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Steam Trading Cards and Badges - Explanation and Tutorial

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How to use and collect Steam trading cards! New to Steam? Download it for free here: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ Cheap DDOS Protected Minecraft Server hosting - https://picklehosting.com If you enjoy my content, consider becoming a Patron! http://www.patreon.com/CthulhuToo ~-~-~- Super exciting social media links! -~-~-~ Twitter: http://twitter.com/CthulhuToo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CthulhuToo Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/CthulhuToo Google+: http://www.google.com/+CthulhuToo
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Text Comments (275)
Madmonkeman (13 days ago)
So what's the point of increasing your Steam level? Is it just random coupons for random games?
GUDgrapich (1 month ago)
i have 1.35 k hours in csgo and i didnt get 1 trading card....
tjah shawn (1 month ago)
so helpfull, i got alot of amotions for dota 2 and some backgrounds for my steam profile <3
R.O.T.C SEEM (1 month ago)
I have 35 games and been on steam for 6 years and still dont have a badge from cards it seems a little rigged that you don't get a full set or even come close to it.
Jesse Feng (1 month ago)
Oh I remember postal 2 from watching someone's video explaining it. It is very wicked...
Tohru's Weeb Problems (2 months ago)
I usually just sell them, i don't care about badges and collectors will buy them quickly
Huseyin Altunkiran (2 months ago)
How l order this cards pls can u send me l needed 10 cards
Konata (2 months ago)
I spent $5 on cards, felt like kind of a sucker, but crafting a badge it gave me a 90% discount on a $40 game... now granted I better play that game now or it was a waste, but it sure felt like it was worth it =) gaben you are an evil genius...
Hunter Cline (2 months ago)
Anyone wanna trade 20 dollar steam card for psn card ?
Ra Ra Rasputin (2 months ago)
So, what’s the point of badges? Can you sell them?
Gamers Bone (2 months ago)
Thanks i just bought 200 sand dunes with this!
lizzie McDonald (2 months ago)
is there a way to find out what you have to do to get the badges
lizzie McDonald (2 months ago)
after u use the cards can you get more from the game?
Harry Clarke (3 months ago)
What are card drops
LIL donkeh (4 months ago)
Cthulhu too
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cyndankit (4 months ago)
i have played gmod for 2787 hours and i have no card drops
Peter Trujillo (4 months ago)
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Claudine Deleon (4 months ago)
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Kathie Britt (4 months ago)
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Janis Frazier (4 months ago)
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A-aron (5 months ago)
So it's fine if I sell my half life cards right?
sulsty (5 months ago)
The Witcher 3 cards are worth like 18c which is a lot
yah yah guy (5 months ago)
actually I can't I get these badges I play GMod for 24 hours and now I'm level 2
masked creeper (5 months ago)
Cthulhu thank you. I was curious about cards and this was exactly what I needed
meesmans (5 months ago)
Virgil Chambers (5 months ago)
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Loopy Dudeee (4 months ago)
Олеся Полякова bots everywhere
Project TsukiNoMe (4 months ago)
Nice try....probably you're just one single fat fuck who is trying to fuck with ppl...
Glen Rowland (5 months ago)
Thanks alot : ) mate
Glen Rowland (5 months ago)
Thanks pal
Juan Russo (5 months ago)
Whoa At last worked well
Jason Siks (5 months ago)
Edit: SERIOUSLY. where is your cursor at 0:47 ??? WHERE??? I have to give a dislike for this amount of frustration. OMG MAN. your 'customize your profile profile' window ad cannot be closed due to the 'x' being below the 'i' icon for 'from CthuluToo'. It's so annoying because I can't find your cursor... it is so small... and can't see what you're clicking when you say 'go down here and click here' and i.. am.. so frustrated.. right now... I dont think your cursor is behind the ad, but sh*t ive watched the same section like 10 times now. AH!
DankConspiracy Nut (5 months ago)
I think I played with you before
Felecia Sanders (5 months ago)
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Asterix Gaming (6 months ago)
if you receive a card and sell it can you get that card again when playing the game more possibly? or is it a one time only?
Pound Cake (7 months ago)
Is it just me, or did the trading window not open in the video? I listened and watched as you explained trading with your friend, but there was no window that popped up. So I still have no idea how that works..
