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Immersive Technologies' Training Simulator for Cat Trucks

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Learn more about Immersive Technologies' training simulator for Cat trucks (785C, 789C, 793C, 785D, 789D, 793D, 797 VIMS): https://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products/Training-Simulator-Modules/Caterpillar-785C-789C-793C-785D-789D-793D-797-Haul-Truck.htm Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulator for the Caterpillar 797 haul truck. This equipment training simulator also supports the Caterpillar 785C,789C,793C,793D haul truck models. This training simulator utilizes real Caterpillar controls and instrumentation and was developed with proprietary technical information from Caterpillar.
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Charles Oliveira (3 months ago)
I think that the most amazing is to see the operator do Park Brake test, TCS test and inspection. This is very helpful to us.
HeyItsKevin (5 months ago)
This is aweaome i just got a job at one of the biggest open pit copper/gold mines in the USA. Ill be driving on one of these simulators very soon. :)
Adam Zaidi (7 months ago)
My phone has better graphics than that.
Suresh Das (9 months ago)
Caterpillar 240 ton cab future show
dove lo prendi
GoatMinecraftPolska (3 years ago)
Soso Jojo (3 years ago)
سعر العبة
Amanda Scarberry (3 years ago)
were can you buy it at
Javierre Reyes (2 years ago)
Amanda Scarberry h
ImmersiveSimulators (3 years ago)
+Amanda Scarberry - depending on your location you can call one of our 14 regional offices for more information: http://www.immersivetechnologies.com/contact/
Amanda Scarberry (3 years ago)
were can I buy it at
K2 Gamez (3 years ago)
K2Gamez and look my HomeMade Truck and Racing Simulator =D
Hong Vamp (4 years ago)
It has a good!
Caleb Schnur (5 years ago)
I what it in my house to it is really cool you can even drive a regular truck or car
ImmersiveSimulators (5 years ago)
Immersive Technologies is the world’s leading provider of equipment simulator training products to the mining and earthmoving industries. Rather than undergo training in the actual equipment, operators learn in a highly-realistic simulator allowing the transition to the real machine to be completed faster and with more confidence. Email [email protected] for more information and to schedule a demo.
Alexis Riberdy (5 years ago)
Lars Bazen (6 years ago)
how much costed this in total?
jmtaylor556 (6 years ago)
That is incorrect catarpillar, unlike other mining trucks are 100% diesel powered mechanical drive. Not diesel over electric
XeN Frag (6 years ago)
the best :D
Domagoj176 (6 years ago)
coolest thing that you dont know about this huge trucks is that they are using electrical engine, so disel engine is hooked up to huge dynamo witch produces electrical power and than it transfers power on electric motors witch spins wheels
allan mafi (6 years ago)
wanted to know what would happen if someone knocked on ..
cantstandzya (6 years ago)
Needs zombies in this game
cantstandzya (6 years ago)
Will this game be coming out on Xbox 360?
SF DE (6 years ago)
Dear Santa...
K11vr (6 years ago)
ليش تسب الله يصصلحكك ؟ :D
الحمد لله لقيت تعليق عربي خخخ ابو كلب
K11vr (6 years ago)
آبو كلللب :\
Gummobear (6 years ago)
That's cool as shit! Thanks for sharing.:)
JoNniixD (6 years ago)
Want this!!!
Josh Brearley (6 years ago)
get your HR and apply at drilling companies, do it for 6 months then start ringing civil and bulk earthworks contractors, ring them each week, make sure they know you are keen etc etc etc. its the 2 p's patience and persistance.
gordana6506 (7 years ago)
me to
MilMike (7 years ago)
they should make a mmorpg version of this
Klexi (7 years ago)
not bad but this is fucking awsome!
Dan Patch (7 years ago)
I had a play on this simulator at Aimex this year. It is an excellent piece of kit and very close to how the real thing feels and responds.
Steve McIntyre (7 years ago)
where did you get it
cornishrob123 (7 years ago)
i was always taught that retarder should never be used to stop at slow speeds should always use the foot brake?
