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Dashboard Video From Alleged Niota Police Brutality
Two Niota, Tennessee officers are expected to go to trail on criminal charges beginning August 12th. The trial stems from an act of alleged brutality that happened in June of 2011. The victim in this case, Ray Stewart, provided a copy of the dashboard video when he was stopped on his scooter. The most telling part of this dashboard video is what you hear -- outside of camera view. First the backstory: Stewart had lodged complaints to Niota City Hall about the police department writing tickets and making DUI stops outside of its jurisdiction. In fact, he was on his way to a meeting at City Hall about what he called harassment by the city, when he made a U-turn on his moped. He had forgotten one DVD he planned to play at the meeting. Niota Officer Jonathan Scott pulled him over. From his scooter, Stewart motioned with his hand to his driveway. He stopped at his home and walks out of view of the dashboard camera. Officer Scott tells him to come back, but Stewart continues walking to his home.He told us he was going to get the paperwork on his scooter. He stayed inside for a few minutes. Officer Scott and Sergeant Donald McCarter go inside out of the camera's view. You hear Stewart question why he is being arrested. Sergeant McCarter commands him to put his hands behind his back. The very nex
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Current, former Sweetwater police officers arrested
A Sweetwater police sergeant and a former Sweetwater detective were arrested Tuesday by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
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Niota Police Officers on Trial
Two Niota, Tenn. police officers and a controversial traffic stop are at the heart of a criminal trial that began in Niota Tuesday. Those two officers, Jonathan Scott and Donald McCarter were suspended indefinitely - charged with oppression, after allegations they beat a man, Ray Stewart, during a traffic stop.Tuesday the prosecutor and defense attorney delivered their opening statements to the jury. He picked him up and slammed him to the ground, says prosecutor Joe Baugh.Baugh believes the two Niota officers went too far when they beat Ray Stewart in June of 2011.You cannot use your office as an officer to mistreat someone. You can't do that. It's against the law, Baugh told the jury.Defense attorney Chuck Burks claimed that Stewart eluded officers and resisted arrest. Attorneys believe dash cam video (see above) will be a key part of the trial. Ray Stewart claims he was intentionally stopped and targeted because he complained repeatedly to City of Niota officials that officers were making traffic stops and operating DUI checkpoints outside city limits. The first witnesses are expected to be called Wednesday morning. Stewart has also filed state and federal lawsuits against these two officers and others. by Jerry Askin
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DUI ARREST:Tennessee highway patrol/Alamo police dept.
Hello everybody I filmed the entire pull over a thp state trooper gave this guy sobriety tests now I saw a couple of moves the guy did that failed it and it looks like the guy was arrested for DUI by the highway patrol that's all I know any thing you guys can spot out leave it in the comments. Alamo TN: 04/14/2017 help support the channel if you wish. https://www.gofundme.com/joojoo68?pc=em_co_cardshare_a&rcid=323c77b4552045a8974c83b69da377ae
Sweetwater mayor, police chief address arrest of former officers
A Sweetwater police sergeant and a former Sweetwater detective were arrested Tuesday by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
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Sweetwater Police Department semi-annual vehicle, and inspection.
Sweetwater Police Department semi-annual vehicle, and inspection.
