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How To Trade Cards in Pokemon TCG Online

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IF THIS TUTORIAL HELPED YOU PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Trading g cards in Pokemon TCG Online is actually a fairly complex process. In this video I will be showing you how to trade cards online, and explaining what things like the 'For Trade' button is and what it does. Trading cards is a very important part of the Pokémon TCG, so knowing how to do it right is important for any beginner! Thanks for your support!
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Text Comments (143)
a noob (3 months ago)
sooo.... i cant trade my dusk mane gx for ash greninja ex?
MISCHIEF (7 months ago)
When I go to trade they say that I need the trade to be equal? Is there a way to not have that because when I search at trades they show trades where people have like 25 packs for 1 card or 25 commons for 1 rare? I am confused. AND NEW
Garrison Bullard (7 months ago)
my trade button is blacked out, and I can't click on it. why is this?
Capelock Chambers (9 months ago)
Trade button wont even show Help please
Emrino 24 (1 year ago)
I dont have a trade button
Memzy64u (1 year ago)
the trade button you click to go to the trade screen is blacked out. What do i do?
Ye Olde Dova King (1 year ago)
This video was very helpful! I finally know why I can't trade some of my cards. Keeps up the good work man
Kutoy (1 year ago)
Why can't I do Booster Packs I earned thoooo
Mike Flint (1 year ago)
I want to know how to make offers to players in the lobby with out adding them has a friend
Dyel (1 year ago)
Cant i trade cards i have gotten from packs in the virtual store because i just got the sun and moon golden ultra ball and i dont need it
Martin Weldon (1 year ago)
for me the trade button on the menu(not on the card in the collection) isn't highlighted
William Wang (1 year ago)
I trade solgaleo-GX for sceptile-EX
William Wang (1 year ago)
I have shaymin EX and kingdra EX
William Wang (1 year ago)
R Animates what's your username?
RealxSt T (1 year ago)
trade with me i will give you lunala GX and ash greninja ex for any ex or gx
Votric (1 year ago)
Anyone willing to trade a popplio? I NEED ONE SO BAD
GTnzdkaizer (1 year ago)
i dont have 2 arrows
Madden Lag (1 year ago)
how do you change your age
shadowmatrix77 (1 year ago)
hey it says i can only trade cards of the same worth where do i change that?
グェンジェシカ (1 year ago)
Dabide Woke (1 year ago)
angelfuck (2 years ago)
where can i see the card i got in return from a trade ?
PhantomThiefJoker (2 years ago)
How do you disable like for like trading?
Austinarcher10 (2 years ago)
Is there a scale to know what online cards are worth? If I wanted to trade an EX card, how would I know what would be an equal trade if I wanted packs etc....
Kobbypop0 Growtopia (2 years ago)
i got a gardivore ex
JJ Jones (2 years ago)
i can put things up for trade but cant accept it says my trades are set to limited and can be changed at pokemon.com but i dont know where to go on the site to fix it. Help
Zeke Polaris (2 years ago)
Well I did this and the game says that one of the packs that I got, never was bought.. But everything else shows up just fine.
Zeke Polaris (2 years ago)
The game don't look like this anymore.. Update?
Le Chaix (2 years ago)
Hey, when I signed in this afternoon all my trade offers were cancelled and someone named "YouGotMudKipped" took nearly all my tradeable cards in a private trade while my PC was shut down. He took more than 25 Pokemon EX, 10 full art Trainer and 15 booster packs without me accepting it. What should I do? Please help me.
Victoria Loh (2 years ago)
Oh man, I was too late when I logged-in. Hope the techhelp will resolve this.
Justin Lundsteen (2 years ago)
+Victoria Loh I realized quickly enough I got phished so luckily I could get in and change my password before they could.
Victoria Loh (2 years ago)
This person changed my pokemon trainer club acc details as well. I can't login to reset.
Justin Lundsteen (2 years ago)
+Victoria Loh already sent in a support ticket and found them in the public lobby in the game to report there as well.
