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How To Fix ALL Nvidia Driver Issues (August 2018 - Still Working)

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2018 UPDATED VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/5DKu4bfnnnw Links here: https://vivalarobo.github.io/ Music: http://www.bensound.com/
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VivaLaRobo (6 months ago)
NEW 2018 UPDATED VERSION HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DKu4bfnnnw
Luca Tornesello (20 days ago)
VivaLaRobo g
The Overclocker (2 months ago)
Use DDU TO CLEAN YOUR DRIVERS UP. yOU PROBABLY have not cleared out the old drivers . Im running 398.82 and its completely stable but I always run ddu prior to install. Use it to unstall driver and go to safe mode and use it . thats how your suppose to use it for best results.Ive used it for all my nvidia cards since I came back to nvida Sept 2016 ive used it for about 30 plus driver installs cause i do benchmarks on my pc and I always use DDU for each unstall .
Kierby Joe Pamittan (2 months ago)
Kernel 398.82 Driver stopped and recover. Ghow to fix?
The Overclocker (2 months ago)
amd uninstall utility is super reliable i used it on my 6970's pairs and it works flawlessly removing amd completely . I recommend it for amd users .
The Overclocker (2 months ago)
Ive used it on my 6970's and it worked flawlessly .I had the 6970's for 5yrs and still have them . Now I got a 1080 ti in march this year and use the DDU uninstaller for NVIDIA . AMD CLEAN UNINSTALL UTILITY IS BEST FOR AMD CARD.
qasdf aqsd (3 days ago)
aaaa shit it would be so fck nice if I could actually see this vid... fckn nvidia update fucked everything up windows is pure shit...
Birjarn TV (5 days ago)
Thanks !! It worked !!! :)
Morke Daniel (9 days ago)
When i wanna go in a game.. after loading simulator, the monitor turns off and it appears "Power Save Mode"
Zinsu (4 days ago)
same dude. my monitor flickers and says no signal and then sometimes restarts my pc. did you manage to fix it using this?
Blo3y (10 days ago)
Didn't solve the problem
Necmeddin Çil (11 days ago)
Thank you!
Abdulaziz Sobh (11 days ago)
Download Display Driver Uninstaller Latest Version: https://www.toevolution.com/blogs/2908-download-display-driver-uninstaller-latest-version
Pushkar Joshi (11 days ago)
very helpful bro.thank you
fiisch (12 days ago)
nvidia installer stopped responding...
Christian Chavez (15 days ago)
Most helpful tutorial, got rid of my blue screen issue.
Brian C (15 days ago)
WORKING beautifully as of October 2018 . Thank you so much
Brian C (15 days ago)
WORKING beautifully as of October 2018 . Thank you so much
World Tank (18 days ago)
My reinstalling is not sucksas full
CyphaBorg (2 days ago)
World Tank hahaha motherfucking bitch
Mason Carey (19 days ago)
Bless your heart
Michael Mills (19 days ago)
I used the Display Driver Uninstaller and the new Nvidia Drivers installed so thank you for doing this video.
Graham Smith (20 days ago)
I was getting a lot of sound issues with the latest nvidia drivers, so i installed older version 391.35 seems fine now
Beanie Sandals (17 days ago)
+DO DOST what game are you having problems? All of them or just a few?
DO DOST (19 days ago)
hey bro are you getting sluttering sound and game lags brother plz tell i need urgent help
Zaki Motomura (20 days ago)
I did the same way, But my laptop suddenly bluescreen when I open game or softwere using Nvidia. Anyone know how to fix it ?
Aiai Zahar (14 hours ago)
+Zaki Motomura 1more step try download nvdia rom . if still can't send u pc/laptop to pc shop for repair or u graphic card permanent damage.!!
Zaki Motomura (5 days ago)
I'll try, thanks :)
Aiai Zahar (8 days ago)
+Zaki Motomura and restart u pc after u restart nvidia will install old nvidia .
Aiai Zahar (8 days ago)
+Zaki Motomura try go safe mode and UNINSTALL U NVIDIA
Aiai Zahar (8 days ago)
+Zaki Motomura try this. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/
LCP (23 days ago)
My PC boots up but once I get to the main screen I can't click on any programs. Immediately after that my computer starts to freeze and run very slow. Any recommendations?
Vitalis Otene (18 days ago)
Check the temperature
Ang Kapi (24 days ago)
evrytym i enable my nvidia graphic driver my laptop loading for about 10min and then freezing restart freezing restart pls help....
