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Modern Hopper Car Unloading
Ergonomic way of unloading hopper cars..
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JB Peterson and Akira the Don: Meaningwave/Lofi
Podcast version at: https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/podcast/a-conversation-with-akira-the-don/ Akira the Don is a British musician, DJ and producer. He’s worked in genres as diverse as pop, hip-hop, indie, dance, and more recently, perhaps, something that has come to be known as Lofi. For reasons that have been quite surprising to me, Akira has been making lowfi tracks, also known as meaningwave, a combination of metred spoken word and music chosen for its emotional and conceptual appropriateness, from some of my saying and my talks. They been reasonably well-listened to (although I am not sure of the standards of such things), garnering maybe a million views over the 10 or 15 or so that he has posted. The two main albums, 12 Rules for Life and JBP Wave Genesis, have elicited more than million streams each on Spotify (and that doesn’t include iTunes and other content providers of the same type). The third album oriented around my words is entitled JBP Wave: Paradise. It was released in April of 2019. Earlier that month, Akira also released a long single, 42 Rules for Life, based on the totality of the rules I had written for Quora several years ago. Akira has also produced similar works featuring Alan Watts, Jocko Willink (who is currently number one in the meaningwave tracks), Terrence McKenna, David Foster Wallace and Elon Musk, among others. Overall, Spotify downloads have topped 4 million, with an approximate exposure of a million. Akira the Don can be found on YouTube at http://bit.ly/2VVHOMX Here's the streaming/download links - click them to choose your preferred service: https://fanlink.to/42rulesforlife https://fanlink.to/jbpwaveparadise --- SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL --- Donations: https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/donate Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/jordanbpeterson --- BOOKS --- 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: https://jordanbpeterson.com/12-rules-for-life/ Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: https://jordanbpeterson.com/maps-of-meaning/ --- LINKS --- Website: https://jordanbpeterson.com/ 12 Rules for Life Tour: https://jordanbpeterson.com/events/ Blog: https://jordanbpeterson.com/blog/ Podcast: https://jordanbpeterson.com/podcast/ Reading List: https://jordanbpeterson.com/great-books/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordan.b.peterson/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drjordanpeterson --- PRODUCTS --- Self Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.com/ Understand Myself personality test: https://understandmyself.com/ Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/jordanbpeterson
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HermitCraft: Episode 1 - Getting The Ball Rolling.
We do a bunch of work in the episode on the HermitCraft server. Construct the spawn building, do some farming, create and Iron Golem farm. Its all looking good! -Server List- Aureylian http://YouTube.com/Aureylian Biffa2001 http://YouTube.com/Biffa2001 Cilantro http://YouTube.com/CilantroGamer GenerikB http://YouTube.com/Generikb Hypnotizd http://YouTube.com/Hypnotizd IAmSp00n http://YouTube.com/IAmSp00n Jessassin http://YouTube.com/TheJessassin Joe Hills http://YouTube.com/JoeHillsTSD Juicetra http://YouTube.com/Juicetra Keralis http://YouTube.com/Keralis Kingdaddydmac http://YouTube.com/kingdaddydmac King Happy http://YouTube.com/Queenkinghappy Luclin http://YouTube.com/minecraftwb Monkeyfarm http://YouTube.com/monkeyfarm Mumbo Jumbo http://YouTube.com/ThatMumboJumbo Pungence: http://YouTube.com/AssyrianAssass1n Red3yz http://YouTube.com/red3yz Skyzm http://YouTube.com/skyzmplays Topmass http://YouTube.com/Minecrafted Ven0mKisser http://Twitch.tv/ven0mkisser Xisuma http://YouTube.com/xisumavoid ZombieCleo http://YouTube.com/ZombieCleo ------------------------------------------------- Important Links:- intro: Crafted Movie - Doors Song http://www.youtube.com/user/CraftedMovie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QIYoyDcIJU outro: ProleteR - April Showers http://www.youtube.com/user/proleterbeats Texture Pack: Faithful 32x Donate! - http://goo.gl/CcSmO Follow Me On Twitter - http://goo.gl/30oiw Donations: £3+ A personalised Sign on HermitCraft with Name - Youtube and amount! £20+ A House on HermitCraft built in your name + A sign. Box spot on my channel as well as a spot in the description of my videos for a month. £50+ 3 Houses on HermitCraft, an Iron sign, a box spot on my channel, a shout out in one of my videos! Copyright: Minecraft's Terms of Use (https://minecraft.net/terms) states "...you are allowed to put ads on your YouTube videos containing Minecraft footage, you're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game," under "What You Can Do".".
