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Camera Test: Note 8 vs Note 4

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For those of you that are using an older smartphone and are looking to upgrade for a better camera, have you ever considered the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? If not, would you? If you are undecided, perhaps seeing what the quality is like compared to a Galaxy Note 4 might give you an idea. In this video, we go over the specs of both cameras, compare the photo and video quality between each other, and conclude how much of an improvement the camera quality of the Note 8 is compared to a Note 4. Curious to see what the results are? Stick around and enjoy the show! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/benicellguy Follow me on instagram: http://instagram.com/benicellguy
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Text Comments (62)
Gabe Holland (3 months ago)
The note 4 also shoots in 4k
A B (5 months ago)
Note 4 Is Basically neck and neck
Note 4 better ). Removable battery I see no difference in pic quality not worth an upgrade I’ll keep note 4 the king of all cells
Ken Lam (5 months ago)
What about night time pictures and night time video camparisons. Are they still the same? I have a note 4 and still love it :)
Zain Lee (6 months ago)
Note 4 is verry good ☺☺
ArVi_BeatsBGM (6 months ago)
Note 4 is still better😊
MrRomboo (7 months ago)
Note 4 is better
Ram Bow (7 months ago)
The Note 4 is built to last, removable battery and much more...plus no curved screen nonsense. With care, the Note 4 should last into 2020 at least.
daniel holena (8 months ago)
The only difference I saw was in the darkness... The Note 8 has less pixels but has the better shutter and sensor, 1.8 aperture compared to 2.2 which lets in, captures more light... I like what someone else said about Samsung becoming so private with their devices. Our phones were supposed to be ours. Android was supposed to be free and open. These companies put their code on and then lock them up claiming proprietary rights. Not how it was supposed to be. And the BLOATWARE??? C'mon... should be able to uninstall instead of just disable. We should be able to move whatever we want to SD card, also!!! Enough said... I love my Note 4, its actually out to Samsung now to replace screen and LCD digitizer $182... thats how much i love it. But, I also have S7 Active... Won't upgrade to S8 Active cuz they dedicated active button to Bixby... more Samsung locking stuff up.
Royal Thoughts (8 months ago)
note 4 is awesome , i have frost white one
Mike Mcmillan (8 months ago)
Once you take into account the price difference, the note 4 comes out on top . Just not seeing that $$$ value in the picture quality difference.
Sawlon (8 months ago)
For taken pictures in 16:9 the Note 4 is better for zooming in and cropping since it uses 16 M while the Note 8 uses 9.1 M. I had my Note 4 repaired later after buying a Note 8. I do like the slow-motion on the Note 8 for video.
Astro boy (8 months ago)
Open the camera and then go to mode of camera u will see many modes scroll down to store and then install slow motion opetion for your camera and its will work
Sawlon (8 months ago)
I just checked my Note 4 and I don't see that option.
Sawlon (8 months ago)
Does it work okay?
Astro boy (8 months ago)
Sawlon note4 also have slow motion im comment from my note4
Minato .Namikaze (8 months ago)
Not and Galaxy S series are so great
tisme Denis (8 months ago)
Love my 4 ;-) ''Wouldn't wanna give you up''
Kestutis Karinauskas (9 months ago)
No way I will upgrade my Note 4 to 8. Does not worth it!
Ruel Piamonte (1 month ago)
Easy...its becuz of the 4k shoot was d same. And a swappable battery. End....
Miss Natuful Blessing (8 months ago)
Kestutis Karinauskas can you show me how to please....don't want to give up my note 4....Thanks
Carlos Sanchez (9 months ago)
My friend the note 4 and note 3 can record on 4 k
Sergey Suprunchuk (9 months ago)
Pictures perfect on Note 4. Video better on Note 8.
moh_ 770 (9 months ago)
Joel Ramos (9 months ago)
Watching this video with my note 4 with zerolemon. 😆
Ruel Piamonte (1 month ago)
How many days it last to a zerolemon sir?
bill (10 months ago)
Note 4 is still the king. Just bought a brand new note 4 and it still kicks ass.
Craig Sheppard (1 month ago)
I will be doing the same 😀.
Sawlon (10 months ago)
My Note 4 died so I updated to Note 8. I miss my Note 4.
hey wenzel install aplication called WakeLock - youre welcome
Usman Tahir (5 months ago)
BUT my note 4 is still working in 2018 very well without any fault.
Devin (5 months ago)
did you plug it in? it's rechargeable friend
Sawlon (7 months ago)
I paid $100.00 for a different server board and everything works fine except the S Pen. He believed I messed it up by getting it too hot. It would be another $200.00 to replace the screen that makes the S Pen work.I mainly use the Note 4 for the camera. I don't care for my Note 8.
KG V (7 months ago)
Not sure how long my Note 4 can keep going... It suffered a fall recently, $150 for a full screen/LCD replacement. There seems to be an issue with the SPEN, it doesn't work on the right side of the screen at all. I have taken it have to the repair center, and they said everything is in working order and think the drop may of permanently damaged the right side of the screen. It works fine for touch, but the stylus pen won't work at all, but still... I will probably never give up this Note 4, got it day of release, and I'm keeping it until it's unrepairable, or until applications stop supporting Android KitKat 4.4.4
kerginaldo17 (10 months ago)
The intention of the video was bold, but... 720p in a camera comparison? Mainly when both phones captures in 4k.
Ruel Piamonte (1 month ago)
So why they should upgrade???
Maiquel Koch (2 months ago)
Yes! Wtf?!?
Brian Hochhalter (10 months ago)
Actually, both cameras are a little disappointing. It's amazing how close they are considering the Note 4 is so much older. Video is disappointing on both phones, with little difference between them. See no reason to upgrade from my Note 4 for quite awhile yet if this is as good as it gets.
сука блять (3 months ago)
Brian Hochhalter no i'm using te GN4 until now and i'm satisfied
chicken wings (10 months ago)
Actually the note 4 shoots 4k video
Michael f (7 months ago)
chicken wings I stopped the video after he said it didn't record in 4k
siddestroyer (10 months ago)
Brent Garvey (10 months ago)
My son is still using my old note 4...he won't give it up
Omaima Omaima (10 months ago)
Galaxy Note 4 is very goood
Royal Rider (10 months ago)
Note 4 is better
mido abdo (11 months ago)
great video Bro
iARTEMKAi (11 months ago)
interesting, but video quality is poor. 720p in 2k17? really?
iARTEMKAi (11 months ago)
yeah, it would be better to compare photos in fhd or qhd, but nontheless, I got information about upgrading my note 4 with note 8. Note 4 is still good. Thank you!
benicellguy (11 months ago)
iARTEMKAi Yeah, sorry. I thought I had iMovie set to automatically save in 1080p, but just realized that it defaults to 720p and that I had to change the setting in the dropdown menu. Technology these days. 😑
hen713 (11 months ago)
Note 4 still rock

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