the world beneath our feet remains unexplored and unseen. Now, that's about to change. For the first time in one epic unbroken shot, we embark on an impossible mission - using spectacular computer generated imagery to smash through three thousand miles of solid rock, and venture from our world into the underworld and on to the core of the Earth itself. It's a journey fraught with danger. One thousand feet down we find ourselves inside one of the planet's most volatile places - the San Andreas Fault. Caught between two huge rock slabs, we watch as stress builds and then releases. It unleashes an earthquake and blasts us on towards rivers of molten rock, explosive volcanoes, tears in the Earth's crust and giant tornadoes of liquid metal. But for every danger, there are wonders beyond imagination. Four hundred feet below the surface, a three hundred million year old fossilized forest, with every leaf and every piece of bark perfectly preserved. At one thousand feet down we enter a cave of giant crystals, glistening in deadly 122 degree heat. More than two miles underground we find buried treasure - gold and gems. Deeper still there are valuable resources - salt, oil, coal and iron. And over one hundred miles down we see the sparkling beauty of diamonds. As we descend we piece together our planet's extraordinary story. We rewind time to discover how prehistoric forests became modern-day fuel. 1700 feet down a layer of rock reveals the extraordinary story of the dinosaurs' cataclysmic death. We watch stalactites form and gold grow before our eyes. The deeper we travel into the underworld the more we understand our world above the surface. A bigger picture takes shape - a cycle of destruction and creation, driven by the core that sustains our dynamic planet and makes the Earth the only planet with life in a seemingly lifeless universe. Until, finally, three thousand miles down, we reach the core. Inside it lie the secrets of life as we know it - the magnetic force field that protects life on Earth from the sun's deadly rays, the ancient heat source that keeps our planet alive. Down to the Earth's Core brings the latest science together with breathtaking computer generated imagery. The result is an unmissable journey into an extraordinary world - full of dangers, wonders and secrets. And it's all down there, beneath our feet, right now waiting to be discovered.
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How is Coal Formed? - Geography for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi
https://mocomi.com/ presents : How is Coal Formed? Millions of years ago, a large number of plants and ferns grew on Earth. These plants and ferns died in swamps, around riverbanks and got covered with soil and mud and slowly sank into the ground. As the years passed, the Earth’s heat and the weight of the ground changed these dead plants into coal. To extract coal, it needs to be dug out. Coal is usually found in layers, or seams underground. Learn more about where do we get coal and how does it form with the help of this animated learning module for kids. To learn more about where we get coal from, read: https://mocomi.com/where-do-we-get-coal-from/ For more geography related videos and interactive articles, visit: https://mocomi.com/learn/geography/ Follow Mocomi Kids - Top educational website for kids, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mocomikids/ on Twitter https://twitter.com/MocomiKids on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/mocomikids/ on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+mocomikids/ on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/mocomi-kids
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Geospatial Technology and Project Management Students Assisting with Mapping of PA Mines
Students in HU's undergraduate geospatial technology program and in the school's graduate-level project management program are working on a three-year initiative to scan, validate, and electronically archive maps of 15,000 active and abandoned Pennsylvania coal mines. Helping students understand the context—the multitude of ways that mapping tools and technologies can be applied, in any number of fields—is both a great challenge and a great thrill for Professor Albert Sarvis, who views the mine map grant as an experiential windfall for his students. It's another example of the hands-on projects that HU students undertake as part of the academic experience at HU. For more information on HU and its programs, visit online at www.HarrisburgU.edu
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Coal Mining
Join Rick Crosslin host of Indiana Expeditions as he travels to Solar Sources, INC to investigate the coal mining process from digging through multiple layers of rock for coal to land reclamation once the coal has been extracted from the earth. For lesson plans and more information go to http://www.indianaexpeditions.org Lesson also available at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3sPhhUw8n82cnc0TlExbGdMY0U&usp=sharing&tid=0B3sPhhUw8n82a0p5U0c1UmlZZUk
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SCISYS at the core
Describing the scale and value of our work to customers and the public in: - Monitoring and controlling the UK Digital TV network (Arqiva) - Providing radio playout and production systems for national broadcasters (dira!) - Providing coal mining related subsidence information to house buyers (Coal Authority) - Providing systems central to the success of the Galileo satellite navigation system
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Coal Power Science and Technology
In 2005 I embarked on a quest to separate truth from fiction for all aspects of coal power. This book is the summation of my journey. https://www.createspace.com/4007151. Here you will find accurate, unbiased answers to all your questions regarding coal power technologies. Major topic areas of the book include Coal Mining Operations, Mining Safety, Operation of Coal Power Plants, Environmental Effects, and Clean Coal Technologies. In addition, this book also has information which is not found in any other book, journal, or website. This video provides an overview of the book, and highlights some of the information found nowhere else.