Ang Kapi (11 days ago)
i did but how can i play games without the driver installed..
Aiai Zahar (11 days ago)
try go to safe mode and delete nvidia and restat pc boom done
Sohan (21 days ago)
s CP (21 days ago)
Same :(
B. Fagan (24 days ago)
More Nvidia drama, yay! Just played division, bl2, witcher 3 with the same drivers for months. Yesterday, crashed consistently. Now, the drivers can't find my damn card. Really, Nividia?
B. Fagan (3 days ago)
+xxstrawxx Sadly, re-installing Windows was the only thing that worked. If you find an actual solution, please let me know. I hate to say to wipe and install Win, but it's all that solved it. I can now play Division at my native resolution, again. I think I did find the cause, however. In my case, it was a bad tv and hdmi cable, they were causing tv freezes and were damaging the pc, making the video drivers corrupt. I got the tv replaced, now it's fine.
xxstrawxx (3 days ago)
The exact same thing happened to me. Please let me know if you find a solution. It's driving me INSANE. I have had to use the intel driver and the games are so damn laggy.
Kim W (25 days ago)
Will this solve no signal to monitor when I install new 1060 from a 960?
RYE-RYE (26 days ago)
thanks mate
Mr Blintz (27 days ago)
I have a gtx 1080ti and I get 300fps and after updating it I get 90 max fps wtf help
Mr Blintz (18 days ago)
+Vitalis Otene I did
Vitalis Otene (18 days ago)
+Mr Blintz remove or disable the nvidia game optimization for the game
Mr Blintz (18 days ago)
+Mason Carey rainbow Sox siege
Mason Carey (19 days ago)
300 FPS in what?
Mr Blintz (20 days ago)
+Adrian Labastida yeah I did, i turned down my render scale and put t-aa x4 to t-aa x2 (the game was rainbow six siege)
Rich price jumpuprich (29 days ago)
Hi thanks for the video, I upgraded my gpu to a 1060 and once the ddu turns off the pc I install the gpu, turn on and once I start installing the driver once the resolution changes the pc shuts off, but I did use Geforce to get the driver, please help,
Zombatt (1 month ago)
My geforce 1080i graphics card is not detected by my MSI motherboard. cant install nvidia drivers because there is no compatible hardware detected.
Zombatt (14 hours ago)
+Despair how would someone plug in a graphics card improperly. I tried both slots that are on my motherboard. And had 2 other people also take it out and put back into both slots. Thanks anyways :)
Despair (14 hours ago)
Your graphics card may or may not be plugged in properly
AnDu (27 days ago)
Zelondio Teddy Gravéy (1 month ago)
Doesn't fix my issues... Think issues only come from not updating to the latest version? In 2018 this is also a terrible way to update to the latest version or reset drivers... Since it doesn't work to fix all issues, especially mine, I'd say it never worked in the context and cannot be "still working".
junjun deza (1 month ago)
My nvidia control panel is not working
jonah anonuevo (1 month ago)
Hi. My nvidia driver crashes even if just opening google or firefox.. really need help/advice.. thanks
Čajda-chan (1 month ago)
Worked for me (HP Pavilion Power 15), thank you so much for help! :)
Acrobass (1 month ago)
hello! i also have HP Pavilion Power 15 and Windows freezes at every action when any driver is installed.
BiozZz (1 month ago)
Downloading the driver on the website rather than the GeForce experience fixed my problem, thanks
BronzeDrake (1 month ago)
Very good walkthrough, thanks for the help.
Sirminimuffin (1 month ago)
Ok. So First of all, if any one sees this please try to respond because i've been searching tirelessly for a solution to this. My first problem that led me to writing this comment was the fact that every time i tried to open Rocket League, it would crash and give me the message "Your video card does not support alpha bending with floating point render targets Which is required to run this game. Exiting..." Now keep in mind that before this Rocket league was opening perfectly fine and running very well for the duration i've had this computer. I tried opening some other games to make sure it was not a problem with the program itself. After opening lots of games and them crashing instantly. I shortly realized that this was a graphics card problem. So uninstalled all my drivers and restarted my PC, then reinstalled and tried again, All of the games on my PC didn't open as before, and i tried opening the Nvidia control panel, WHICH didn't open either. I desperately even tried opening geforce experience. Which didn't open either. Please help My PC Specs: Alienware 15 R2 Laptop That i purchased 2 years ago Intel Core i7-6700HQ NVIDIA GTX 980 with 8GB DDR5 RAM RAM. 16GB DDR4 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD
Sirminimuffin (1 month ago)
elpi B I have done driver reinstallation’s tons of times to try to fix my problem but I’ll try this time disabling auto driver installations , Thank you for this comment.
