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Battle of the Crossface
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Raw: Daniel Bryan challenges Dolph Ziggler to a match
Raw: Daniel Bryan challenges Dolph Ziggler to a match at WWE Bragging Rights
Views: 407417 WWE
Daniel Bryan clashes with Shawn Michaels: Raw, Oct. 28, 2013
Daniel Bryan is not happy with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. More WWE - http://www.wwe.com/
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Chris Benoit explains The Crippler Crossface
all rights to wwe
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WWE SummerSlam 2010 | Daniel Bryan - Cross Face |
Nice Sumbission from American Dragon!
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Batista Taps Out First Time Ever In His Career To Chris Benoit
If You Are a Fan of Chris Benoit like Lhis Page http://www.facebook.com/ChrisBenoitFans
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Crippler Crossface - How to do Benoit's Crippler Crossface submission
We'll show you how Chris Benoits's Crossface is done. ***Do not attempt this move unless you are in a real pro wrestling ring, and have been trained by a professional. Otherwise, you could easily be injured. This video is meant for reference only, and is not intended to replace real pro wrestling training.--
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Daniel Bryan Diving Headbutt (Rabid Wolverine Style!)
Beautiful diving headbutt by Bryan, Rabid Wolverine style, baby! Thanks, Danny!!!
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The Rock - Crippler Crossface
On Benoit
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Daniel Bryan - The LeBell Lock
WWE all rights reserved
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Chris Benoit Vs Daniel Bryan Crippler Crossface Vs Yes Lock #1
Please like and subscribe next time: Goldberg Vs Roman Reigns Spear Vs Spear
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Chris Benoit crippler crossface to Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho taps out to the crippler crossface of Chris Benoit. Miss you Benoit.
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Chris Benoit last Diving Headbutt in his career
Chris Benoit last diving headbutt ever in his career to Elijah Burke in 2007. Please Subscribe.
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Top 10 Submission holds of all time in wwe
Wwe Top 10 Submission Moves of all time.This video is the list of all time wrestling finishing submission moves in wwe. Here is the list of best wwe submission moves : 10) Figure Four Leglock used by the nature boy Ric Flair. 9) The Ankle Lock used by Kurt Angle , Ken Shamrock and Jack Swagger. 8) Camel Clutch most famously used by The Iron Shiek,Rusev, Scott Steiner and Muhammad Hassan. 7) Torture Rack - Used By Lex Luger and Ezekiel Jackson. 6 ) Mandible Claw by Mankind. 5) STF - Stepover Toehold Sleeper used by John Cena and Lou Thesz. 4) Crippler Crossface Most Famously used by Chris Benoit and Daniel Bryan . 3) Kimura Lock most famously used by the Beast Brock Lesnar. 2) Hell's Gate used by The UnderTaker. 1) The Sharpshooter used by Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The Rock, Sting, Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Like and share the video if you loved it. Subscribe our channel for more wwe related videos. Follow us in social medias : Twitter : https://twitter.com/itsamazing_tube Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/itsamazingwwe Visit Our website itsamazingwwe.wordpress.com
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Daniel bryan- omoplata cross face
yay he shold have another match whit kaval *i own nothing
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Cody Rhodes»Crossface Armlock with Bodyscissor
Cody Rhodes locks a beautiful submission hold on Daniel Bryan
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WWE Octane - Ep.1 Pt. 2/5 - Chris Benoit vs. Daniel Bryan
As Daniel Bryan waits until Unforgiven to get his shot for the WWE Undisputed Title against The Rock (c) and Triple H, he has to focus on beating Chris Benoit! Will Benoit prove that he can be a champion with his signature Crossface? Or will Bryan make The Crippler tap out to the fairly similar move, The Yes Lock? I do not own anything in the video, all credits go to WWE and THQ.