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How to mine for coal - due technical
12 Hour MBA in Coal Get to grips with coal mining in just 12 hours with this comprehensive online training course - understand the different types of mining and techniques used, the geotechnical and environmental issues, risk management, and much more. The 12 Hour MBA in Coal is an introductory-level online training course designed to bridge knowledge gaps. It is most useful to new entrants, senior managers needing a big picture refresher and professional advisors and suppliers to the field. Explore real-world lessons they don't teach you on the job, from the comfort of your desk. In just 12 hours, you will: - Gain a comprehensive overview of coal mining - Learn the basics of coal, including the different coal types and grades and the chemistry and measurements involved - Understand the different types of mining and the various techniques involved - Consider the geotechnical and environmental issues, such as how to keep workers safe - Look at the similarities and differences between mining open cast and mining underground and the techniques involved - Consider the Health & Saftey issues involved For more information: http://www.terrapinntraining.com/training/12-Hour-MBA-in-Coal
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Future360.tv: Coal
Coal. Cheap, available and dirty, it's main source of energy in the world. The low cost of coal is helping bring prosperity to the developing world. But at what cost? Visit future360.tv for more information.
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Longwall Mining Operation - F.T.I. Pty Ltd
This sample video contains extracts from the Longwall Mining Operation Training Video produced by F.T.I. Pty Ltd. For further information about F.T.I. visit http://www.fti.net.au
Coal Subsidy Data Video Introduction
Over the years the coal industry has received billions in federal subsidies, in a variety of forms including direct grants, loan guarantees, tax free bonds, and tax deductions. The database detailed in this video is an ongoing project to identify specific recipients of these federally-backed subsidies. This first iteration links several Department of Energy subsidies provided for coal-fired power plants that use applicable clean coal technologies dating from 1985 to the present day. In addition to the subsidy data, the database details project information on approximately 50 coal-based power plants, including total project cost, date of project completion, project owners, project partners, status of the project, location, generating capacity, plant type, project type, and if the project plans to use carbon capture and sequestration technology. In compiling the Coal Subsidy Database, TCS staff reviewed project fact sheets and related informational publications produced by the Office of Fossil Energy's Major Demonstrations program with supplemental data collected from the U.S. Government Accountability Office and Congressional Research Service. Within the Major Demonstrations program there are four sub-programs with a mission to demonstrate the commercial viability of "clean" coal projects. These sub-programs include Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage, Clean Coal Power Initiative, Power Plant Improvement Initiative, and the Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program. Moreover, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funded the Department of Energy's flagship "clean" coal power plant and is included in the database. As mentioned above, the database details federal subsidy values as well as project information for approximately 50 coal-based power plants. Terms of Use Because all of the data we offer is public information, we ask that all users agree to these basic terms of use, that: - information provided by TCS in whatever form is meant for research, educational, or journalistic purposes only; - TCS Data shall not be used for commercial purposes, to solicit contributions, or sold to third-parties; - and that appropriate credit will be given to TCS for all reports, articles, mashups, or other use of our data, including a link back to our website for all items published on the web. For more information, please contact Autumn Hanna at (202) 546-8500 x112 or autumn [at] taxpayer.net.
