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The Mystery of the Earth's Core Explained
We've been to the Moon but we've barely scratched the surface of our own planet! Trace explains what it would take for humans to see into the center of the Earth and why we haven't yet made the trek. Read More: Electromagnetically driven westward drift and inner-core superrotation in Earth's core http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2013/09/13/1307825110 "Seismic probing of the earth's deep interior has shown that the inner core, the solid core of our planet, rotates slightly faster (i.e., eastward) than the rest of the earth." World's Deepest Mines Highlight Risks of New Gold Rush http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/11/071106-africa-mine.html "As gold prices reach near-record highs, South Africa's mining companies are keeping up by drilling to record depths." How the Mariana Trench Became Earth's Deepest Point http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/04/120405-james-cameron-mariana-trench-deepsea-challenger-oceans-science/ "The Mariana Trench isn't really the deep, narrow furrow that the word "trench" implies. Rather, the abyss marks the location of a subduction zone." Will the magnetic field of the Earth reverse its direction in the future? Will this cause problems? http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=523 "The magnetic field of the Earth has actually switched its direction many many times during Earth's history. Although this is not completely understood, the leading theory of how it works is that Earth's magnetic field is caused by the motion of the liquid outer core. The churning of the liquid in the outer core acts as a giant electromagnet, moving electrical charges around, in what is known as the 'geomagnetic dynamo.'" What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip? http://www.livescience.com/18426-earth-magnetic-poles-flip.html "The end of the world as we know it could come in any number of ways, depending on who you ask. Some people believe global cataclysm will occur when Earth's magnetic poles reverse. When north goes south, they say, the continents will lurch in one direction or the other, triggering massive earthquakes, rapid climate change and species extinctions." New insights solve 300-year-old problem: The dynamics of the Earth's core http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-09/uol-nis091313.php "Scientists at the University of Leeds have solved a 300-year-old riddle about which direction the centre of the earth spins." Earth's Magnetic Field Shifts, Forcing Airport Runway Change http://www.livescience.com/9231-earths-magnetic-field-shifts-forcing-airport-runway-change.html "The magnetic north pole is currently hovering over the North Sea and moving toward Siberia. This means two Florida airports are renumbering their runways." Watch More: Rare Earth Elements: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqoQfN9DgNs Biggest Volcanoes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xplpnLeeJxI Great Wall Of China: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w48FuAg7jOA ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Anthony Carboni on Twitter http://twitter.com/acarboni Laci Green on Twitter http://twitter.com/gogreen18 Trace Dominguez on Twitter http://twitter.com/trace501 DNews on Facebook http://facebook.com/dnews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com
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11 Amazing Portraits of the Most Notorious Prostitutes and Madams of the 19th Century Wild West: Prostitutes – or ‘soiled doves’ and ‘sportin’ women’ as they were commonly known -were a fixture in western American towns and cities in the 19th century. Almost without exception, pioneer mining camps, boomtowns and whistles-stops became home to at least one or two hookers – if not a roaring red light district. These fascinating images show some of the most famous scarlet women of the time, who would go on to become millionaires, national heroes and outlaws. Prostitution contributed heavily to town economies in the way of business licenses, fees and fines. A number of red light districts evolved into the social centres of their communities. Although prostitution was largely illegal, brothels were no secret in the old west. Visitors could easily find disorderly houses by opening up the local or state-wide directories, such as the 1895 Travellers’ Guide of Colorado. 1. Mary Katharine Haroney, left, was better known as Big Nose Kate, aged 15, pictured with younger sister Wilhelmina, right, in 1865. 2. Mattie Silks, who became one the best known madams in the west, having brothels in Kansas and Colorado where demand for women was high due to the gold rushes. 3. Martha Jane Burke, better known as Calamity Jane, a famous American frontierswoman, pictured here in men's clothing in 1895. 4. Julia Bulette moved to mining boomtown Virginia city, Nevada, in 1859 when she was 27-years old. 5. Maggie Hall a prostitute originally from Dublin, Ireland. Maggie arrived in New York City in 1873. 6. Mary Katharine Haroney, who was better known as Big Nose Kate, circa 1870s. 7. Laura Bullion's mugshot, a famed criminal and prostitute that got involved with Butch Cassidy in 1893. 8. Mary Katharine Haroney aged around 50-years-old, circa 1900. 9. Mattie Blaylock, a prostitute who became the romantic companion and common-law wife of Old West lawman and gambler Wyatt Earp for about eight years. 10. Belle Brezing was a nationally-known madam based in Lexington, Kentucky. 11. Martha Jane Burke, better known as Calamity Jane, a famous American frontierswoman, pictured here visting 'Wild Bill' Hickok's grave in Deadwood in 1890. 1800s, celebrity & famous people, event & history, female, life & culture, portraits
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Indian Railways: GOOTY Diesel Locomotives In GADAG TO LONDA Section With 18047 AMARAVATI EXPRESS
This journey was one of the memorable train journeys and one of the fantastic section of Indian railways in which this train travels. :) In the last part 18047 AMARAVTI EXPRESS got a power change from Electric locomotive to diesel locomotive wherein Gooty twin WDG-3A engines took charge from Guntur to Vasco Da Gama run. This video covers the classic section from Gadag junction to Londa junction where the amaravati express covers the section via Hubballi crossing a few train in between like 11005 Chalukya Express and LTT-Hubballi Express and a few freights. Witness the beauty of this section in this video. Camera: Sony Cx240E, Nikon B700 and Asus Zenfone Max.
