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Beverley Uranium Mine Protest
The Beverley Uranium Mine is located in Northern South Australia. On the 9th of May 2000 , a group of 30 protesters were batoned , capsicum sprayed and incarcerated in a shipping container and subjected to welding fumes. Roughly ten years later (the 9th of April 2010), the SA supreme court found that the actions of the police were inhuman and humiliating. For more information see: http://www.courts.sa.gov.au/judgments/Judgments2010/0409-SASC-095.htm
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CARAVAN TRIP 2007 The East Alligator River is approximately 160 kilometres long. After rising in the northern part of the Arnhem Land Plateau, it flows with tributary streams towards the northwest through magnificent canyons towards the Van Diemen Gulf which it meets at Point Farewell. The South Alligator River is also about 160 kilometres long. It rises north of Mount Stow also on the Arnhem Land plateau. It flows northwesterly in a valley containing a number of disused uranium mines developed between 1955 and 1965. It also finishes in the Van Diemen Gulf of the Timor Sea. The West Alligator River rises in the lowlands and is 80 kilometres long. The Wildman River also flows in the region. The river system has a number of spectacular waterfalls including the Jim Jim Falls on Jim Jim Creek and the Twin Falls on Twin Falls Creek. The rivers have created the alluvial plains including the mangrove swamp in the past 20,000 years. [edit] Climate Waterfall - Kakadu National Park after rainLike much of northern Australia, the Alligator Rivers region has a monsoon climate. The dry season lasts between May and September while the wet season lasts between November and March. April and October are transitional periods between the two months. Annual rainfall at Jabiru is approximately 1540 mm with almost all of it falling during the wet season. During the wet season, the prevailing winds are westerly to north-westerly while they are easterly to south-easterly during the dry season. The three Alligator Rivers are perennial rivers flowing even during the dry season as is the Wildman River. All of the tributaries dry up in places during that period. The land dries out, and the wildlife concentrates around the permanent water sources such as the rivers, springs, waterholes and billabongs. The duration of the dry period depends on the rainfall during the wet season. In a normal year, the tributaries will start flowing around the middle of December and finish at the end of June, but the flow will start in November and finish in August if the rainfall has been particularly heavy. During the wet season, the savanna turns green, the wildlife spreads out, the bird life returns and the streams flood into adjacent lands turning them into swamps. The flood plains leave behind silt when they gradually dry up during the wet season. WIKIPEDIA DON PUGH
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Olympic Dam mine will fuel nuclear disasters like Fukushima & leak radioactive waste - Pt 2
http://cuttlefishcountry.com David Noonan, anti-nuclear campaigner, continues his speech at a forum on October 9, 2011 in Adelaide, South Australia. David discusses South Australia's complicity in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, risks and disasters as the Olympic Dam mine prepares to scale up its out put of uranium and radioactive copper concentrate to international markets. With China and Putin's Russia eager to buy, diplomatic envoys have been exploring opportunities to sell these minerals to new markets including India. In the developing world, and in autocratic political conditions like those in China, the risk scales up again. India we know is actively expanding its nuclear arsenal in an arms race with Pakistan, and every nuclear reactor is a ticking time bomb, susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis as we were reminded by Fukushima, Japan and make primary targets for future terrorist or military attacks. To learn more about the Olympic Dam mine expansion and its chain of impacts around the world, and from the desert to the ocean, visit http://cuttlefishcountry.com
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