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How I: Mine Concentrated Gold Ore at the LRC (Mini-guide) [2014]
Things i forgot to metion: *rock-crushing scrimshaw http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rock_crushing_scrimshaw *Imcando Pickaxe (the inferno adze of mining) http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Imcando_pickaxe Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for more! WATCH IN 720p, 360p is disgusting! 2:25 - Example Run 3:20 - Inventory Setup 4:18 - Banking 4:48 - Bank Setup Check out my second channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vViddzzGaming **Intro Song** K-391 feat. Gjermund Olstad - Hang loose 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D97aU1JB0Zg **Outro Song** K-391 - Madagascar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl5eYujdyb8 Here's a few videos that you might have missed: Previous Video - ~~~ Playlists ~~~ Road to 99 Slayer Series - http://bit.ly/1aOH5zd "How I" Series - http://bit.ly/12v1bGt The Journey To 99 skills - http://bit.ly/17YHThd Monthly Progress Videos - http://bit.ly/13tGSQ5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Runescape 3, high level mining guide, living rock cavern guide Runescape 3 Commentary EOC Commentary Runescape 3 Gameplay Runescape 3 Review Eoc Guide Tanking Nex Runescape 3 bank video Runescape 3 maxed player bank video
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My new LRC Mining guide! Learn how to gain the maximun exp rates per hour while mining! ~INDEX~ Introduction: 0:16 Items Needed: 1:07 77-80 Mining: 3:05 80-99 Mining: 5:08
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[Runescape 3] Superheat Form LRC Guide 2017 | up to 100k Smithing Exp/h FREE
==NO LONGER working after Mining & Smithing Rework== Concentrated Gold Rocks Mining Guide with Superheat Form. Expect 75k Smithing exp/h w/o Smithing Cape perk. Great for Ironmen. Okay for main accounts (mostly those who want to train smithing free). ==Helpful Links== Barbarian Assault Guides - http://yt.vu/p/PLkedjeWym9am50UmS67jeuKK7lszffUfB 1 hour footage - https://youtu.be/Gns78sN3j5w 1-99 Mining Guide - https://youtu.be/XCCGsY7Bq-I ==Table of Contents== Introduction/Requirements - 0:00 Equipment Setup - 0:47 Inventory setup - 2:06 Strategy - 3:11 Loot from Living Rock Caverns - 3:46 Conclusion/Exp rates - 3:59
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RuneScape 3 Ultimate 1-99 & 1-120 Mining Guide 2015! F2P & P2P Fast & Profitable Methods!
Hey guys! Welcome to my 1-99 & 1-120 Mining Guide 2015! This RS3 guide will show the fastest and most profitable methods for both F2P and P2P players! Video Locators: Intro - 00:12 Contents - 00:22 Useful Items - 00:31 F2P - 01:26 1-15 - Copper & Tin - 01:37 15-99 - Iron Ore - 02:13 P2P - 02:46 1-15 - Copper & Tin - 03:13 15-68 - Iron Ore - 03:49 68-80 - Granite - 04:22 68-80 - Lave Flow - 05:13 Normal Profitable Method 80-99 - Living Rock Cavern Gold - 05:55 Fast Elf City Method 80-89 - Living Rock Cavern Gold - 06:47 89-99 - Seren Stones - 07:21 99-120 - Living Rock Cavern Gold - 08:27 99-120 - Seren Stones - 09:00 Minigames - 09:49 Overview - 10:40 Outro - 11:14 Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-M8khvluzOBVRwKzl0ZjvA |Disclaimer| I do not own Runescape, nor am I affiliated with Jagex LTD. To play Runescape or get in touch with Jagex please visit www.runescape.com.
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Mining and Smithing EoC Guide - LRC
This is just a very short guide on how to mine and super heat in the EoC. I havent tested the xp per hour but it is a lot faster and more enjoyable. Mining If u just want to mine and cannot be bothered with super heating just drag the gold ore onto your action bar and drop when you get gold ores. Bring an inventory of mining urns and a spare lava titan pouch or the best pouch you can use. Also bring the best pickaxe you can use and a golden mining suite if you have it. Mining and Super Heating Equip a fire staff and have nature runes, pickaxe and mining urns in your inventory. Drag a gold ore into one of your action bar slots, then the super heat item into the next slot followed by the gold bar (make one). When u mine an ore select your super heat binded key then click the ore then press your gold bar binded key to drop. Then rinse and repeat =]
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Runescape [2013] - LRC MINING GUIDE 100K exp-h (Commentary)
Welcome guys getting close to my objectives! Subscribe for more cool videos! Hope you enjoy and learn a bit more on the LRC cave and mining in general!!! All video content is the property of Jagex Ltd. Jagex and RuneScape are registered trademarks of Jagex Limited http://www.runescape.com
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Runescape - Ultimate mining guide (lrc)
mining guide for living rock caverns, comment and rate! Note: wearing goldsmith gauntlets will increase the xp alot!
