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#546 - EVGA e-GeForce 6200 TC Video Card

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EVGA e-GeForce 6200 TC Video Card
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DamageIncM (2 years ago)
Funny how there's still no "Half-Life 3", "Doom 4" (or just 'Doom', which ís coming), but 'Far Cry - Primal' is around the corner. lol
DamageIncM (2 years ago)
I remember still messing around with AGP around those years. -_- I had a 7600 GS or something. But apparently the AGP-slot bottlenecked the card itself! - That was ridiculous.
ManuM (2 years ago)
Time Traveler over here! 2015
3DGAMEMAN (2 years ago)
+Manu Morales Indeed! LOL
littlebuddyd (6 years ago)
loaded a video using quick time and all of a sudden the tv video out stopped working. took about 2 weeks to figure out what happend. After uninstalling the card and reloading the program I found out that it only works on my tv with 56 hz refresh rates to the TV. Some how quick time didn't like that and changed it. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. This card is a little buggy. I don't recomend it.
Juan Herrero (5 months ago)
>using quick time found your problem
fancysnake1 (6 years ago)
Going to put this in a computer that has: Pentium 4 1.80 ghz, 512 mb ram, and 128 video card. It runs Ubuntu 10.10 :)
Omni Potent (6 years ago)
i have 512mb geforce 6200 agp, it went to hell after i updated the driver.
mechasaultfreak2 (7 years ago)
is it good for roblox :P
Edgeforce1 (8 years ago)
@ryanR71 i can run call of duty 4 on medium settings with this video card.
Ryou kai (8 years ago)
i dont know about graphic cards but is a this graphic better or this one? PNY - GeForce 6200 256MB AGP Graphics Card
Sgt Stupid (8 years ago)
ipullstuffapart (9 years ago)
yes it does and no it is quite a low grade product these days
Ryan Russell (9 years ago)
does it work on windows xp and is it good for video games
Ryan Russell (9 years ago)
is it good for games like wow and sims 3
Ryan Russell (9 years ago)
is it good for video games
Ryan Russell (9 years ago)
is it good ffor video games
Maestro1984 (9 years ago)
yes but at very low settings. try a geforce 6800 ultra instead
Andrei D Persecan (9 years ago)
64 \ 128 Bites ?
Dillon Turner (10 years ago)
i have this card.. its low end but can play any agme cuz it has full shaders 3.0 but the tv out on mine doesnt work... i enable it an hook my tv up but the picture is all screwed up
Thiago Vaz (10 years ago)
tem alguem do basil ai

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