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Amfire Mining Company sold to Rosebud Mining
Reported by: Jackalyn Kovac KITTANNING, Pa. -- A mining company operating in seven central Pennsylvania counties has changed hands. Amfire Mining was sold by Alpha Natural Resources to Rosebud Mining. But now, more than 400 employees are in limbo on whether they will still have a job with the company. On Tuesday, Alpha Natural Resources announced Amfire Mining Company was officially part of Rosebud Mining Company, completing a transaction that was first announced months ago. The $86 million deal includes ten mines and four preparation plants and loadouts in seven counties: Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Greene, Indiana and Somerset. A media spokesperson for Alpha Natural Resources said the deal was a good business practice because of Amfire's locations. Two of Alpha's affiliates continue to operate in Pennsylvania near Waynesburg, Green County, with more than 1,100 workers. The spokesperson said Amfire workers were given a WARN notice back in November, and they will likely have to reapply for their jobs with Rosebud. 6 News attempted to contact Rosebud executive vice president Jim Barker for comment, but he has not responded at this time.
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Many job opportunities in Johnstown area for n
Reported by: Maria Miller JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- Other than the recent mining layoffs where approximately 400 people were let go by Amfire Mining after it was sold to Rosebud Mining, Johnstown Area Regional Industries, or JARI, said it's a promising new year in the Johnstown region when it comes to job opportunities ‚" one that's better than they've seen in a long time. "This year we're seeing an uptick in job opportunities which is really great," said Debi Balogh, workforce development director for JARI. Balogh is excited for 2015 and the opportunities the new year is already bringing to the Johnstown region. "The past couple of years we've been seeing layoffs in the end of the year, slow job growth at the beginning of the year," said Balogh. "This year actually, we are looking at job opportunities far beyond the beginning of this year." According to the state Department of Labor and Industry, the unemployment rate in Johnstown decreased 2.1 percent in 2014. A number JARI closely monitors as it works to bring more jobs to the region and help local companies grow. "So we're seeing not only is the unemployment rate down, but we're seeing a number of new jobs being created as well as other job openings that are coming, because some people that are retiring, other businesses are expanding," said Barogh. "Just a whole lot of other opportunities, jobs from anywhere that you could imagine." In fact, there are at least five major corporations in the region that are expanding and hiring new employees. And for many of the openings, previous experience isn't required. Local companies, especially those in manufacturing, need skilled laborers and will train you to join their team. "The people that know the industry are working in it," said Sean Koffman. "One of our efforts is going to be introducing them to it, because largely in our region for the last several decades, we've turned our back on manufacturing and the skilled trades. We don't know what they are, so part of our effort would be introducing these new people to that." "If you want to transition into re-employment, or if you want to just change jobs in general, or if you're underemployed and you want to get into a better position where you're making a higher pay, I would take advantage of those," said Balogh. To find out more information on the experience needed for some of these jobs, visit: Johnstown Area Regional Industries (JARI) 245 Market St. Suite 200 Johnstown, PA 15901-2910 814.535.8675 Cambria County CareerLink 445 Schoolhouse Road Johnstown, PA 15904 (814) 533-2493 Pennsylvania Job Gateway Riggs Industries JWF Industries TMS Health, a Xerox Company GapVax
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Alpha Natural Resources Cutting 1,200 Jobs in New Reshaping Plan
Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE:ANR) announcing a new plan that is sparking interest among investors. The mining company said it will cut 1,200 jobs from its overall workforce and reshape its mining operations to reduce its overhead costs by $150 million. CEO of the company Kevin Crutchfield said the new initiatives will help the company stay competitive in the global coal markets for the present and for the oncoming future. Investors seem to like Alpha's new business plan. The mining company's stock is currently up over 1.5 percent to $8.23.
