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Cryptopsy - Ungentle Exhumation (1993)
Ungentle Exhumation (1993) - Demo Gravaged (A cryptopsy) Abigor Back To The Worms Mutant Christ GRAVAGED (A CRYPTOPSY) Ungentle exhumation Must be thorough, remove it all Catalogue every part, Then rape them and eat them How dare them bury what should be mine My dead companions on which I dine Penetrate the dead hole Please, O lord, just let it smell and let mankind's puniverse be befouled just for me My graveside manner lacks no finesse These ravaged bodies betray no distress As I tear apart the dead things I annoint them with my seed and gain new insights into death with their consumption Yet I wonder, What if I were something dead? Somewhere there's a graveyard of ghouls with a massive headstone that waits just for me; Maybe someday Someone will come ABIGOR O most luscious cenobite, you wield your whip as though it were another appendage; Favor me with pleasure-pain, rip me with your claws Chew me with your saw-toothed cunt Dead eyes alive with darkness to match their sockets, they blaze with unmatched cruelty Leave those long thorns embedded in your scalp, They look stuck in far enough to hurt Hell's polyhedron has blessed you Your peerless beauty drips of sin In this time of configuration, blessed order shall prevail Two sides to the war on flesh Leviathan, who can't smile, beams Encased in leather as it is, I can't drink from your neck It shall remain its soft, cold, blue-white: I'll bind your pround breasts with barbed wire I wish to partake of their nectar... Is it pus? I might breach your zippers and open your face I might gag you with an urchin I long to hear a quiet sight escape your lovely lips as I bite your fettered, smooth thighs Love subverted, lust perverted Bitch-goddess Abigor´s pretty face can mask her suffering Make you worship both her and her needles Subjugate it, perforate it, flesh reordered isflesh of use I now rededicate my life to what Abigor has shown me BACK TO THE WORMS imagine every living thing forever accompanied by an alter dimensional being phantom pain brought on by the wounding of each individual's extracorporeal entity in this violent day and age we greatly fear their coming rage what technology has done forced apart what once was one electropsychic and highly psychotic as, unlike an aura, it thinks for itself inseparable in schizoid existence once inexorably linked with our own relationship of symbiotic nature unbeknownst to human half of dual creature as the phantom empaths whose pain is intense learn from the cold voice of experience mass exodus in an invisible flood externalization spills torrents of a blood man has ended his three-dimensional term they came from the worms let them go back to the worms MUTANT CHRIST Abobinated, tiny god of mine Overseeing my rest, my lust, my life Torched in hatred Loved in Horror sublime Almost formless Darkened, and yet you shine You made me in your image I deformed yours into mine Now we're even, O loving god Equals in my melting eyes Mutant christ, loving christ Know me with thine naked eyes Holy christ, one tenth the size So unlike the other christs God-made man (with) man-made god to adore Idolatry? My faith has been restored Gaze upon me Bless me, lord, or die I'll find another little lord to fry You baked me in this image so I burned yours into mine Eye for eye and tooth for tooth I love you now, O twisted christ Mutant Christ
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