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Gold Mining and Historical Museum - Gympie
Gympie is about 160 kilometres north of the state capital, Brisbane. The city lies on the Mary River, which floods the town periodically. At the 2011 census, Gympie had a population of 18,602. The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum houses memorabilia from the early gold mining era, as well as displays showcasing military, rural, transport, communications, and steam development in Australia. The town of Gympie has an important and colourful history, from being cited as the "Town that saved Queensland from Bankruptcy" to being the home of Andrew Fisher, Labor's second Prime Minister. Everybody is invited to visit our Museum where you can find out just how Gympie saved Queensland and discover more of the region's past and present. The Museum houses a vast collection of documentation, artifacts and photographs dating from the discovery of gold in 1867 by James Nash to the recently closed operations of the Gympie Eldorado Goldmine. In 1867, James Nash discovered 72 ounces of Gold in just 6 days. This started the Gold Rush in Gympie and it became known as The Town that saved Queensland from Bankruptcy. Gympie has has seen the rush for alluvial gold, deep reef mining, reprocessing of tailings and the re-opening of the mines in the mid 1980s. With the recent cessation of mining, there still remains the lure of residual gold and there may well be more to come. You can learn all about this, and much more of Gympies colourful and historical past right here at the Museum. The site comprises over 5 hectares containing over 30 display areas in and around 15 major buildings. Gympie is heralded as the town that saved Queensland from bankruptcy due to drought and low wool prices back in the 1800s. Thanks to James Nash discovery of gold where the Gympie Town Hall now stands back in 1867, the Gold Rush was started. Within 6 months of James Nash’ windfall, over 15,000 men had raced to Gympie to dig for their fortunes. The town grew at a rapid rate and amazingly many of the original buildings are still there. Gympie's Gold Mining and Historical Museum showcases not only Gympie's rich gold mining history but also other aspects of the region's past era including steam machinery, agricultural, dairying, vehicles, gemstone and shell collections. Andrew Fisher House (named after Australia's second Labour Prime Minister 1908-1915) is part of the Museums collection of historical buildings housed with period furniture. Also the award winning Military Collection of the Fifth Light Horse Regiment which includes military equipment and memorabilia of all sons and daughters of the Gympie area that went to war. Try your luck at the Museum's Gold Panning and take home a specimen of Gympie Gold - a great time for the whole family. Tour groups welcome.
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Gympie is an Old Gold Mining Town, Gold Was Discovered By A Man Called James Nash , In The 1800`s. Do you Remember Gympie In The Old Days, Can You Remember When Gympie Was Like This ? It Was A Long Long Time Ago Wasn't it. Gympie Queensland Australia, If you Enjoyed Watching My Video Please Feel Free to Subscribe or Comment.
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The Biggest Secret In Australian Gold Mining History
You don't have to believe me, that's fine with me. I can say this, right after I made this video, I overlaid the Australian gold map over this, and I was right about the dark spots. Nut there was also some bright areas as well. You would want to get your alignment very precise. Remember me when this all pays off for you. If you need my help you can send me a plane ticket, and we can go get some nuggets. I know this is hard to believe, but if you watch some of my other videos, it will make it easier.
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Gold Battery & Sluice in Operation Gympie Gold Mining Museum 02 10 17
Gympie Gold Mining Museum Steam Fest was a bit washed out due to the rain, but at least they had some of their main equipment fired up and running.
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Pyramids In Australia?