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Niota Cops Indicted: Victim says Wife, daughter Watched Brutal Beating
Update 10/7/2012-- Police officers arrested by the TBI, after being indicted for beating a motorist...http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/oct/07/Victim-frustrated-with-investigation-of-Niota-poli/ Can skin color generate as much prejudice as speaking with a non-regional dialect--in a small southern town...? Not always, sometimes your rights are trampled on even if you are a long-time local... There are greater differences in dialects from North to South than from East to West. Regional dialects are the result of numerous factors, including patterns of settlement, subsequent migration, and isolation. http://www.pbs.org/speak/education/curriculum/high/regional/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appalachian_English http://www.acoustics.org/press/155th/clopper.htm
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Niota Man Charged for Child Porn and Drugs
Drugging underage girls, and taking sexual photos of them -- those are the charges facing a Niota business owner. 44 year-old Niota businessman, Terry Lynn Hayes, is facing a 7 page federal indictment. McMinn Sheriff Joe Guy served a warrant on Hayes' home two months ago. But after that search warrant, new evidence came to light that caused some concerns. It all stemmed from an alleged victim of a rape being dropped off in another county actually led to a multi-agency search in our county. Possibilities with maybe some trafficking possibly the creation of pornography, says Sheriff Guy. In court documents, federal agent Scott Barker says Hayes had multiple photographs of 14-19 year-old girls posing in sexual positions. Barker told the court that the 14 year-old was given Xanax and cocaine before having sex with Hayes. We've had a lot of other informants come out of the woodwork and some other alleged victims come out of the woodwork. While the evidence against Hayes continues to build, his parents say police have the wrong man. We don't think he done it. We just feel that they've done him unjust, says Sue and Melvin Hayes. The girls told police that Hayes arranged parties to exchange drugs and sex. Now, detectives are demanding answers. It's always troublesome anytime you have any allegation like that of a sexual nature with
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Case Dismissed Against Niota Police Officers
A new development in the case of two Niota Police Officers accused of using excessive force two years ago. Friday morning, on day 4 of the trial, a McMinn County judge dismissed the case. Tables were turned in this McMinn County court room as court officers, jurors, and even a court a clerk took the stand. Seven people testified that Ray Stewart, the victim in this case, was photographing jurors and their license plates as they arrived. Ray Stewart claims he was intentionally targeted because he repeatedly complained that Niota officers were operating traffic stops and DUI checkpoints outside city limits. Now, witnesses say he was the one intimidating jurors. Once details of the incident came to light, State Appointed prosecutor Joesph Baugh said enough is enough. He explained to the judge that Stewart's misconduct was egregious.One of them said that if it was true, she would be in fear. This jury obviously cannot go on to try this case, says prosecutor Baugh. You can't try a case when jurors are afraid of one of the witnesses. I dismissed the case. Judge Amy Reddy agreed and dismissed this case with prejudice- that means there's no chance of a re-trial. We caught up with Stewart outside the Courthouse. While he admits to taking the pictures, he tells me that he's still unclear on what happened. A juror
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SNN6: Englewood Murder Arrest
A woman is arrested in the murder of an Englewood disabled veteran who was stabbed more than 50 times and shot in the back of the head.
Police Chase in Sweetwater
Sweetwater man arrested in police chase.
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Officer relieved of duty after violent arrest caught on camera
Officer relieved of duty after violent arrest caught on camera
Charles David Johnson arrested in Athens TN for alleged murder plot
Officials say a McMinn County man was plotting to kill his wife. Deputies arrested 47-year-old Charles David Johnson after he allegedly approached another man for help. The plan reportedly involved getting the second man to rent a moving truck and crash into the woman, before dowsing her car with gasoline and setting it on fire. Johnson is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and remains in jail on a $100,000 dollar bond.
Woman is Still On the Run
Investigators have identified the three people arrested in a manhunt and police chase Monday and one woman is still on the run. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Renaldo Joseph, Octavia Murphy and Tachyna Sass, all of New York were arrested after they fled from troopers and crashed near Mile Marker 38 in McMinn County. Joseph and Sass fled into the woods along with a third suspect but were arrested following a manhunt that lasted several hours. Murphy and Sass faces several charges including evading arrest. Joseph faces a long list of charges among them DUI, evading arrest and reckless endangerment. The fourth unidentified suspect remains at large.
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[TN] Memphis, Ex-Officers sued in case where cop's wife and her employer planted with drugs
Memphis police officers James Fetter and Adam Gagnier were charged with planning the traffic stop, waiting until Fetter's estranged wife Leah and her friend and employer Herbert Adcock were together driving, pulling them over and, according to Leah and Adcock, planting illegal drugs in Adcock's truck and Leah's purse. The cops later pleaded guilty to some of the charges and lost their jobs. But it wasn't over. Six years later, Leah Fetter and Adcock are back in federal court trying to get the former cops and their former employer to pay....
