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This isn't really a cheat. It's more of an easter egg. This cheat was originally used in the game ourWorld, which was developed by the same team who made vegasWorld. STEPS: 1. Type in "test-mode 42" 2. Hit enter 3. Type in "cryptobiologist" 4. Hit enter Friend me on vegasWorld. My username is Skye Pie. WEBSITE I MADE: www.ourgemcodes.com GO HERE TO TALK TO ME www.gamecardpower.com/forums
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ourWorld FREE FLOW CHEAT (Test-Mode)
MY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/skyelogic MY FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/skyedepie MY BLOG: http://www.skyepie.com ------------------------------­------------------------------­-------- Step 1 - Sign into ourWorld Step 2 - Type in "test-mode 42" Step 3 - Type in "cryptobiologist" Step 4 - ENJOY YOUR FREE OURWORLD FLOW! Note: You'll gain more flow if you use this cheat daily. ------------------------------­------------------------------­-------- PLAY OURWORLD: http://www.ourworld.com OURWORLD BLOG: http://www.ourgemcodes.com
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Best ways to get gems for free in OurWorld
Best ways to get gems in OurWorld By: jonny27 Play Ourworld: http://web2.ourworld.com Ways to get gems: Ref. code Partners, such as Virool, Sponser Play, and SuperRewards Random videos Jun Group Flow: Type with spaces test-mode 42 cryptobiologist cheat Thancks for watching!
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our world test-mode 42
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OurWorld BR - Código De Flow
█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Jogo - OurWorld ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ Código De Flow Test-mode 42 Cryptobiologist ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ Trazendo dicas e tutoriais sobre diferentes jogos. ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ Duvidas sobre algo mande a mensagem na minha conta fake no OurWorld ( kirito2131 ) ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ Ou mande na Dollynho Fox (Conta Principal)
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ourworld cheats for flows
first type in test-mode 42 then click enter in the text box then type in cryptobiologist and click enter
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OurWorld-Auto Flow (trick) Better than test-mode 42 100% working!
Link: http://wolfsourworldcheats.blogspot.com/2009/12/flow-harvesting.html Hey people, animals, and other life forms! I'm here to introduce my FLOW CHEAT METHOD! :o This will take you through a nice step-by-step process. NoTe: This will work for Windows, I'm not sure about the Mac, Linux, and Fedora users out there. Give it a try if you know your way around your Operating System though! :D STEP 1: GET THE PROGRAM AND FILES ------------------------------------------------------------ First off all, we need the program and files. Use these links to download them. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THEM BOTH Note: I uploaded both of these files, no spyware, etc. is on here. File Name Info rsclient This is the program itself Quicksave This is the file with the lyrics. Download both of these files in the same folder, or use the Desktop. STEP 2: SET UP THE PROGRAM ------------------------------------- Now what we do is we open the program and get it into the right area. Click on rsclient.exe and two different things may pop up. If the screen on the left shows up, click Run. If the screen on the right shows up, lucky you! :P Anyways, once you get to the screen on the right, click the upper-left option, "Auto Typer" This should bring up a screen that looks like this: Now, use the shortcut Ctrl+O, or click on File, then click on Load Quick Save. Either way, your screen should now look like this: See in the lower left hand corner where it says "Message Rate"? Change the number to 10. STEP 3: UNLOCK YOUR COMPUTER: -------------------------------------------------------- * Right-Click on your Desktop * Click "Properties" on the Dropdown Menu * Click the "Screensaver" tab near the top of the window * Find where it says Wait: (some number) minutes * Change the number to "9999" * Hit OK STEP 4: HOW TO APPLY THIS ON OURWORLD: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * First off, you need to log in ourWorld * Click "Settings" in the Upper Right Hand Corner * Make sure nobody can enter your Condo * Change Stealth Mode to ON * Go to your condo * Save your current arrangement * Clear your furniture out (so you have a white room) * Click the chat bar * Press F12 * Turn off your monitor This will make your Avatar automatically sing 4 songs and repeat these 4 songs over and over again, so you get lotsa flow. Use these hacks when: * Your favorite show is on * You do homework NOTE: THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR LONG PERIODS. The flow percentage you get from each message goes down until you dont get any flow from it at all. (AKA refreshing is reccomended after each hour) ©xWolfofSorrow 2010
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OurWorld flow code and about a video i uploaded
Just type test-mode 42 than cryptobiologist and do that every day, because u get more flow every day...
