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DARKCOIN mining performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X / R9 280X / R9 290 / R9 290X
DARKCOIN hardware mining review comparison charts - performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X VS R9 280X VS R9 290 VS R9 290X measured and compared. You can mine DARKCOIN with your graphics card and convert them into BITCOINS (BTC) or LTC. It is far more efficient to do than to just mine BITCOINS with video card. Charts shows mining performance of stock cards vs overclocked cards. Mining hardware performance will vary depending of your gpu speed and your miner config. You decide what rig to get for mining watching this video. Tested cards - latest and fastest AMD R9 SERIES CARDS Join in GAMING & BENCHMARKS & SweetFX mods community-https://plus.google.com/b/109742001994795218567/communities/110598602590445579038 Follow on Twitter - https://twitter.com/multitechnopark Like on Facebook - MultiTechnopark - GAMERS HEAVEN https://www.facebook.com/pages/MultiTechnopark-GAMERS-HEAVEN/611017988934562?fref=ts
Produção da GPU Radeon R9 280X VAPOR-X na pool MINERGATE!!!  Benchmarks... Mining...
E aí pessoal, beleza? A logo do canal ainda não ficou pronta, mas já tem vídeo novo! Confira no vídeo qual é a produção da GPU Radeon R9 280X Vapor-X utilizando o aplicativo da MinerGate para Windows! Gostou? Dê um joinha e inscreva-se!! Link do programa TechPowerUp GPU-Z - Link 1 - https://goo.gl/jAiXzd Link 2 - https://goo.gl/BkV9Lj (É só pular o anuncio) ______________________________________________ Gosta ganhar uns satoshis com as FAUCETs? Essas aqui eu já faço há muito tempo e continuam pagando certinho e muito bem: * FreeDogeCoin - https://goo.gl/MAuXzC (DOGECOIN) * FreeBitcoin - https://goo.gl/kRwZRu (BITCOIN) * CoinFaucet - https://goo.gl/A2hgSC (RIPPLE) * BonusBitcoin - https://goo.gl/TdWMTa (BITCOIN) * BitFun - https://goo.gl/gbGKhf (BITCOIN) * MoonBit - https://goo.gl/Hk3mFu (BITCOIN) * MoonDoge - https://goo.gl/Q6HQ5j (DOGECOIN) * MoonDash - https://goo.gl/CG6fcN (DASHCOIN) * MoonLite - https://goo.gl/zTpfnS (LITECOIN) * GoBits - https://goo.gl/77hmos (BITCOIN) * ClaimBits - https://goo.gl/Y1uqz5 (BITCOIN) * BTCForFreeToday - https://goo.gl/a86GrS (BITCOIN) * BTCForFreeSite - https://goo.gl/unBnKa (BITCOIN) * DailyFreeBits - https://goo.gl/x8V5k5 (BITCOIN) * BigBTCwin - https://goo.gl/5LBn23 (BITCOIN) * HotCoins - https://goo.gl/YWPHKT (BITCOIN) * GetFreeBTC - https://goo.gl/FjcjVh (BITCOIN) * Potcoin Lotto - https://goo.gl/e1f3au (POTCOIN) ______________________________________________________ Quer ganhar Monero (XMR) fácil??? 1- Para se cadastrar acesse https://freemonero.online/ 2- Clique em "Sign up to Spin!" 3- Preencha seus dados e no campo "Referral Code (optional)" coloque o código: 22723 4- Utilizando esse código você já ganha 0.0002 XMR só por se cadastrar! Aproveite!!! :) ______________________________________________________ Gosta ganhar uns satoshis com as FAUCETs? Essas aí estão com pouca propaganda e pagando bem! Confira: https://goo.gl/MAuXzC https://goo.gl/kRwZRu https://goo.gl/TdWMTa https://goo.gl/gbGKhf https://goo.gl/kRwZRu https://goo.gl/Sg5xRJ https://goo.gl/CvVuUm https://goo.gl/x78x4X https://goo.gl/G4PFL8 https://goo.gl/6t94zg https://goo.gl/D8E7AV https://goo.gl/eSrQdC https://goo.gl/fGZ19Q https://goo.gl/qLCYnH https://goo.gl/ydTbDB https://goo.gl/m2wSGb https://goo.gl/Mhz8bk https://goo.gl/1K9xjJ https://goo.gl/DxrNJe https://goo.gl/DzSgKb https://goo.gl/8fxXou https://goo.gl/MAuXzC https://goo.gl/gBueBY https://goo.gl/sgczBT https://goo.gl/itffkf https://goo.gl/htxHzc https://goo.gl/bG9sPw https://goo.gl/otbBje https://goo.gl/XS3pBE https://goo.gl/9kDc8F https://goo.gl/Dbo6jX https://goo.gl/m8AVn1 https://goo.gl/Se3gbn ___________________________________ 💗 Likecoin – Coins for Likes: https://likecoin.pro/@s1rh0wl3tt/chu8/gtg3
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Darkcoin -My config for X11 - now ONE r9 280x hashrate 6.4 Mh/s ))
Questions for the modification Sgminer on e-mail - [email protected] Time to improve your miner no more than 30-40 minutes.