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Open carry debate: police chief versus gun store owner
Open carry debate: police chief versus gun store owner
FBI arrests St. Pete detective
The FBI says a detective with the St. Petersburg Police Department was arrested Wednesday in connection with a public corruption investigation.
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Cleveland TN police captain Dennis Maddux placed on leave
The Cleveland Police Department has placed Captain Dennis Maddux on paid administrative leave. Maddux was removed as police chief after officer Jeff Griggs allegedly found his wife kissing Maddux in a parked car. The incident is under investigation by the TBI, the district attorney, the McMinn County sheriff’s office, and the Bradley County sheriff’s office.
Englewood Woman Steals Ambulance, Arrested
A McMinn County woman is behind bars after police say she broke into an Englewood fire station overnight and stole an ambulance. The incident happened at about 2:15 Saturday morning. 41-year old Terri Efaw broke into the fire station on Carroll Street and drove straight through the large bay door."The ambulance crew heard a vehicle start up," said Englewood Fire Chief Billy Roach. "They heard the racket, came outside and she was driving straight through the bay doors." Storms that moved through the area last week knocked out power to the security system on the doors so Efaw was able to break in without alerting authorites."This week we had storms and the power went off," Roach said. "We have electronic codes on them and once the powers out, if the battery back up doesn't kick in, it unlocks the door." They say Efaw only made it about two miles before she was stopped by police. Englewood police officer Nick Purkey told us when the call came out, they immediately began looking for the ambulance. Authorities spotted it on Highway 39 and with the assistance of the McMinn Sheriff Department were able to stop the vehicle on Highway 30 in Athens by blocking her in. Officials estimate the damage to the door at three thousand dollars and the ambulance at five thousand dollars. The ambulance is valued at 100 thousand dollars. Efaw was arrested without incident. Authorities said she told them she was pregnant and had to rush to the hospital. She is charged with theft, vandalism, and criminal trespassingand she's currently at the McMinn County jail on an 11 thousand dollar bond. By Andy Santoro ********* An Englewood woman has been arrested for stealing an emergency vehicle.It all happened at the Englewood Fire Department on Carroll Street around 2 a.m.Fire Chief Billy Roach says Teri Efaw broke into an ambulance shed and stole an emergency vehicle. She rammed the vehicle through the bay doors and took off.Police caught up with her two miles down the road in Athens, and arrested her.She's at the McMinn County Justice Center and charged with theft, vandalism, and criminal trespassing.Her bond has been set at $11,000.
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City of Niota Agrees To Pay Police Officers Back Pay
Questionable decisions have piled up for one of Tennessee's smallest towns and at the bottom of that pile may be taxpayers. That town is Niota, where there has been one problem after another. The latest is a controversial decision to give back pay for two police officers suspended following allegations of brutality. We're talking about 72-thousand dollars of back pay split between the two former Niota police officers. That's a lot of money for Niota's taxpayers. We have a small town, a small budget. You have to watch your pennies. As far as I'm certain, the seventy thousand dollars paid out in back pay, our police department budget last time I seen it was only 82-thousand. So our budget for the year is gone, Niota city Commissioner Richard Rutledge tells NewsChannel9. Rutledge says Jonathan Scott and Keith McCarter are getting back pay because of the threat of a lawsuit. I heard other members say they were not going to pay but when they got in there, and it looked like it wasn't going to go in the favor of the policeman, Jonathan Scott's daddy which is Jonathan Scott threatened he was going to sue the individual board members, says Rutledge. Scott and McCarter went on trial last month for allegedly beating a man during a traffic stop. The trial ended before the jury ever got a chance to consider t
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David Ray Catchings arrested on DUI charge
A major crimes detective for the Chattanooga Police Department has been arrested on DUI charges. 34-year-old David Ray Catchings was arrested by a deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. He was also arrested - for reckless driving.