Support Us On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MysteryHistory We Are Also On Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mysteryhistory Recently we covered the unusual connections which have been made between the ancient Egyptian civilization, and the Australian continent. The strange, yet not often discussed discoveries, such as that of Tutankhamun’s vast boomerang collection, found in-situ within his ancient tomb. The vast and extremely controversial hieroglyphs discovered near Queensland, known as the Gosford glyphs, locally known for centuries as the woy woy hieroglyphs, which clearly depict the burial ceremony of an Egyptian god, the cross pacific voyage undertaken, and a pyramid supposedly constructed upon the continent. There is however so much more… At Tin Can Bay, the chosen location of this once existing ancient Egyptian pyramid, for some reason, over the last century a massive cover up operation has ensued, the pyramid subsequently bulldozed onto a barge and the stone dumped off Fraser Island. The 10 to 12 men who were involved in this lengthy, destructive and highly criminal task, all signed secrecy agreements with the Australian Government, agreeing to never to tell anyone of their operation to rob Australians and the rest of the world of a true historical understanding. Many people have researched this destroyed, controversial structure, and through extensive excavations, and fact finding exhibitions, have fortunately confirmed its past existence beyond any doubt. Although other ancient ruins have been found in the area, all have been extensively researched by individuals funded by organisations who would prefer that they arise at certain conclusions, thus they have largely been put down as being built within the last 200 years in many academic papers… However, many independent investigators and authors Brett J. Green in particular, has spent over 20 years attempting to decipher the pyramids mysterious existence. Brett has been able to confirm that the pyramid was noted as existing, by the very first white explorers to the area, and that the aboriginal population had been aware of the structure for millennia. During numerous excavations of the tin can bay area, several large stone statues were recovered, it is difficult to deny an attempted suppression of the pyramids discovery, when you made aware of the fact that out of the 5 animal statues unearthed at the site, only 1 survives… Thanks to being buried within archives at the time of the other statues disappearances, The fifth now known as the gympie ape, a creature not native to Australia, was quietly placed within the collections of the Gympie Historical Museum, though no real details of its astonishing reasons for existence are covered within the museum. The book ”Pyramids of Destiny - Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze Age God-Kings” by Rex and Heather Gilroy. Leaves little doubt that Australia was known and visited by just about every ancient maritime culture on Earth. One of the latest finds supporting this contention is the carved sandstone idol of the Mayan rain god, Chac Mool, unearthed by Rex near the jungle-covered stone ruins on the Endeavour River near Tin Can Bay, in Queensland. The relic is indisputable proof of an Amerindian voyage here via the Pacific Ocean currents anywhere up to 2000 years ago. Yet well before that time through his extensive research, he has concluded the continent was being colonised and extensively mined, by peoples from south-eastern and mainland Asia, and Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Explaining the presence of ancient Egyptian style mummification rites once practice among the Torres Strait Islanders and Cape York Aboriginal tribes, as well as associated rites and beliefs have also paralleled the same teachings of the religion of Osiris. Although many scholars, funded for many different conclusions, have all attempted to discredit the gympie pyramid as a modern knock off, this is in staunch rejection of the overwhelming, and very real evidence, in the form of cultural artefacts which paint a very different picture of events, events which occurred within antiquity. You have to wonder, Why is a story based entirely in fiction is passed off as the truth? One of our favourite set of artefacts defending a factual account of history, have to be the scarab beetles, which, while certain “authorities” clearly attempt to keep the lid on Egyptian culture within Australia, cannot seem to get away from… These beautiful things just keep being unearthed, the first such artefact which managed to make it to popular attention, before disappearing forever, was a specimen made from chert, dug up by a workman in 1976 very near to where the gympie pyramid once rested. The truth it appears, is indeed out there. It is just a case of finding it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gympie_Pyramid http://www.mysteriousaustralia.com/egyptians_australia_mainpage.html
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Gympie 29-4-16
Gympie 29-4-16
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Ancient Australian mining
Support the channel https://www.paypal.me/philippdruzhinin Ancient Australian mining Uluru & Kata Tjuta and area close to it is famous for it's natural beautiful sites. But is it really natural ? It has a lot of signs that anciaent mining was done there. Ancient metal leaching mining technology was detected on the pictures I've observed and can show you today in this video. Atlantis mining corporations used metal leaching very often because it cheap and productive. More info on mining https://youtu.be/JAgwNbOdYZo
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Using the Bazooka 36" Prospector!
Bazooka 36" prospector at Deep Creek, Gympie
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Part 1 gold fossicking Gympie
Gold fossicking Gympie at deep creek ,
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Aus Gold Rush
Made with Explain Everything
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Gympie Gold Rush Street Parade
Each year in Gympie Queensland, the Gold Rush parade is the highlight of a week of activities to celebrate the gold rush history of Gympie.
