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[Tiramisu Humanitarian Demining Toolbox] Šibenik Presentation
http://www.fp7-tiramisu.eu What's in the toolbox: 1) Land Impact Survey tools enabling the prioritisation of the areas most affected and the efficient use of the other modules in a given situation 2) Non-Technical Survey & Advanced General Survey tools to facilitate land release 3) Technical Survey tools to detect indicators of probable presence of landmines/UXOs. 4) Ground-based Close-in Detection tools, such as advanced metal detectors, Ground Penetrating Radars and novel chemical sensors. 5) Stand-off Detection tools to detect mines, submunitions or explosives at close range with remotely controlled Micro (Unmanned) Aerial Vehicles (MAV/UAV), remote controled ground platforms (UGV) or flying biosensors (honeybees). 6) Disposal of ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) tools to protect deminers or vehicles against explosions. 7) Mine Risk Education tools to assist in Mine Risk Education activities. 8) Training tools aiming at developing capacity building and enabling the user uptake of the tools developed. 9) Mine Action mission management tools to improve planning and execution of Mine Action missions. 10) Standards: this module includes the current and in-progress or proposed CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA).
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