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WWI Footage: Narrow Gauge Train Lines in France - Historic Trains & Railways - CharlieDeanArchives
Allied forces constructing railways throughout France to help move men and supplies during World War One. We see Army personel laying the sleepers and track for the extensive network of two foot (60cm) narrow gauge lines, ballasting work, loading and laying of pre-built trackwork. We also see scenes of the railway in action as the little trains trundle along country lanes and through the town streets. The film ends with scenes of the train taking soldiers towards the front lines. After the war the lines were abandoned and most of the locomotives and rollingstock simply left where they were last used, with many being salvaged by the locals to help with logging activities. . CharlieDeanArchives - Archive footage from the 20th century making history come alive!
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Excavating A Civil War Era Railroad "T" Rail!
Join me as I return to the railroad camp and unearth a second piece of railroad rail. This is not the U rail like I found last time at this spot, but is a very early T rail. I suspect these are part of a camp that repaired the B&O railroad line that was destroyed here many times by Confederate forces during our Civil War.
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This impressive silent movie shows the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad. This line was among the first of a number of 2 foot (610mm) narrow gauge railroads to be built within the state of Maine. Dating to 1879 the railroad connected the towns of Strong, Phillips and Farmington. It was a common carrier railroad that operated approximately 112 miles (180 km) of track in Franklin County, Maine. Although abandoned in the mid 1930s a piece of the railroad has been rebuilt within the town of Phillips, 128 Bridge Street, where a museum occupies the area with a short stretch of track restored. The film was photographed in the 1930s towards the end of its operation. Highlights include: 00:25 Railbus at Phillips 01:24 Farmington meet with the standard gauge Maine Central 02:35 Snow scenes with steam engines 05:39 Mainline trains between Farmingting and Phillips, making a connection with the Kingfield Branch train 09:00 Scenes at Strong, dismantling of track 12:41 Phillips scenes 14:09 In May 1935 the remaining portions of the railroad were sold for scrap. On May 30 the last trains operated. 14:30 Numbers 18 and 23 coming out of engine house. #23 was a Baldwin 2-6-2 built in 1913. It was the largest 2 foot gauge engine in the United States. #18 was built by MEC in 1916 and also 2-6-2. Probably the last operating SR&RL engine. 18:49 junction at South Strong We encourage viewers to add comments and, especially, to provide additional information about our videos by adding a comment! See something interesting? Tell people what it is and what they can see by writing something for example: "01:00:12:00 -- President Roosevelt is seen meeting with Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference." This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com
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Midland Terminal Railway
The Colorado Midland was the first standard-gauge railway in the Colorado mountains. After its demise, part of it remained as the Midland Terminal Railway. This clip includes color motion picture footage of a Midland Terminal steam freight train in 1949 traveling from from Cripple Creek to Manitou Springs.
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cripple creek railroad vid 2008-2009
the criple creek and victor narrow gauge railroad shot in the summers of 2008 and 2009
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Visual:  A Day In Cripple Creek, Colorado
We took a day trip to beautiful Cripple Creek, Colorado. Simple and beautiful.
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Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway (Narrow Gauge Steam up) 21st October 2017
This Event is a Narrow Gauge Steam up that took the same Weekend as the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Cotswold Food and Drink Fayre. Special Thank to the team at the Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway for anallowing me to film on they Railway.