Victoria Loh (2 years ago)
Yeah, i've sent a mail to tech support. Do send a mail to them as well
K-Nine (2 years ago)
Someone please help me.  I used to play the Pokémon TCGO online a long time ago.  And then I quit, cuz the game wasn't working on my old computer and then I was just playing the physical game.  Then I quit that cuz it was getting too expensive.  I've gotten back into the TCGO and now it's completely a completely different setup.  I have been playing for a few weeks now.  But why am I so limited to what Pokémon I'm allowed to trade?  I used to be able to trade to everything and now I'm stuck with only a select few.  Please someone tell me why this is.
Rocky Maldonado (2 years ago)
If the cards have locks on them, that means you opened them up from untradable packs that the game gave you from either daily log-ins or rewards. If the cards don't have locks on them, that means they're tradable and you got them either from booster pack codes or won them from in-game Tournaments. If they all have locks on them, then that just means you got them from untradable packs and you won't ever be able to trade them. Just the way the game works. If the cards are tradable, but don't show up in the Trades section, then make sure they're marked "For Trade" in your Collection.
BenjaKnight (2 years ago)
How 2 Gaming please reply! When i try to trade something for my ex it says like for like trading what does that mean?
The Wayward Spiral (2 years ago)
1:14 What are you talking about? There are no "Ranked Online Play", there's only versus and tournament. And they only way I could get cards that are not free or from daily login is to buy the booster packs and the cards still can't be traded! What the hell man? There is not a single card I can trade, all of them are locked!
The Wayward Spiral (2 years ago)
I can't play the tournament, it says I have to wait 3 weeks since the steam siege booster packs just released...
The Wayward Spiral (2 years ago)
There are challenges though but it's impossible to complete, I have to win 1 match with a theme deck with water type Pokemon but the only theme decks I'm given are other types and I can't create my own "theme" deck so I'm stuck at level 0 even after playing hundreds of versus matches.
Sinko Kissa (2 years ago)
i cant trade my full art seismitoad ex ;-;
Jennajujube (2 years ago)
I don't have that option...?
Dub Tulips (2 years ago)
I traded a pyroar for a mega ex card
swiperboy sb (2 years ago)
Ili Dafi (2 years ago)
Ok but how do i get grayninja
Ccheung12 (2 years ago)
When i go on the game, the game doesn't even let me go into the place to trade cards, like where the trade place is under collection and deck manager, I click the trade button but the game doesn't send me there. Can someone please help me???!!!
NintendoCraft (2 years ago)
Whenever I go to search for trades, no matter what filters I put on or take away, nothing ever comes up. Anyone know why this is happening?
Young Warlock (2 years ago)
The pokemon i get from codes cannot be traded why is this?
How 2 Gaming (2 years ago)
FOR ALL THOSE WONDERING WHY THEY CAN'T TRADE THIER CARDS (ARE LOCKED) I EXPLAINED IT HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAe_ixqvjGY I also show how to get free Tradeable booster packs! Thumbs Up so others can see! :D
mahdi samater (1 year ago)
How 2 Gaming v
OmiComics (2 years ago)
How 2 Gaming on iOS the trade option isn't even there
Firestallion68 (2 years ago)
thank you I was confused now I can get a G ible since I already ad garchomp and the middle one I forgot
BobTheWizard (2 years ago)
still all my pokemon are locked... why is this? i opened packs and still cant trade them
Monster Hunter 3 U (2 years ago)
Un check the filters
GamingRat565 (2 years ago)
It has a lock on all of my cards!! Please help I need to get rid of it
Firestallion68 (2 years ago)
+Firestallion68 trade I mean autocorrect
Firestallion68 (2 years ago)
I just found out you can't face cards bought with tokens I.e. from packs which sucks
Carl Zhang (2 years ago)
Does Trading cost more tokens now?
MegaBLASTER OfPokemon (2 years ago)
i was tradeing that guy
Paul Luap (2 years ago)
why does the trade button never appear on any of my cards ? what does that mean ?
