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Yoonla With Bing Ads. How I Make $30 Per Day

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How to promote Yoonla With Bing ads. A Tutorial of how i make $30 per day. ► ED NEWMANS COURSE ◄ https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/q5ghh/0 ► JOIN YOONLA FOR FREE ◄ http://www.clkmg.com/AndyHafell/yoonla ► CLICKMAGICK 14 DAY FREE TRIAL ◄ https://clickmagick.com/go/andyhafell ► GET MY COURSE HERE ◄ http://andyhafell.com/Free-Beginner-Course ———MORE VIDEOS ABOUT YOONLA——— ► FULL YOONLA + BING ADS TUTORIAL ◄ https://youtu.be/1GWwTZn1NnM ► FIND THE BEST KEYWORDS FOR BING ADS ◄ https://youtu.be/xx8ZG5Adi60 ► ADVANCED TRACKING IN YOONLA ◄ https://youtu.be/CbbDM7nJwf4 DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM THIS, OR ANY OF MY VIDEOS. I'M JUST SHOWING YOU DIFFERENT WEBSITES AND METHODS THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF MAKING MONEY. YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. ALSO IF YOU SEE ANY LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION, IT IS A HIGH CHANCE IT IS AN AFFILIATE LINK. Contact me: [email protected]
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Text Comments (81)
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
Julia Speer (1 month ago)
Can you explain what you did for all 3 URL boxes? I cant figure it out.
Andy Hafell (1 month ago)
Go to my Yoonla Tracking video, check the description, shows everything :)
so when I create the ad, it doesn't look like it launches? I can't seem to find a button that says apply or something to make it go live? Please reply
Hi its Chris (3 months ago)
Great video! I am using bing for ClickBank and the keyword spy is gonna be super useful for me! Thanks!
Ronald Sarmiento (2 months ago)
can you contact me skype live:jocelynmcbride
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
Happy to help
The Lone Wolf (3 months ago)
Direct linking is not permitted and Bing will pause your campaign when they find out.
MsGlamTV (3 months ago)
I need help with getting my tools set up please. If you help I will use your referral code
MsGlamTV (3 months ago)
i did get both services just need to get setup
Andy Hafell (3 months ago)
I will help you as much as i can, just send me a message when you've upgraded and you're flying under my wings :)
Thanks . I placed my first Bing ad and got two clcks. Your tips are great. I amd going to test them
Emma Marie (4 months ago)
for yoonla do you really need to set up a yahoo business account?
Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
Houzepha Taheraly (4 months ago)
Don't you use adwords ?
Houzepha Taheraly (4 months ago)
Adwords are very stricts are thing in this sort of case. My landing page was rejected because of "malicious software"
Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
It's most likely gonna cost you a lot more. However, there are most likely strategies you can use to advertise on Adwords as well. Copying this tutorial and making it on adwords could be a good strategy
Houzepha Taheraly (4 months ago)
Why sir ? It's not better than Bing Ads ?
Andy Hafell (4 months ago)
Lafaraz Fernandes (4 months ago)
Hey Andy, I tried to directly link linking my Yoonla affiliate page in my Bing campaign and my ad is instantly getting disapproved for “Prohibited Services”. Any idea what is causing this?
Sesha Ravi (3 months ago)
One easy way is to use <yourwebsite.com> in Bing ads and configure domain redirect to your Yoonla general link in your Yahoo Small Business Hosting service panel
Richard Reid (3 months ago)
It could be the wording of your add, did you have "yoonla" anywhere in the text as they will decline it for that.
Dan Tetreault (5 months ago)
What is Yoonla. Never heard of it! Is it an ad agency?
Richard Reid (3 months ago)
Yoonla is a platform that shows complete beginners how to make money online with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. ... For example, when someone fills out a web form through your unique link, you get paid a few bucks depending on the individual CPA offer
Bernard Peel (5 months ago)
Hey Andy. Great video. Notwithstanding the great points you made, would it not make sense (for some) to outsource the writing and management of Bing ads to someone, say, on Upwork?