Etowah Man Arrested for Rape
by Mikaya Thurmond Officers in McMinn County have arrested a man - they believe - was a danger to society... specifically women. Police arrested him for rape, this evening, after looking for him in several different places. They say Dustin Moser used dating websites to find his victims. He would arrange dates online - then rape the women he met.Detective Jim Shaw believes Mozier raped at least 3-women. Shaw says the most recent victim showed up at the hospital a few days ago... with scratches on her neck - saying she'd been raped by him. "Last wednesday evening, a female was in the emergency room, they called me and I came and investigated. She had marks all over her neck and on her hand and she told me who raped her and that was Dustin Moser and she met him online on Cupid.com"   Even after the first two charges... Shaw says he was still trolling the internet looking for victims. He hopes this third charge will be enough to put him away...
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Satanist Arrested For Sacrificing & Eating Woman in Tennessee
Thanks Mark Dice for this video
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Police, sheriff blame each other in Athens, TN shooting
Law enforcement agencies are blaming each other after a man was shot dead by his wife. Athens police say an officer did his job when he told a local jailer that Robert Marshall needed a mental evaluation after he threatened to kill himself and his wife. But officers say the McMinn County Sheriff's Office ignored the request. Now the police department and the sheriff's office are blaming each other for not getting Marshall help hours before he left jail and was shot dead by his wife, Melissa, in self defense. Now his family believes that if law enforcement had followed through and gotten him help, Marshall might still be alive. McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy says his officers are trained to identify suspects showing signs of mental illness and he says Marshall never showed a hint of problems while in the county jail.
Washington Police Caught Speeding Past State Troopers
A State Patrol spokesman said officers not responding to an emergency should "obey the laws that the rest of us obey."
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Raw Video: Police Pursue Speeding Teen
Police in Kingston, Tennessee, have arrested a teen-ager for DUI and assault after he lead officers on a high speed chase in his truck while pulling a boat on a trailer hitch. (April 15)
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Deputies Arrest 8 People in McMinn County Roundup
By Jerry Askin Mcminn county is taking steps to get drugs and violent offenders off the streets.  Several times a year, Sheriff's deputies  ride around together-- hoping to round up possible suspects. It's all  apart of their Mcminn county crime  sweep. Thursday, our cameras were there as Mcminn county sheriff's deputies swarmed a home by the dozens.   A home on county road 482 was our first stop. Newschannel 9 reporter Jerry Askin and photographer Brent McDonald went along for the ride Thursday  - as dozens of investigators went searching for possible suspects in crimes.Sheriff joe guy says, "We are doing a crime suppression here in Mcminn county.  We had about 14-15 indictments that were drug related."Deputies were targeting people  like, 48 year old Gregory millsaps. He's been wanted by deputies for at least a year... and could soon face federal charges.  Our cameras were rolling Thursday afternoon as he was taken into custody. Sheriff Joe Guy says meth is a huge problem in Mcminn county --- and he told Newschannel 9 reporter Jerry Askin,  he and his deputies are always working to stop it.Outside Milsapps home, deputies found a meth lab and a marijuana plant worth $ 1500.People like Millsaps,  the sheriff says,  is what gives the county a reputation they're not so happy about."We have a meth problem historically. It's better than it was," says Sheriff Guy.Prescription medication has also become a major problem throughout the county.  Its Round-ups like these  the sheriff says help the county track down suspects --- and hopefully put an end to illegal drugs and criminal activity.The round up began around 8:00 Thursday morning and wrapped up shortly after 5:00pm.  At least 8 people were taken into custody.
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July 4th Tennessee Arrest
My take on the July 4th Police DUI video that has been going viral the past week. Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-WMn_zHCVo&feature=player_embedded
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Amber Rowe accused of running over boyfriend in McMinn County TN
An Athens woman has been arrested after allegedly pulling her boyfriend out of his car and then running him over. WRCB says police were called to Parkview Trailer Park in McMinn County. 33-year-old Amber Rowe has been charged - with aggravated assault.