Jakey and Vicky at the Gympie Gold Museum
Had a fantastic day at the Steam Festival at the Gympie Gold Museum.
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Gympie Region Lifestyle
Showcasing our region and the exceptional lifestyle we enjoy.
Detailed Description of prospecting area
Detailed Description of prospecting area
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Gympie 15 4 16 002feeding the sluice
feeding the sluice
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Old Gold Mine. Conondale National Park.
An abandoned gold mine, with a colony of small bats. This mine is an isolated part of the national park, very rugged landscape. There were no other visible signs of historical buildings or infrastructure near this mine.
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At Deep Creek, Fri Morning
At deep creek, Fri morning. Andrew and Steve, Yobs was doing something.
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Gympie 15 4 16 001 sluice
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Gympie Gold
Song written & performed by Tim Jerome contact on [email protected]
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Cage Winding Steam Engine Gympie Gold Mining Museum 02 10 17
These Winders were used to hoist cages of men and ore from the Monkland mine.
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Gympie , Is an Old Gold Mining Town, A Man Named James Nash Discovered Gold here in The 1800`s,in 1863 he moved to Queensland, then in August 1867, he found very rich Alluvial Gold in a Deep Gully running into The Mary River, A Cautious Man he proved his find over many weeks, before announcing it in Maryborough on October 16th, 1867, which has been Celebrated ever since as Gympie`s Birthday. The Queensland Government which was in dire financial trouble, had promised a reward of 3,000 pounds to the discoverer of a payable Goldfield, within 90 miles ( 145km) of Brisbane. Gympie was a hundred miles (160Km ) from Brisbane, and on this Technicality Nash was denied the reward. After a year long battle with the authorities, he was eventually awarded 1,000 pounds. The Goldfield was eventually Named - Nashville - After James Nash. Its a bit of a short video hope you will enjoy. I will be researching for more information at another time, and will be adding more videos in the future.
History The Gold Rush Documentary
Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal with an attractive, bright yellow color. Valuable Documentary,Need to Know,documentary,documentary videos,salutary documentaries,documentaries,ufo documentary,education documentary,history documenta. the history and secrets of gold - finance wealth money (documentary). thanks for watching history life discovery science technology tech learning education n. An amazing National Geographic Documentary on the myth of the lost Nazi Gold. A trip into the Nazi underground. tags: national geographic, national geographi.
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Gympie gold  rush
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Working a Creek for Fine Gold.
In this outing we head deep into the bush in search of a good spot to sample some auriferous gravels. That task complete, we move to the nearest 'waterhole' where the local red-bellied black snake population took exception to our presence! Some nice pickers were recovered along with flour gold, on a great day prospecting with mates. All the best in your bush adventures everyone and Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen. www.nqexplorers.com www.garrettaustralia.com.au www.outdoortactical.com.au
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Part 2 deep creek fossicking
Fossicking with metal detector deep creek Gympie.
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Hidden Gold mine in the Brisbane Ranges
This mine is part of the paradise mine complex, this is the first mine I came across while on walk about in the Brisbane ranges so it was pretty exciting. I've since come across larger mines in the area, but this was amazing to find just the same.
In deze vlog: -Gympie gold village goldcoast -Drone film -Hervey Bay -We vonden goud -road trip Noosa - Hervey Bay
The new north Queensland gold rush
Searching for specks of the precious metal.
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Gold mine Brisbane ranges
Out and about again
Fires of Gympie - Part 3
Fires of Gympie - Part 3 Learn all about how the fires have effected Gympie's built environment. Topics include: The Great Explosion of 1877, Upper Mary Street 1881, Eastern side of Mary Street 1891, Central Mary Street 1929, Cullinanes Emporium 1885, Mining Exchange Hotel 1891, Northumberland Hotel 1969, Tattersall's Hotel 1989, Gympie High School 1955. This talk was given by Dr Elaine Brown at the Heritage Dinner held at Gunabul Homestead, Gympie on Friday 7th October. This event was organised by the Heritage Advisory Committee during the Gympie Gold Rush Festival. Videographer: Greg Weir
Gold panning Bowen area
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Gold Mining history in Australia
Mining heritage historian Rob Kaufman tells Richard Snashall about the history of Australian mining in his home town of Bright, Victoria. This story was part of the ABC Alpine Stories series, supported by the Australian Alps Program.