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Sale of Amfire Mining means changes for Portag
Reported by: Maria Miller PORTAGE, Pa. -- It's a story we've been following for a few months now: the sale of Latrobe-based Amfire Mining to Kittanning-based Rosebud mining, resulting in the layoffs of about 400 employees and idling of 12 sites in Clearfield, Centre, Elk, Somerset and Cambria Counties including a prep plant in Portage where company officials said Monday that changes are on the horizon
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Underground Coal: Pre-Shift Inspection
Frank Kolarik, a foreman at an underground coal mine discusses the basic practices that are part of an underground foreman's pre-shift exam duties. Don Conrad, Mining Consultant, begins the video by discussing a fatal mine accident that involved pre-shifting. Mike Brnich, NIOSH discusses the importance of quality pre-shift exams. Frank also discusses the principles of mine gases, maintaining ventilation controls and rockdusting as well as making good roof checks and air flow measurements. Jim Pablic, Safety Manager at AMFIRE Mining Co., LLC concludes the video with a story that reinforces the importance of good, quality pre-operational checks. Filmed in 2011 as part of Emergency Prevention Performance: An Education and Training Program for Supervisors.
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Amerikohl Company Overview HD.mov
Amerikohl Mining, Inc. has 3 divisions to their company. They are one of the leaders in Land Reclamation as well. This video is one of two that we have produced for them for their website and other online Branding efforts.
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Ukraine to buy 700,000 tons of American anthracite coal
Ukraine has agreed to a deal to buy coal from the United States for the first time in its history. The first delivery is expected in September. Washington has described the deal as a means of undercutting the influence of Russia over its European neighbors. Lena Savchuk has more in this report. Watch Live: http://www.presstv.com/live.html Twitter: http://twitter.com/PressTV LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/PressTV Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV Google+: http://plus.google.com/+VideosPTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/presstvchannel Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/presstv
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There are no jobs that compare to a coal job
Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke took to the House floor to defend Montana jobs and the Crow Nation. Transcript: Madam Chair, I rise today to rally support for economic opportunity for local communities across our nation. In my home state of Montana, the Crow Nation suffers from unemployment rates as high as 50 percent—despite having over a billion dollars in coal reserves. Similar situations play out in communities across America. This Administration has waged a war against coal. In the words of Crow Chairman Old Coyote, “A war on coal is a war on the Crow people” Republicans and Democrats agree -- we all want clean air and water and affordable power. Thankfully, advances in technology have made it possible to have both, making it possible to use our vast resources of clean coal to power American homes and manufacturers and put Americans back to work. We can’t power the American economy on pixie dust and hope; it takes innovation and investment in areas like clean coal. Unfortunately, this Administration is fighting a more aggressive war against American coal than they are against ISIS. We all know of the countless attempts to kill coal with regulations, cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. Now, the most recent is the attempt is by the Department of the Interior. The D-O-I is planning to change how coal on federal lands and Reservations is valued, creating an unpredictable and unstable market that threatens the livelihoods of our local communities and tribes. When oil, gas and coal resources are sold, local governments receive tax revenues and royalties to help fund everything from education to infrastructure projects. However the Administration’s new one-size-fits-all plan puts this funding in jeopardy, places heavier burdens on state and local governments, and also stifles innovation, investment and job creation. The national labor participation rate is the lowest it has been in the past 30 years. Wages are stagnant, the cost of living is going up, and energy prices for home heating and manufacturing are skyrocketing. Our communities cannot afford another federal assault on the economy. These are real jobs at stake. I’ve been to the Rosebud mine in Colstrip where International Union of Operating Engineers Local 400 earn their paychecks to provide for their families. This is just a couple hundred families in Montana. There are thousands more like them in Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah and beyond. Coal remains America’s largest source of electricity because it is affordable and readily available. Whether the coal is mined in Montana or turned into electricity to build cars in Michigan, coal is an important part of the American economy. Again, I am reminded of the words of Chairman Old Coyote: “For the Crow people, there are no jobs that compare to a coal job – the wages and benefits exceed anything else that is available.” I urge my colleagues to join me in fighting for the American worker and for American jobs by supporting my Amendment to block funding for the Obama Administration to continue their war on coal. I yield.
People react to more coal layoffs in Eastern Kentucky and Virginia
Nearly 300 Alpha Natural Resources coal miners in Eastern Kentucky and Virginia may soon lose their jobs.
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Alpha Natural Resources - Running Right?
