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Analytics Tutorial for Beginners - PowerPoint Presentation : ImagineLayout
Analytics Tutorial for Beginners - Presentation : It is a practical guide for beginning investors and traders on technical analysis. Create a simple and intelligent diagram shows how to use modern analytical methods for work on financial markets. Download - https://imaginelayout.com/powerpoint_chart-templates/
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IBM Cognos MS Office Connection
A really useful overview of how you can easily connect your Cognos reports to MS Office. Automatically refresh numbers directly from Cognos source, into your Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents
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Scrum Agile Project PowerPoint diagram
Scrum Agile Project PowerPoint diagram - project management methodology, which is based on the principles of time management. Download Scrum Agile Project PowerPoint diagram - https://imaginelayout.com/powerpoint_diagram-template-5312/ Tags: scrum methodology, product, agile, finance, workflow, cycle period, project
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Lumesse Learning Gateway - the first truly agile Learning Management System
We believe building an agile learning organisation requires a combination of mindset, skill set and tool set -- and it is our unique learning product that makes us the right organisation to talk about learning agility. In addition, the Lumesse Agile Learning survey, completed by 769 HR leaders from across the globe, showed that HR need to adopt more agile learning strategies that respond incredibly quickly to change. To find out more about our Agile Learning Survey please go to http://bit.ly/Qdcpye.
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Tourist behavior analysis using social media and text analytics
Tool created in order to analyze tourist behavior using social media. With this tool it is possible to correctly identify where tourists came from and where they go, also if they liked the foreign country using text analytics. It is also possible to get tourist spending patterns (how much they spend).
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How to do Scrum Meeting Gold Rules PowerPoint Presentation
Download here: https://www.infodiagram.com/diagrams/scrum-knowhow-presentation-template-ppt-diagrams.html?cp=camp5 Hints for running effective Scrum meetings in agile project management approach. Illustrations of 5 types of Scrum meetings: Sprint planning, Daily stand up, Retrospective meeting, Backlog grooming and Spring Review meeting. Who should participate, what should be the focus... Comments are welcome!
Project Management in Under 5: What is a RAG Report?
RAG Report, or Traffic Light Report. It is widely used by project managers and it stands for Red Amber Green. But what is a RAG Report? Here, Dr Mike Clayton, founder of https://OnlinePMCourses.com answers this question, in under 5 minutes. Please: Give us a like Visit https://OnlinePMCourses.com ...or subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZfp1_wquyegVY9SoER0Nw?sub_confirmation=1
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Integrative informatics - Andrew Lemon (The Edge)
This presentation will illustrate the power of using ChemAxon in conjunction with an agile NLP mining platform, I2E. It shows how you can use the ChemAxon module to formulate chemical structure queries to extract facts and relationships inside scientific literature.
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UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial
Learn how to make Use Case Diagrams in this tutorial. Both beginners and intermediate UML diagrammers will find all the necessary training and examples on systems, actors, use cases, and include and extend relationships. UML Use Case Diagrams show a system or application; then they show the people, organizations, or other systems that interact with it; and finally, they show a basic flow of what the system or application does. This tutorial explains the four main characteristics of Use Case Diagrams: systems, actors, use cases, and relationships. A system is whatever you’re developing. It could be a website, a software component, a business process, an app, or any number of other things. You represent a system with a rectangle. The next aspect of Use Case Diagrams are actors. An actor is going to be someone or something that uses our system to achieve a goal, and they're represented by a stick figure. Use Cases are elements that really start to describe what the system does. They're depicted with an oval shape and they represent an action that accomplishes some sort of task within the system. The final element in Use Case Diagrams are relationships, which show how actors and use cases interact with each other. There are different types of relationships (like association, include, extend, and generalization) that are represented by varying types of lines and arrows. —— Learn more and sign up: http://www.lucidchart.com Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucidchart Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucidchart Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucidchart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lucidsoftware
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6. Agile Project Management
MIT CMS.611J Creating Video Games, Fall 2014 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/CMS-611JF14 Instructor: Philip Tan, Sara Verrilli, Andrew Grant In this lecture, the professors continue discussing Agile project management. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Presentation tutorial: How to create a storyboard | lynda.com
You have all the pieces for your presentation—now make sure they tell a compelling story. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Keynote-tutorials/Designing-Presentation/124082-2.html?utm_campaign=five-powerpoint-tips-eSGkeXsaXSY&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube. A powerful presentation can make or break your meeting. Don't wing it; learn these must-know Powerpoint tips in just minutes from the experts at lynda.com. lynda.com is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals.