Varga Márk (7 months ago)
When i start a game i got 2-3 in the first ~20 hours and never more
Z414 (7 months ago)
fuck i sold like 50 of each
itsMute (7 months ago)
I have a card worth 2.00 should I sell it?
MtnDruGames (7 months ago)
Sparasite Yes!
GaMeR WraP lOl (7 months ago)
plz gift me csggo lz http://steamcommunity.com/id/SmDtaunt95/
Elbert Ellis (7 months ago)
I had no clue what they were for. Steam does a horrible job, aka nothing, letting users know about the cards. Good Information.
JessBlaze (7 months ago)
Uh wa-what? Oh sorry I fell asleep the information was very helpful but your kinda boring
Dirty Dillers (7 months ago)
thx for the help
Dave A (8 months ago)
A very helpful video, answered every question I had about steam cards. Steam really does need to explain trading cards better.
KaninBullen YT (8 months ago)
can you get multiple amounts of the same card? without buying?
Arturos lan (8 months ago)
go wheere
throne mindas (8 months ago)
Help me with trading cards and badges, please? You are trading some awsome cards
protoR (8 months ago)
Thank you so much mate!
timekillerB (8 months ago)
So you can get real money from them?
Capn Crunch (8 months ago)
Eh, would probably just rather sell my foil card for $6
kondek bombek (9 months ago)
12:20? Every game have 5 levels
The Bullshooter (10 months ago)
THANK YOU. I've been looking for a simple explanation of all this for a while.
You are correct. Steam doesn't do enough to explain the cards.
Hardcore BG (10 months ago)
Thank you so much I m subscribing
Danj126 (11 months ago)
Wait but is there a reason why you would want to level up?
Nitch42 ^-^ (11 months ago)
thank you so much
heytorxx (11 months ago)
Steam, its a genial thing.
Justas (1 year ago)
What if i maxed out all badges?
EmpireSun (1 year ago)
Very useful, thank you!
Matthew Loader (1 year ago)
Had a steam account for 3 years and I'm finally figuring out what the hell to do with them besides selling them
Poizon (1 month ago)
I've had my account for 6 (almost 7) years and I'm level 6, I've also just been selling them lol
Fenna (1 year ago)
I got 90% off for a 1,99 game... Nice one steam
Andrew Your Boi (1 year ago)
Card drop limit is stupid
Sendamwen (1 year ago)
HEHEHHEHE my plan of being the 2nd Dan Bilzerian begins... I will make tons with these damn cards Dan is poor, right? Cause I am. :((
SaltSnipes (1 year ago)
I wont say my steam is open so this doesnt work to well
Tintor HD (1 year ago)
Postal 2 is a very bloody and funny gae. I like it
Ryan Andes (1 year ago)
All credibility is out the window if you have never heard of a postal game.
FPSB0B306 (1 year ago)
Badboysei (1 year ago)
Definitely helped, steam really do a good job of explaining it. Especially seeing as I just started on PC a month odd ago. So again, Thanks
Bernard Montgomery (1 year ago)
is there any badges on half-life?
Chris Griffin from all the half-life games only Half-Life 2 have the cards. And no, the episodes dont have cards. just go to each store page and look down on the right side and should say "Steam Trading Cards" if it doesn't then the game doesn't have them.
Mihai Asaftei (1 year ago)
question, the cards change when the badge level 2 change? say rise of the tomb raider, i do badge lv1, so next lvl the cards change or not? cause if not, its pretty easy to get it, its like 7 cents for a card...so its ok
daniel collins No, the pictures stay the same when you level up a badge. *note*: the max Level you can get from any game is 5.
Mihai Asaftei (1 year ago)
im steam lv 8 and i have no idea about this, lol ... :D
jesper andersson (1 year ago)
plz give me some cards :( https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=200292639&token=LHrTUfJv
Vladimir Putin (1 year ago)
cool dude im Wisemonkey404 ive been looking for a tutorial exactly like this i sent you a friend request all good if you nock me back
Kai Tsurugi (1 year ago)
Excellent video! Excellent explanation! Awesome tutorial! Instant sub!
