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How to trade and get free steam game codes and cards!? (2017)

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*Link* http://www.tremorgames.com/?ref=287843 *Free Cards and Games!?* Get FREE games and trading cards on Steam, You can get free games on steam by earning points at http://www.tremorgames.com/?ref=287843 ! It's really easy and won't take a long time to earn the points. Get fast FREE Steam trading cards, Steam gift cards, steam games, dota2 and dota 2 items, bitcoins, steam backgrounds, team fortress 2 cards, team fortress 2 items and more! Where are you waiting for ? go to http://www.tremorgames.com/?ref=287843 and earn your own steam cards and games! Also for the Steam summer sale 2017 with stickers and sticker book!
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Text Comments (53)
Laurens De Meyer (3 years ago)
anyone with an account on this with coins ?
Jimmy Jimmy (3 years ago)
Marvy Freeman (3 years ago)
+Jimmy Jimmy Yes, they just buy games in on internet (steam codes and that stuff) for really cheap from foreign countries. or when it's on huge sale :) 100% legit :P
Pual Kalashnikov (3 years ago)
what song is this
Marvy Freeman (3 years ago)
+Pual Kalashnikov darude sandstorm.
nice song (3 years ago)
it works
Sr Facundo (3 years ago)
It says i have to reedem a PC game. HALP ME PLEASE!
Erik Cobra (3 years ago)
I registered and I never got an email.
Marvy Freeman (3 years ago)
+Erik Cobra That's strange, try it again or ask support there ?
Zby Zby (4 years ago)
Can someone make me an account, please?
Living Nightcore (4 years ago)
Legit or no?
aqua (4 years ago)
AmyXRuby (4 years ago)
So when you do this, you won't be banned for sure?
TechnologyCool (3 years ago)
You wont get banned. Just read the little text under the offer to make sure. Dont put fake info into insurance offers also, those get you banned.
Marvy Freeman (4 years ago)
For sure, it's just a legal site.
PinoyBoi (4 years ago)
How do you earn coins? I'm not sure about the downloads and stuff
Zane Juliun (3 years ago)
+Sr Facundo download programs like Virtual Box , but you need a high computer to do that
Sr Facundo (3 years ago)
Fuck. I don't :P
TechnologyCool (3 years ago)
+Facu Asarabasa If you have an old useless computer, just download everything on there. You wont be using it anyway. Just make sure you dont really need it.
Sr Facundo (3 years ago)
+๖ۣۜEX0R๖ۣۜ and how do i use the virtual machine? xD
๖ۣۜEX0R๖ۣۜ (4 years ago)
Either use a virtual machine, Make sure to save the state before so you can go back to a clean copy after. Thats the fast way and easiest without downloading all the crap to your personal PC or you can watch videos and play games to earn a minimum amount of coins which is very very very low and pretty stupid tbh.
Fear Gaming (4 years ago)
Sorry for this (spam) i guess but I will trade 2 copies of Collectors edition of Guns of Icarus for Mount and Blade Warband.
Sasuke (4 years ago)
i like how they are super cheap :)
Andre (4 years ago)
i dont quite get it can someone explain how it all works and how i claim the reward after?
Andre (4 years ago)
thanks man
Marvy Freeman (4 years ago)
You just earn points, then you buy like steam games with those points. you can get game keys (cheaper) or steam gift. with the gifts you have to trade with a robot of the site. is is realy easy.
MegaEmil02 (4 years ago)
does all surveys work?
Marvy Freeman (4 years ago)
Chasing Clouds (4 years ago)
CanadianPenguin (4 years ago)
Busky42 (4 years ago)
ok a fist i was suspicious of this web site but after a while it actually all right my first post i deleted on this subject as it was well wrong how ever all i will say there are the odd survey to avoid but so far yes free steam games and tradinging cards this site is pretty cool  im sold on it
Busky42 (4 years ago)
+Marvy Freeman   i have had $136 worth of stuff from them steam trading card cs go case keys and steam game keys . i have made 18674 coins on it in 3 days
Marvy Freeman (4 years ago)
Nice :) a lot of ppl think it doesn't work... actualy i did first too. But now i can't without it :D
SenseiKai (4 years ago)
Can you get banned by doing this?
Marvy Freeman (3 years ago)
+SenseiKai no you can't. site is legit.
Grandmaster Kush (4 years ago)
Lol it works, i got 5 sticker capsule for cs:go
CoolCarlos (4 years ago)
How long did you spend on that site to get all the card you showed in the video? 0:47 Pllleease reply, thanks.
Marvy Freeman (4 years ago)
Those where verry cheap cards, for maybe 50-80 points each. some offers give you like 300 points. so in an hour you can get easy more then 10 cards, but i prefer to buy games from the points, or gift cards :)
Royal Serpent Studios (4 years ago)
looks cool
anabolic181 (4 years ago)
Like a boss
mimithekid8 (4 years ago)
gilgamesh ZERO (4 years ago)
ak sajib (4 years ago)
mostafa mh (4 years ago)
EL ALOM ALM (4 years ago)
hosam mohamed (4 years ago)
Maria Iacob (4 years ago)
Zayn Did It (4 years ago)
That's nice that you can make your cards like that :)
Freek DeWit (4 years ago)
This.. is... AWESOME. i'm gonne earn my free cards right away! i saw i could even get free games on that site :ooo Nice!
Henk Bollenhoven (4 years ago)
Did someone tested this? does it work??
Henk Bollenhoven (4 years ago)
+erik zandwoord Thanks a lot for telling, i will take a look at the site.. was looking for those sites for a long time
erik zandwoord (4 years ago)
Yeah it works, did not know you could make that easy steam cards... better then hours of playing haha
Damon J (4 years ago)
Nice video dude! Got some cards thanks too you : o Thanks a lot!

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