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EnerGIS Conference 2013 - Pennsylvania Underground Mine Mapping Project - Rich Verscharen
EnerGIS Conference 2013 - Pennsylvania Underground Mine Mapping Project, delivered by Rich Verscharen of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter Northeast Regional Energy GIS Conference September 16-17, 2013
Cisco Helps Mining Companies Streamline Operations
Mining companies looking to continually seeking new ways to streamline and improve operations. As they evolve from traditional manual processes for monitoring, production control and ore tracking to advanced technologies that automate and integrate these processes across their company, they count on Cisco for the right solutions and services. See some specific use cases for the mining industry. By gaining more visibility into each step of production, companies can more accurately monitor output, equipment, workers, and security for better and faster decision-making. Cisco solutions for mining provide proven technologies that enable immediate and sustainable operational improvements, as well as a platform to integrate advanced technologies. Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel: http://cs.co/Subscribe.
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How is coal mined? - What is Surface Mining and Underground Mining - Video
How is coal mined? Read Full Story: http://www.spoonfeeding.in/2013/02/how-is-coal-mined-what-is-surface.html Mining is the process of removing coal from the ground. There are two types of mining: underground mining and surface mining. When the coal seam is fewer than 125 feet under the surface, it is mined by surface mining. Coal that is deeper than 125 feet is removed from the ground by underground mining. Underground mining is used when the coal seam lies deep in the earth. In an underground mine only some of the coal is removed. The coal that remains helps support the mine roof. Underground mines look like a system of tunnels. The tunnels are used for traveling throughout the mine, moving coal from place to place and allowing air to circulate in the mine. The coal that is mined is put on conveyor belts. The conveyor belts take the coal to the surface. There are three types of underground mines: slope, drift, and shaft. When the coal seam is close to the surface but too deep to use surface mining, a slope mine can be built. In a slope mine a tunnel slants down from the surface to the coal seam. A drift mine is built when the coal seam lies in the side of a hill or mountain. Drift mines may also be built in a surface mine that has become too deep. There are many drift mines in the eastern United States. The most common type of mine in Illinois is the shaft mine. These mines may be 125 to 1,000 feet deep. A large hole, or shaft, is drilled down into the ground until it reaches the coal seam.
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How to mine for coal - underground gasification
12 Hour MBA in Coal Get to grips with coal mining in just 12 hours with this comprehensive online training course - understand the different types of mining and techniques used, the geotechnical and environmental issues, risk management, and much more. The 12 Hour MBA in Coal is an introductory-level online training course designed to bridge knowledge gaps. It is most useful to new entrants, senior managers needing a big picture refresher and professional advisors and suppliers to the field. Explore real-world lessons they don't teach you on the job, from the comfort of your desk. In just 12 hours, you will: - Gain a comprehensive overview of coal mining - Learn the basics of coal, including the different coal types and grades and the chemistry and measurements involved - Understand the different types of mining and the various techniques involved - Consider the geotechnical and environmental issues, such as how to keep workers safe - Look at the similarities and differences between mining open cast and mining underground and the techniques involved - Consider the Health & Saftey issues involved For more information: http://www.terrapinntraining.com/training/12-Hour-MBA-in-Coal
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Pix4D - Mining demonstration
Pix4D software combines thousands of aerial UAV imagery to provide the ultimate mining surveying tool. Compared to traditional technology that is labor, skill and cost intensive, mapping of open-pit mines, quarries and pits with orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds acquired from UAV or airborne imagery add to safety, efficiency and accuracy More information at http://pix4d.com
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Coal 101: What's Wrong with Coal?
http://www.beyondcoal.org From mining, to burning, to disposal, coal is wreaking havoc on our health and our planet. Powering our country by burning coal is dangerous. It's time to transition Beyond Coal to clean, renewable sources of energy. Learn more and take action on our website http://www.beyondcoal.org - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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Coal Mining Risk Assessment - The Mineral Planning Group
Our Website: http://www.mpg.yorks.com/ More information on MPG Coal Mining Risk Assessments: http://www.mpg.yorks.com/coal-mining-risk-assessments.php The Coal Authority now legally requires a Coal Mining Risk Assessments to be carried out when applying for planning permission (including residential) for new development within 'Development High Risk Areas', as classified by the Coal Authority. This video is an example as to why this is necessary!