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Mining and superheating eoc quick guide
A fast way for training smith and mining at the same time. Wear : mining suit + goldsmith gloves + fire staff Invent : mining urns + nature runes Summon : lava titan 90k mining xp and 60k smith xp Have fun !
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Runescape InDetail Mining Guide | Commentary | 2014
If you have enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already! :) Other Runescape Videos on my Channel! ▼ Links: ►"RS 3 Playlist" - http://bit.ly/18t4eBa ►"Twitter" - https://twitter.com/RsBlogMedia
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Ultimate Lava Flow Mine Guide 2012 - 50k+ xp per hour - Fairytales - Kieren
Hey guys welcome to my lava flow mine guide. This was a highly requested guide, so hence why I have decided to release this. This guide will show you what to wear, and take in your inventory then how to get there. I then show you how to mine there effectively, to gain the best possible xp. I also explain about each of the distractions that occur there and explain their benefits. This mining activity, is where you can obtain the full golden mining suit, which gives 2.5% bonus mining xp. The unofficial world for this is 71, as no official world exists. Thanks for watching, please leave feedback and any questions.
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LRC Superheating/Mining Guide with Commentary
Without mousekeys, in one hour I got... 62,260 Mining Exp 41,747 Magic Exp 44,060 Smithing Exp If you didn't understand, you superheat and drop at the same. Click on the gold ore to to superheat and before it switches back to the spell book, right click a gold bar, press 1 (this will drop the mouse and move it to the left, ontop of the rock), then press + (this double clicks, dropping and makes you mine at the same time). I haven't recorded an entire hour of this yet for the xp/hour, but when I do, I'll post it here. If you have any questions, ask! :)
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Lava Flow Mine / Gold Mining Suit Guide for Runescape -  Hot Bread
Lava Flow Mine Guide. Unofficial world: World71 Contents: Requirements: 0:09 Travel: 0:39 Find the flow: 1:05 Get the suit / nymphs: 2:01 Randoms: 2:59 XP Rates: Level 83 (No Familiar) - 31kxp/hr Level 90 - 38kxp/hr Level 99 (With lava titan (+10 mining) - 45kxp/hr Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the music used in this video. Song: Wetsuit - The Vaccines (Featuring Gandalf the grey) Game Played: Runescape
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Runescape: 1 Hour of Mining Gold Deposits at LRC
just a fun and some-what pointless video I made
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[RS] Lava Geyser Mining Guide ► Best Mining EXP/HOUR!
Hey guys, welcome to a new video! • ======= MORE INFORMATION DOWN BELOW ======= • I know Efficiency Experts already made a video about this a few weeks ago, so all credits go to them. But incase you haven't seen their video, here's mine. Warbands will be more efficient to do, but if you don't or can't find a friends chat, this is a good alternative. Keep in mind, this methode is only good if there's not too many people doing it at the same time. • What I didn't mention: Birthright of the Dwarves required. At random intervals averaging once every 45 minutes (with peaks of up to over an hour), a lava geyser appears in a random lava channel segment within the Lava Flow Mine. You can only kill the Lava Geyser with water spells. Turn your private off, to avoid spamming your friends with login and logout. Be sure to have the clan message turned off for when you logout with the avatar. Every Lava Geyser will give you 15k exp (30k with bonus) if you're solo. Do barbarian assult for mining bonus exp. Use surge to go through worlds faster. • Useful to have: - Magic golem outfit - Golden mining outfit - Clan Avatar - Refer A Friend ============= ► https://twitter.com/DaanScape ► http://www.twitch.tv/road2allskills120 Music used: Tritonal ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Satellite I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! Thanks for watching, Daniel E
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How Much GP per hour Mining Rune Ores/Rocks ??
LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for phr33 stuff pl0x! ► Help me reach 100,000 subscribers: https://goo.gl/GMpa23 osrs, old school runescape mobile, torvesta, a friend, sparc mac, framed, b0aty, sirpugger, hcim faux, mrmammal, mmorpg, sicknerd, woox, 👇My Facebook Pages ► https://www.facebook.com/ArtisticRunescapeMemes/ ► https://www.facebook.com/CuteNoobs/ ► https://www.facebook.com/returnofwilderness/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INSTAGRAM 📸 https://www.instagram.com/returnofwild/ TWITTER 🔵 https://twitter.com/ReturnOfWild JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/qKMhmam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTACT EMAIL : [email protected] I sometimes promote RSPS's (runescape private servers) so if you are interested in the best reach available, contact above. Play Runescape now, a free to play (F2P) online MMORPG: https://www.runescape.com Play Oldschool Runescape now, a free to play (F2P) online MMORPG: http://oldschool.runescape.com/
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P2P 1-99 Mining -Detailed Superheat + 8 Set-Ups for LRC - Superheating Mine by Idk Whats Rc
This is my 1-99 Mining guide for members. In this video, I will show you how to train this skill very fast. It shows 8 methods to train at the LRC cave, including a very detailed Superheating guide with slow-motion. SUMMARY 1. Influence 1:18 2. Copper Ores 3:08 3. Irons Ores 3:22 4. Granite 4:53 5. Concentrated Gold (LRC) 7:50 5.2 Superheating 14:52 Granite Demo 72k+ Exp per hour at Level 80 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DYxXvHkaf0 ------------------------------------------- Music produced by James Lippy: http://www.youtube.com/user/JamesLippy http://www.facebook.com/JamesLippyMusic Distributed for free use by Activity Music: http://www.youtube.com/activitymusic http://www.twitter.com/activitymusic http://www.facebook.com/ActivityMusicPromotion -------------------------------------------
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Runescape mining guide [P2P] No lrc - 35.8k xp/h
Enjoy the guide and I hope you find it useful :)
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TheEdBoys 1-99 Mining Guide 2013 3 Methods
Dak shows you guys 3 methods on how you can receive 99 mining. If you need to watch a specific part of the video here are the main sections. Copper 2:04 Rune Essence 6:02 Iron 2:41 Coal (Mining Guild) 6:35 Granite 3:23 Coal (Lrc) 4:17 Gold 5:07
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RuneScape Gold Ore  Mining Guide
Ever wanted to make some money off of Mining? But, you level is to low? Well, here is your chance to make some cash. With Runescape Gold Ore above 400 GP, this is a great may to make some spare cash, and Runescape level that Mining skill also. If you have time to improve you skill fast, You can buy some Cheap Runescape Gold on http://www.gold4fans.com Guarantee the Cheapest 07 RS Gold Fast Delivery, We offer 24/7 online service you can place your order with Paypal.
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1 Hour of Concentrated Gold Ore Results
This video explains with commentary and annotations the results of one hour of mining concentrated gold ore. If you don't know how to get there look at our 99 mining guide.
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[Runewiki] Living Rock Caverns (LRC) Mining guide 30-60k xp/h
Tässä ohjeessa näytetään kaksi reittiä ja muuta LRC:ks kutsuttuun Living Rock Cavernsiin.
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Runescape EoC Mining Guide for 2012-2013 - Up to 100K Mining XP Per Hour
How to mine concentrated gold deposits in the Living Rock Caverns efficiently.
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LRC Gold Mining 80-99 Example RS 2014
Hope someone finds it useful! -Draco Aurata/Darth Draco
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Concentrated gold advanced mining guide
A little how-to on concentrated gold.