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Create a Basic Burndown Chart in Excel
Check out my Blog: http://exceltraining101.blogspot.com How to create a basic burndown chart. Popular in Agile development, the burndown chart may also be considered a project management tool to see if a set of tasks are completed ahead of or behind schedule. Feel free to provide a comment or share it with a friend! #exceltips #exceltipsandtricks #exceltutorial #doughexcel --------------------- Excel Training: https://www.exceltraining101.com/p/training.html Excel Books: https://www.amazon.com/shop/dough
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Release Burndown Analysis
Shows an animated agile burndown chart
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How to Capture Lessons Learned at the End of a Project
Lessons learned can be an event with either a positive result or a negative result. Watch this video from https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=HowtoCaptureLessonsLearnedattheEndofaProject to learn how to capture lessons learned at the end of a project to ensure you can repeat good results and avoid making the same mistakes on the next project.
Meta S. Brown (Keynote): CRISP-DM; The dominant process for data mining
CRISP-DM stands for Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining, is an industry-proven way to guide your data mining efforts. This talk covers this dominant process, what it is, how it is developed, where it is today and why it's time for you to get involved.
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Detection & Classification of Fake news using Convolutional Neural Nets by Venkat J at #ODSC_India
The proliferation of fake news or rumours in traditional news media sites, social media, feeds, and blogs have made it extremely difficult and challenging to trust any news in day to day life. There are wide implications of false information on both individuals and society. Even though humans can identify and classify fake news through heuristics, common sense and analysis there is a huge demand for an automated computational approach to achieve scalability and reliability. This talk explains how Neural probabilistic models using deep learning techniques are used to classify and detect fake news. This talk will start with an introduction to Deep learning, Tensor flow(Google's Deep learning framework), Dense vectors (word2vec model) feature extraction, data preprocessing techniques, feature selection, PCA and move on to explain how a scalable machine learning architecture for fake news detection can be built. Details: https://confengine.com/odsc-india-2018/proposal/6417/detection-and-classification-of-fake-news-using-convolutional-neural-networks Conference: https://india.odsc.com/
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Health Care Management System - Real Time Project
Title: Health Care Management System - Real Time Project ABSTRACT Health care is one among the major sectors, where we concentrate more and spend lot of time to increase our services to the doctors and patients. Today many health care departments are giving free treatment and medicine to get more popular. In order to monitor the incoming out going patients the application has been designed with a real time implementation. To maintain the privacy the data are stored in the cloud server with a private and public key using cryptographic technique. The application has an advantage of giving rights to access the particular patient details and emergency prevention technique has been handled in order to safe guard the records in the server. EXISTING SYSTEM Many health care management systems will not have emergency prevention technique and will not allow accessing the data directly from the hospital server. Basically health care management system will concentrate on full filling the management details of patient and doctors. PROPOSED SYSTEM In this paper we had three major role players like patient, doctors and lab assistant, we had developed an application in order to reduce the effort of them and increase their quality of service to their customers and in around the hospital in the world. The data will get stored locally in the database with encryption technique and will be updated periodically to the cloud server. Emergency prevention technique has been applied in such a way to safe guard the patient details in the hospital. For more details contact: E-Mail: [email protected] Purchase The Whole Project Kit for Rs 5000%. Project Kit: • 1 Review PPT • 2nd Review PPT • Full Coding with described algorithm • Video File • Full Document Note: *For bull purchase of projects and for outsourcing in various domains such as Java, .Net, .PHP, NS2, Matlab, Android, Embedded, Bio-Medical, Electrical, Robotic etc. contact us. *Contact for Real Time Projects, Web Development and Web Hosting services. *Comment and share on this video and win exciting developed projects for free of cost. Search Terms: 1. 2017 ieee projects 2. latest ieee projects in java 3. latest ieee projects in data mining 4. 2017 – 2018 data mining projects 5. 2017 – 2018 best project center in Chennai 6. best guided ieee project center in Chennai 7. 2017 – 2018 ieee titles 8. 2017 – 2018 base paper 9. 2017 – 2018 java projects in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mysore 10. time table generation projects 11. instruction detection projects in data mining, network security 12. 2017 – 2018 data mining weka projects 13. 2017 – 2018 b.e projects 14. 2017 – 2018 m.e projects 15. 2017 – 2018 final year projects 16. affordable final year projects 17. latest final year projects 18. best project center in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mysore 19. 