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Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre
One of the most significant events in the struggle for labor laws in America played out in Las Animas County in the spring of 1914. With the control of much of Colorado's coal mines in the hands of just a few companies, miners grew increasingly intolerant of low wages and dangerous working conditions. Despite efforts to suppress union activity, the United Mine Workers of America called a strike in September of 1913. Over the next few months, tensions escalated as the striking miners ransacked several mines. The dispute culminated in a violent clash on April 20, 1914. Despite this tragic outcome, the event sparked national outrage and led the way of workers' rights in America.
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The Mystery of Burning Mountain in New Castle, Colorado
A brief history of coal mining in New Castle, Colorado. Narrated by: R.W. "Doc" Boyle Music: Coleman's March (traditional) CD: Paine Trio "Fiddler's Reel" Nate Paine, fiddle Don Paine, banjo Trevor Paine, guitar Video, Photography & Script: Ann Louise Ramsey, ©2014
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Colorado Experience: Ladies of the Mines
High altitude, groceries delivered by mule train, pack rats and spoiled Thanksgiving turkeys are just a few of the challenges faced by ladies living in Colorado's remote mining towns at the end of the 19th Century. Learn the stories of three inspirational women who held their own while surrounded by a harsh landscape and un-lady-like company.
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Coal Mine in Colorado
Exploring a coal mine in Colorado
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Colorado Coal Mining Under Regulatory Fire
Stuart Sanderson from the Colorado Mining Association sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss Colorado's rich history of mining coal and what lengths bureaucrats - both state and federal - are going to prevent a cheaper and cleaner coal burning future.
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Eagle Mine Colorado
Eagle Mine was a Colorado silver mine founded in the 1880s which went on to become the the largest producer of Silver in Colorado. It shut down in the 1980s. The closure of the mine resulted in its eventual flooding, which in turn contaminated the groundwater and prompted the EPA to step in and order the evacuation of the nearby town. In this video we explore some of the remaining surface structures. NOTE: I apologize for the quality of this video. We hiked down the side of the cliff and ran out of water along the way. I was exhausted and the lens got dirty in the process. I've identified some changes I'll be implementing in upcoming videos regarding sound and video quality. Stay tuned. For more information and photos, see my blog post here: http://sublunarphotography.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-ghost-town-of-gilman-colorado-and.html
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Explore Wilkeson’s coal mining history and historic coke ovens
It’s a colorful look at Wilkeson’s coal mining history. See historic photos, meet the last living coal miner from Wilkeson, and learn how the County is preserving the historic coke ovens.
Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre
One of the most significant events in the struggle for labor laws in America played out in Las Animas County in the spring of 1914. With the control of much of Colorado's coal mines in the hands of just a few companies, miners grew increasingly intolerant of low wages and dangerous working conditions. Despite efforts to suppress union activity, the United Mine Workers of America called a strike in September of 1913. Over the next few months, tensions escalated as the striking miners ransacked several mines. The dispute ultimately culminated in a violent clash on April 20, 1914. Despite this tragic outcome, the event sparked national outrage and led the way for workers' rights in America. For more information visit www.rmpbs.org/coloradoexperience
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Mining Memories in Drumheller - Atlas Coal Mine
Bob Moffat remembers the dangerous work at the Atlas Coal mine in Drumheller. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELUS Optik Local supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences. Find out more - http://optiklocal.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us: Optik Local Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/optiklocal/ Optik Local Twitter - https://twitter.com/optiklocal Optik Local Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/optiklocal/ STORYHIVE Twitter - https://twitter.com/storyhive STORYHIVE Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/storyhive STORYHIVE Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/storyhive/
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Tom Kitchar - U S  Mining law
Tom Kitchar, president of the Waldo mining district in Josephine County, Oregon, talks about the history of U.S mining law, how it came about, and what it means.