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InstructureCon 2015 Keynote, Josh Coates, CEO
Instructure is a technology company committed to improving education. We provide instructors and students with modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience. Instructure offers Canvas, the open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system, as well as Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses by educators everywhere — from Ivy League institutions to community colleges.
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A11yNYC Jun 2018 - Understanding Transportation Challenges for People With Disabilities in NYC
Understanding Transportation Challenges for People With Disabilities in NYC - A11yNYC Meetup - Jun 5 2018 SLIDES: http://bit.ly/a11y-June2018 TRANSCRIPT: http://isoc-ny.org/a11ynyc/a11ynyc_jun2018.txt Survey after survey shows that transportation poses a challenge for people with disabilities that directly affects their ability to access higher education and employment, but few get into the specific barriers that people face or how they overcome them. At the same time, generalized travel and time-use surveys tend to exclude disability as a demographic variable, or reduce the question of disability to a yes or no question. Researchers in different fields have been making use of GPS and other mobile apps to conduct research, but many spend a lot of time and money to develop their own mobile apps. Frustrated by a lack of data and challenged to find a way to collect travel data with mobile technology on the cheap, Jessica decided to develop her own research protocol. OurMobility.org uses Google Maps and a free survey app called PACO to collect objective and subjective information about travel behaviors and experiences. The goals are to learn about the obstacles and delays New Yorkers face while they're in transit, learn about disability-specific challenges, and compare the challenges people with and without disabilities face and how they deal with those challenges. She will talk briefly about her background, share results for the pilot phase of Our Mobility, and discuss the future of accessible transportation in New York City. Presenter Bio: Jessica Murray is a doctoral student in developmental psychology and a fellow for the Futures Initiative at The Graduate Center, CUNY. She earned a BFA in Design from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003 and worked as a graphic designer in a variety of media in Dallas, TX, and in New York City. During this time, she developed interests in interpersonal work relationships and the interplay of work and home environments with a keen interest in commuting and transportation. While enrolled as a Masters student at The Graduate Center, her interests changed to reflect her growing awareness of obstacles that impact independent mobility for people with disabilities. Her thesis was titled, Work-Life Experiences for People with Mobility Disabilities Living in New York City, and examined structural and environmental issues affecting daily life with a mobility disability. As her research has progressed, her focus has expanded to understand barriers that impact people with all types of disabilities, and she is working to advance the limited research in this area. She has also dedicated time to advocacy in the last year to bring attention to the inaccessible New York City transportation system, working with a coalition of local disability advocacy organizations and MTA leadership. https://www.meetup.com/A11yNYC/events/250786260/ ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY NYC New York City is home to virtually every type of person and every type of company on earth. Our group exists to advance accessibility and inclusive design. Our goal is to bring together NYC's accessibility community to share ideas, best practices, and our experiences. If you're interested in accessibility and inclusive design then we want you in this group. We meet monthly, our previous presentations are archived on this YouTube channel - https://youtube.com/a11ynyc Follow us on Twitter @A11YNYC https://twitter.com/a11ynyc
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Event: Bridging the Divide: School Integration Designs
On February 28, 2019, the Learning Policy Institute hosted a forum examining where we stand today with regard to realizing the promise of educational equity outlined in Brown v. Board of Education. The forum featured experts who shared lessons learned from efforts to fulfill Brown’s promise and analyze approaches being taken to ensure that school system design helps prepare students to be effective participants in our diverse democracy. Find more information here: https://learningpolicyinstitute.org/event/bridging-divide-school-integration-designs The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this video belong solely to the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect the perspective of the Learning Policy Institute.
Planning and Sustainability Commission 05-08-2018
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Full Squad Friday! Apex Legends
Full Squad Friday!!!! Tonight we got the squad together, Im new to apex but its was a real blast! Dont forget to share this, Like, Comment, and Subscribe! If you know if games you want us to play leave a comment or send them to us on steam @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/SHCofficial Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/sktizohousecat https://www.thathousecat.com https://www.thathousecat.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/thathousecat https://twitter.com/skitzohousecat https://steamcommunity.com/id/SHCofficial .
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