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Haywoods Permanent Way Model Railway Exhibition 2017 (21st October 2017)
This is the footage of all layouts which were in attendance during Haywoods Permanent Way Model Railway Exhibition which was at the Memorial Hall in Great Haywood, Staffordshire. Layouts which were in attendance are listed below. Maloja 0:09 - 3:48 An Swiss layout set on the route o the Glacier Express in the early 21st Century. Harbourne 3:49 - 8:50 Depicts a Western Region branch line in the early 70s with a small goods yeard and station are still operational. Bridge Street Wharf 8:52 - 11:21 A small fictional rural terminus station in the west country with an narrow gauge and canal access Woodhay 11:22 - 14:41 This was a children layouts which children could operate the lauyout by switching a switch for the locomotives to stop and start and also press a few buttons, this is a Thomas the Tank layout built by HPW Model Group. Marks End 14:42 - 17:46 Layout portrays the end of a fictitious branch line from Barnards Castle circa 1960 to 1974 Ashburton 17:47 - 23:25 This verson of Ashburton dates from circa 1947 showing a shorter version of Ashburton but the stock runs from slightly a later era, this was the station of the end of a branch line from Totnes but Ashburton closed in 1962. Ashbourne (Midland): 23:26 - 27:48 Layout depicts the terminus on a fictional line from Derby to Ashbourne, it is set in the last days of the line before closure between 1959 to 1965 which allows this layout to see steam and diesel locomotives. Drayton Market 27:50 - 29:23 On the Shropshire/Staffordshire border around 1949 to 1951 featuring passenger and military traffic, stock is a mixture of Midland and Great Western rolling stock in some pre-nationalisation liveries. Rolleston-on-Dove 29:26 - 34:03 Circa is 1948 or earlier depending on the rolling stock, the station is between Burton-on-Trent and Tutbury & Hatton which the line with the station is now closed. Freshwater 34:05 - 39:03 Layout is based on an original track layout of Freshwater in the Isle of Wright set around the 1930s, layout was built by the late Fred Shilton and had been doonated to the SRC. Rannoch 39:05 - 40:54 This layout is based on an railway station in Scotland (sadly there nothing mentioned in the show guide booket and wasn't scheduled to be at this model rail show) Hergest 40:55 - 45:38 The Great Western Railway extended branch line from Leominster to New Radnor ran for a way alongside the horse drawn tramway which ran up on to Hergest Ridge, the tramway got converted in 1935 and made use of re-gauged Glyn Valley Locomotives this layout was set in late 1947 with road transport was about to cause the closure of both lines.
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Denver international underground city
Denver international underground city
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Sugar beet train to Kruszwica 1
Rail memories. Kruszwica Sugar Plant railway in central Poland.
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Springfield Agricultural Railway 2013
Emptying more wagons of horse manure in early 2013. If interested, there is now a DVD available of this of this railway which can be ordered on line via Paypal: www.ingr.co.uk/vids_skipshorses2.html
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DJM Longmoor Military Railway J94 fitted with Olivias Trains dcc sound & stay alive
After a visit to Olivias Trains in Sheffield, my DJM J94 saddletank, in Longmoor Military Railway livery, is now fitted with dcc sound and a stay alive capacitor. The capacitor will allow the loco to negotiate complex pointwork without hesitation or stalling. Many thanks to the friendly guys in the store for this service. I have no link to this supplier - I am just a happy customer! Many thanks for watching and please, like, share and subscribe to my channel.
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A train passes through mountainous terrain in Gunnison National Park of Colorado. HD Stock Footage
Link to order this clip: http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675053163_train_Gunnison-National-Park_water-fall_Black-Canyon_Gunnison-River Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD. A train passes through mountainous terrain in Gunnison National Park of Colorado. In final year of passenger operations, a Denver and Rio Grande narrow guage railroad train is seen traveling through Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park, Colorado. Interiors of the train filled with passengers in a holiday mood. Interior of passenger cars is old fashioned. View of ceiling lamps in the car. The train travels along the river and through mountainous terrain. Water springs from a hole in a mountain, creating a waterfall, seen from roof of the train. A river spills over a mountain in a large waterfall. The train crosses a bridge over the river and enters Black Canyon, where it follows the river bed between towering peaks on both sides. The engine of the train belches heavy black smoke as it struggles up a grade crossing a bridge. it continues to follow close to the river. Several fishermen turn to wave at the passengers. Gradually the mountains open wider as the train proceeds on its way. Location: Colorado United States. Date: 1940. Visit us at www.CriticalPast.com: 57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download. Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.
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Nigerian Soldiers Brutalize Mentally Challenged Cripple In Onitsha [Watch Video]
Greenlandnaija TV | The video shows the Nigerian Army at its lowest ebb. It shows two soldiers maliciously brutalizing a mentally challenged cripple in Onitsha, Anambra State. The offense according to passersby was his regalia. His regalia was a military camouflage. The mentally challenge cripple who goes by the nickname of “Onye Army” is said to be popular and known within the Onitsha environs. He has long become a landmark in the area. Up until the brutal interaction with the men of the Army, he is considered harmonious with the environment and the community. The video show a heart stopping beating by the two uniform men.