Top 10 biggest entertainer in India
Top 10 India‘s Biggest Entertainers Forbes announced top 100 India‘s Biggest Entertainers list. This list ranks India’s biggest creative stars in eight categories: film actors, directors, sports stars, TV personalities, singers/musicians, authors, models and comedians. The list factors in celebrities’ income (from the business of entertainment) and fame (as measured by media mentions, online presence and social media followers) from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012. Not surprisingly, six of the top ten are Bollywood stars while the remaining four are cricket warriors. Actor Shah Rukh Khan tops the inaugural FORBES INDIA Celebrity 100 list. These are top 10 Biggest Entertainers of India. Shah Rukh Khan Fame rank: 3 Earnings: $38 million Category: Film actor It has been a fabulous year for King Khan. While his films Don 2 and Ra.One did well at the box office, Brand SRK was a success, too, with a long list of 23 endorsements. Salman Khan Fame rank: 1 Earnings: $27 million Category: Film actor His 2012 Ek Tha Tiger became the second-highest Bollywood grosser ever, second only to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. His philanthropic initiative, Being Human, offered to free 400 prisoners by paying off their fines. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Fame rank: 2 Earnings: $25 million Category: Sports In 2012 Captain Cool, MS Dhoni made forays outside cricket, launching his own superbike team. Akshay Kumar Fame rank: 14 Earnings: $34 million Category: Film actor He broke into the big leagues this year with two movies, Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore. The year saw him consolidate his reputation as a star, and much is expected from the three upcoming releases he has in 2013. Amitabh Bachchan Fame rank: 8 Earnings: $22 million Category: Film actor 2012 was a relatively quiet year for Bachchan, who had only a guest appearance in English Vinglish and a forgettable role in Department. In 2013 he will share screen space with Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Sachin Tendulkar Fame rank: 7 Earnings: $18 million Category: Sports India’s favorite son retired from ODIs in 2012 with a stellar 18,426 runs, and 2013 may well be his last year as an international cricketer. Kareena Kapoor Fame rank: 13 Earnings: $14 million Category: Film actor While Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu had lukewarm reception at the box office, Talaash turned out to be an unexpected success. Her hectic year ended with her much awaited marriage to Saif Ali Khan. Virender Sehwag Fame rank: 4 Earnings: $6 million Category: Sports At home he was the Delhi Daredevils’ highest scorer in IPL 5. But his international record wasn’t as sparkling. Virat Kohli Fame rank: 6 Earnings: $9 million Category: Sports Kohli possesses a maturity at the crease far beyond his years. The year culminated with him winning the ICC ODI Player of the Year. Katrina Kaif Fame rank: 16 Earnings: $12 million Category: Film actor A star for many years now, she reached the peak in 2012 with Ek Tha Tiger and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. In 2013 she is expected to consolidate her accomplishments with Dhoom 3 and Dostana 2. This was our list of top 10 Biggest Entertainers of India according to the Forbes.com. Who’s your favorite one from above list or else. Do write below in comments section…….
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Inside America's Secret Neighborhood Brothels
Fusion investigation traces trafficked girls caught in a sex slave trade from the US to Mexico.
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BC one 2005 - Warm Up
On the 21st May, 2005 Red Bull held a One-on-One event that would help bring bboying into the public eye once more. This is the Warm Up party from BC one 2005. Hosts: Rhazel DJs: Ace Billy Brown Side acts: Hilty & Bosch Judges: Asia One David Colas Ducky Poe One Storm B-Boys: Benny Born Brahim Cico Hong 10 Jora Junior Lilou Machine Moy Omar Pelézinho Physicx Ronnie RubberLegz Sonic First song is "Rocker" (Eric Prydz mix) by Alter Ego. The second track is "TSOB" by MFSB. The video is NOT mine and was downloaded from bboyworld. You can e-mail the original makers of the vid at fsbcrew(at)hotmail(dot)fr. You should check out that site for more great vids featuring bboys from all over the globe.