Longwall Salvage Shield Extraction - F.T.I. Pty Ltd
This sample video contains extracts from the Underground Longwall Shield Extraction Training Video produced by F.T.I. Pty Ltd. For further information about F.T.I. visit http://www.fti.net.au
Bucket Wheel Excavator (Bagger 293)
The Bagger 293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator built in Germany in 1995. It requires a crew of five to operate and can move over 8.5 million cubic feet of earth per day. The Bagger 293 uses a large 70-foot rotating wheel at the end of a long arm. This wheel has a series of buckets attached, and as the wheel rotates the buckets pick up the earth and dump it onto a conveyor belt. The conveyor belts will transport the earth to other vehicles for removal to the dumping site. Coal Fired Power Plants http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/coal-fired-power-plants.html Metso 4265 Gyratory Crusher http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/metso-4265-gyratory-crusher.html
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Rocklabs - Automated Mining Laboratory Sample Preparation System
Rocklabs automated systems are all designed to meet specific customer needs and requirements. Our overall aim is simplicity of design and technician/operator friendly. Our design and construction of the system enables the system to be operated by existing technician/operator and maintained by existing plant fitters/mechanics. This minimizes the long term running cost and increases the ease of maintenance. Each System's layout will depend on sample details such as the type of sample, throughput quantity, weight and fineness to be processed per day/month/year. In addition, the degree of automation and the facility where the Automated System will be used are also critical to the design layout. All Automated Systems are designed, built and tested in our factory. A full specification is required from the customer to determine the use of different machines and degree of automation required as well as possible integration in the future. To ensure success, Rocklabs requires customer's samples to be tested. FATs (Factory Acceptance Test) are carried out before the System leaves the factory. Automated Systems can allow for multiple samples or batches to be loaded at the same time. Operator handling is minimised. The entire process is controlled by PLC controllers, including lifters, conveyors, pneumatic actuators, crushers, pulverisers, vibratory feeders, including robots where necessary. Over the last decade, Rocklabs Automated Systems have processed millions of samples, reducing laboratory costs and ensuring that high quality samples are ready for analysis. For more information visit: http://www.rocklabs.com
How Data Mining Should Affect People's lives?
Abstract Data mining is currently one of the most innovative technologies used in almost every industry. And if it is being used properly, it can make people's lives easier. However, there exist a lot of concerns regarding to the data collection such as privacy and security. This paper's main purpose is to show the best way this technology should affect people's lives without conflicting with humans' rights.
Longwall Uni Di Cutting Cycle - F.T.I. Pty Ltd
This sample video contains extracts from the Longwall Uni Di Cutting Cycle Training Video produced by F.T.I. Pty Ltd. For further information about F.T.I. visit http://www.fti.net.au
Coal and Swamps Don't Mix
Longwall coal mining deep underground collapses the roof and sends mini-earthquakes to the surface - draining rivers and wetlands. This is occurring in NSW coalfields including the city of Sydney's drinking water catchments. Remediation doesn't work - only complete protection is the answer. http://bit.ly/WGNJv4
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Meet Kate, Dump Truck Operator at Prominent Hill
Kate shares her experiences working as a Dump Truck Operator for Thiess Mining's Prominent Hill Copper Gold Project in South Australia.