2017 Best ieee project titles 20. best projects in java domain 21. free ieee project in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mysore 22. 2017 – 2018 ieee base paper free download 23. 2017 – 2018 ieee titles free download 24. best ieee projects in affordable cost 25. ieee projects free download 26. 2017 data mining projects 27. 2017 ieee projects on data mining 28. 2017 final year data mining projects 29. 2017 data mining projects for b.e 30. 2017 data mining projects for m.e 31. 2017 latest data mining projects 32. latest data mining projects 33. latest data mining projects in java 34. data mining projects in weka tool 35. data mining in intrusion detection system 36. intrusion detection system using data mining 37. intrusion detection system using data mining ppt 38. intrusion detection system using data mining technique 39. data mining approaches for intrusion detection 40. data mining in ranking system using weka tool 41. data mining projects using weka 42. data mining in bioinformatics using weka 43. data mining using weka tool 44. data mining tool weka tutorial 45. data mining abstract 46. data mining base paper 47. data mining research papers 2017 - 2018 48. 2017 - 2018 data mining research papers 49. 2017 data mining research papers 50. data mining IEEE Projects 52. data mining and text mining ieee projects 53. 2017 text mining ieee projects 54. text mining ieee projects 55. ieee projects in web mining 56. 2017 web mining projects 57. 2017 web mining ieee projects 58. 2017 data mining projects with source code 59. 2017 data mining projects for final year students 60. 2017 data mining projects in java 61. 2017 data mining projects for students
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How To Write A UX Case Study
How do you write a successful UX case study and what elements make up an effective UX case study? In this video I explain... ____ IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL, HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS... 1) FREE EBOOK: "How to start a career in UX" https://bit.ly/2xuYDDE 2) FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Get my thoughts on your portfolio... https://bit.ly/2KuhpxM ____ 1 - Planning Before you start to think about the design or format, write the case study out as a word document. This will help you focus on the story you want to tell, without being distracted by the other details - formatting, design, imagery etc Create a rough template for your case studies to follow, this will help give them a consistency. Think of the template much like you would a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. This might include: - Beginning: Providing the background of the project - Middle: Process (your approach, challenges, solutions) - The end: What was the end result? 2 - Context An effective case study let’s the reader know from the very beginning the context of the project. Giving context allows allows the reader the get a general picture of the project without having to read the entire case study. -What was the product or service being created? (project) -Who was it for? (client) -When? (date) -What was your role? -In what capacity did you work? (freelancer, in house, agency) 3 - Process While it’s useful to focus on the bigger picture of a project for context (the client), the main point of the case study should be to highlight your competencies as a UX designer The best way to demonstrate your competencies is to lead people through your process, Your process should highlight your systematic approach to problem solving as a designer, and also show how you function both as an individual and as part of team As an example, a case study that is focused on your approach might show the following: - Researching your audience - Creating research deliverables (user personas etc) - Wireframing a solution - Testing a solution - Iteration It’s also important to not leave gaps or leave things to people’s imagination. So for example, if you weren’t able to conduct user research properly (for whatever reason) at the beginning of a specific project, it’s better to highlight this, than just leave a gap. 4 - Readability & design The main focus of a case study should be the content, however, having said that, you want to make sure it is as easy as possible to read and understand for your user in a visual sense Make sure your typography is correct - so use a font for body copy that works for passages of text, and pay attention to line heights and lengths. Make sure you consider hierarchy and rhythm in terms of the spacing of type and graphic elements. Done properly, this will create a pleasing visual experience for the user. Break content collections into sections and within those sections, break your text into chunks so it’s easy to scan and jump around without getting lost. Remember, people on the web want to scan for content, not read a book. Much like the 1st point, aim to establish a visually recognizable template with your design and formatting. This repetition and consistency will make it easier for your reader to understand what’s going on sooner. 5 - Summarise A good case study doesn’t just end with the final deliverable. Try to summarise the outcomes of the project, both in terms of the bigger picture for the project team and client, but also for yourself as an individual. For example: - What’s happening next with the project/client? - How has your work impacted them? - What have you learnt? - Is there anything that could be improved in terms of your individual - - Approach or the overall project process?
