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Arctic Adventure 5: Telegraph Creek
The road to Telegraph Creek is one of British Columbia's greatest roads, jaw dropping scenery, a hint of danger and a uncertain future. To steal a phrase every visit is potentially a last chance to see this great destination. So the http://OneWheelDrive.Net team takes a two day detour on our way to the Western Canadian Arctic. For the full article on this road visit: http://www.onewheeldrive.net/2009/08/13/challenges/ Director's Note: I'm unsure how this video will be received. Sometimes when you sit down to edit a piece, the outcome is obvious. You start, you look at the footage and say, "Yes, this will be a bike review portion of the series." This is not one of those times, the outcome of the Telegraph Creek video is a total surprise to me. For one, the pacing is different, taking the time to tell a story so this video is longer than the others. For two, it is a story of the area, featuring a road as destination. Lastly, there's a theme here, as we're exploring an area that seems to go from one industrial endangering crisis to another. The sad truth is, you'd best see this area while it survives intact. Or better see it, and tell other's what you've seen and take some time to look at the designs the BC Government and various mining interests have on the area: There are 11 projects currently under the Environmental Assessment Review on Tahltan territory. These projects are: - Galore Creek Mine proposed by Nova Gold Inc, - Red Chris Mine proposed by bcMetals and Red Chris Development Corp, - Mount Klappan Coal proposed by Fortune Minerals, - Kutcho Creek proposed by Western Keltic Mines Ltd, - Klappan Coal Bed Methane proposed by Shell Canada, - Rok Coyote Eddon proposed by Firesteel Resources, - Gnat Pass, - Schaft Creek proposed by Copper Fox Metals Inc, - Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric project proposed by Nova Gold Inc, - Foremore Mine project proposed by Roca Mines Inc, - GJ (Kiniskan) proposed by Canadian Gold Hunter Corp. Which promise to vivisect the area. This is endangered beauty, before you even consider the fact that two of these projects, the Klappan Coal Bed Methane proposed by Royal Dutch Shell (currently on hold) and Imperial Metals' Todagin Mine, area targeting the sacred headwaters of the Tahltan People and birthplace of three vital salmon rivers 3 great rivers (The Stikine, the Skeena, and the Nass). Indeed, imperials plan is to dump tailings into the Iskut headwater chain which feeds the Stikine. With the Salmon already decimated, this seems criminal to even the most modest intellect. So I present this video with the following encouragement; go out, ride the world, see great things, but learn about them and take the time to share what you learn. - Neil Johnston
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Sacred Headwaters
In remote northern British Columbia, the Sacred Headwaters is the shared birthplace of three of the province's greatest salmon rivers--the Stikine, Skeena and Nass. It supports an extraordinary population of large mammals, and it is the traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation. Numerous mining developments are proposed for the Sacred Headwaters, including a coal bed methane development spanning nearly one million acres and an open-pit gold and copper mine on Todagin Mountain, home to Stone's sheep. Learn about the Sacred Headwaters with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis and photographs by Paul Colangelo. To support this campaign, please visit sacredheadwatersjourney.com. Special thanks to Patagonia for making this video possible.
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London Activist Tell Fortune Minerals: Get out of the Sacred Headwaters! *The Indignants*
London, Ontario Activist Tell Fortune Minerals Head office: Get out of the Sacred Headwaters! Tell Fortune Minerals: Get out of the Sacred Headwaters! September 27th, 2013 at the Fortune Minerals HQ in "London", Ontario, Kanata. This action was in solidarity with the Tahltan Nation whose traditional territory is being occupied by Fortune Minerals. Fortune Minerals has proposed a 4000 hectare open-pit coal-mine that would destroy Klappan Mountain, which is part of unceded Tahltan hunting, trapping, and fishing territory. As well, Klabona (Tl'ab'ne), the Tahltan name for the Sacred Headwaters of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine rivers, is an area of immense cultural and spiritual significance for the Tahltan. Despite having signed an agreement with the Tahltan nation that is supposed to provide for joint provincial and First Nations decision-making in Klappan, earlier this summer the Government of BC issued Fortune Minerals the permits needed to begin the Environmental Assessment process. However, Canadian and BC Environmental Assessments do not adequately protect Indigenous rights or the environment. A mediator has been unilaterally hired to serve the interests of mining companies and enable the project to proceed by validating the project in the Canadian court system. The invasion of Klappan by the mining industry has resulted in a land rights battle as the Tahltan assert their ancestral responsibility to protect the land from environmental degradation. Tahltan Elders are the true, legitimate governing body of the region. Even though Fortune Minerals has threatened to seek an injunction to remove Tahltan protestors from their ancestral lands, Tahltan Elders vow to remain in the camp where they have been protesting for more than a month now. Protestors in "London", ON gathered to sing songs, speak to people on the street, and send messages of support to the Tahltan. Fortune cookies containing messages that demand Fortune Minerals respect Indigenous rights were also made and delivered to their HQ in person. There protestors met the private security Fortune Minerals had hired for the event and when they requested to speak with a representative of the company they were denied. At the end of the day, the message was clear: "Fortune Minerals, Leave Klappan!" Filmed and Edited by Mike Roy Recorded in London, Ontario Canada (27thth 2013) The Indignants (Media group) Twitter: @theindignants http://www.theindignants.org http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Indignants/257145594327281 Media Co-op (Media group) http://www.mediacoop.ca/author/mike-roy http://www.mediacoop.ca/search/node/mike%20roy Occupy Toronto Media http://www.facebook.com/OccupyToronto http://www.occupyto.org
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American Flag Mountain 360
On top of american flag mountain in Colorado doing a 360 with my camera.
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Crossing the Stikine
Jesse Boyd crosses the Stikine River in Northern British Columbia enroute to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on a bicycle.