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Whats it like living in Colorado | Exploring a Haunted Mine at Night
Whats it like living in Colorado - haunted mines and ghost towns are a ton of fun to explore! https://www.rmadventurejunkies.com The Colorado Experience, Living Outside the Box - Your next adventure starts here. It’s October and that means its time for ghosts zombies and haunted houses. At RMAJ we live outside the box so we went looking for the real thing and found an abandon mining mill. We arrived on location after dark and set up the camera equipment. Never having been there before and limited light to scope out the area made for one of the scariest adventures to date. Lorin always talks about how he will try anything in the world of adventure and nothing really scares him… watch the video and see the fear in his face! He won’t admit it but it took the crew a few minutes to talk him into going in.
Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre - Sneak Peek
Examine the bloody history of Colorado coal miners' struggle for workers rights. Air date: April 18, 2012
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Remember Wilberg
"Remember Wilberg" is a documentary produced by UTA's Department of Art and Art History about a December 1984 fire at the Wilberg Mine in Emery County, Utah. The fire killed 27 coal miners. The documentary took more than two years to produce. While it honors the victims of the disaster, it will also be used as a safety training tool for coal miners. A $1.3 million federal grant that was awarded to UTA's Division of Enterprise Development funded the project.
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Coal Basin History - Steve Renner
Steve Renner of the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining & Safety talks about the history of coal mining and restoration work in the Coal Basin near Redstone, Colorado
Coal Mine Roof Bolting in Colorado
Coal Mine Roof Bolting in Colorado
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Paonia Colorado coal mines
Mines above Paonia Colorado
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COLORADO HISTORY SERIES #10:  Walsen Power Plant
COLORADO HISTORY SERIES #10: Walsen Power Plant (9.14.2018) The Walsen Power Plant was built in 1898, to support coal mining operations in the area. It used to provide electrical power for the Walsen Mine, Walsen Camp and the town of Walsenburg. The Plant closed in 1971, due to advance nets in cleaner energy technology. Fifty years of being abandoned has led to massive vandalism, theft, and environmental breakdown of the facility. In 2009, the Walsen Power Plant was listed as on of the Most Endangered Places in Colorado. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Check Us Out: Website: www.hikinguniversity.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HikingUniversity Flickr (thousands of pictures and videos!): https://www.flickr.com/photos/hikinguniversity/albums
Colorado Experience: Trinidad - Promo
Discover the fascinating history of one of the oldest towns in Colorado. From a farming community, to a coal mining metropolis, to an innovative center for sex reassignment surgery and to an artistic community, Trinidad continually reinvents itself. Learn more at www.rmpbs.org/ColoradoExperience Connect online at www.facebook.com/ColoradoExperience
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Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre Sneak Peek
Examine the bloody history of Colorado coal miners' struggle for workers' rights. Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre premieres April 18 at 7PM on Rocky Mountain PBS. To learn more: www.rmpbs.org/ColoradoExperience
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Killing for Coal: Thomas G. Andrews
On a spring morning in 1914, in the stark foothills of southern Colorado, members of the United Mine Workers of America clashed with guards employed by the Rockefeller family, and a state militia beholden to Colorado’s industrial barons. When the dust settled, nineteen men, women, and children among the miners’ families lay dead. The strikers had killed at least thirty men, destroyed six mines, and laid waste to two company towns. Killing for Coal offers a bold and original perspective on the 1914 Ludlow Massacre and the “Great Coalfield War.” In a sweeping story of transformation that begins in the coal beds and culminates with the deadliest strike in American history, Thomas Andrews illuminates the causes and consequences of the militancy that erupted in colliers’ strikes over the course of nearly half a century. He reveals a complex world shaped by the connected forces of land, labor, corporate industrialization, and workers’ resistance. Brilliantly conceived and written, this book takes the organic world as its starting point. The resulting elucidation of the coalfield wars goes far beyond traditional labor history. Considering issues of social and environmental justice in the context of an economy dependent on fossil fuel, Andrews makes a powerful case for rethinking the relationships that unite and divide workers, consumers, capitalists, and the natural world.