For the past decade Dickenson Russell Coal Company a subsidiary of Alpha Natural Resources has been dewatering the abandoned McClure 1 mine to make room for coal waste slurry injection from the McClure 1 Coal Preparation plant. This occurs at the former air return shaft located beside Highway 83 just 6 miles east of Clintwood, Virginia. The water is discharged untreated into the McClure River which flows into the Russell Fork , then the Big Sandy, Ohio, and Mississippi. According to Eric Greear who works for the Department of Mines Minerals and Energy's Division of Mined Land Reclamation, only acidity and metal tests are performed on the water before it is discharged into the river. When asked about chemical testing, he said tests for chemicals were not required. The McClure #1 mine was in operation from 1978 to 1995. Has no one thought of the thousands of gallons of used hydraulic oil and gears oils that leaked from the machinery over the mine's lifespan? There are also many other chemicals that are left behind in the mining process including adhesives, strong cleaning agents, and anti-freeze to name a few. How can it be legal and considered "Running Right" to pump stagnant polluted mine water straight into our streams? \Alpha Natural Resources....Running Right?
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Consol Energy - The Journey of Coal
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Rosebud Mine Reclamation
Rosebud coal mine reclamation and working relationship with Montana DEQ.
Of Course Trump Is Helping Coal Companies Dodge Taxes
Taxes are for normal people like you, not rich people! Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://tytnetwork.com/go "These industry-specific subsidies mean that the goodies were not evenly distributed. Utilities logged an effective tax rate of just 3.1 percent over the eight-year period. Industrial machinery, telecommunications and oil, gas and pipeline companies paid roughly 11.5 percent. Internet services paid 15.6 percent. In just two sectors — health care and retail — companies paid more than 30 percent of their profits in federal income tax. “One of the things that jumps out pretty starkly is there’s a real gap between the tax rates paid by different industries,” said Matthew Gardner, a senior fellow at the institute and a co-author of the study. “When the biggest companies aren’t paying their fair share, that means the rest of us are left to pick up the slack. It means small business and middle-income families are paying more.” But Tara DiJulio, a spokeswoman for General Electric, called the report “deeply flawed and misleading.””* Read more here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/09/business/economy/corporate-tax-report.html Hosts: Cenk Uygur Cast: Cenk Uygur *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. http://www.tytnetwork.com/live Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theyoungturks Like The Young Turks on Facebook: http://facebook.com/theyoungturks Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: http://twitter.com/theyoungturks Buy TYT Merch: http://www.shoptyt.com Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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Console Energy "Rise Up" :30 Directors Cut
Console Energy "Rise Up" :30 Directors Cut. Directed By Scott Kinsey | Goodfear
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Potential coal layoffs
Potential coal layoffs
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Seek Refuge: A Miners Town Hall Meeting Pt. 3 (Refuge Entry)
Jim Pablic (Amfire Mining Co. LLC) describes the activities of a real crew of miners approaching and activating a refuge alternative in an actual underground coal mine. Mr. Pablic explains what the miners are doing, and why. Dr. Jeffrey Kravitz (MSHA Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center), describes the basic regulatory requirements of refuge alternatives. Dr. R. Larry Grayson (Penn State University) discusses basic mine emergency prevention measures. Mr. Jeffrey Stanchek (PA Bureau of Mine Safety), describes surface activties when a mine emergency occurs. This discussion was in front of a live studio audience at a Miners Town Hall Meeting entitled "Seek Refuge: Your Third Line of Defense. Brookwood-Sago Grant Project:Seek Refuge: Your Third Line of Defense (2009-2010).
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The Importance of Coal Mining in Montana, Rosebud Coal Mine - Colstrip, MT
Mining coal in Montana is what's best for the community, our neighbors, the state and the country.
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New Layoffs the Latest Casualties in 'War on Coal'
New Layoffs the Latest Casualties in 'War on Coal'
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Massey Energy Weighs Takeover Offer From Alpha Natural Resources
Massey Energy (NYSE:MEE) is weighing a takeover offer from Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE:ANR), according to the Wall Street Journal. The company is expected to review other options that include an auction of the company at a board meeting later this month. Arch Coal (NYSE:ACI) and Consol Energy (NYSE:CNX) also may be interested in acquiring Massey.
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Alpha Natural Resources,Are you really running right?