Manroop Af (1 month ago)
yes problems with rocket league have brought me to this video, which worked fine before the last update....to me it said it needed a refresh rate of 67.4/60.0 Hz, tried overcooking but didnt work... also im usiobng windows 7 for now rip
Patrick Lorran (1 month ago)
Hope you fix it soon
elpi B (1 month ago)
If you are on windows 10 and still having driver issues after following the steps in this video you might want to disable automatic driver updates from windows. 1. Open "File Explorer" through start menu or click windows logo + R and run "explorer.exe". 2. right click on "This PC" and select "properties" from the context menu. 3. click on "Advanced system settings" left side of the screen. 4. select the "Hardware" tab. 5. click on "Device installation settings" button. 6. select the "No" option. 7. tryout different drivers from nvidia website or google the most stable driver for your device and install it. Good luck!
HA554N (1 month ago)
my sleep doesnt show i cannot open nvidia control panel and my sound is legit dead what shall i do
TECHY AKSHAY (1 month ago)
Can you help me my graphic card running properly on divice manager but when i check dedicated vram it only showing intel hd graphic card not nvidia graphic card and i cant even open nvidia control panel i did everything i uninstall reinstall but nothing does my gpu dead
New chanter (18 days ago)
Do a system restore. Windows automatically creates restore points at certain period of time . Restore it to an older time when everything was alright. See if you have any luck. I don't have any other fix. If you decides to do it. .Check if windows has created an older restore point.
gregg291982 (1 month ago)
HI You vídeo was thery helpfull now finally I got vídeo driver installed correctlly.
gregg291982 (1 month ago)
HP 15-da16000np
Shajmi (1 month ago)
my other monitor doesnt work ...
FirstDagger (1 month ago)
Warning to all users DO NOT install GeForce Experience, it causes only problems.
TUGBOAT MCMUFFIN (1 month ago)
What series is a gtx 1050 2gb gigabyte???
Life Practicals (1 month ago)
10th series
TECHY AKSHAY (1 month ago)
bclmax (1 month ago)
doesnt work..thanks
Divyarjun Singh (1 month ago)
happened to me did everything except upgrading windows and bios which worked great !!
For honor totally unplayable because this problem..
Good Faith (1 month ago)
i have my pc screen totally black. any ideas on how to fix it would be much appreciated. tia!
Tryler_Tryhard (1 day ago)
Unplug your display, unplug power to pc, hold power button on case for around 30 seconds plug everything back in. Works for me
Good Faith (1 month ago)
Lekser  yeah i tried yet the same thing no display.
Lekser (1 month ago)
connect it via other cable, not HDMI/display port
iTomHD (1 month ago)
Your a cunt
Jacob Heine (1 month ago)
LOL! Im glad I saw you comment because I was about to follow his instructions.
iTomHD (1 month ago)
This has fucked my computer up and now all my monitors don’t work
Fr34k Skill3r (21 days ago)
Use ur CPU Graphic
lil instaah (1 month ago)
lol u fucking nerd hahahaha
Good Faith (1 month ago)
iTomHD  how can i download the latest, i got black screen? i tried connecting in thru HDMI and other cable still no luck :(
Apaumao Titiy (1 month ago)
iTomHD are you by any chance using a laptop connected to a monitor? My screen went black too on the monitor, but my laptop display is fine. Hence I installed the driver from my laptop display and restart it again and voila my monitor now works again
iTomHD (1 month ago)
Good Faith Yh if you can just leave it like 5 mins if not turn it off and unplug it then put it back in load up go on the internet and get nvidia website up then download the latest one bro
freak777power (1 month ago)
This is all wrong. What you need to do is to download latest Nvidia drivers, unplug your network cable so dumb ass Windows 10 doesn't download drivers again then clean all the previous windows updates from Software Distribution folder including logs. Before you delete all the files inside, shut down Windows Update service. Once you do that just uninstall Nvidia drivers through control panel, reboot, install new drivers, reboot. Connect network cable. Honestly my advice is to remove junk called Windows 10 and install Windows 7 -> trust me.