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Fracking explained: opportunity or danger
Fracking explained in five minutes. Fracking is a controversial topic. On the one side the gas drilling companies, on the other citizen opposed to this drilling method. Politicians are also divided on the matter. We try to take a neutral look on fracking. It is relevant for all of us, because of high prices for energy and the danger for our drinking water. This video focuses mostly on the debate currently ongoing in europe. In a lot of european countries there is a public outcry against fracking, espacially in germany. But the facts in this video are relevant to all of us. Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science. We would love to interact more with you, our viewers to figure out what topics you want to see. If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! :) We're a bunch of Information designers from munich, visit us on facebook or behance to say hi! https://www.facebook.com/Kurzgesagt https://www.behance.net/kurzgesagt Fracking explained: opportunity or danger Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2
Mining and Land Reclamation Lesson
Indiana Expeditions host Rick Crosslin demonstrates how to utilize this mining and land reclamation lesson in your classroom. Students will gain an understanding of the economics of mining, including costs associated with land reclamation following the mining process by "mining" chocolate chip cookies for their "ore" (i.e. chocolate chips). For lesson plans and more information go to http://www.indianaexpeditions.org Lesson also available at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3sPhhUw8n82cnc0TlExbGdMY0U&usp=sharing&tid=0B3sPhhUw8n82a0p5U0c1UmlZZUk
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Cat® High-Performance Shearer Longwall Systems
High-performance longwall operations demand shearers of the highest quality and reliability. The Cat® range of longwall shearers are designed to meet these demands - covering seam heights from 1.6 m up to 7.0 m (5.3 ft -- 23.0 ft). With high-powered ranging arms and haulage systems, Cat shearers cut and load up to 5,000 tonnes (5,500 tons) per hour in medium to high seams. The Cat roof support systems are available for mining heights from 550 to 7500 mm (1.80 to 24.60 ft) -- with support capacities in excess of 1750 tonnes (1,929 tons). Also the Cat® face conveyor systems are designed to provide maximum carrying capacity at maximum face length. For more information, please visit: https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining/longwall
Cable Belt Conveyor - F.T.I. Pty Ltd
This sample video provides extracts from the Coal Handling Cable Belt Conveyor Training Video developed by Future Training Initiatives - F.T.I. Pty Ltd for an underground coal mine. For further information about FTI please visit our web site www.fti.net.au
Joncris Sentinel Services - Periodic Weighting on Longwalls
Brief tutorial for those doing their Strata Management module for the Certificate 4 of Underground Coal Mining. Intended to be a general information tutorial only.
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Wave Relay® Mining Cartoon
Persistent Systems, LLC explains its Wave Relay® and MANET technology. Wave Relay® is unlike any other communication solution out there. Wave Relay® works by connecting all communications systems into a seamless network. Wave Relay® could help you set up a mobile network fast, safe, and secure. Persistent Systems offers a secure and "true" mobile ad-hoc networking system (MANET) with its Wave Relay® product line. Since inception, their core products have been most utilized worldwide by the government sector as well as industrial clients. Persistent Systems' Wave Relay® technology is a MANET solution that goes beyond the standard self-healing mesh network. The Wave Relay® line allows video, data, and voice all in one system. For more information about Persistent Systems and our products, go to www.persistentsystems.com © 2014 Persistent Systems, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Missouri S&T Mine Rescue Team
When miners are in danger underground, the Missouri S&T Mine Rescue Team is there to train rescuers to safely get them out. Watch as this all-student team rescues two victims during a simulated mine emergency. S&T Mine Rescue teams have won first-place awards during competitions against industry professionals. For more information about Missouri University of Science and Technology, visit: http://www.mst.edu
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TDADB0003 National Coal Board Join The Men In Mining (1970)
Visit http://www.findaclip.co.uk for more information about this footage.
