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Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] - Running on Nvidia Geforce 940M!

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Definitely runs, drop a comment if you have any questions. Leave a like and subscribe for more videos! Specs: Nvidia Geforce 940M, 2GB Intel Core i5-6200U 8GB RAM.
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pratik patil (6 months ago)
I have i7 6th gen 2gb 940 m still i lags i tried by ur setting
Shijima (10 months ago)
can run gta 5 smoothly but has fucking trouble with gta 4
rAiZeN (10 months ago)
bcs gta 4 optimalitation is shit sry we can fix it
Jam Stone (1 year ago)
my laptop got same graphic like you just corei5-5200u and ram 6 g lol i can't even get 40fps idk why
thefirestate (1 year ago)
This is kind of a late reply but, unfortunately he's wrong, the difference between 5200u and 6200u is barely noticable, your problem here is the ram, I know the 2 gigs difference between 8 and 6 seems close-to-none but believe me if you get 8 gigs ram the difference will be huge, no stuttering and no lag spikes, I know because I have Asus k555l with i5 5200U, 940m and 6 gigs which did horrible in GTA5, I sold the 2 gigs and bought 4, ever since the game has been running like a charm with some settings even set to high @ 1366x768 resolution while the benchmark GTA5 has gets 45 fps on average with highest at 76.2 fps and lowest at 38.3, I also use cooling because long gaming can sometimes cause thermal throttling.
Jam Stone (1 year ago)
thank you for the answer man
FPV Danes (1 year ago)
Jam Stone the CPU is bad, that is why
o meu e o mesmo0 q o seu almenta mais a ate o alto menos qualidade da textura abaixa a distancia scaling n grava cm o fraps e mostra cm vai rodar
FPV Danes (2 years ago)
English please?

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