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Greek railways, two days of magic on SPAP narrow gauge land
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Railway magic...a whole network that was officially had traffic suspended over 1,5 year ago is now reborn thanks to the efforts of railfans in cooperation with OSE (National Railways Company). This time, the excursion train, consisted of the refurbished Alco DL-537 A9101, two staff cars, a passenger car, ALCO DL-537 A9105 and a MAN DMU that was transported to Kalamata depot for maintenance and to take over the next excursion, took the route from Pirgos to Kalamata, during the first day. During the second day the journey included a round trip to Hrani village and a stop at Kalonero, before returning to Pirgos again. May the Pelloponese (SPAP) railways be reborn...120 years of history shouldn't be wasted...
Cripple Creek Bikers Veterns Weekend Aug 2010.avi
August 21, 2010 riding into Cripple Creek, Colorado on the POW/MIA veterns memorial ride. Absolutley beautiful day.
Are Shipping Containers Bulletproof? Here's your answer...
Are shipping containers bulletproof? What is the ballistic protection of a Sea Can? Here's a fun video to tell you the answer!!
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Fancy Herzog MPMXIV Work Train Parked at Train Spur
Lots of times when I see "work trains," they look like garbage scows. So I was really fascinated by this fancy-looking work train that happened to be sitting on a spur near Crimora, Virginia! It's called a "Multi-Purpose Machine" (or MPM), and is made by Herzog, which is based in Missouri. It was sitting on Norfolk-Southern track, so I'm not sure if it's owned by N/S or simply leased (my guess is leased, since it doesn't have any N/S logos on it). The carriers were about a quarter full with brand new rails. As you'll see near the end of the clip, there are dozens of old rails and thousands of spikes in big piles. A number of rails had "Carnegie USA 1948" imprinted on the sides. Others had "Carnegie USA 1987" on the side. This clip is simply a 360 degree walk-around, to create "video notes" of the unit. Hopefully, I can see it in action!
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Dolly Varden Mine Narrow Gauge Railway in 1929
The Dolly Varden mine only operated for a few years almost 100 years ago. The mine needed a narrow gauge railway to bring the ore down from the mountain. The film is from a1929 visit by Victor Spencer to the site. He purchased the mine but never managed to get anything happening. The deposit is still a good one and is being actively explored by teh Dolly Varden Silver Corporation
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Narrow gauge railway by the beach in Brighton, Uk.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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2014 Veteran's Bike Rally, Cripple Creek, CO
veterans, army, navy, colorado, cripple creek, august, harley, rally
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Bosnian Ostbahn through Prača canyon (04. railway station Sudići - river dam Mesići)
Bicycle journey (in April 2013) on the path of the former Bosnian Eastern narrow gauge railroad ("Ostbahn"), in its most preserved and most exotic section - through the canyon of river Prača, between villages Hrenovica and Mesići. This is part 4 of 5 - from the former railway station Sudići to the river dam of the hydroelectric power plant Mesići. This section is also very exotic, with a lot of tunnels and rough terrain scenery. General info on the railroad: The Eastern narrow gauge railroad was constructed on a truly enormous expense in 1906 by the Austro-Hungarian empire. The railroad connected Sarajevo to eastern Bosnia, and ultimately to Serbia (near Višegrad and also near Rudo). It was one of the strategically most important political, military and economical infrastructures in the empire during that time, because it provided strong military deployment possibilities to discourage Russia's appetites to reach the Adriatic sea through Serbia's cooperation. The railroad was around 166 km long, and passed through FIVE canyons (Miljacka river, two of Prača river, Drina river, Lim river and Rzav river). That's why it has 99 tunnels, dozens and dozens of bridges and countless retaining walls and embankments. The railway was completely demolished in 1978 on a cold political decision by a communist government of Yugoslavia, mostly because it represented a legacy of a bourgeois monarchism. The war in Bosnia between 1992-1995 destroyed most of what remained of the railroad's infrastructural objects, and metal vultures took whatever else remained afterwards. The railroad is now almost completely abandoned and deteriorated (or even flooded by artificial dam lakes in the Drina and Lim canyons). There are only four exceptions: 1.) Most of the section between Sarajevo and Pale is (rarely) used as a local road for hikers, bikers and forest poachers; 2.) Section between villages of Prača and Hrenovica has been overrun by the M-5 motorway; 3.) Section between Hrenovica and Mesići is used as a local road between those two villages, and is the most "authentic" (not modified); 4.) Section from Višegrad to the Serbian border, which has recently been fully reconstructed to its original form (with trains and everything) and used as a tourist attraction!