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Our world new free flow cheat - New cheat on ourworld - Gain 150 FLOW IMMEDIATELY
New cheat on Ourworld - Gain 150 FLOW New cheat on ourworld.com- Gain 150 FLOW IMMEDIATELY Yes, get between 1 AND150 flow FOR FREE ONCE A DAY Type: Test-mode 42 Then Type: cryptobiologist The higher ur level = more flow I had to audo-swap the musi for copyight reasons lol Thank you to this website for recommending my video http://onlinegamesociety.com/ourworld-flow-cheat-50-flows-immediately/ Follow Me On Tumblr: http://thetardisandtheimpalaat221b.tumblr.com/ OR http://SonicScrewingTheDoctor.tumblr.com/
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OurWorld Cheat
SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbV5LAaU9YxUn2CUottySzQ ( I am ninja64 on ourworld)this cheat works 100% the word i said to write before is cryptobiologist that you write and enter after enter test-mode 42 you get more and more flows each time.
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How To Get 5 Flow On ourWorld - NO DOWNLOADS!
Here are the steps: 1) Log onto ourWorld 2) Wherever you are type test-mode 42 into the chat box 3) Press the enter key so it sends the message 4) QUICKLY type cryptobiologist into the chat box after you have typed in test-mode 42 5) Press the enter key so it sends the message 6) Get your 5 flow! If you don't get what I mean send me a message asking me. Please rate & suscribe ! :D
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OURWorld Gem Codes [NEW HACK]
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Easy flow Hack/Trick on ourWorld
My "How to get flow" Video:) easy way:) test-mode 42 cryptobiologist thanks for watching subscribe comment rate favorite;)
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OurWorld Flow Cheat that WORKS
C+P: test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist This works!!! Flow cheat for OurWorld
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ourworld flow cheat
IT WORKS!! and type test-mode 42 then enter then type cryptobiologist then enter and you can do it everyday and u get 5 flows and if u already got 5 flows then u have to keeping typing test-mode 42 then enter then type cryptobiologist then enter again and again and again then u will get more flows
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Ourworld-How to get flow fast everyday
If you don''t get it read this ----------------------------------------- 1:Type test-mode 42 2:Type cryptobiologist Then If it say's something random It was right and use this everyday to get flow everyday once a day!! ;D
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Here are some ourWorld secrets that you might not know about. 5. Throw Dungeon Keys 4. Collect flow on games while being idle 3. Turn invisible in Wonderland 2. Stand off the map on Boardwalk 1. Have a big head bug There's also the infamous test-mode 42 cheat. You can use it once per day for extra flow. If you use it everyday, you'll earn more and more flow. I think you max out at around 70 flow per day this way. Type: test-mode 42 *hit enter* Type: cryptobiologist *hit enter* Then there are 3 secret missions given to you by NPS's. If you throw stuff at an NPC, something cool might happen. Try it out and see what happens! WEBSITE I MADE: www.ourgemcodes.com GO HERE TO TALK TO ME www.gamecardpower.com/forums
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ourWorld Flow Cheat!
Name change to "Hobbit" Type in 'test-mode 42' in the chat bar, and then 'cryptobiologist' It works, you can get from 6-50 flow. Can be used once per day! *** I DID NOT DICOVER THIS, I JUST SEARCHED HOW TO LEVEL UP QUICKLY ON OURWORLD, AND I WENT TO http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_level_up_quickly_on_ourworld._com YUP!***
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Como conseguir "flows' no OurWorlds
olha a palavra: test-mode 42 enseguida escreva isso cryptobiologist Ps: dps do test-mode (tem um espasso) e 42 Se tiver duvida adc eu no Face Book https://www.facebook.com/Guilherme.G.Melo2013 meu nome no ourworld e 0oTNTo0
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OurWorld - Flow Cheat [ WORKS ]
The flow cheat ! i know its old but there are people that dont know this cheat so please dont be bad at comments ! Typ First: test-mode 42 Then typ: cryptobiologist Have Fun !