Views: 204 The WWE Match Maker
Crossface vs Yes Lock! Daniel Bryan vs Killstreak- WWE 2k16 MyCareer
Daniel Bryan challenges one more time for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which unfortunately is around another Bryan's waist; Bryan Hunter. Watch as Killstreak defends his title against one of his toughest opponents yet in this Marquee Headliner. SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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(Wrestling Moves) -Yes! Lock / Crossface Crippler
This move is done by Daniel Bryan the new general manager himself
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John Cena taps out to the Crippler Crossface - 12-4-2003 Smackdown
This channel has 1 strike as of 9/11/13. If you like wrestling talk, please check out my main channel (and subscribe to it): http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDoubleZTV #DoubleZWWE #WWE #Wrestling
WWE Finishers (#9) - Crippler Crossface (Chris Benoit)
[PT]: Golpe especial de Chris Benoit, o Crippler Crossface. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [EN]: Chris Benoit's special move, the Crippler Crossface. 1 - Moonlight Drive 2 - Tombstone Piledriver 3 - GTS (Go To Sleep) 4 - Fameasser 5 - Sweet Chin Music 6 - Pop-Up Powerbomb 7 - Accolade 8 - Jacknife 9 - Crippler Crossface WWE: All World Wrestling Entertainment programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos and copyrights are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. © 2015 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Luke Harper - Arm Trap Crossface
Luke Harper locks Daniel Bryan in the Arm Trap Crossface - WWE Raw 3/2/15 All World Wrestling Enteratinment programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, and logos are the exclusive property of WWE entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. © 2015 World Wrestling Entertainment Action, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." *All material in my videos is intellectual property of its respected corporations and entities. My videos is 100% non-profitable.*
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Crossface - Kevin Owens
Views: 265 Arturo
LoneWolfMashUpsShortz- "Cattle Crippler" (Chris Benoit/ Daniel Bryan)
I read a comment the other day comparing the similarities between Benoit and Daniel Bryan Danielson, including the music. So, a mash was born. And that's that. Hoorah. Enjoy! _____________________________________ Songs Used: "Rage (A)"- Composed By Extreme Music Library "Whatever" Sung And Composed By Our Lady Peace Song Title: "Cattle Crippler" _____________________________________ Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?vuhb4h76szab34q _____________________________________ *Everything in this video is property of WWE and Jim Johnston. I have merely used their greatness to create something cool for others to enjoy. I claim nothing used in this video as my own. You can take anything you want, but only if you're WWE. Anyone else, you will feel the wrath of a scrawny white boy who can pull off an extremely high standing moonsault. (Me)*
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Damien Sandow - Crippler Crossface
Damien Sandow locks John Cena in the Crippler Crossface during their World Title match on RAW. R.I.P. Chris Benoit I OWN NOTHING!!!!!
Views: 3842 Khalil Williams
WWE Top 5 - Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan
WWE Top 5 - Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan, in this edition to OfficialEHW YouTube Channel... AJZ takes you on a journey and shows you the top five similarities comparing Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan. Relax, and enjoy. Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Storyline Playlist Link - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT0NvlDuD5Zw2qV2wUJeyi-KrfyAln1Qv&feature=plcp Twitter - https://twitter.com/AJZiggy1818 Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Thank You All!
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Wrestling Moves»Chris Benoit»Crippler Crossface
Chris Benoit do his finishing moves,the crippler crossface on Rey Mysterio
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Crippler Crossface plays
Crippler Crossface is a new dota 2 team that is aiming to win TI6.
Views: 205 Elanoir
Crippler Crossface
Lucky Counter -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/lionkoc
Views: 58 Derek Kay
Views: 24167 SWmoves
Chavo tapping to the Crippler Crossface
Chavo Guerrero tapping to the Crippler Crossface in Vancouver, 2007
Views: 24822 MegamanTrigger7
WWE Cesaro Steals Crossface From Chris Benoit
WWE Superstar Cesaro steals the "Crippler Crossface" submission finisher maneuver from WWE Legend Chris Benoit in a match against Sheamus on the Thursday September 3, 2015 episode of WWE SmackDown! at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, USA!
Views: 1195 Team Dolph Ziggler
Crippler Crossface de Guillaume
Finisher : Crippler Crossface, Caméraman : Axel
Views: 1948 Prulliere Guillaume
Crippler Crossface - How to do Benoit's Crippler Crossface submission
We'll show you how Chris Benoits's Crossface is done. ***Do not attempt this move unless you are in a real pro wrestling ring, and have been trained by a
Views: 85 How To ?
WWE Cesaro - Crossface
Crossface By Cesaro Match Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens WWE Raw, Aug. 10, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT7bwE2EUHE
Views: 3562 Bad News
Daniel Bryan - High-Angle Yes! Lock
Moves Wanted For WWE 2K18 & Beyond.
WWE 2K17 | Variations of the Crossface
Hi, wanted to show the different ways I'd use the crossface. Also a highlight reel/bump edit test video. Bye.
Views: 1606 Lance Frisco | Y2Riot
LeBell Lock (Modified Crossface)
Footage owned by WWE.
Views: 311 Joker9405
John Cena - Crippler Crossface
John Cena puts Tensai in the Crippler Crossface - WWE Raw 19/04/12
Views: 371 It's Kyle
Daniel bryan taps out to his own finisher
No copyright intended
Views: 683 drybones39
Shawn Michaels - Crossface
hbk crossface
Views: 2866 sgtgencol
Daniel Bryan V Chris Benoit | Compare Contrast #1
Compare Contrast is the newest series on the CPW you tube channel! We do as the title says, and compare and contrast the relevant topics in the wrestling world, and we let you decide the winner! It can be wrestlers, promotions, promos, finishers, titles, story lines, teams and much more, so the possibilities are endless! If your a fan of backyard wrestling make sure to watch our other videos too. Thanks for watching, see ya!
WWE 12 Benoit Crossface on Jericho
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