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Cement Manufacturing
For more information: http://www.7activestudio.com [email protected] http://www.7activemedical.com/ [email protected] http://www.sciencetuts.com/ [email protected] Contact: +91- 9700061777, +91- 9100061777 7 Active Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is an educational 3D digital content provider for K-12. We also customise the content as per your requirement for companies platform providers colleges etc . 7 Active driving force "The Joy of Happy Learning" -- is what makes difference from other digital content providers. We consider Student needs, Lecturer needs and College needs in designing the 3D & 2D Animated Video Lectures. We are carrying a huge 3D Digital Library ready to use. MANUFACURE OF PORTLAND CEMENT:Raw Materials: The raw materials required for cement manufacture are. Lime stone which provides calcium. Clay which provides aluminium and silica.Cement is manufactured by two methods they are. Wet process. Dry process. Now let us discuss wet process and dry process detailed.WET PROCESS:In the wet process, first the clay is purified by washing in a wash mill.The lime stone is crushed into small particles and mixed with purified clay in proper proportions to get raw slurry.DRY PROCESS: In the dry process the raw materials are mixed in proper proportions.The mixture is dried, pulverized (Crushed into fine particles) and made uniform. The resulting powder is called "raw material".The raw slurry or raw meal, obtained by one of wet or dry process called charge. Charge is introduced into a rotary Kiln.The rotary kiln consists of a steel cylinder about 150meters long and 4meter diameter and rotates 30 to 60 turns per hour.At one end of the cylinder a screw conveyer is arranged which slowly allows the charge into the cylinder.The other end of the cylinder, a burneris arranged coal or burning oil is burnt at this end.The charge entering the cylinder slowly moves towards the hot end.At the burning end of the kiln, the temperature is around 1700 to 1900degrees centigrade, at this end some chemical reactions takes place between calcium oxide and aluminium silicates.Mixture of calcium silicates and calcium aluminates is formed.The resultant product consists of gray hard balls called clinker cement.Clinker cement is cooled, ground to fine powder and mixed with 2 to 3 percent of gypsum.
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What support, if any, is there from Governments for wave energy?
There's a strong argument for short term government support for an industry like wave energy as it emerges against more powerful incumbents like coal and gas. Developing a wave technology is capital intensive and Carnegie will continue to seek funding from third party sources like governments and utilities to lighten the burden on its shareholders. To date, Carnegie has been fortunate to receive funding from the Australian Government, the Western Australian State Government as well as international governments, like the Irish Government and the French Governments. About CWE Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is an Australian, ASX-listed (ASX:CWE) wave energy technology developer. Carnegie is the 100% owner and developer of the CETO Wave Energy Technology intellectual property. Disclaimer The information contained herein has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any security or to participate in any trading strategy or to enter into any transaction. If any offer of securities is made, it shall be made pursuant to a definitive offering memorandum prepared by or on behalf of any fund or other issuer which would contain material information not contained herein and which would supersede this information in its entirety.
Completing Stockpile Contouring and Volumes using the SenseFly/eBee Cloud - For Mining Applications
For more information visit: http://www.carlsonsw.com/solutions/land-survey/ Webinar presented by Jim Carlson, 2013
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Excavated Away - Lignite mining eats into Brandenburg's villages | People & Politics
Despite Germany's energy turnaround, environmentally-damaging lignite, or brown coal, is still being strip mined here, including in the state of Brandenburg. Politicians have just approved additional projects, despite citizens' bitter protests. But miners, too, are taking to the streets, because they fear for their jobs. We visit southern Brandenburg to gauge the situation. For more information and videos go to: http://www.dw.de/program/people-and-politics/s-3217-9
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San Bruno heros at gas pipeline explosion.