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Ardoisieres D'Angers; 600mm railway at Trélazé, France.
The firm of Ardoisieres D'Angers had a number of slate mines around Angers. By August 1995 when this video was taken, this railway was the last in operation. It closed shortly after these scenes were taken and a northern road bypass around Trélazé cut the trackbed of the railway in two. Further scenes from this railway and many other industrial narrow gauge railways can be seen on the DVD; 20 Years in Search of Narrow Gauge', which is available from; http://www.ingr.co.uk/vids_dig33.html.
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CCR - Midnight Special
"Midnight Special" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, off of the 1969 album Willy And The Poor Boys.
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Veteran's Rally & Ride
POW/MIA Motorcycle Parade from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek Colorado.
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S Gauge steam locomotive creates a smokey atmosphere for the drive in, ACSG Tidewater Division
A steam locomotive pulls a train on the short loop of track around the drive-in on the ACSG Tidewater Division's S Gauge layout during the Trains and Planes show at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Nov 30, 2013
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Garden Railways in the Hunter 2017 part2   GRITH 2017 3813 3830
Part 2 of Garden Railways in the Hunter featuring 1/32 scale C38's and a 60 class Garret as well as other narrow Gauge locos link to part 1 https://youtu.be/f1026-30zIU
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Norfolk Southern 981 WB Special Military High & Wide in Mableton,Ga 03-22-2014©
7:04PM in Mableton,Ga is NS 981 Westbound special high & wide load. They had a sticking brake on one of the cars when they passed by also. NS 9956 D9-40CW Recorded by Gene Hale on March 22, 2014
Amtrak's California Zephyr with Private Car, and BNSF Coal Train in Ottumwa, IA 8/21/15
Amtrak's westbound California Zephyr was running an hour late the evening of August 21st, 2015, as I filmed the train making its station stop at Ottumwa, Iowa. The video begins with an eastbound BNSF coal train, passing through the station on Main 2, a couple minutes before Amtrak arrives on the track in the foreground, Main 1. Since Main 1 is the closest track to the station, BNSF freights can continue straight through on Main 2 without having to worry about protecting Amtrak. After stopping, I walked up to the locomotives and filmed the train as it departed. As an added surprise, there turned out to be a private car on the end - Sheriff Railcar's "Cripple Creek", a former Illinois Central business car. According to a couple places I found online, this car was built in 1917. YouTube user A. Train also captured the Zephyr making its way towards Ottumwa, as it passed Agency, IA. You can view his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv98OjEKvug Copyright © 2015 Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cripple Creek CO, Honors Veterans. 8/16/8 -2
Parade in Cripple creek CO to Honer all armed forces.
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Roy Clark & Buck Trent  Dueling Banjos
Roy Clark & Buck Trent Dueling Banjos
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Bachmann Narrow Gauge K-27s and Mallet
Two K-27s and Mallet share main line at ECLSTS. Diesel with consist of military equipment runs the inner main line. ECLSTS 2009
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Ice Festival in Cripple Creek, CO Feb. 2012.AVI
Ice sculpture of old vietnam era equipment and all branches of military services, Bennett Avenue, in Cripple Creek, CO. They always celebrate in February the President Day Holiday, Hope you like it. Thanks, Elmer.
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Bruce Springsteen - War
Music video by Bruce Springsteen performing War. (C) 1986 Bruce Springsteen
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This is a tribute to the incredible life story of Bill Herzog and the company he founded in 1969. Herzog is recognized as an industry leader with more than 47 years of experience performing premier railroad construction, transit operation and maintenance services, as well as right of way maintenance services and ultrasonic rail testing. Herzog broadened our field of services to include landfill construction and operations on a national scale as well as constructing airport runways. We also provide signaling, communications and Positive Train Control systems that include back office, hosting, and GIS solutions. Our experience, coupled with a highly qualified team of leading industry professionals, allows us to offer alternative procurement options for our clients and solve complex projects in challenging operating environments. We deliver proven railroad services for all Class I and short line railroads along with commuter rail, light rail transit, and streetcar agencies across North America.