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Runescape Lava Flow Mines / Gold Mining Suit - Eoc Guide
Quest Requirement - King Of Dwarfs. ------------------------ Read Description ------------------------------------ If this video has helped you please leave a like and subscribe for more. What you should expect to see on my channel --- More info videos eg: Slayer guides, d&ds, mini games and skills. Clan Videos eg: Group bossing, dungeoneering, mini games and parties. Entertainments/general videos, all around runescape videos with normal commentaries possibly face cam. Occasional Livestreams on twitch starting this weekend (youtube videos including twitch links will be posted)
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1-99 F2P Mining Guide | 73m Gp Profit |  Detailed Superheating Iron Ore by Idk Whats Rc
This is my 1-99 F2P Mining. It contains everything you need to know about Copper, Iron Ores and Superheating Iron Ores. SUMMARY: 1. Influence 0:49 2. Copper 1:11 3. Iron Ores 2:51 3.1 Regular 3:22 3.2 Superheating 4:20 4. High-Level Rocks 6:20 Music produced by DJ Smack: Dj Smack's Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/Djsmack100 Dj Smack's Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/dj-smack-1 Dj Smack's Twitter: http://twitter.com//seanmackeyinnz Activity Music: http://www.youtube.com/activitymusic
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[Eoc] LRC Superheating | Epic AFK-Like Exp in Mining Smith Magic | by Idk Whats Rc
This is my first video guide about training after the EoC. LRC Superheating is way easier than what it used to be, thanks to the action bar. You even get a bit better experience per hour now. SUMMARY: 1. Requirements 0:30 2. Items Needed 1:50 3. Location 2:23 4. Set-Up 2:53 5. Slowmo Demo 3:34 6. Training 4:35 7. Rewards 6:55 FULL 1-99 Mining Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZnByLfPkyA ----------------------------------------- Additional Information: Mining Urns: Buy Mining Urn (unf) on the GE and add a Earth Rune. Level 18 Summoning: Desert Wyrm (+1 Mining) Level 73 Summoning: Obsidian Golem (+7 Mining) Level 83 Summoning: Lava Titan (+10 Mining) Golden Mining Suit: Wearing Full Set Minus Gloves = 4% ----------------------------------------- Free Music from: Music4YourVids.co.uk
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Runescape - Ultimate Lava Flow Mine Guide 2012 | 50k-70k+ Mining XP AFK
Please give this baby a like and subscribe for more! Runescape - Ultimate Lava Flow Mine Guide 2012 | 50k-70k+ Mining XP AFK Please Like and Follow Me!: http://www.twitter.com/ThirdAgeFilm http://www.facebook.com/pages/ThirdAgeFilm/173179762738291 Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/thirdagefilm RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. We do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising http://www.runescape.com/
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Ultimate 1-99 Mining Guide: Runescape 2014
Hope you enjoyed! http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Lava_flow_mine The content in this video is copyrighted by Jagex Ltd and reproduced under fair use. “Jagex” and “RuneScape” are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. You may access the official RuneScape website here: runescape.c­om.”
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Runescape 2014 Ultimate 99 Mining Guide!
Hey guys, so I decided to make a quick little mining guide nothing to fancy for you but here you go! If you want more guides please subscribe as I will be making many more guides and other videos! If you thought that this guide was terrible and did not help you at all please tell me what I can do to improve....Just don't say something along the lines of "put more detail in it". If I wanted to spend an hour making this guide I would of and at this point in time I really didn't want to. Sorry just how I operate :/. I will however definitely be making detailed guides in the future so no worries if you only like detailed guides as I will be posting them later on!
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Ultimate LRC Gold Mining And Superheating Guide
I made my first video :) Hope you like it :) Enjoy! Songs: Sean Paul - So Fine Svuave Smooth - Gangstas And Thugs
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Ultimate Mining Guide 1-99 F2P
Awesome, subscribe!
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[Runescape 3] 1-99 Mining Guide 2017 [OUTDATED]
This guide is currently outdated. I will be doing a revamped guide for post-rework. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out! ==Helpful Links== Barbarian Assault Guides: http://yt.vu/p/PLkedjeWym9am50UmS67jeuKK7lszffUfB Crystallize Granite: https://youtu.be/fpPMEX1bB18 Concentrated Gold Superheat Form: https://youtu.be/2Rn7H-0p_uo Lava Geyser Hunting: https://youtu.be/sWZv_kp1V2g Mining Brawling Gloves: https://youtu.be/AqmU6WVYY7Y ==Table of Contents== Introduction/Pickaxes - 0:00 Other Exp Multipliers - 0:46 Useful Items Varrock Armour - 1:10 Golden Mining Suit - 1:30 Golem Mining Suit - 2:16 Dwarven Ramhammers - 3:12 Invention Perks - 3:36 Sliske's Endgame Rewards - 4:02 Mining level boosts - 4:27 Quarrymaster Aura - 5:06 Skillchompas - 5:18 Rock-Crushing Scrimshaw - 5:41 Mining Urns + Urn Enhancer - 6:21 Perfect Juju Mining Potion - 7:09 Training Methods Level 1-30/50 - 7:47 Level 30-50 - 8:32 Level 50-75/89/97 - 8:53 Level 65-75 - 9:41 Level 75-89+ - 10:01 Level 80-99 - 10:44 Level 89-97/99 - 11:41 Level 97-99 - 12:18 Level 80-99 - 13:01 Warbands - 13:53 Mining Brawlers - 14:15 Conclusion - 14:36
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How to get 75-100k mining xp a hour [1 Hour lapse][Commentary]
Guide, 1 hour lapse of mining gold ore at lrc. Xp per hour can be 75-150k double if you use barb horn obviously. 80 Mining required to mine LRC Gold. Dragon pick isvway more xp per hour than rune pick Juju mining pots are optional but nice. If you cannot use lava titan use obby titan.