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Lectures in History: Ludlow Coal Miners' Strike & Massacre Preview
Full Program Airs Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 8pm & midnight ET. For More Information: https://www.c-span.org/series/?ahtv
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Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine
Open Cut Gold MIne near Cripple Creek Colorado
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Coal Mine Xplosion
I went to a coal mine in Colorado for a camp and we saw a blast, so this is my video of it. It's AWESOME!!!
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Colorado Experience: Ghost Towns
According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado "has more than 1,000 ghost towns, over 600 of which have some sort of remains." Visit St. Elmo, Animas Forks, and Ashcroft, three of the best-preserved ghost towns in the state, and meet the spirits of Colorado's mining past.
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Taking a mine Hike into history, Silver Plume colorado
Went up to silver plume for the 4th of july weekend to do some exploring on the 7:30 mine trail. it takes back into the silver mining day's when towns like silver plume started the silver rush. come with me as i go explore some old shacks and some other intresting structures that still stand after all this time! Created with Movie Studio
Coal Methane Clean Energy Project
Aspen/Snowmass made American business history by being the first company in Colorado to partner with a coal mine to create clean energy. This ground-breaking project at the Elk Creek Mine in Somerset, Colo. generates three megawatts of power annually -- which is the same amount of energy that Aspen Skiing Company uses each year.
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St Elmo Colorado
Thanks for watching this video of the old St Elmo ghost town that is in Colorado. In this video we walk downtown of the old ghost towns that is called St Elmo.St Elmo is a abandoned mining town outside of Buena Vista Colorado, The town was stared in 1880 and was mined for mainly gold and silver. If you are new to my channel welcome I explore abandoned mines that are in Colorado and also old ghost towns. I walk you right back into the history of mining that made the west what it is today. So don't forget to like share and subscribe . Big thanks to Archetype Photography in Cheyenne, Wy. for the pictures i used at the beginning of the video. their link https://www.facebook.com/ArchetypePhoto/ Know of any open mines. If you know of any open mines that are in Colorado that you would like me to explore send me a message on Facebook with the location and maybe i will make a video of exploring it. Remember stay out and stay alive take care everybody Facebook https://www.facebook.com/coloradoundergroundexplorers/
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The largest coal mine disaster in the state's history | Montana History Minute
Learn about Montana's worst coal mining accident in history.
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The Mica Mine in Grand Junction, Colorado March 13, 2016
The hike to the Mica Mines in Grand Junction, Colorado. March 13, 2016.
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A drive through Walsenberg, Colorado
Walsenberg, officially, is about 150 years old and had one of the area's first coal mines - nearly 500 million tons of coal was mined until such practices came to an end. So, not only do we get a fun few of motorcycles going through town, but the video ends with a tribute to the miners as well. Here's my page about Colorado: http://www.rogerwendell.com/colorado.html Here's my personal web page about travel: http://www.rogerwendell.com/travel.html 08-29-2009
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Sunrise over Louisville, Colorado
Welcome to Louisville, Colorado! We are small, but mighty. With award winning schools, friendly neighborhoods, a rich coal mining history, a wonderfully remodeled 18 hole golf course and some of the best restaurants in Boulder County! Come discover Louisville with us!
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There Goes the Galloping Goose Gold and Coal Mining Train
Get a Complete Hands On History of the Railroad Industry rise through America and Colorado at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Visit http://www.YouTube.com/AboutColoradoTV to see more About Colorado Railroad Museum There's something amazing about trains. The familiar whistle has always promised adventure. The gentle rock of the rails has set the rhythm of our lives. Experience it again at the Colorado Railroad Museum with over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses HO Model Railroad and G-scale garden railway on our 15-acre railyard. Also, see our exhibit galleries, renowned library, Roundhouse restoration facility and working turntable. Visit the General Store with thousands of train gifts for every rail fan. Robert W. Richardson and Cornelius W. Hauck opened the Colorado Railroad Museum in 1959. Then, and now, our mission is dedicated to preserving for future generations a tangible record of Colorado's dynamic railroad era and particularly its pioneering, narrow gauge mountain railroads. In 1964, the nonprofit Colorado Railroad Historical Foundation was formed to assume ownership and operation of the Museum.