Creetzy (2 years ago)
i had a gengar EX full art, but it was trade locked, rip
artzy_boy (2 years ago)
I tagged cards for trade but couldn't click the trade button
Yussif Abdelhamed (2 years ago)
when i try to trade it says im on limited, please help
Leo De Lion (2 years ago)
thanks for the help
Paul Walpole (2 years ago)
if you have just started the game then you wont have tradable cards. these are free cards and will remain your base i presume forever. if you cannot trade check you trainer center (the official page where you created account, not the online game site) to ensure you have trading open as option. trading is in those options with chat and purchasing etc. PTCGO noob but feel free to add me in game Gam5440. hope that helps some people
Andonio Idolo (2 years ago)
omg dude i understand now, I LOVE YOU
Andonio Idolo (2 years ago)
hi i need help dude, im stuck cause i can't trade my card, cause it say that the trade need to be similar, and check the filter on www.pokemon.eng, but i don't ind filters, why??
Some cards doesn't has the trade icon and I can't do it on the private way. Can you help me please?.
Sammy (2 years ago)
you can't trade cards you brought online.
WrestlingAndShit (2 years ago)
can u buy tokens >
How 2 Gaming (2 years ago)
+WrestlingAndShit Nope, but if you live in Canada you can buy gems- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rJVDUA5enI
Amuduat (2 years ago)
Wow i got a locked mew ex and i wanted to trade it -.- i got lots of ex people want but its locked ;(
Guilherme Girola (2 years ago)
in my TCG Online i can't trade, it's blacked out (and by blacked out, i mean, VERY dark green). HELP FOR THE LOVE OF FUKING GOD!
Garrison Bullard (7 months ago)
me too, did you figure it out?
Guillaume Degunst (2 years ago)
same problem
Anthony Hernandez (2 years ago)
my cards dont have the trade symbol on them
TheOrangeCreeper (2 years ago)
Thanks! I traded 3 breakthrough booster packs for a Mega Charizard EX Secret Rare. You got a new sub.
Chompski (2 years ago)
Why do my cars all cant be traded?
Doukz (7 months ago)
yeah, it really sucks. I had a plan that, since all the fates Collided packs I'd been getting weren't giving me any servine I would just trade a Serperior I got from the deck for one. Easy as that- I have like four Snivy and four Serperior, all I needed was two Servine and I'd be set to add them to my future deck. But.. Nah. Can't trade them. Any of them. I have three different kinds of Serperior cards and I can't trade any of them. But that's... That's fine... I only have a few tradeable cards, so I'll just get rid of my spirit links for something worth it, I guess.
ChillyBear PlayZ (9 months ago)
Chompski it says that i cant make a trade because of rarity and change your settings. What do i do ?
lizardgod 101 (1 year ago)
I bought a bundle for 600 tokens with a promo and 3 packs , I pulled a gardivor EX , I don't use fairy type in my decks so I wanna trade it , but it has a lock , I bought it with my own tokens to get a EX I won't use and I can't trade , so its just sitting their
Enkii Muto (2 years ago)
Quite unfortunate that they are seen as "free" cards. It is not really free if you had to grind and put effort, it was an achievement of some sort. Imagine how ridiculous on an MMO such as say, Dofus or World of Warcraft, you grind for quite some time do drop an item or just to collect things, then you build an item with them and... you can't trade them.
How 2 Gaming (2 years ago)
+Amitiel Check 0:58 - it is explained there
Hythonwolf400 (2 years ago)
i play ranked ladder matches often, but any cards or booster packs i earn from them aren't tradable
Sethuram Sanjai (2 years ago)
you must have 2 same pokemon cards like take a pikachu card you must have another pikachu card to trade
永夜火影& (2 years ago)
But how to get card unlock I don't get it
King Arthur (2 years ago)
I cant trade. when i click the social-menu nothing comes up. :-(
FranHDV (2 years ago)
but how do i getNon-locked cards? :s
Leonardo Turtle (2 years ago)
that sucks D:
How 2 Gaming (2 years ago)
+Leonardo Turtle Yep thats right. If they are bought with tokens they cannot be traded. Sorry :(
Leonardo Turtle (2 years ago)
+How 2 Gaming so packs I buy through the shop cant be traded?