DemonClaw (1 year ago)
Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it
can i have cards with out buy or trade it ?? complete the game i mean (have all the achievement of same game)
ặĥɱěd śßặgĥŏu Each game has a limited number of *card drops*. the card drops by how much time you have the game open (online too). 30 minutes (has to be in one session) is the time when cards usually drop.
Nhan Nguyen (1 year ago)
This video helped a lot, thank you
Hi Bro Can U Send Me Sommething Please I Need Your Help : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=10921458&token=nVShkkFU
Kratos (1 year ago)
I love how he hides his steam account but leaves the username at the top
Nathan De Bruyn (1 year ago)
I'm sorry if I ask any stupid questions, but, Do I keep getting these cards as long as I keep playing the game (so not only the first month or something)?
Nathan De Bruyn *Steam Summer Sell Cards* are the _only_ sets that have an expiration date. but the cards for *all games* you get to keeps those forever.
Aritz Arrizabalaga (1 year ago)
juegos rebajados de steam http://steam-community.com/?ref=0IPiylq
Rudy Krasnal (1 year ago)
i just put all of my trading cards on the market and i got a single euro in 10 minutes wtf
KingTairun (1 year ago)
I'm sorry the whole concept is you will always get half that means you always have to buy the second half. it be great if you get 100% of them but randoms so you'll have to trade to complete a set. But get 50% at random rate and have to buy the rest to complete a set is consuming resources and time and all that can be invested in buying of a game instead of dealing with such nonsense.
KingTairun yea the only good thing about this, for those that don't want to invest in this, is the set of wallpapers you get - if the wallpapers are nice/high quality. or sell them for chump *Steam Wallet* change. i know on GOG,com some games have "goodies" which could be mp3's, flacs, wallpapers, etc. and each store page says if they have any. hell i have hotline miami on GOG and i have HQ wallpapers. just putting that info out there
serpathius (1 year ago)
Can I just buy my way to the last badge using standard cards and buy foil cards and get the last badge as a foil? Or are foil badges in a different category?
Visman117 (1 year ago)
I have almost 500 hours on terraria, I never got any cards what do I do
Mr. Android (6 months ago)
U need to use 5$ or more in steam
Danimite (1 year ago)
i ahve over 100 i have 16
Josh Smith (1 year ago)
Visman117 rip u ;"(
Jos (1 year ago)
Bill Bert (1 year ago)
What's the percent chance on booster packs?
derik yolk (1 year ago)
Josh Smith +20% chance every ten levels
Josh Smith (1 year ago)
Bill Bert depends on your lvl
Swarnendu Roy (1 year ago)
Good introduction to steam stuffs. Thanks!
The Crimson Emo (1 year ago)
This really helped out a lot, thank you!
HaVoC Panda (1 year ago)
to trade steam games do u have to put it as a gift?
Kampy187 (1 year ago)
Sell them.
The Piggysquad (1 year ago)
Rasmus Petersen (1 year ago)
Thunderman TV (1 year ago)
so i can sell them and dont lose game i got from it?
GuTzd (1 year ago)
Mohd Aliff (1 year ago)
can i get the same card twice?
Corona Extra (1 year ago)
can you get badges from shared games?
levi (1 year ago)
ZeroTheHeartlessKing (1 year ago)
i have a few questions if you don't mind^^ if there is a game i want to sell can i sell it even if it's my library? and if there is a game i got for free can i sell it if i don't want it? and last, how do i move a game from my library to my inventory? (if i even can)
ZeroTheHeartlessKing (1 year ago)
+Stinkyty damn, oh well it was worth asking :D
Stinkyty (1 year ago)
ZeroTheHeartlessKing lol you can do none of this
Polar Panda Playz (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! This video helped me out so much! Now I know why my friends want my steam cards! XD
steve jobs (1 year ago)
hey i have a question. what if i dont have remaining card drops in a certain game? how do i get cards??
referral madness (1 year ago)
trading or buy them with steam wallet , did you not watch the video
Teutonician (1 year ago)
randomly and rarely will get on a card drop chance, higher lvl the better
Drac_ TheDerp (2 years ago)
*tries to hide Steam Name * kay trathur XDDD
Josh Smith (1 year ago)
Drac_ TheDerp I just spotted that...
James Luetkenkenhaus (2 years ago)
Great video, thanks for the explanation!!

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