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Exploring the Abandoned Whorehouse and Tunnels at the Wayward Wench Mine
Paul, Chuck, the new guy Brent, and I teamed-up to explore some abandoned mines and an abandoned whorehouse in Nevada. The Wayward Wench Mine had many tunnels of varying depths. We documented as many as we could. Afterward, we stopped off at an abandoned brothel that saw its last paying customer sometime in the early 1990s. Some of the beds and tacky decor were still in place such as velvet headboards and sparkling stucco. Real classy! Enjoy!
Pass the Mic: Jim Cooper -Oxbow Coal Mine
Pass the Mic's energy reporter, Allison Godwin, interviews the president of the Elk Creek Coal mine - Jim Cooper, for North Fork Heart and Soul and KVNF.
Colorado Sneddon Family History Project
This is a project video that I made that provides an overview of the Sneddon family history in the Southern Colorado coal mines.
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Redstone Coke Ovens
The historical plaque reads, in part; "These 'Beehive' coke ovens were constructed in the late 1890's to carbonize or 'coke' coal mined in coal basin for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company." "Coke is made when special coals are heated to drive off volatile matter and moisture in the absence of oxygen. Coal was charged into these ovens from the top and after charging the ovens were sealed for 48 hours except for a small amount of air which was admitted to support enough combustion to maintain a coking temperature. As the finished coke was withdrawn from the ovens it was quenched with water to prevent further combustion." Here's my personal web page about the state of Colorado: http://www.rogerwendell.com/colorado.html 07-24-2010
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Kirstin Brown - 2015 San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference, Telluride, CO
BOSTON COAL MINE PROJECT Kirstin Brown, Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety Reclamation Specialist/Geologist The Boston Coal Mine Project is located at the Boston Mine site in Lightner Creek on the flanks of Perin's Peak in La Plata County, 5 miles from Durango, Colorado. The Boston Mine is located on Colorado Parks and Wildlife property that is managed as a protected state wildlife area. The goal of the project was to reduce erosion from the Boston Mine Site through revegetation and erosion control. By reclaiming the land, the site was returned to native vegetation for wildlife while reducing erosion and maintaining the historic character of the site. The Boston Project enlisted the cooperation and assistance of many agencies and non-profit groups, such as Mountain Studies Institute, Southwest Conservation Corps, Fort Lewis College, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, City of Durango, and Office of Surface Mining, innovative dry-land reclamation techniques, shared by the New Mexico Abandoned Mined Land Program, were adapted to the Boston Mine site. The reclamation focus was shifted from large scale revegetation by the acre to small scale revegetation. Reclamation was designed by the square foot, with care taken to leave any pre-existing vegetation intact in the fragile desert environment. Much of the revegetation and soil amendment was done by hand, especially on the steep slopes of the coal waste pile. The result is reclaimed coal waste piles and adjacent land with 60% tree and shrub success and native vegetation stabilizing the steeps slopes and coal waste piles, benefitting the local wildlife and preserving the rich coal mining history in Durango, Colorado. For more information visit mountainstudies.org
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Colorado Mine Trip
Taylor Park, Colorado
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Take a tour-Capital Prize gold mine Georgetown, Colorado 2018
Enjoy this tour of the Capital Prize gold mine located in Georgetown, Colorado. This recently opened mine takes you a incredible 1,000 feet into the mountain. Despite over 10,000 mines in the State of Colorado, very few offer tours. This was one of the better tours I have been on with many branching tunnels, and a drill demonstration. Thanks to the tour operator for allowing me to film this video. Filmed in August, 2018. More information can be found on the website below. https://www.capitalprizegoldmine.com
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Molly S Mine in Creede, Colorado
High in the San Juan Mountains clinging to the side of a cliff sits the remains to the Molly S Silver Mine
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Reclamation Stories:  Leadville
This excerpt tells the story of the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety's efforts to clean the water coming from abandoned mines near Leadville, Colorado.