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New 1-99 Mining Guide - Fastest Way - 55k+ XP/HR
This is my first guide so help me get started as a Runescape guide maker and subscribe! Feel free to PM me in game.. Iced Vanilla. Thanks :) *Disclaimer* The song used in this video is played on a 15 second loop and is therefore not using more than 30 seconds, which is legal..
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[RS3] - Imcando pickaxe - Fastest way to get it!
Hey guys, welcome to a new video! • ======= MORE INFORMATION DOWN BELOW ======= • Unfortunately the FC is not active anymore. Best way to hunt them now if hop around and be lucky. :\ ► Imcando pickaxe - Birthright of the Dwarves Birthright of the Dwarves is the seventh grandmaster quest, and the final quest in the Rise of the Red Axe quest series. To make a Imcando Pickaxe you need: - Gilded dragon pickaxe from the lava flow mining - 1m cash - Redberry pie - 4 Imcando fragments In order to get a gilded dragon pickaxe you need to have the full golden mining suit. To use it you need 81 mining and 60 attack. When the Imcando pickaxe is used to mine ore, it has a 1/4 chance of incinerating the ore for the experience equivalent to smelting that ore, in addition to the mining experience for mining it. When first made, the imcando pickaxe has 100 enchantment points. Every time you mine something with it succesfully, it grants 20% additional mining experience at the cost of one enchantment point. The 20% bonus experience stacks with other experience boosts. Charges can be regained through mining a lava geyser in the Lava Flow Mine again. The appearance of the pickaxe changes depending on whether or not it is enchanted with the enchanted pickaxe having a particle effect and a depleted pickaxe with no particle effect. Information source: RS Wiki. Be sure to follow me on these: ► https://twitter.com/DaanScape ► http://www.twitch.tv/road2allskills120 Music: K-391 - Rypejakten I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed. Cya.
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Mining Golds 99 Day 2014
Our clan has a day every year where we all gather and get a bunch of 99s and world or global messages all at the same time. Took some shots and edited them together for it. Song: Blackmill - Miracle Picture of all the 99s that day: http://i.imgur.com/3WioMj3.png
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RuneScape 1 - 99 mining guide - Commentary | August 2012
Hey guys this is my new guide, hope you all enjoy. Sorry for stuttering a lot still got to work on my commentaries :) Please leave a like, comment and subscribe for more content.
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Fastest Mining Exp! 80-100k+ XP/H! Runescape 3 Mining Guide
This just shows the highest experience rate available for Mining besides Warbands and other bonus experience methods such as Stealing Creation and the use of a Penance Horn.
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RuneScape iPhudge's Post-Eoc Mining Guide!
In this video, I will be showing you: -My recommended methods to achieve 1-99 Mining after the Evolution of Combat. -Notable Time Ticks- ~ 1:01 - The Action Bar/Powermining Basics ~ 2:00 - Recommended Equipment/Gear - 2:03 - Pickaxes - 2:23 - Varrock Mining Armor - 2:36 - Golden Mining Suit - 3:04 - Quarrymaster Auras - 3:17 - Mining Urns - 3:44 - Stealing Creation Picks - 3:57 - Penance Horn - 4:07 - Coal Bag - 4:18 - Juju Mining Potions - 4:37 - Familiars ~ 4:56 - 1-15 Mining ~ 5:28 - 15-77 Mining ~ 5:57 - 77-80 Mining ~ 7:24 - 80-99 Mining ~ 7:54 - Other Tips: Shooting Stars ~ 8:57 - Other Tips: Making Potion Flasks As always, I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to leave one down in the comments section below, inbox me through YouTube, or even join my friends chat in-game if you need to talk to me personally. Thanks. ~Disclaimer~ RuneScape is owned by JaGex. Carry On is by Avenged Sevenfold.