Sheirdy Boy Lagata (1 month ago)
when the VGA Stabbed to graphic card i got fps drop (super) how to fix it please respect
Sheirdy Boy Lagata (1 month ago)
you know how to fix it ? T_T
nevine s (1 month ago)
Sheirdy Boy Lagata me to same problem
Sheirdy Boy Lagata (1 month ago)
can anyone to fix my problem ? please
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
I did this when Gforce experience fucked up my machine.
xevus (1 month ago)
Blarson 12 same, just now
Rushikesh Nalamothu (1 month ago)
I play Rainbow six siege, it is lagging and i had cleaned nvidia and reinstalled it is still lagging.
lanman martinez (1 month ago)
Leme get your card and get a 1080
Rushikesh Nalamothu (1 month ago)
I have nvidia 1060 and it is lagging at normal temperature also. Thanks for reply.
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Your system could be over heating, check your temps, make sure its not too high.
Rushikesh Nalamothu (1 month ago)
I tried that to but after 10 mins of game play it is still lagging
warrior KSA (1 month ago)
thank u sir u fix all my problem
prateek goyal (2 months ago)
Thnx man..it worked for me
Farhan Khan (2 months ago)
Drivers installed properly, Graphic card detecting properly but the screen is still dull. Geforce 750 ti windows 10
MrDiggi (2 months ago)
delete your 2yo video plz
גיא בלומנפלד (2 months ago)
when i try to check my nvidia settings, it's shows everything glitchy, and this is how it's in game. got nvidia GeForce930, in version 376.56. how do i fix so the games will work propebly? is thi video is the solution?
Krantzie (2 months ago)
my gpu usage is always at 0%-3% how do I fix?
Yogesh Sh (1 month ago)
play witcher 3
Adam Geddon (1 month ago)
ghehehehe sorry, but you are funny :P there is nothing to fix :P
Jacob Neider (2 months ago)
YOU ARE AWESOME! I didn't need to update the software. Just ran the program and everything was fixed!
Sumarian (2 months ago)
clickbait title it says August 2018 in the title but it says April 19, 2016
Sumarian (1 month ago)
Add me on xbox: Br0k3F3v3r
Ticker Cloud (1 month ago)
Sumarian yea
Filthy Zall (2 months ago)
How can you be so slow?
castlemilosubs xd (2 months ago)
he wanted to mean it's still working at August 2018 you retard
Reia Aier (2 months ago)
Sudden huge FPS drop from 130 to 20-30 during gaming, happens after every few mins 5-10 mins and last for few seconds. Bought my lap few months ago and running in gtx 1060, please help
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Yes laptops over heat easily so get some fans to cool it down.
amir khan (2 months ago)
Probably thermal throttling from your computer overheating. Try to keep your laptop fans open and exposed to air easily.
Phil Swift (2 months ago)
even this video is buffering ffs. playing rust on 1 monitor YouTube videos wont play on other 4k and 1080 any 1 any ideas thanks
Phil Swift (2 months ago)
1080 ti card btw
Muhd Haikal (2 months ago)
I fixed it lol its easy
Muhd Haikal (2 months ago)
go to the service centre and claim the new one
Gaming with Serban (2 months ago)
Muhd Haikal how did you fix it?
Janardhan Naidu Karnam (2 months ago)
Hi VivaLaRobo, I am getting the below error when trying to clean install as per your video instructions. I am trying to install 391.89 version of the driver and it is failing at NVidia WMI and Nvidia Ansel are getting failed. Would you please help me installing this Nvidia Quadro K1100M driver on Windows 10 x64?
Muhd Haikal (2 months ago)
i have code 43 please help me...
AHMED SABRIOUS (1 month ago)
i will contact with gigabyte support :D as possible as i can
Muhd Haikal (1 month ago)
AHMED SABRIOUS mine problem is not about the software its the hardware lol i go to the acer centre and they give me a new laptop
AHMED SABRIOUS (1 month ago)
:D i am gonna to download old version
Muhd Haikal (1 month ago)
hes making a "joke"
AHMED SABRIOUS (1 month ago)
how could you solve it this error , still not working to me and i can't understand that expression (I mean crack an egg into a frying pan and cook it.)@Xierill @Muhd Haikal
Macedonian Gamer FTW (2 months ago)
I have a 100% gpu usage
Same problem
ayuyips Sa (2 months ago)
Same problem and temperature geting hot when playing game and fps drop
Macedonian Gamer FTW (2 months ago)
I have 100% gpu usage when nothing is open when i open fortnite it goes down to 75% up to 100% and i get fps drop from 60 lock to 20
Shady (2 months ago)
sounds like a good problem to have
Luggas (2 months ago)
Hozi So do you think it is a System Problem?
TEN Games (2 months ago)
Nice .
Shardstyle (2 months ago)
Most stable driver version of GT 730 windows 7 64bit ?