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our world.com flow glitch
Like, subscribe and comment! We are so sorry for typing wrong words in the vid but that because in our world we dont have free chat yet :( here are the right words: Words: test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist
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ourworld - 10 flow hack
Step by step guide: ---------------------------------------------------------- 1) log onto ourworld 2) in the chat box type: test-mode 42 3)then type : cryptobiologist 4) use your flow :) -----------------l Caution!!! l -----------------l Can only be used once a day
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Ourworld Basics-Flow Cheat
This is a basic OurWorld Cheat. This is a daily cheat meaning you can only do it once everyday. Type in: test-mode42 then type in : cryptobiologist Then check your flow!
Views: 143 Pinkgirlzebbi
ourworld fow cheat
this is a cheat for flow first u type in; [test-mode 42] then [cryptobiologist] then ull get 5-100 flow depending on your level. thnx fow wtching check my other vids of ourworld comment rate suscribe xD. byee
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How To Get Flow On OurWorld
1. you need to go on ourworld. 2. type test-mode 42 3. type cryptobiologist . 4. do it every day its gonna increase by 5 flow every day :D
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OurWorld Flow Cheat 2014
READ CAPTION: type in the chat : test-mode 42 then: cryptobiologist
The Ultimate flow hack on OurWorld
The video shows how to get flow faster on OurWorld.It is completely save and works for everyone.The web site is http://garyshood.com/rsclient/ Source: http://lastcookie.wordpress.com One more flow hack: First type test-mode 42 now type cryptobiologist You can use it once a day only. The first time you try it you get 10 flow. The second time 13. You get more and more flow each day. Note: I know this is an old cheat but some people still dont know about it. :P
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Ourworld gemcode and flow cheat!
Sorry bout da quaility....it wouls hav been better if i used my webcam but it was too difficult......today is the last day for the gemcode :D soooo hurry up.....ill put the new 1 almost everyweek.... Da cheat iz test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist
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OurWorld Flow Cheat 2012!!!!!!!!!
hey youtube i dident make videos before 2 months becuz i was boring O_o well here i am with a another video about flow cheat first type:test-mode 42 then type:cryptobiologist hav fun :)
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OurWorld Flow Cheat
Its Easy and fast u first type 1st:test-mode 42 2nd:cryptobiologist
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Ourworld Halloween 2017 | Spending spree
Ourworld: ourWorld is a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities. It was developed by FlowPlay, and is aimed at the teen and tween demographic _____________________________________________ Song:- --------------------------------- Recorded With:- Obs Stuido ---------------------------- Edited With:- Sony Vagas 13pro ----------------------- my partnership:- Freedom Family ------------------- Msp username:- 2Fps (Feel Free to Add me) ----------------- Tags(Igorne) ^.^ cold water ourworld, embrace our world, free gems ourworld 2016, kate spade ourworld, kk ourworld, ourworld, ourworld 2008, ourworld 2009, ourworld 2012, ourworld 2016, ourworld 2016 hack, ourworld 2016 halloween, ourworld 2017, ourworld 2017 cheats, ourworld 2017 hack, ourworld acc, ourworld account, ourworld account giveaway, ourworld account giveaway 2017, ourworld accounts and passwords 2017, ourworld amazing music video, ourworld amv, ourworld anime kitty, ourworld anime kitty group, ourworld away, ourworld banned, ourworld bento mystery box 2016, ourworld best, ourworld best friend song, ourworld bite, ourworld boardwalk glitch, ourworld bone collector, ourworld bonus level