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Mining while Superheating at LRC
Yes, I missclick alot especially since the recording software makes me lag like hrmgrfn somewhere abouts 80-95k mining exp an hour 30-40k+ smithing exp 30-40k+magic exp Somewhere around there Juju mining pots obv bank the ores for you
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ReturnFate ~ Mining Concentrated Gold
Mining at concentrated gold ore found underneath the dwarven mine. Using this method produces approximately 80,000 mining experience per hour, 70,000 smithing experience per hour, and 65,000 magic experience per hour. The best use of this method is when you get a gold ore, superheat it as fast as you can and use mousekeys to quickly drop another gold bar in your inventory. Combining this method with, mining urns, lava titan (or other mining boosting familiar), a dragon pickaxe, and Varrock armour 3+, Juju Mining potion, these items can easily get you above that 80,000 experience mark per hour. Thanks to ReturnFate on this awesome guide, hopefully it will help you all out with gaining some awesome Mining experience! Creator's channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReturnFate
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Kingduffy - Mining at LRC
Living Rock Caverns with low alch 90-100k Mining/hr 30-40k Magic/hr Nice and chilled - would usually use w84 and the main rocks but for the sake of the video came here. :) Please ask any questions you want to!
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Runescape 1-99 Mining Guide (fastest exp, 40m profit, commentary)
1-99 Mining Guide! In this guide all values of exp/hr I have obtained through testing. Also if you wish you can acquire experience boosting items to multiply the exp/hr! Experience bossting items: Golden mining suit: extra 2.5% exp per ore Pennance Horn: 200% exp per ore Sacred Clay Pickaxe: 200% exp per ore Pennance horn + Sacred clay Pickaxe: 300% exp per ore So if you were to mine gold it would be possible to achieve 120-130k exp/hr but in my oppinion i don't like to get these items. ______________________________________________________ At level 85 mining you can mine runite ore which is 10.6k per ore. Doing this to 99 would take an absurdly long time (78,307 ore) but you could make 830m from doing it. So it's up to you haha! I didn't include rune in the video because it is a very unefficient training method. Anyways I hopped you enjoyed the video.
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RuneScape 1-99 Mining Guide (Commentary) F2P/P2P
RSN: Kynleris Well I have never really thought about skill guides before and then a friend mentioned it, so I decided to give it a try with a somewhat easier skill lol. But mining is also one of my most favorite skills. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know how I do on making skill guides. =)
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RuneScape Mining Concentrated Gold Guide
How to mine concentrated gold Living Rock Caverns Pickaxe Varrock armour 3 RuneScape is copyrighted by jagex.ltd. Music: Stereo Love - Edward Maya
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Lava Flow Mine Guide - Getting Golden Mining Suit
Guide to explain how to mine at the lava flow mine. Shows how to get the golden mining suit, and gilded pickaxes. The golden mining suit is received piece by piece from the liquid gold nymph. Your mining level does not effect your experience rate here. There is therefore no need for lava titans, obsidian golems etc. You can get around 40kxp/hour here. The golden mining suit can take a long time to obtain, how long it takes is random. Supposedly it takes 10 hours on average but it took me much longer. You can play Runescape at www.runescape.com
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How to get to the living rock caverns in Runescape
How to get to living rock caverns in runescape: Teleport to Falador Follow path south east Go down stairs in small building Follow tunnel till dungeon Go down rope
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Runescape 1-99 Mining Guide 2012
Mining is a skill that allows players to extract ores, gems, rune essence and other resources from rocks in mines throughout RuneScape. Mined ores can be smelted at a furnace, turning them into bars that can be made into metal objects using the Smithing skill, the Construction skill or the Crafting skill. On the map, mining sites are identified with a regular pickaxe , and Mining shops are identified with a gold pickaxe icon. Mining is also the only skill that provides random rewards (gems) to free players besides strange rocks. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 787,714) on the hiscores for Mining is level 15. As of 9 August 2012, there are 24,626 current members that have achieved level 99 in Mining.
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