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Big Data Technologies
Big Data Technologies Watch more Videos at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Mr. Arnab Chakraborty, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Data Wrangling & Industry Practices | Workshop
S. Anand, CEO Gramener, shares great insights on - Importance of data wrangling & industry best practices - How to integrate data wrangling with your existing big data infrastructure - Career Paths for data wranglers
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Achieving Agility and Stability in Large-Scale Software Development
Ipek Ozkaya explores tactics about how organizations can better take advantage of software architecting for large-scale agile software-development efforts.
WEBINAR: How to Build a Powerful Project Storyboard
Ready to build your problem-solving muscles? https://goleansixsigma.com/register/?utm_campaign=youtube&utm_medium=post_description&utm_source=product_register&utm_content=webinar_build-powerful-project&utm_term=text Register now and you'll learn how to solve problems and improve processes using Lean Six Sigma – in any industry or function! --- People want to hear your story! But even those of us who can tell a good story often stumble when it comes to telling the story of our own work. Storyboards help others learn from you - they help leadership appreciate their problem-solving bench strength. This 1-hour introductory webinar will guide you to showcase your project in a way that others can understand and enjoy. Spread the good word with a good Storyboard!
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GOTO 2016 • Visualise, Document & Explore your Software Architecture • Simon Brown
This presentation was recorded at GOTO London 2016 http://gotoldn.com Simon Brown - Independent Consultant ABSTRACT We value working software over comprehensive documentation" is what the manifesto for agile software development says, with the typical misinterpretation of these few words being "don't write documentation". Of course, that's [...] Download slides and read the full abstract here: https://gotocon.com/london-2016/presentations/show_talk.jsp?oid=7918 https://twitter.com/gotoldn https://www.facebook.com/GOTOConference http://gotocon.com
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How to write TEST CASES in manual testing with example | login page test case
In this test case techniques tutorial on writing test cases, see sample test cases for beginners. Then, learn how to write test cases in software testing in test case document ( using test case template xls ) and quickly create manual testing test cases. The test case example for manual testing shown is useful for every software tester during test case development and test case creation. Click Cc button to see subtitles in English. What is test case : https://youtu.be/mjB9XTpQmgc Test Data : https://youtu.be/XNZ2Pm2TAUs Software Testing Tutorials : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGWuMK03uYO-UENAx0s2woWM Test Automation : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGXVcy8EcrTSfwsC-v8EUZvg Database Testing : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGVVb76aFOH9AcIMNAW-JuXE Website : http://inderpsingh.blogspot.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/inder_p_singh
Boundary Value Analysis In Software Testing - Test Design Technique
►Check the below link for detailed post on "Boundary Value Analysis Test Case Design Technique" http://www.softwaretestingmaterial.com/boundary-value-analysis-testing-technique/ ►THANKS for taking the time to visit, I hope you SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the upcoming videos! ►Please SUBSCRIBE for More videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIJGI_3XgnfUaSNQD8D2IMQ ►If you like this video, Please click on Like and Comment! ►Follow Us on Social Network: ►Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112866700026030919889/posts ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoftwareTestingMaterial ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/STMWebsite ►Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/stmsite/ ►Website: http://www.softwaretestingmaterial.com ►LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajkumarsm/
what is overflow data labels text in power bi desktop | power bi desktop tutorials telugu
what is overflow data labels text in power bi desktop | power bi desktop tutorials telugu Contact number : 9398511432 power bi desktop,power bi,microsoft power bi,power bi custom visuals,power bi icon map,data analytics,bi software,chart legend,data visualization control,data analysis,dundas bi,data,chart,bi office,microsoft excel online,assistant,create productive apps with office 365
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Part 7 - PPT generation from Excel - Automated Business Performance Reporting Pack
Please refer our website to download this workbook or for more details http://www.agilesolver.com
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CS 370 - Architectural Spike Video Presentation - Text Engine Team 2
CS 370 Architectural Spike Video Presentation Text Engine Team 2. By: Jeremy Cotter, Ariana Emad, John Rubado, Lucas Schumacher, Eric Vilovchik
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PowerPoint slide navigation and hyperlink from within an embedded xcelsius model
Leveraging and extending the SlideDynamic Powerpoint addin for real-time slide navigation within other Flash files embedded in a PowerPoint slide. In this example it's an xcelsius model. You can download the add-in from http://www.slidedynamic.com/download SlideDynamic automatically creates the interactive table of contents for PowerPoint. The resulting menu driven presentation offer the presenter true agility to quickly go to any slide within their presentation as they present.