Gavin84w (7 years ago)
@cornishrob123 aghhhh, no, that is what you are meant to do.
Jersey (8 years ago)
@hellish200808 mate that's what it's all about taking care of your family,if you know anyone that's in the mines hit them up they might be able to talk to someone who can pull a few strings to get you in.well take it easy mate hope you get there,remember don't give up and take any job that will get you in the door through subcontractors.lets me know you do mate.later
hellish200808 (8 years ago)
@brotherhood984 thanks man!!!, i prob do hands on training soon as i have the time, get a feel for the machines...in the mean time gotta support my fam.
Jersey (8 years ago)
@brotherhood984 get any position u can.Drillers offsider any low level mine entry job.You'll be put on a 3 to 6 months probation if you work hard and the mining company likes your work they'll put u onto there books full time,then they'll train u up in different courses and mate they pay for all of them,I don't know were you live but i live in australia brisbane and there r a lot of new mines opening up 1 mine i know of wants 3000 workers to start up at the beginning.
Jersey (8 years ago)
@hellish200808 i wouldn't stop trying because of a few nock backs you spent the money & the time give it a real go,because once you get in the money is awesome.i asked my uncle who's been working in the mines for over fifteen yrs he said it better to have done the dumpy course cause it gives you an advantage over people who want to do the same thing too but don't have any experience.the best way i heard is to work 4 a small company that does subcontracting for the mines get any position ucan
hellish200808 (8 years ago)
@brotherhood984 i agree with u on that sir, i tried applying for an operator in the mines and small contruction projects with this simulator training certificate ,and with safety certificates no luck so gave up on that :(...best bet is to take hands on training..even though u would have to start on small projects..work ur way up the ladder till u get a good quality job, prob take u few yrs...the simulator training just gives u a basic idea of the machine i guess..but it was easy as driving a car
Jersey (8 years ago)
@hellish200808 i was told its a waste of time taking a course because after completion of the course the chances of getting a job as a dump truck driver is next to nil.They want you to have at least 5yrs experience
cornishrob123 (8 years ago)
he used retarder to stop ? is that not naughty
SgtSkullFog (8 years ago)
would be funny if someone try to blame it on lag LMAO
Frollic (8 years ago)
don't put studs in a simulator, let'em practice in a real veichle
fordlukebo (8 years ago)
@dannyking98 MORE THAN THAT.
Mr. Ocean (8 years ago)
no it dose not cost one million the real life trucks cost like 5-8 million
hellish200808 (8 years ago)
when learning how to drive these trucks u have to know the gauges, switches, light indicators, steering, breaking functions, also the emergency procedures know ur walk around inspection, function of oil systems and air tanks, its easy im taking a course i know all the things i need to know in just 1 week, any one can do it, i think it will feel good with all that hourse power in my control, maybe boring but its good cash for that nice car!!! gotta know what ur doing it dangerous, injury,deaths.
Marko Trninic (8 years ago)
@stefangrujicic Imas kod kineza za 300 dinara
pyramyde1 (8 years ago)
@topbench that is a bit of alot of money right? im in europe and in euros that is a lot 2 b paid every hour
Dennis Schimpf (9 years ago)
kann man das kaufen - wenn ja wo?
Dennis Schimpf (9 years ago)
where can i buy it ?
Rob Erto (9 years ago)
@shortthrow50 haha dont see that i'm about to start my new job driving these! :P
shortthrow50 (9 years ago)
@scorchedsound dude. i didnt do any simulator training. i did it many years ago after i got out of the military. I dont understand why someone would need a simulator to learn to drive off road trucks anyway. they have trainer seats in them. its either in your blood or it isnt. didnt mean to offend you. I made a statement on my opinion about the severe boringness of the job.
Niall Barker (9 years ago)
is that lever on the steering wheel the brake?
shortthrow50 (9 years ago)
driving these trucks is fun for like 2 days. After that it is a very boring and repitious job. Nothing like going in circles all day. Glad i dont do it anymore
quackbeef (9 years ago)
this looks like fun, but i am sure in real life it isn't....

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