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Local Life: Gympie, QLD
As the roll out of the National Broadband Network gains momentum, we’re taking a look into the lives and businesses of Telstra nbn™ customers across Australia. Famous for gold mining in the 1800s, Gympie is now central to the Mary River agricultural district. Known for its variety of industries, the locality supports not only cattle and pigs, but also tropical fruit, vegetables and dairy. The region’s Mary Valley Hills also boast gorgeous national parks, perfect for activities with family and friends. Originally from the UK, Gympie resident Nick Green loves the warmer climate of regional Queensland and was excited to be one of the first Telstra customers to connect to the nbn™ in September 2015. As an expat, one of the biggest benefits of the nbn™ for Nick is being able to use Skype to stay connected with family overseas. He’s also now able to work more flexibly and spend more time with the kids. Nick has also pre-registered his IT business, PC Place, for the nbn™ when it becomes available in the area; he’s looking forward to harnessing DOT to make his working hours even more flexible.
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Steam Driven Compressor Gympie Gold Mining Museum 02 10 17
Used to pump air down into the mine
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Gympie History
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Gympie Steam Festival 2018
Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum http://www.museum.gympiegoldmuseum.com.au Some of the machines featured include: 10-Head Stamper Battery Driven by Twin Cylinder Vertical Engine Ericsson Pumping Engine 1906 Walker Winding Engine 1907 Thompson Air Compresor Hindley 110V DC generator 1899 Walkers Cornish Boiler
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Gympie Rock Ape
SE Qld Australia gold mining town Gympie. Egyptians were in Australia, we have Pyramids. More videos on this to follow. See Age of Disclosure & Mud Fossil University. Filmed Gympie Gold Mining Museum. Gympie Pyramid Structure https://youtu.be/IpT7JuS-qh4
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Gympie Gold Actions
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Fires of Gympie - Part 2
Fires of Gympie - Part 2 Learn all about how the fires have effected Gympie's built environment. Topics include: The Great Explosion of 1877, Upper Mary Street 1881, Eastern side of Mary Street 1891, Central Mary Street 1929, Cullinanes Emporium 1885, Mining Exchange Hotel 1891, Northumberland Hotel 1969, Tattersall's Hotel 1989, Gympie High School 1955. This talk was given by Dr Elaine Brown at the Heritage Dinner held at Gunabul Homestead, Gympie on Friday 7th October. This event was organised by the Heritage Advisory Committee during the Gympie Gold Rush Festival. Videographer: Greg Weir
Twins Clermont gold GPA jan 2019 #2
Vic vs qld gold hunt Qld #1 vic #0
Indigenous Axe and Gympie Gold
Another sample of tour commentary around the Landsborough region, with emphasis on Indigenous artefact and Cobb & Co to Gympie Gold Rush. Examples of mentioned artefacts (circulated around coach) can be viewed at https://picasaweb.google.com/111300176149110539792/SouvenirsAndArtefacts?noredirect=1
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Part 3 East Deep Creek fossicking metal detecting Area Gympie.
Part 3 Probably better panning , or you could try water proof metal detector .
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The Great Gympie Gold Rush (Eric Tutin)
In the late 70s, Eric Tutin brought this song to our house in Melbourne. He rehearsed it with my Mother (Joan Martin) and me, but we never performed it. The song was recorded by Zeta Burns in Queensland in 1983. In My recording, I've tried to recreate the sound of the old Sundowners (the duo of my Mother and Eric) from 1942.
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Gold prospecting Australia
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Goldfields Relic Hunting & Metal Detecting
All prospectors passed along this road on the way to Gympie. What did they lose???
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Gold, sapphires and zircons. Parsons gully fossicking area, Tumbarumba region.
A quick tutorial on panning. A few sapphires, zircons and some very fine gold. Parsons gully nsw.
Gold bug pro , relic hunting , gympie,.
A quick look at my gold bug pro and a site in gympie I will be visiting soon . Thanks for watching !
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