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HR Analytics Here and Now
This 25-minute introductory webinar on HR Analytics begins by defining the topic, then covers how to develop analytics capability, and how to use the insights gained. The presentation concludes with a section on lessons learned and advice.
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What's the Difference between Market Research and UX Research?
Market research and user experience research are equally vital parts of the software development lifecycle. Both types of research are complementary and meant to inform one another. This video will cover: An example of the interaction between both types of research The differences, goals and methods of market research and ux research ____________________________________________ ► Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2SRHrSf to learn more about product and UX Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaybookUx Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Playbook-UX-2838801703010644/ Learn more about us: https://www.playbookux.com/ ____________________________________________ #ux #userexperience #marketresearch #userresearch #whiteboard
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Benford's Law Visualization in Tableau
When fraudsters are fabricating data, they may not know to create fake data that conforms to Benford's law. Constructing a Benford's Law visualization in Tableau can help you determine if your numerical data is fake or at least raise doubt about its authenticity. anthonysmoak.com @anthonysmoak
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[Globe Telecom] Case Presentation 1
A case study on how Globe Telecom used an analytics solution to bring extreme agility to its mobile service delivery in the Philippines.
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JIRA in a Nutshell demo video
An overview of JIRA: issue and project tracking for software teams. https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira Watch the latest JIRA Software demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGdVEbHTI1A&list=PLaD4FvsFdarR9RNlvUfee_iJ6WKRsRJn4
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Top Project Management Tools
Project Management Tools help you get more done for less. They're the keys to portability and agility in project management! Try ours at https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=TopProjectManagementTools Project tools range from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to online, planning tools, agile and task management tools. Watch the video as ProjectManager.com Director Jennifer Whitt shares her own preferences in project management tools and gives solid reasons why she likes them so much. Her number one choice in project tools is a great online planning and task management tool. Discover why her second project tool of choice is one that caters for financial spend - Excel. If you're looking for an excellent project management software tool to help manage your projects, claim your free 30-day trial of ProjectManager.com right here: https://www.projectmanager.com/online-project-management-software.php To subscribe to our YouTube Channel, click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/projectmanagervideos To see another excellent video on project management tools, check out:"Your Project Dashboard: It's Your Top Project Management Tool". Simply click the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Jl1qJGgpwE
Be a data ninja: Best practices for analytics using Microsoft Excel - THR3017
Do you work with large and quickly-changing data sets, multiple data sources, a wide range of report/spreadsheet customers, and do you need to respond with increasing agility? In this advanced session our Excel PMs go deep and share their best practices and tricks. See some of the coolest formulas, visualization hacks, and other cool ways to manipulate data in Excel.​
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Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink - Lady Marmalade (Official Music Video)
Watch the official music video for "Lady Marmalade" performed by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink Music video by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink performing Lady Marmalade. (C) 2002 Interscope Records #ChristinaAguilera # #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo #LilKim #Mya #Pink
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Worldport: Databases, DSS, Issues
This video is a review of question 25(b-d) in the HSC IPT 2013 Term 2 Exam.