How 2 Gaming (2 years ago)
+Ezreal Piltover https://youtu.be/-YuFopUewbM?t=1m10s
FranHDV (2 years ago)
OMG THX SO MCH :D get it now xD
FranHDV (2 years ago)
it says i dont have enough cards to trade when i click "for trade" wtf :c
CreativeUsername (2 years ago)
How do I turn off like to like trading?
King Cold (2 years ago)
Hey it's very irritating that you can't trade with cards you purchase with coins you earn ingame. I mean cmon! It's virtual, I'm spending a lot of time and effort earning those coins!. I should be able to trade repeats of rares and whatnot to complete a set :/ You should really include that point in your video (Sorry if I missed it), It's a huge let down that I can't trade. You don't get genuine pokemon cards for purchase in my country. :( For some of us to redeem these codes /Endingrant (Thanks for listening)
Michael Lol (2 years ago)
How do you get tradable cards !?
Arjun Wilasra OVO (2 years ago)
i cant get my cards on trade
Dano GD1 (3 years ago)
Dano GD1 (3 years ago)
~WillR~ (3 years ago)
I opened a pack and I can't trade Pokemon that I got in it it has padlock :( pls help
XenoSphere Gaming (3 years ago)
I got a card that I won in a booster pack from an online battle. It's padlocked and says "You don't have enough cards of that type available for trade" when I click it. What does this mean? Will I never be able to trade it?
Jacob Charles (2 years ago)
You can only trade a card you have two of
Sam Farmer (3 years ago)
guys for some reason i have the for trade button but when i click it it says that i do not have enough of that card to trade mark it wtf someon help
Sethuram Sanjai (2 years ago)
guys you must have 2 same pokemon cards to trade
CAKASH12 (2 years ago)
It has to be a card that you won from tournament
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
I have cards that I can trade and i have marked them but, the buttox is greyed out still why?
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
Axew (3 years ago)
thanks bro
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
+ImRed Norsk Gaming go to pokemon.com then look around settings menus till you find the tcgo settings and then give you all permissions that will allow you to trade
Axew (3 years ago)
+Shinx7009 ME TOOO!!!! HELLP!
bradas86 (3 years ago)
So you can't trade cards that you've bought with your in game coins? I bought a deck with the coins that I had won and the cards are still locked?
Buyo (2 years ago)
The FLASH (2 years ago)
can't trade with packs you've bought with coins. only packs you can trade is the rewards you get from tournaments
Buyo (2 years ago)
+Franky Cruz same question...waiting
The FLASH (2 years ago)
+How 2 Gaming yes as in you can't or yes as in you can?
Franky Cruz (3 years ago)
+How 2 Gaming I've bought like 15 boosters and I cant trade any of the cards from those boosters, what is the problem?
Daniel Bunnell (3 years ago)
in my case i can't trade online with pact bought from the store but what about cards pacts i win?
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
+How 2 Gaming i need some help: I have cards that I can trade and i have marked them but, the buttox is greyed out still why?
Daniel Bunnell (3 years ago)
That sucks I kept buying packs and getting free codes and winning pacts from trainer challenge just to find out that i can't trade anything  until i am good enough to last in a tournament to get a pact in wins darn that will be a while lol thanks
How 2 Gaming (3 years ago)
+Daniel Bunnell Packs & Cards won from Tournaments or from the Mystery Gift feature in Versus can be Traded
Jaka Kranjc (3 years ago)
In my case there is the trade sign but every card is locked even the ones i bought in a deck.
Jaka Kranjc (3 years ago)
+How 2 Gaming where do i have to buy the packs then ?
How 2 Gaming (3 years ago)
+Jaka Kranjc If you got the cards or deck from the in-game shop they will be untradable
But me I don't have the trade button on the cards
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
+Naruto same help me
mela the cat (3 years ago)
But me I don't have the trade button on the cards
Joshua Molina (3 years ago)
+Brian Caro That explains why I can't trade my rayquaza ex :(
Brian Caro (3 years ago)
+Naruto mela the cat Check from 0:56
Brian Caro (3 years ago)
+Naruto If the card is blocked, most commonly from 5 cards booster packs you cant trade them. Those cards have a grey paddlock icon where the number of copies of that card you have is.
Yea" help my :( But me I don't have the trade button on the cards

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