prizes, ourworld box opening, ourworld buy gems, ourworld character, ourworld cheat engine, ourworld cheats, ourworld cheats 2017, ourworld cheats 999.999 gems, ourworld codes, ourworld coin fountain, ourworld coin glitch, ourworld coin hack, ourworld coin hack 2017, ourworld contest, ourworld dance moves, ourworld dance planet, ourworld dance planet cheats, ourworld dance planet moves, ourworld dance planet songs, ourworld danielle, ourworld defend your nuts, ourworld defend your nuts flow cheat, ourworld diggy flow cheat, ourworld donny pie, ourworld earn coins, ourworld ease, ourworld eddy, ourworld edwin cheat, ourworld elevator, ourworld email, ourworld emails and passwords, ourworld emoticons, ourworld ep 1, ourworld episode 1, ourworld facebook, ourworld fashion show, ourworld flo's diner songs, ourworld flow, ourworld flow cheat, ourworld flow cheat 2017, ourworld flow farm, ourworld flow farming 2017, ourworld free account, ourworld funniest, ourworld game, ourworld game quitters, ourworld gem, ourworld gem box, ourworld gem cheat 2017, ourworld gem hack 2017, ourworld gems 2017, ourworld gift card codes 2017, ourworld giveaway, ourworld giveaway 2017, ourworld glitch, ourworld hack, ourworld hack 2017, ourworld high, ourworld how to get coins, ourworld how to get coins fast, ourworld how to get gems, ourworld how to get gems fast, ourworld how to get genie, ourworld how to level up faster, ourworld how to win the jackpot, ourworld inventory, ourworld inventory 2016, ourworld inventory 2017, ourworld irl challenge, ourworld item adder, ourworld item hack, ourworld item stealer, ourworld items, ourworld items for sale, ourworld ivanna, ourworld jackpot, ourworld jam, ourworld jenny, ourworld jokes, ourworld july gem code, ourworld jun group, ourworld katheryn, ourworld key, ourworld key cheat, ourworld key glitch, ourworld key locations, ourworld kpop, ourworld level 100, ourworld level 100 cheat, ourworld level 150, ourworld level 150 bonus, ourworld level hack, ourworld level map 150, ourworld level up cheat, ourworld level up cheats, ourworld lord diamond, ourworld love story, ourworld nesting, ourworld nesting 2017, ourworld nesting patched, ourworld net worth, ourworld network, ourworld news, ourworld nickdominates, ourworld noobs, ourworld obsidian key, ourworld offroad safari, ourworld offroad safari cheat, ourworld old songs, ourworld on android, ourworld opening gem box, ourworld opening mystery boxes, ourworld ost, ourworld outfit ideas, ourworld outfits, ourworld panda, ourworld panda box, ourworld pandamania, ourworld part 1, ourworld password hacker, ourworld pin codes, ourworld playlist, ourworld playtest, ourworld pregnancy story, ourworld purple, ourworld quit, ourworld quitters, ourworld random mashup, ourworld rares, ourworld ray, ourworld resident, ourworld resident cheat, ourworld rhythm, ourworld richest, ourworld rip, ourworld roleplay, ourworld romania, ourworld sad story, ourworld sara, ourworld scammer, ourworld scams, ourworld shifted, ourworld skeleton key dungeon, ourworld songs, ourworld soundtrack, ourworld speedpaint, ourworld story, ourworld summer, ourworld test mode 42 flow cheat, ourworld test-mode 42 & cryptobiologist, ourworld tips, ourworld toolbar, ourworld toxic beach, ourworld trading, ourworld trading cheat, ourworld trailer, ourworld tricks, ourworld tumblr, ourworld unlimited gems, ourworld unused gem codes, ourworld update, ourworld valentine, ourworld vamp teeth, ourworld vamp teeth cheat, ourworld vampire teeth, ourworld vamps, ourworld vanessa, ourworld veronica, ourworld videos, ourworld vines, ourworld volunteer, ourworld wedding, ourworld youtube, ourworld zenmate, ourworld zenmate 2017,
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OurWorld Flow Cheat
My name is XxJoshxX I recommend this site : http://lastcookie.wordpress.com/ 2 things to write: Test-mode 42 | cryptobiologist =) Simple
Views: 563 Jotaato
Ourworld flow cheats 2012 (working)
this video was stucked so i am telling you here first type "there was a flow glow" it will boost your flow and then type test-mode 42 then cryptobiologist. ok bye :I