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Presentation of a web-based ELN system - Zsolt Skribanek (Sysment)
The Sysment Notebook is a modular, configurable web-based electronic laboratory notebook application. It makes the documents -- visible representations of the experiments -- generally available via internet browsers with browser independency. The application is based on modern Microsoft .NET architecture. The Sysment Notebook Core software is database independent. It can be used on variety of database engines from the simplest freeware to the most complex RDBMS (for example: SQLite, Oracle, MSSql, MySql, etc...). Sysment Notebook can be used by organizations of all sizes and can be installed in-house or remotely hosted. The main concept was to develop a well-equipped "core" software with basic functionality prepared for many plug-in modules offered by us or requested by the customers. The Sysment Notebook is a workflow-driven application. Many instances of the same workflow can exist in parallel due to the enhanced workflow handling. Several Documents can be opened, many Browse and Search forms can be active in the same time. Sysment Notebook is a modular application, and the modules are self-configurable to be used across multiple scientific disciplines. The core module of the Sysment Notebook can handle the adminstrative data; joint data like project and keywords; text and images; file attachments for example MS Office documents, JChem for Excel files, analytical files and more. The chemistry handling module contains the reaction structure handling with automated calculations, possibility of importing reagents from databases and direct compound registration. This module uses the ChemAxon JChem Base for data manipulation in the business layer and the MarvinSketch applet for reaction and molecule editing. The protein handling module extends the chemistry handling module with the ability to handle protein data by using the BioChemFusion Proteax software.
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Team Leader PowerPoint Template by PoweredTemplate.com
http://www.poweredtemplate.com/05914/0/index.html Team Leader PowerPoint Template for presentations. Download more templates here http://www.poweredtemplate.com/business-concepts-ppt-powerpoint-templates.html
Secure Data Access, from Anywhere, with NVIDIA GRID
Worried about data loss? You don’t have to be. NVIDIA GRID ensures all of your data, even large design and engineering models, remain secure in the data center while still allowing fast, seamless access anywhere, to any device. http://nvda.ws/2juUFPZ
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Build a tower, build a team | Tom Wujec
http://www.ted.com Tom Wujec from Autodesk presents some surprisingly deep research into the "marshmallow problem" -- a simple team-building exercise that involves dry spaghetti, one yard of tape and a marshmallow. Who can build the tallest tower with these ingredients? And why does a surprising group always beat the average? TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/top10
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Papersoft Enterprise Mobile Capture
"Capture anywhere, anytime with Papersoft´s disruptive mobile capture app" Celebrating paper-free processes isn´t a trend. Business capture needs have changed and are here to stay. The challenge? In the actual digital world, paper based processes still poses obstacles to getting information to the right people and systems in an efficient, decentralized, agile, integrated, secure and more important, timely way, reducing gaps and eliminating business constraints. Papersoft enterprise mobile capture was specifically designed to maximize productivity and address these obstacles by fully extending, and automating, enterprise document capture processes and records management, allowing customers and knowledge workforce to participate directly in business processes. Papersoft enterprise mobile capture API and service oriented architecture, and the cloud (SaaS) readiness, enable organizations to optimize their capture processes by interfacing with multiple systems, remote platforms and devices enterprise-wide, unifying information silos and implementing transactional services. A design and architecture based on simple to manage processes and customizable recipes delivers flexibility, ease of use, and cost effectiveness, allowing your organization to easily create and distribute different business scenarios across many departments or regions, without changing the fundamental core of the platform and associated services, with just one click. Papersoft mobile capture recipe´s or business scenarios/cases has many unique industry applications and provide organizations a single platform for tackling the challenge of remotely managing the paper and data received by various departments, as well as branch, regional, and field offices, anywhere around the world. The result: Faster, more dynamic responsiveness to ever-changing business needs, Interoperability, seamless integration… and visibility, where easy mobile input, availability and security fulfil the key requirement… capture anywhere, anytime. Here are some common applications: • Customer on-boarding • Contracts Management • Claims settlement • Know your customer • Proof of delivery • Order delivery Checklist • Field inspection • Citizen centric ID and registration • Expenses submission • Departmental forms submission (HR, sales, etc.) • … Others, If you don´t find yours and want to know more, please contact Papersoft´s sales team at [email protected] What´s in it for you? • Turns your device into an enterprise document capture/scanning and processing app. • Users are prompted to recipe/business scenario accordingly to their profile and business role. • Ensures all processes are compliant and aligned with regional and regulatory demands. • Easily deliver documents and associated data to corporate processes, archives or third party systems. • Auto populates form fields based on structured libraries such as bar code, QR code and others. • Image optimization and identification technology designed for seamless back-end processing (high quality scan for advanced data extraction tools use like OCR, ICR and OMR). • Deliver certified images and data to back-end systems (line-of-business applications like ERP and image repositories). • Electronic digital signature. • Security and administration framework designed for the enterprise, government or legal purposes usage. • PDF creation based on collected meta-data, images and signature. • Configurable product terms and general use conditions and user privacy settings for information capture and acceptance. • Work offline based on time to live token. SMS receipt option. • SSL-encrypted connection with existing back-end systems. • Device data encryption and data deletion after submission. • Automate records management based in information profiles. http://papersoft-dms.com/products-and-services/capture/mobile-capture/ http://papersoft-dms.com/subscribe-to-our-blog/ [email protected]
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How To Pass Psychometric Tests
Get FREE Access to my psychometric Testing Suite: https://www.how2become.com/free-psychometric-tests/
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Design Principles Powerpoint Explanation
Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com
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Nextiva Analytics: Custom Dashboards
Custom dashboards let you keep the reports and metrics you care about most on one screen. The drag and drop dashboard builder makes it easy to view critical reports side-by-side, and set thresholds for goal tracking.