Not a very safe situation.Mr. Quillen could care less about safety.It is his Portfolio that he really cares about.
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Alpha Natural Resources to Buy Massey Energy for $69.33 Per Share in Cash and Stock
Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) and Massey Energy Company (MEE) announced that they signed a definitive agreement under which Alpha will acquire all outstanding shares of Massey common stock, subject to customary closing conditions including stockholder approval of both companies. Under the terms of the agreement, Massey stockholders will receive, at the closing, 1.025 shares of Alpha common stock and $10.00 in cash for each share of Massey common stock. Based on the closing share price of Alpha common stock as of January 28, 2011, the agreement placed a value of $69.33 per share of Massey common stock (implying $8.5 billion enterprise value for Massey).
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Rosebuds Christmas Party 2012
This is the Advance Group...
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Alpha Natural Resources shuts down operations in Knott and Letcher counties
Alpha Natural Resources shuts down operations in Knott and Letcher counties
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63 miners remembered 75 years after deadly explosion
By: Maria Miller PORTAGE, Pa. -- It was July 15, 1940, when methane gas filled the Sonman Mine, in Portage, Cambria County, trapping 63 men inside for hours before they eventually died. On Wednesday, 75 years to the day, the community gathered together to remember their sacrifices and honor their memory. "They died very slowly. They were trapped inside the mine," said the Rev. James Spontak, pastor at St. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, in Portage. "The air supply was cut off as a result of the explosion." Seventy five years after of one of the worst mining disasters in Cambria County history, the Portage community came together Wednesday to remember the 63 lives lost in the explosion at the Sonman Mine. "It was a very dramatic impact on the community and of course the loss of life and the many families that were impacted by the explosion," said Spontak. That impact can be seen in pictures and video from the Portage Station Museum. The decades-old black -and-white photos show hundreds of people in the small town gathering after a rescue effort became a recovery mission. "Some of them wrote notes to their family, and one even wrote his will," said Spontak. "They had the time to be aware of what was happening until eventually they expired. Probably about 5 that afternoon, most by that time had died and their bodies were later brought out." The females of those miners said they knew the risks of working underground, but for many it was the only way to pay the bills and a job that needed to be done. It's a sacrifice reflected upon and still remembered 75 years later. "(It's because of) those who went through the difficulties and risks that allows us to be the community we are today," Spontak said. "Also our nation benefited so much from their work and contributions." Pictures, artifacts and an entire documentary about the explosion can be seen at the Portage Station Museum. A monument honoring all of the lives lost is at the Crichton McCormick Park, in Portage.
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Alpha Natural Resources Topped Q4 Estimates, Top Line Up 11%
"Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE:ANR) reported Q4 EPS of $0.27, ex-items, ahead of consensus estimates of $0.24 per share. Revenues for the quarter rose 11% year-over-year to $993.1 million, topping consensus estimates of $970.3 million. Kevin Crutchfield, Alpha's chief executive officer said, "Alpha continued its strong focus on safety performance during the fourth quarter and throughout the year, Among our Eastern operations, nine operations in our Southern West Virginia business unit, nine operations in our Virginia/Kentucky business unit, seven operations in our Northern West Virginia business unit, and all of our AMFIRE surface mines completed the year 2010 without a single lost time accident. We are proud of our entire workforce and their dedication to Alpha's Running Right culture that has driven continuous improvements in safety performance throughout our history."
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Morgan Stanley Maintained EW Rating On Alpha Natural Resources (ANR)
Morgan Stanley maintained its equal-weight rating on Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE:ANR) and sees 2010 EPS of $2.55 and 2011 EPS of $4.93. Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. extracts, processes, and markets steam and metallurgical coal. The Company conducts operations from surface and underground mines located in the northern and central Appalachian regions and Colorado, all located in the United States. Alpha Natural Resources markets its coal to electric utilities, steel and other industrial producers. Alpha Natural Resources has a potential upside of 3.8% based on a current price of $53.45 and an average consensus analyst price target of $55.47. Alpha Natural Resources is currently above its 50-day moving average (MA) of $47.15 and above its 200-day of $43.28. In the last five trading sessions, the 50-day MA has climbed 2.82% while the 200-day MA has risen 0.45%.