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Introduced species and biodiversity
How do introduced species cause problems for biodiversity? What makes a species invasive? When humans introduce non-native species to a new environment, it can have disastrous impacts on native species and the entire ecosystem. For more biodiversity tutorials, visit http://bit.ly/cas-khan.
Tunicates (the slime on your docks...) Aquatic Invasive species in Nova Scotia
Rapid Assessment 2013 - Yarmouth Bar, NS. Sep. 23, 2013 Diver 2 look at the the attached biology under wharfs. Of particular interest are the Aquatic Invasive Species of Tunicates not yet seen in Canada.
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Tunicate 6
Underwater tunicate collection in Charleston, OR Credit: Aaron Macomber
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PK MARINE INVERTS: ascidians.mov
PK MARINE INVERTS: ascidians or sea squirts; salps: water -sieving creatures, encrusting rocks or drifting, including the giant salp that a diver can enter.
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