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RPA-SOLUTION DESIGN  DOCUMENT(SDD)  in Real time project-Video1
RPA SDD document Detailed Description You can download RPA documents/contents here https://uploadsmith.com/txqnm506ab67 https://uploadsmith.com/txqnm506ab67 https://uploadsmith.com/avqskw7hmnwf https://uploadsmith.com/1d6d0yv66kui https://uploadsmith.com/eb2bqebo2lo2 https://uploadsmith.com/yq89v5bo9iff https://uploadsmith.com/do5mml8mcr2l http://downloadconfirm.net/file/c6o4R9 http://okfiles.net/file/a6o4s0 http://fileups.net/file/a6o4R8 http://fileml.com/file/A6o4R7 http://okayfiles.com/file/c6o4s4
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Business Analyst - Tell Me About Yourself
Some key points on "Tell Me About Yourself" for Business Analysts
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A Reference Architecture for Digital Health: The Health Catalyst Data Operating System
Table of Contents Today's Storyline 0:36 Strategic Options for a Healthcare Digital Platform 7:04 The Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model 10:26 Health Catalyst DOS™ & Product Overview 12:38 Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned 32:13 Q&A 49:07 There are essentially four strategic options to address the enterprise data platform requirements of today’s healthcare systems: (1) build your own, (2) buy from EHR vendors, (3) look to a Silicon Valley high-tech startup, and (4) partner with Health Catalyst or a handful of similar companies. In this webinar, Health Catalyst’s CTO, Dale Sanders, comments on all four approaches, hoping to help you to assess your organization’s strategy against the options and vendors in each category. It’s been exactly three years since Health Catalyst embarked on a major investment in its next-generation technology, the Data Operating System (DOS™) and its applications. This webinar is an update on the progress, less about marketing the technology, but rather offering DOS as a reference architecture that can support analytics, AI, text processing, data-first application development, and interoperability, as an all-in-one agile cost-savings architecture. In addition to the successes, Dale comments on the challenges that Health Catalyst has faced under a very ambitious DOS development plan. In its current state, DOS has made some significant improvements to overcome early mistakes, and is now a very solid enterprise data platform. In the interests of industry-wide learning, Sanders will talk transparently about those mistakes and how those learnings are being applied to the DOS platform, positioning it to evolve gracefully over the next 25 years. View the webinar to learn how the DOS reference architecture: - Helps manage the 2,000+ compulsory measures in US healthcare - Enables applications as varied as a real-time patient safety surveillance system, and an activity-based costing system in one platform - Can ingest data of any type or velocity from over 300 healthcare source systems and growing - Bundles tools, applications, and analytics that would cost 3-6x more to build on your own - Compares to EHR vendors as an option to serve as an enterprise data and analytics platform - Is a performant, sustainable, and maintainable platform for deploying AI models in the natural flow of the healthcare data pipeline - Provides curated data content and models while still allowing for the agility of a late binding design option - Functions as a reference architecture that all healthcare organizations and vendors will ultimately have to build in their pursuit of digital health
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Minecraft Weird Splash Text.
Just started Minecraft and tried joining a server which had Tekkit installed, but I was running on a vanilla Minecraft client, I realized that and pressed cancel. I went back to the main menu and saw this. Very strange, a bug with Technic Pack / Tekkit?
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