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Framing Community, Exposing Identity: The Pike View Coal Mine
Katie discusses this photo of the Pike View Coal Mine which was operated in what is now known as the Rockrimmon area of Colorado Springs.
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Colorado Mine Disaster part two
This is 21:45 minutes of pictures and film of the Colorado mine disaster at Gold King mine north of Silverton, Colorado.
Ashland Pennsylvania - Anthracite Coal Mine Tour 2017
Video footage of our tour through an anthracite Coal Mine
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Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum - The View out the Window
This animation, titled "The View from our Window", shows the geologic history of Golden, Colorado as seen through a large picture window in the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. The video was developed for the visitors to museum to illustrate how the geology of the Golden area changed through geologic time when looking north from the window. Version 1 was displayed in the museum in early 2006; this version was significantly upgraded with version 2 (shown here) in November 2013. The video is designed to introduce and complement the Geology Walking Trail on campus. Video illustrates: (1) the formation of Precambrian metamorphic rocks (1.8 Ga); (2) latest Cretaceous delta plain and forest (68 Ma); (3) eruption of Table Mountain basalt (64 Ma); (4) erosion of the Golden area (14 Ma to present), (5) White Ash Coal Mine, and (6) the walking geology trail through the Upper Cretaceous outcrops in the clay pits. Video by James Adson, Joseph Rogers, Eric Lobato, Jay Austin, Paul Weimer, and Paul Bartos. A special thanks to Ian Miller, James Hagadorn, Kirk Johnson (all DMNS), and Bob Weimer for their technical input. Interactive Geology Project, University of Colorado-Boulder. igp.colorado.edu
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Ludlow Massacre // Colorado 2009 // Sam Phillips Interview With Film Makers
Was on Tour With The Band Hobo Monk..and as we were driving We ran into Ludlow ..Said a Prayer and this film Makers ask to interview me..then i found out later that it was to become a historic landmark the next day. Funny How The Universe works sometimes........... The Ludlow Massacre was an attack by the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company camp guards on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado on April 20, 1914. The massacre resulted in the violent deaths of between 19 and 25 people; sources vary but all sources include two women and eleven children, asphyxiated and burned to death under a single tent. The deaths occurred after a daylong fight between militia and camp guards against striking workers. Ludlow was the deadliest single incident in the southern Colorado Coal Strike, lasting from September 1913 through December 1914. The strike was organized by the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) against coal mining companies in Colorado. The three largest companies involved were the Rockefeller family-owned Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I), the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company (RMF), and the Victor-American Fuel Company (VAF). In retaliation for Ludlow, the miners armed themselves and attacked dozens of mines over the next ten days, destroying property and engaging in several skirmishes with the Colorado National Guard along a 40-mile front from Trinidad to Walsenburg.[1] The entire strike would cost between 69 and 199 lives. Thomas Franklin Andrews described it as the "deadliest strike in the history of the United States".[2] The Ludlow Massacre was a watershed moment in American labor relations. Historian Howard Zinn described the Ludlow Massacre as "the culminating act of perhaps the most violent struggle between corporate power and laboring men in American history".[3] Congress responded to public outcry by directing the House Committee on Mines and Mining to investigate the incident.[4] Its report, published in 1915, was influential in promoting child labor laws and an eight-hour work day. The Ludlow site, 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Trinidad, Colorado, is now a ghost town. The massacre site is owned by the UMWA, which erected a granite monument in memory of the miners and their families who died that day.[5] The Ludlow Tent Colony Site was designated a National Historic Landmark on January 16, 2009, and dedicated on June 28, 2009.[5] Modern archeological investigation largely supports the strikers' reports of the event.[
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