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Salt Creek (With Tabs & Play Along Tracks) - Mandolin Lesson

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Text Comments (16)
Chris Hewitt (1 month ago)
Great lesson Baron. Do you have a play along version of this with lead and rhythm?
Matt Dameron (7 months ago)
I’m thirteen beginning the mandolin and this channel really helps me out for my get together🤙
Yellow Rose Farm (9 months ago)
rocky top would be a awsome!!
Danny Hensley (1 year ago)
Amazing. Video and. Lesson I have. Learned. This tune. In. Such quick. Moment. Love how you break it down in segments and. So easy to learn god bless you brother.
Ian Benzie (3 years ago)
What make of mando are you using in this vid ?
MandoLessons (3 years ago)
Capeks are great mandos! Haven't played that many but the few I have played I liked!
Ian Benzie (3 years ago)
+MandoLessons Thanks for that .... sounds brilliant ... I plug away on a Rosta Capek A model .... bottom ofthe range but it keeps me going :-) Enjoying your online lessons .... one day :-)
MandoLessons (3 years ago)
+Ian Benzie It's an A5 built by Tom Ellis in Austin TX. Thanks!
lovesmandolin (3 years ago)
I love the way you put the series together on "Man of Constant Sorrow", it makes it so easy to learn and progress! I would love to get your take on "Rocky Top"! Thanks so much for your time and talent and Happy New Year!
lovesmandolin (3 years ago)
Thanks for all your hard work! I will keep watching your page for sure!
MandoLessons (3 years ago)
+lovesmandolin Rocky Top is a great song, but it is held under copyright, so I can't do a lesson on it. I've got other songs in the pipeline though, and once you get the hang of it, you can apply the concepts I talk about to any tune!
Marie D. Henry (3 years ago)
Enjoyed.  Good you have the years and time. You picking is more like bluegrass. Marie
MandoLessons (3 years ago)
Thanks Marie! Yes, I definitely have a lot of bluegrass in my playing.
Amanda Ball (3 years ago)
your voice is really soft in this video.. i have my everything turned up and your voice is so soft
Amanda Ball (3 years ago)
i really like the way you break down your lessons... i just started playing and you have been the most helpful! 
MandoLessons (3 years ago)
+amanda shanti Sorry about that, I'm not sure what happened with the audio on a couple of these lessons! I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it when I record future lessons. Thanks for watching!

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