Ricky Carter arrested in McMinn County TN on arson charge
Authorities say a 56-year-old McMinn County man set his mother’s property on fire. The blaze damaged a home in Riceville in October 2013. Now Ricky Carter has been arrested on arson charges.
Pontiac Police Dept. shut down
Pontiac Police Dept. shut down
Sweetwater Meth Bust 6/10/08
Four arrested in Sweetwater meth bust
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Tennessee police, FBI searching for 14-year-old girl missing for two weeks
The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in finding a 14-year-old girl who has been missing for at least two weeks.
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San Jose Police Chief's evil twin brother "Beefy Garcia" stands tall with Scott the Protester
The American Public is not stupid Police Chief Eddie Garcia and they realize what you have done to silence the community from speaking up. So sad what you have done to the people that have it the hardest in our community. For years the City of San Jose played games with me and did nothing to support my constitutions rights. The City and Police Department lied on several internal reports, removed important information pertaining to my malicious prosecution, played "Hot Potato" with my complaints, and most of all "Stabbed" me in the back for trying to expose the towing SCAM's in our City. This came right from the TOP.... Fast Eddie Garcia.... and Powder Puff David Knopf.... The City of San Jose is trying everything to silence my political dissent. Several Civil Injunctions and Lawsuits are pending that are preventing me from exercising my 1st Amendment rights. The Police Department has taken even more of my personal property along with all of my Megaphones. Word from inside the Police Department is that the "BIG CHIEF" is willing to do what ever it takes to shut down free speech in San Jose. And yes folk.... that's with the full support of the Mayor and City Council.... The Peoples Republic of San Jose??? Thank you again for all of your support!! I really could not do this with you guys!! God Bless America!!
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Driver Injured In Officer-Involved Shooting
One person was injured in an officer-involved shooting in La Vergne. Reports from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated the shooting happened after an attempted traffic stop on Sand Hill Road Saturday afternoon.
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McMinn county classmates honoring teen killed in crash
The crashed killed 18-year-old Morgan Goldman and her 5 and one-year-old nieces.
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Exclusive | Obtained Video of Police Beating in Elkhart, Indiana
WANT MORE TRUE CRIME? : CHRIS WATTS ARREST VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To5_Hq1PSto --~-- On Nov. 2, the Elkhart, Indiana, Police Department released a 30-second clip of two officers beating a man in custody. Now we have the full 30 minutes, ending with the man leaving the police station on a stretcher. This investigation was produced in partnership with the South Bend Tribune, a member of ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network. Read the story here: https://propub.li/2zuEjQh
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TBI investigating misconduct complaint against Tullahoma police chief
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into a complaint involving alleged official misconduct against Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell.
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WilcoHess Armed Robbery
Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the man who robbed WilcoHess in Niota recently. Niota Police Officer John Amos reported that the man who entered the store, pulled a gun on the clerk and manager and then took off south on Interstate 75 in a white Kia Optima has not yet been identified. The suspect was wearing a blue hoodie and black pants when he committed the act. If anyone has information on the suspect, they can contact McMinn County E-911 at 745-3222.
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Sweetwater Public Schools Preparing Our Future
Sweetwater City Schools Entry for TSBA Student Video Contest. Student Video Contest 2012 theme "Tell Us How Public Education Prepares Tennessee Students for the Future"
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Loudon County Countywide Law Enforcement Rockwood Tennessee BOLO Alert
Loudon County Countywide Law Enforcement Rockwood Tennessee BOLO Alert
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Monroe County Drug Arrest
A man pulled over in Monroe County is found to have drugs in his car.
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Chattanooga police detective Michael Early arrested after alleged assault
A Chattanooga police detective has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife. Detective Michael Early is accused of head butting his wife during an argument. She told police that while they were staying in a hotel in Murfreesboro, he reportedly pulled her by the hair back to her room and then hit her. According to a police report, both appeared to be intoxicated. Early posted a $15 hundred dollar bond and is currently on paid leave from the police department.
Sexy Mcminn
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