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Use cases of bitUSD (HD)
Get your Bitshares wallet here: http://linksfrom.us/cryptobits BitAssets for businesses and consumers. At the beginning of this series, I forecast some incredible use cases for BitShares. bitUSD is one of those incredible use cases. Three big advantages bitUSD has over other non-crypto tools. 1) The ability to maintain your purchasing privacy. 2) Confiscation by authoritarian governments is impossible. 3) It operates on the blockchain. There are no third-parties and no trust is required. Here’s 10 Use Cases to start with, but I think the uses of bitUSD are nearly unlimited. Use Case #1: Storing your wealth. Let's look at bitUSD as a competitor to CD (Certificate of Deposit) accounts. Let's compare locking your money in a CD account for one year vs leaving your money for one year in bitUSD. According to chase.com, the highest interest rate that you can get with them right now for a 1-year CD is 0.05% per annum. You need to deposit a minimum of $100,000.00. It’s only available in the US and there are account fees and penalties if you need to spend your money early. With bitUSD, the current variable rate is 5% per annum. That is 10,000% increase over Chase's published interest rate. No minimums and your money is never locked away. Every month you hold bitUSD you are earning interest. It’s available to everyone and there are no account fees or penalties for spending your own money. Inflation is higher than your interest rate, so you are guaranteed to make a loss on your money if you store it in a bank. Funds are secured by 300% collateralization in BitShares. Storing some portion of your wealth in an interest-bearing BitAsset is a smart move. Especially for the billions of un-banked. Use Case #2: Currency and recurring payments. With BitAssets, businesses need not worry about volatility and are incentivized to hold them because of the interest rate. If bitPay, or Coinbase, or others were to integrate bitUSD as an option, they would be able to tap into Billions of new, un-banked customers. Use Case #3: Decentralized locks. Coinapult will preserve the value of a users Bitcoin irrespective of the Bitcoin price. However, they’re a centralized solution and as such, has many points of vulnerability. Use Case #4: A crypto that allows continuity recurring payments. Think your phone/cable/Internet/Netflix subscriptions, all of these industries rely on subscription payments and coins like Bitcoin simply cannot meet their needs, at least not without third-parties. Home shopping is also run with phone sales, getting a Bitcoin address over the phone is quite the challenge without third-party tools. BitShares has user-friendly names called TITAN (Transfer Invisibly To Any Name). The phone sales person can ask the purchaser to simply pay "homeshopping". This is a lot easier than asking someone to pay 3J98... etc etc. Use Case #5: Decentralized Smart Wallet. A Smart Wallet is a wallet that will change currencies for you instantly and seamlessly. The user can pay in bitUSD and the merchant can receive bitGOLD or bitCNY if desired. Use Case #6: Bank accounts in foreign currencies. With BitShares, you can switch to any currency you wish. You don't have to ask permission from anyone. No one can stop you. There are no minimums and you can do it yourself in seconds. Use Case #7: Bank accounts in commodities. What if you don't think that any national currency is a good place for your savings? What if you want your savings tied to the value of gold, silver, oil or wheat? In your BitShares wallet you can change what your savings are exposed to in a second for near-zero cost, and you can interest on your holdings. Bye bye expensive ETF’s. Use Case #8: Streamlining cryptocurrency trading platforms. Most crypto traders right now are not receiving any interest on their holdings and are exposed to disaster scenarios like that of Mt. Gox or Bitstamp. All of the problems associated with centralized solutions for those exchanges can be eliminated. "Gox'ing" can never happen on the BitShares blockchain. Use Case #9: Earning interest on your Bitcoin. Why hold Bitcoin when you can hold bitBTC and earn interest? Use Case #10: Loans in crypto have been nearly impossible. BitShares platform solves all these problems. BitShares also offers User Issued Assets (UIA's). These are tokens that users create and issue. Frequent flyer miles are one example. Airlines could issue, manage and track their miles on the BitShares platform, for near zero cost. They could save themselves a fortune, and improve security considerably. Note: The above transcript has been truncated due to Youtube limitations. Please share this video on social media like Facebook and Twitter. View the getting started tutorials: http://bitshares.tv/chapter-7-how-to-get-bitshares/ http://www.bitshares.TV #bitshares #bitsharestv #maxwrightbtc
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"Turbo Encabulator" the Original
This is the first time Turbo Encabulator was recorded with picture. I shot this in the late 70's at Regan Studios in Detroit on 16mm film. The narrator and writer is Bud Haggert. He was the top voice-over talent on technical films. He wrote the script because he rarely understood the technical copy he was asked to read and felt he shouldn't be alone. We had just finished a production for GMC Trucks and Bud asked since this was the perfect setting could we film his Turbo Encabulator script. He was using an audio prompter referred to as "the ear". He was actually the pioneer of the ear. He was to deliver a live speech without a prompter. After struggling in his hotel room trying to commit to memory he went to plan B. He recorded it to a large Wollensak reel to reel recorder and placed it in the bottom of the podium. With a wired earplug he used it for the speech and the "ear" was invented. Today every on-camera spokesperson uses a variation of Bud's innovation. Dave Rondot (me) was the director and John Choate was the DP on this production. The first laugh at the end is mine. My hat's off to Bud a true talent.