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Early Morning Bliss | High Speed WAP4 in Action | Indian Railways
Indian Railways captured in Beautiful Sunrise Location : 1. Gudiyattam 2. Kavarapettai
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Exclusive Interview With Million Dollar Girl Fame Geetanjali Singh About Her Upcoming Movies
A painter uses a brush to brief his imagination, a sculptor uses a hammer to give shape, an architect builds his dreams on his projects, and we at BOLLYWOOD ADDA, open the Gateway to Bollywood and allow you to have a complete look into the actors lives, mahurats, films, premiers, parties, fashion & style, and all that happens in and around the entertainment industry. Welcome on board the channel 'BOLLYWOOD ADDA' and experience the fun of having everything at your fingertips, and take a glance into the real life of the Indian Film Industry, UNCUT and RAW, as it is...... Subscribe to BOOLYWOOD ADDA and be a part of the exciting world of the Silver Screen and live your dreams with the Stars! You can ask us for more videos on your favorite Channel BOLLYWOOD ADDA ! Be a part of the Screen world and know your Stars personally, their journey, be a part of their ups-downs, and enjoy the greatest film producing experience from 'BOLLYWOOD ADDA'
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Mercedes GLA x Volvo XC40: SUVs compactos de luxo que não têm medo de lama
Mercedes GLA x Volvo XC40: SUVs compactos de luxo que não têm medo de lama ▶ Assine o meu canal para assistir os últimos vídeos 24/7 ✌ ▶ Me ajude a alcançar o assinante de 1000k! ✌ ▶ Website : https://videonews.fun ✌ ▶ Everything published on coachjoey7266 and Videonews is protected by international copyright laws.✌
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Desalination | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Desalination 00:01:58 1 Methods 00:02:13 1.1 Vacuum distillation 00:02:59 1.2 Multi-stage flash distillation 00:03:25 1.3 Multiple-effect distillation 00:04:05 1.4 Vapor-compression distillation 00:04:35 1.5 Reverse osmosis 00:07:09 1.6 Freeze-thaw 00:07:51 1.7 Solar evaporation 00:08:13 1.8 Electrodialysis reversal 00:08:32 1.9 Membrane distillation 00:08:51 1.10 Wave-powered desalination 00:09:15 2 Considerations and criticism 00:09:26 2.1 Energy consumption 00:10:48 2.2 Cogeneration 00:12:23 2.3 Economics 00:17:08 2.4 Environmental 00:17:28 2.4.1 Intake 00:18:43 2.4.2 Outflow 00:20:13 2.4.3 Alternatives without pollution 00:21:26 2.4.4 Alternatives to desalination 00:22:19 2.4.5 Public health concerns 00:23:47 2.5 Other issues 00:24:24 3 Experimental techniques 00:24:37 3.1 Waste heat 00:25:41 3.2 Low-temperature thermal 00:27:59 3.3 Thermoionic process 00:28:23 3.4 Evaporation and condensation for crops 00:28:44 3.5 Other approaches 00:29:01 3.5.1 Forward osmosis 00:29:19 3.5.2 Hydrogel based desalination 00:30:36 3.5.3 Small-scale solar 00:31:33 3.5.4 Passarell 00:32:36 3.5.5 Geothermal 00:32:56 3.5.6 Nanotechnology 00:33:33 3.5.7 Biomimesis 00:33:45 3.5.8 Electrochemical 00:34:26 3.5.9 Electrokinetic shocks 00:35:06 4 Facilities 00:35:32 5 In nature 00:36:55 6 History Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= Desalination is a process that takes away mineral components from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from a target substance, as in soil desalination, which is an issue for agriculture.Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. One by-product of desalination is salt. Desalination is used on many seagoing ships and submarines. Most of the modern interest in desalination is focused on cost-effective provision of fresh water for human use. Along with recycled wastewater, it is one of the few rainfall-independent water sources.Due to its energy consumption, desalinating sea water is generally more costly than fresh water from rivers or groundwater, water recycling and water conservation. However, these alternatives are not always available and depletion of reserves is a critical problem worldwide. Currently, approximately 1% of the world's population is dependent on desalinated water to meet daily needs, but the UN expects that 14% of the world's population will encounter water scarcity by 2025.Desalination is particularly relevant in dry countries such as Australia, which traditionally have relied on collecting rainfall behind dams for water. According to the International Desalination Association, in June 2015, 18,426 desalination plants operated worldwide, producing 86.8 million cubic meters per day, providing water for 300 million people. This number increased from 78.4 million cubic meters in 2013, a 10.71% increase in 2 years. The single largest desalination project is Ras Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia, which produced 1,025,000 cubic meters per day in 2014. Kuwait produces a higher proportion of its water than any other country, totaling 100% of its water use.
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