What is the next big crisis that will move the world economy from oil to solar? There are 1.5 billion people living in tiny rural farms, who own cell phones, so they can sell their eggs & vegetables, but they have no place to charge the battery. To charge their cell phone, they have to walk 5 miles to a store & pay to charge their cell. Their homes have no electricity, but they have a cell phone. That may sound funny, but that is how fast cell phones are selling. This is now called the IT revolution: information technology. It is inevitable that this economic wave will eliminate oil and give us the freedom of the solar economy. Safe, cleans, quiet, decentralized, free roof top solar energy. Many millions of these people are now buying solar panels so they can charge their phones, for free, from the sun. Last year these 1.5 billion people, living in India, Africa, Brazil & China spent $4 billion for solar panels. Often one person will buy one solar panel and so be able to charge everyones phone in the village from the sun. This cash flow pays for the solar panel. Then she buys another solar panel. Maybe 10. Suddenly this small farming village is now 100% solar powered. World wide, there are 1 billion people now buying solar panels just to charge their cell phones, just because they live so far from the nearest grid. They are spending $4 billion for solar. The cost of a solar panel in India is about the same as the cost of a cell phone. That is $4 billion the coal companies were trying to snag. That is $4 billion going to make each village 100% solar powered. This explosive growth of these billion people in rural areas buying cell phones to sell their products in the market is causing a shift from coal, gas & oil to 100% solar. You may not see it happening, but these billion farmers are shifting the whole world's economy from oil to solar. This is an invisible revolution happening today. This has been dubbed the solar revolution. The 4th rev. There is no way big coal corporations can reach these people. They are all in dusty villages way too far off the grid. What they know is, they want energy to charge their cell phones. They are buying solar panels. They are voting with their dollars for solar. However, there is one big problem, a third part of this puzzle, few people have seen coming, yet. The money needed to grow such "village" grids is the little known "Solar payment policy" that requires Utilities to pay solar farmers $0.29 kwh for selling surplus solar onto the grid. There you have it. Three pieces of a jigsaw, looking for some smart people to put the 3 pieces together. People who own a cell phone, with no energy to charge the phone. No place to plug it in. Sounds funny, but it is creating a huge economic drive to build a whole new solar world for the poorest people on earth. Steve Jobs & Hermann Scheer had no idea of the huge disruption to the oil companies they created by inventing the cell phone, and then the solar panel. There are several small towns, even in modern Germany, like Schoenau.de , that have created massive cash flows to their local solar co-ops by building such local grids around small solar villages. This one is deep in the Black Forest. Oil companies hear about this, and know their days are numbered. There is no way they can make a profit extending the grid to all these rural farms. Remember, the shift from pay phones to cell phones took only 10 years. By 2022 there will be thousands of these 100% solar powered towns beyond the grid. As these decentralized solar powered towns spread, and the flow of the money goes to solar, not gas or coal, all coal mining will cease. That is why Big Oil has decided to hunker down in the US & make sure decentralized roof top solar never gets a toe-hold in the US. Oil has created ALEC & Community Choice Aggregation ( CCA ) to block decentralized roof top solar. CCA is centralized solar farms controlled by big oil corporations. Hermann Scheer wrote the book "Energy Imperative" predicting how decentralized solar homes would wipe out all coal, gas, oil & atomic energy corporations by 2044. The 4th rev is here. Far more disruptive to the rich than the Information Technology rev. This will see the rise of the solar farmers & working class being in control of the new solar energy systems.