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Laramie Railroad Depot, Laramie Wyoming exterior view
A short video of the exterior view of the Historic Laramie Railroad Depot.
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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (Lyric Video)
Join the official CCR email list: http://found.ee/CCR_Newsletter Music video by Creedence Clearwater Revival performing Green River. (C) 2014 Concord Music Group, Inc.
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Colorado Canyon Fires, Part 2
Footage of U.S. National Guard members helping fight a wildfire in Colorado. Part 2 of 2. Provided by National Guard Bureau. There is no audio.
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The Colorado Experience Vol. 1
1st part of the video of my tour through Colorado: Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Cripple Creek, Florissant Fossil Beds NM, Great Sand Dunes National Park Featuring the following songs: Thomas Newman - Rock Island, 1931 Lindsey Buckingham - Big Love Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders in the sky (All rights owned by the artists - please contact me in case of problems: hirngabel[at]email.de) Please also see the 2nd part of this video!
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Fouler 45mm loco
A video of the Green Fouler Loco put together by Alan Green.
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210-Landing of Dreyfus at Quiberon 1899
210. Landing of Dreyfus at Quiberon (Débarquement de Dreyfus à Quiberon, 20m) http://nemkino.ru At Quiberon harbour, a military detachment waits beside a boat. They move into formation as the sailors emerge. One hands over some documents to the officer in charge, who inspects and approves them with a signature. Alfred Dreyfus then emerges from the boat and climbs ashore. He is surrounded by soldiers, who march him away.
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Colorado Springs ViewTube Promotes Local Business
Welcome to http://ColoradoSpringsViewTube.com We are a new Online community for the people and businesses of Colorado Springs and the surrounding Pikes Peak region. We share with the world what's happening around our town as well as showcase other local you-tubers, local events, good causes and all the great local business. Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoSpringsYouTube Twitter: https://twitter.com/COSYouTube Coming Soon: http://ColoradoSpringsViewTube.com
A Rainy Day In Frostburg
June 23rd was not meant to be a railfan day for me. But one thing lead to another and I soon found myself along the rails of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad to gain some quick shots of the Frostburg Flyer's arrival at the depot and subsequent revolving of #501 on the turntable. We attempted to get some more video down the track but the rain became to hard to stand in. Enjoy what was filmed on this rainy day on the Western Maryland. Enjoyed The Video? Then There Is More To See With Laurel Highlands Railfan Films. Be Sure To Like, Share & Subscribe. Also, If Interested Visit Our Other Channel Redoubt Productions Which Focuses On Military & Industrial History. Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxHUgH2gCjO3F1vMYwLC4WA Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/LHRailfanFilms/ Redoubt Productions- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm3VUx7Dn_Ts22muyAvpRjw
Gold Hill Colorado
Neat little town
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Sgt. Bilko Trailer 1996
Sgt. Bilko Trailer 1996 Director: Jonathan Lynn Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Glenne Headly, Phil Hartman, Steve Martin, Daryl Mitchell, Official Content From Universal Studios Home Entertainment When his base is threatened with a shutdown, the scamming and scheming army sergeant must devise his best con ever to save his perpetual gravy train. Based on the classic TV series. Movie, Sgt. Bilko Movie,Sgt. Bilko Trailer,Sgt. Bilko 1996, Jonathan Lynn,Dan Aykroyd, Glenne Headly, Phil Hartman, Steve Martin, Daryl Mitchell,
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What the health (VOST EN/FR/DE/IT/ES)
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Ernest Stoneman - "Marching through Georgia"
For more information about this album, click here: http://www.folkways.si.edu/albumdetails.aspx?itemid=3121 and for more information about Smithsonian Folkways , the non-profit record label of the national museum, click here: http://www.folkways.si.edu/index.aspx This video features Ernest Stoneman's "Marching through Georgia" from the 2006 album "Masters of Old-time Country Autoharp" on Smithsonian Folkways. Digital Downloads are available of this album in both MP3 and FLAC format. The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy (www.si.edu/copyright/). Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time. ©2008 Smithsonian Institution
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