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Pool de Mineração : https://www.bitcorepool.cc Site: https://bitcore.cc/ Forum bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1883902.0 Explore: https://insight.bitcore.cc/ Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcore/ WhatToMine: https://bit.ly/2qsSzod PLACAS GPU: Mineração GPU Nvidia: https://bit.ly/2qrsuXo Mineração GPU AMD: https://bit.ly/2qxcyTR LINHA DE COMAND: config.txt Stratum port stratum+tcp://bitcorepool.cc:1111 Nvidia cards using CCMINER ccminer-x64 -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp://bitcorepool.cc:1111 -u 1EDrvZ7kAUAYSvA6FQSrrokzdEuGdZYwCn -p x Nvidia cards using SPMOD2 ccminer -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp://bitcorepool.cc:1111 -u 1EDrvZ7kAUAYSvA6FQSrrokzdEuGdZYwCn -p x AMD cards using SGMINER sgminer.exe --kernel timetravel10 -o stratum+tcp://bitcorepool.cc:1111 -u 1EDrvZ7kAUAYSvA6FQSrrokzdEuGdZYwCn -p x -I 19 MINERADORA KRYPTEX CADASTRO MINERADORA KRYPTEX: http://bit.ly/2EujOI5 CADASTRO MINERADORA MINERGATE: http://bit.ly/2CaefxW CADASTRO MINERAÇÃO EOBOT: http://bit.ly/2qfGPUZ GRUPO DO WHATSAPP https://chat.whatsapp.com/63p0ZQW8kC1Byj9B3BqeN6 ACESSE NOSSAS REDES SOCIAIS FACE : https://www.facebook.com/canalmaisbitcoin/ TWITTER : https://twitter.com/maisbitcoin7
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Tether Hacked! Neo announcement! GRS up! Market update 21/11/2017
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Tether Hack: Coindesk - https://www.coindesk.com/tether-claims-30-million-stable-token-stolen-attacker/ “Critical announcement” - https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7eex7c/tether_critical_announcement_30950010_usdt_was/ Using Tether to pump Bitcoin BTC? - https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7eenzt/apparently_tether_blacklisted_the_30000000_usdt/ Tether emergency hard fork - https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7eeu4i/tether_emergency_hardfork_30000000_freshly_minted/ Scam allegations - https://www.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/7eeuwr/shocker_tether_claims_to_have_just_been_hacked/ Neo/NEX (Neo Exchange) announcement - https://twitter.com/neonewstoday/status/926013863216152576?lang=en NEX white paper - https://neonexchange.org/ GRS Groestlecoin - https://www.groestlcoin.org/ Twitter: @MPCrypto Say hi on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/686219461588259/ Music by Chillhop: http://chillhop.com/listen Deep - Palm Parallels - https://soundcloud.com/deeb Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify
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Ethereum Mining 6990 - Monero Gpu Mining
Ethereum Mining 6990 - Monero Gpu Mining More infos http://tinyurl.com/ux0hfd2i0a7 Special discount NVqi5O Bitcoin is genuinely a global currency that utilizes an open ledger process to record deals being submitted someone to another. Doing this happens without central financial institution in between and it is not controlled by government, controlling body, individual organization, or particular person. dash mining hashrate monero transaction time monero how dogecoin mining efficiency dogecoin cloud mining free ethereum mining distribution ethereum mining estimate
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