Andy Hafell (5 months ago)
Sure, Hiring a copywriter isn't a bad idea. Just depends how much you wanna spend, because they don't come cheap.
Candy Matcha23 (5 months ago)
Bing says "The domain in this display URL does not match the landing page URL". How do you go about using your own ".com" in the ad, then sending them to Yoonla url (opt-in). Have you had any issues? Can you give some tips. Thanks
Sesha Ravi (3 months ago)
One easy way is to use <yourwebsite.com> in Bing ads and configure domain redirect to your Yoonla general link in your Yahoo Small Business Hosting service panel
All that fit (5 months ago)
Based on your experience,what converts better between bing ads and solo ads to generate more comissions with yoonla?Can I believe to get a ROI using either of the above ads if I upgrade to elite membership?
J Williams (6 months ago)
Do you know where to find Bing coupons for older accounts?
Sunset (6 months ago)
Bing says "The domain in this display URL does not match the landing page URL". How do you go about using your own ".com" in the ad, then sending them to Yoonla url (opt-in). Have you had any issues? Can you give some tips. Thanks.
Anders Larsson (6 months ago)
Do you get paid per lead on the capture page?
Andy Hafell (6 months ago)
Yes per lead.
Anders Larsson (6 months ago)
Could use some aid please? My trouble is that I receive many clicks that isn't tracked by a jscript traffic tracker. So I think there are some bots hitting my ads. Do you know of any public ip list I can insert in my bing ads ip exclusion list. If not I will create a simple script myself that I will give to my subscribers. I just want to know first if it is worth doing this?
Anders Larsson (6 months ago)
I agree with you or maybe there are many but you don't realize they are Scandinavian :)
Andy Hafell (6 months ago)
I'm Norwegian actually. Always wanna befriend more Scandinavian marketers. Not too many of them out there!
Anders Larsson (6 months ago)
Your are funny Andy LOL. I'm from Sweden. I see you know some Norwegian or maybe you are from Norway?
Andy Hafell (6 months ago)
I actually have no idea. Personally don't use this anymore, as my Youtube shot up like a rocket! (Over 6000+ last month). So i'm focusing more on Youtube at the moment. I see you're actually producting videos yourself. Is it Norway or Sweeden? Uansett, godt å ha deg her, skal lage et Youtube kurs snart om du har lyst til å vokse kanalen din i IM/MMO nichen.
Anders Larsson (6 months ago)
Thanks Andy :). Question: Have you analyzed how much traffic from Bing are bots?
Rafiqul Islam (7 months ago)
hi,can I get your help? I can not log in my yoonla account. it says "user account not approved yet". what can I do now? plz suggest.
Terri White- Alvarado (7 months ago)
All the add have diffe way but none don't work just enough to bring money to they site
New Top X (7 months ago)
what to say to this company? so it happened to me ... I made a Facebook post where I used translators. The idea is that instead of saying "make up to $ 100 per day," I wrote "by email" and my account was blocked with over 200 affiliates and a good amount paid for the traffic being done. Therefore, Yoonla closed my account in which I invested time and money for a translation mistake ... it's a little bad ... I do not know other people who have the opportunity to create a dygital life, but with this company for a long time can not work .. It will always find a reason to close your accounts when you have a good amount to receive ... as far as the support just write ... that I can close the account by orchestration without explanation By the way ... my facebook profile is stuck everywhere I can not give a negative review how to do with most people who are hit without reason, which is why
Andy Hafell (7 months ago)
Hey man, Yeah. That happened to me too! I made 2 videos about this and my situation (Just search yoonla on my channel). And if you check out that. You can see what i sent to the support team to get my account back. It really sucks, so i completely understand your situation. However sending a good email fixed it. Thanks for commenting
kiran kiran (8 months ago)
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David DeHarty (8 months ago)
Where can I get a nanny another language? Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Norwegian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.