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The Field Service Diesel Fitter: Luke's Story
After Luke Fleming completed Year 12 he started a career as a development coach for the Australian Rugby League and, following this, spent some years as a customs officer. His dream, however, had always been to have a career in the automotive industry. It was not until the age of 27 that Luke made the career switch to an Australian Apprenticeship, starting a Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Heavy Vehicle Mobile Equipment) with Hastings Deering. Since completing his Australian Apprenticeship, Luke is employed as a Field Service Diesel Fitter for the Hastings Deering Caterpillar dealership. He enjoys travelling to different parts of the Northern Territory to diagnose, correct and maintain heavy vehicle equipment. Luke was the winner of the 2012 NT Austin Ashe Apprentice of the Year Award and was a finalist the same year at the Australian Training Awards. For more information: http://www.australiantrainingawards.gov.au Transcript: http://www.innovation.gov.au/transcripts/Pages/LukesStory.aspx
CRCMining EdanSafe SmartCap fatigue monitoring solution
CRCMining has developed a unique technology for monitoring and managing the fatigue level of machine operators. SmartCap is a baseball cap with integral sensors that continually monitor the wearer's brainwaves to determine their level of impairment due to fatigue, reducing the risk of fatigue related safety incidents, as well as providing the information needed to improve alertness throughout the operation. The Australian mining industry supported the development of the SmartCap technology as part of a continued effort to improve the safety of their employees; however it can be used in any setting where an individual can wear a baseball cap. Examples of non-mining applications include highway truck drivers, rail conductors, bus drivers, loading-dock crane operators and marine pilots. CRCMining is making the SmartCap commercially available through its subsidiary company EdanSafe Pty Ltd, a manufacturer and seller of technology solutions for the heavy industry, transport, safety and private and public health sectors, with a strong focus on internal research and development for the creation of new technologies in all aspects of workplace health and safety. See more info at www.smartcap.com.au
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Downhole Surveys - Survey Instruments - Civil Engineering and Mining
Rental survey instruments for civil engineering Azimuth Aligner The Azimuth Aligner utilises the latest North Seeking Gyro technology to rapidly and accurately determine true north. After just 15 minutes from start up, the Azimuth Aligner will provide an azimuth relative to true north. By placing the device onto a drill rod at collaring, the driller is now able to accurately and quickly align the drill rig to a given azimuth and dip. For the first time in the industry, the Azimuth Aligner solves the problem of rig alignment underground and to a precision of ±0.2 degrees For more information, see www.downhole.com.au
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World's Broadest Range of Underground Mining Equipment
As miners go deeper underground to provide the materials on which the world depends, they need safe, reliable equipment designed to handle demanding conditions. From the first cut to the last inch of the seam, we're committed to meeting the needs of customers in every underground application and environment. The broad Cat® product line includes drills, loaders and trucks for hard rock applications; customized systems for longwall mining; and precision-engineered products for room and pillar operations. It's your business. Caterpillar offers the solutions. For more information, visit https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining
Protesting against coal  | Global Ideas
In eastern Germany, climate activists are coming up with creative ways to rally against a local opencast coal mine. A film by Kerstin Schnatz More information: http://www.ideasforacoolerworld.org
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RISKGATE: An Online Body of Knowledge to Assist Risk Control Effectiveness in Coal Mining
Philipp Kirsch presents a talk titled: "RISKGATE: An Online Body of Knowledge to Assist Risk Control Effectiveness in Coal Mining" Filmed on Thursday, 28 March, 2013 Unless expressly indicated, the views and opinions raised in this video are those of presenter and not the views of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, the Sustainable Minerals Institute or The University of Queensland. Information provided as fact should be corroborated against information published in peer-reviewed academic journals or other trustworthy sources.
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Obama's Clean Coal Boosts Oil Production
http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress The push to reduce U.S. greenhouse gases is pairing clean coal technology with oil production _ highlighting the environmental trade-offs President Barack Obama is willing to make in his quest to curb global warming. (Dec. 23) The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. AP's commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress http://www.ap.org/ https://plus.google.com/+AP/ https://www.facebook.com/APNews https://twitter.com/AP
Cat® Rock Flow - Continuous Hard Rock Haulage System
The Cat® Rock Flow System animation shows Caterpillar's continuous production system for block caving operations to deliver increases in productivity and safety at a lower cost. For more information visit: https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining/hard-rock/rock-flow-system Español - http://youtu.be/GcA01Rgr4Mw
Status of iron ore mining technology in China
The overall development level of domestic mining machinery lags behind world advanced level by 15-20 years. Technology is mostly imported after 1980s and mining machinery only occupies a domestic market share of 80%. To fundamentally change the current situation, independent innovation is the only out. Hongxing Machinery combines advanced techniques at home and abroad and the actual mining conditions and develops products with the latest manufacturing technology and unique structure design. For more information, please visit http://www.hxjqchina.com/ or contact [email protected].com
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