Views: 360 Mahvash Baloch
*How to get free flow on ourworld (not hack) 2013 greek version*
test-mode 42 cryptobiologist :)
Views: 315 Dina Val
Ourworld Flow Cheats
1st step: type in your chat bar, Test-mode 42 2nd step: type in your chat bar, Cryptobiologist Thanks for watching!! Add me on Ourworld, Name is, Ssarahbbergin Subscribe me and go to my page for more videos of myself, Club Penguin, Ourworld, and Fantage. Thanks
Views: 98 DramioneLuverxD
OurWorld Flow Cheat
First- test-mode 42 second- cryptobiologist
Views: 166 xSkillzXDx
OurWorld Flow Cheat
Type in: test-mode 42 Type in: cryptobiologist FRIEND ME: KawaiiBluexo
Views: 44 HappyPotato87
Ourworld: how to earn flow
To all ya people who either play this game or just started, i wanted to do a ourworld playlist so i can help show people how to do stuff on ourworld or record random stuff with people like friends, and ow family. now heres the tips i said about earning flow ^_^ 1. Dance moves: by doing dance moves you can earn flow 2. Flow shovel: you dig for flow when you get a shovel ( btw its 101 gems in the shop) 3. Games: by playing games in the arcade you can earn flow ^_^ 4. Talking: by talking you can earn flow :) and finally 5. Flow cheats: flow cheats such as test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist( these are the flow cheats and theres only two of them :| ) Thank you and dont forget to add me and Subscribe ^_^
Views: 74 Yuki -Chan
how to get flow on ourworld
guys dont witte down cryptobiologist thnx no just cryptobiologist befor tht test-mode 42
Views: 18 123mikekool
Ourworld FLOW HACK!! Works 100% NO LIE (Check Description)
Words to say: 1. Test-mode 42 2. cryptobiologist LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!
Views: 100 Maggii
ourworld cheats 2012
first type in test-mode 42 then click enter and after that you type in cryptobiologist
Views: 40 chelseaana walk
Fast Way To  Get Flow Faster In Ourworld!
Type '' test-mode 42 '' (you can use it one in a day) Next Type '' cryptobiologist By:XxxmHaExxX
Views: 75 jeremyjermaine123
How to get free flow for ourworld
get free flow using these codes: test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist
Views: 76 Bl Bl
OurWorld Level up faster.
Test-mode 42 -Enter- Cryptobiologist - Enter - Thumbs up if it works . Thumbs down if You wanna get screamed at. Just kidding... *thinking*
Views: 17192 iiiRawr4u
Our world chets
first-test-mode 42 secinde-cryptobiologist how to be the fonder of our world-typ testing 123456 on your bio say scenda beroco lalado gem codes-ok dont now right now jk 1387901 codes for conis-N/A
Views: 82 XxbotdfxX1000
Ourworld Flow And Coins Cheat
test-mode 42 cryptobiologist
Views: 226 NGAx
Ourworld Tutorial
Hey there youtube! :D How are ya dern? Haha. Okay so this video is just a random tutorial on Ourworld.com The cheat codes are, Test-mode 42 and Cryptobiologist. They also have gem codes. Comment down below if you have any questions! I'll be glad to help you! You can also add me at MayonnaiseCrate. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/glubbglubbninja http://www.ourworld.com http://www.ourgemcodes.com
Views: 56 GlubbGlubbNinja
A Pryde Production 29 A.K.A. Thax as Koji's mother, Duke, Duke when possessed by Koji (main role) Zacsky as Koji (Ghost form), Kenji (main role) Pryde as Koji's father A tale of a student, Koji, who was left with unfinished business even in his afterlife, He wandered around aimlessly until he stumbled across his classmate, Duke, who believed in black magic. Duke altered his soul to enable spirits to capsule his body. Now, with the help of his best friend Kenji, will Koji beset Duke free and finally crossover for good? Disclaimer: I own the video and ALL the scenes within it. As for the songs, they are copyrighted and for entertainment or Flowplay's ourWorld contest submission purposes only. Enjoy! :)
Views: 3420 PrydeProduction
ourworld cheat
sorry i am not oing many videos but yh so i do nt relly have time please subscribe