Oblivion53 (9 months ago)
ito gumagana http://earningood.com/?r=55870
Adam Nelson (10 months ago)
Holy shit! Never seen so much value in one video given away for FREE. Most other marketers take about 8 videos to explain what you just explained in this vid! You got a new subscriber bro ;)
Andy Hafell (10 months ago)
Adam Nelson Haha! Thanks my man! Appreciate it
Adam Nelson (10 months ago)
Bro I hope you get at least 200,000 subscribers within a year. People need to see your content
Andy Hafell (10 months ago)
I know exactly what you're talking about, I'm striving to not be anything like those people. Thanks for the kind words and for being my Sub! Releasing a new video about Yoonla Soon! Thanks!
Checker (10 months ago)
Did they cut your income because of not uprading members? Im doing similar with FB ads, they cut ~70%
Andy Hafell (10 months ago)
They Cut 70%!? That's insane, they cut mine by around 20%
Joe Choi (10 months ago)
great video. hope can see the next one soon, Andy.
Jose Ahumada marketing (10 months ago)
hello, i have a question, can i buy traffic for youtube videos? thanks
Andy Hafell (10 months ago)
I haven't tested that. There might be some policies with bing that doesn't allow it. Bing and Google/Youtube don't want to cross-promote. You should probably google it, thanks for the question.
David John (11 months ago)
Thanks for the awesome video. I tried to create the bing ads with those common keywords 'make money online" etc .. with the budget of $10 a day, max cost of big = 0.2 but unfortunately the Estimated Performance only shows me 1 click / month .... :-( any suggestion would be appreciated. The reason why it gives very few clicks is because, the bid that I would like to set is too low to show your ads at least on the first page. So unless I put a really high budget on this instead of $10, this is not gonna work enough to generate even enough clicks. ...
David John (11 months ago)
cool, will check it out!
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
I assume you didn't check out my video about keywords. That will solve your problem. I have 900+ keywods in my campaigns.
shota holstein (11 months ago)
How can you add 2 coupons in one account? I thought bing is said that is not allowed
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
Hey Shota! Thanks for asking. Actually I Bought 1 and than a day later Bing sent me an email to sign up for one, so i got two and they both got redeemed.
CanalFun10 (11 months ago)
Great video! :)
Andy Hafell (10 months ago)
Thanks alot! :D
ProfitNotch (11 months ago)
Helpful VIdeo :) Just wanted to ask if you use Landing Page or direct affiliate link of Yoonla? Thanks :)
Chris Mitty (3 months ago)
Because you are direct linking to an affiliate link. You would be better having a landing page with a headline, and just a button. The button will have your affiliate link embedded. This way you follow the appeoach Andy mentions, it is only one opt in page, and you stay inside bings terms. Hope this helps
Lafaraz Fernandes (4 months ago)
Hey Andy, I tried to directly link linking my Yoonla affiliate page in my Bing campaign and my ad is instantly getting disapproved for “Prohibited Services”. Any idea what is causing this?
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
It all comes down to preference, if you really want their name, go with your own leadpage. For me. it isn't that important to have a name, so i don't do it. I also don't like the nature of "Hey, sign up to this page, and than send them to another page they have to sign up as well". Whatever floats your boat. a lot of pro marketers are going landing page first, than yoonla. and some are doing the other way around like i am. None of them are best option. Try, figgure it out for yourself and with your emails and sequence. Like all businesses, track, test, find the most profitable.
Mostafa Elganzoury (11 months ago)
because those subscribers will stay with me in my email list then i can promote to them another products or service in the same niche in the future and for long time, so I need to mention their names on emails workflow forever not mention their emails
Robert Collins (11 months ago)
Wow! Thank you for the info! Helped a lot!
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
Glad it helped :)
Robert Herdt (11 months ago)
LISTEN TO THIS GUY!! He knows what he is talking about :)
Xavier Austin (5 months ago)
Thank you for your suggestion
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
+Robert Herdt Thanks Robert! :)
Abhay Karki (11 months ago)
That was an amazing tutorial Andy. This is definitely going to help me and a lot of other people as well. Please continue producing such awesome vids.
Qasim khan (4 months ago)
is there any1 got any profit in real? or withdraw
Xavier Austin (5 months ago)
Nice comment from a good man
Andy Hafell (11 months ago)
Thank You Abhay :) Appreciate it

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