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Why a SINGLE Bitcoin will be worth thousands
Crypto-currency is the future of money transacting and if you don't understand why the shift is happening... this may give you a little insight to the future value of Bitcoin and the market cap potential for any alt coin that gets popular, not just Bitcoin. Contact me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected] You can also text me at 702-576-8635 to get connected and request a phone call.
Nadex Robot Trades Binary Options Makes $2000 profit in 20 Minutes!
Nadex Trading Robot is only one fully automated trading software specially designed for trading profitably with Nadex Binary Options. Makes up to 100 trades per day! 100% Automated Exchange Binary Options Trading Robot! Has built-in deposit protection, money management system. Based on Neural Networks low-risk strategy. You do not need any training or knowledge about trading binary options to use the Nadex Robot. How Much Money Can I Make? This will vary depending on market conditions, your internet speed, your initial deposit and the amount of time you have the software running however you could expect to make between 50%-300% return a month. http://www.altredo.com "nadex" "nadex robot" "nadex auto trader" "nadex binary options" "trade nadex" "nadex auto trading" "nadex signals" "nadex trade signals" "binary options bot" "nadex bot" "binary options robot" "binary signals" "options trading"
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December End of Year Sales event
Now through December 30, 2017
Epic Hailstorm: A Tore up FR-S!
StrongHands @ https://www.stronghands.info/ **DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial adviser, always do your research before buying any Crypto. Invest only what you can afford to lose!**
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La vidange : Les conseils de nos garagistes / Top Entretien #3  (avec Denis Brogniart)
On ne le dira jamais assez l'importance du pneumatique dans le comportement et la tenue de route d'un véhicule. En tant qu'unique point de contact entre votre automobile et le sol, les pneus jouent un rôle majeur dans la sécurité et le plaisir de conduite. Pour rouler en toute sécurité et profiter au maximum des capacités de votre voiture, il est donc nécessaire de faire régulièrement contrôler l'état de vos pneus et de les changer quand l'usure devient trop importante. Les experts auto Top Garage seront à même de vous guider dans votre démarche d'entretien automobile et de vous proposer des pneumatiques adaptés à votre véhicule. Dès que la surface du pneu atteint le niveau des témoins d'usure situés sur la bande de roulement, il est impératif de monter un train de pneus neufs. Fabriqués dans un mélange de caoutchouc, les pneumatiques s'usent naturellement. La vitesse de dégradation varie en fonction de votre véhicule, de vos habitudes de circulation et de votre style de conduite. Des pneumatiques en bon état assurent la liaison entre votre véhicule et le bitume, participent à la transmission des forces de freinage et d'accélération et encaissent les aspérités du bitume. Sur sol mouillé, ils limiteront en outre fortement les risques d'aquaplaning. Que risque-t-on en roulant avec des pneus usagés ? Distances de freinage allongées, risques d'éclatement, hausse de la consommation, conduite difficile, etc. Les conséquences de pneumatiques en mauvais état sont extrêmement nombreux. Au moindre signe d'usure, il convient donc de prendre rendez-vous avec un garagiste proche de chez vous. Après une série de réglages effectués sur ordinateur et un test route, votre véhicule retrouvera sa tenue de route normale. Pour trouver un garage auto à proximité de chez vous, c'est ici : www.top-garage.fr Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les pneus auto, n’hésitez pas à visiter notre page dédiée : www.top-garage.fr/service/vidange
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