EG_lucky freak (2 months ago)
I did what u said and my Nvidia control panel is missing
Gaza 2186 (2 months ago)
My control panel only shows the 3D settings and nothing else I’m trying to have multiple screens but failing miserably
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Reinstall the latest drivers.
UA (2 months ago)
Stop using Nvidia. Simple. Moving to AMD.
dedit widodo (1 month ago)
Amd just a garbage
Parmesan Linguine (2 months ago)
UA Plus I can reheat my food! Two birds one stone!
loIIopro123 (2 months ago)
Fake and gay
Greatest BeatsTM (2 months ago)
I have an ethernet into my pc and i got a gpu to put into my normal computer and now i have no internet connection and no wifis show up
CrescentLuna (2 months ago)
is it alright not to check on nvidia geforce experience anymore upon installation?
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
I would uninstall geforce experience its just bloat ware that slows down your machine, its better to just manually download the latest drivers from the Nvidia site. Have the time I could not login to the geforce experience.
Mr.Oussama (2 months ago)
Hello .. my driver keeps asking me to install the update but when i do it ... all my games slows down.. but when i reinstall the old version it get back to the normal speed (on games only ) but some games also asks me to update my driver. . Can you help me about it
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Stay with the driver that works best for you, but as a general rule it's best to download the latest drivers.
ostrvo dumbija (2 months ago)
my pc shuts down after gaming about 30-45 minutes will this video help me to solve the problem? btw my gtx 670 is geting up to 98c temperature and coz of that my pc shuts i think..
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Yeah that could do it, I would get MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed of the card and set a fan curve to hit 100% fan speed once the card reaches 70c.
UA (2 months ago)
ostrvo dumbija NVidia always seem to release a driver which completely spoils Windows registry of the card. Just move onto AMD at least you know its not a third party tampering with the GPU components
Pames Anderson (2 months ago)
Thank you, a lot!
village city sports (2 months ago)
Do u want me to uninstalled Intel display driver to?
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
You need that driver in case your main card doesn't work.
Plexiate (2 months ago)
Nvidia support linked me this video.
Abhishek Kumar (2 months ago)
Hey, I updated to windows 10 pro from Linux in my new Acer laptop which comes with NVIDIA mx 150 graphics but when I went on to Update it's driver from control pannel it says windows found your drivers but can't install after running the installation for couple of seconds. I also browsed manually and selected the downloaded file that I downloaded from Acer website but I get the same message. Please help!
village city sports (2 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar thanks bro I thought graphics card problem but window is already updated
Abhishek Kumar (2 months ago)
Village City Sports Hey, I fixed it today after so much googling and endless hour of searching. My problem was the windows update, I installed Windows april update and the NVIDIA drivers were installed automatically and now it shows NVIDIA control pannel. Looks like it was waiting for install. I had the same problem tried everything but didn't work but this update fixed everything. Try updating the windows version from settings or if it's up to date wait for next update.
village city sports (2 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar I tried everything not fixed yet I got new laptop hp envy x360 i7 8th generation 12gb of ram 4gb nvidia max150 really upset
village city sports (2 months ago)
No bro not yet
Abhishek Kumar (2 months ago)
Village City Sports Did you find the solution?
63142 (2 months ago)
We just bought a new computer. Nothing works. I have tried so many things I am hoping that this will work. If not then I have a 1200 dollar pos. I may be contacting you for help. I am not tech savvy. It's very depressing to buy a new computer just to have it not work properly. Thanks for the info, I will update this post if it works or not. Update: We did fix our problem. Everything now works. But it wasn't any solution we found here or anywhere that fixed it. You see this pc didn't come with a manual or any instructions. It was simple error on our part in the cables. Thank you anyway for the information.
ReadyUpGaming Streams (2 months ago)
Does it make ur FPS go higher?
Park Hyunbin (2 months ago)
ReadyUpGaming Streams I wouldn't say higher. Whatever GPU you get is the fps you will get for the rest of the time being. Fps will fluctuate based on vram, overclock and age of the card. Much like factory reset in windows doing the same for GPU will free up resources that it once was being wasted on. Ultimately clean install of GPU will theoretically give you more fps than before if you have a old used card but newly bought will not. Hope it helped
BlueRaidz (2 months ago)
I’ve been getting at least 200 FPS on the game Fortnite but suddenly I get 14 FPS is it a graphics card problem or is it the ram?
BlueRaidz (1 month ago)
Apparently I forgot to say it was cause I’m a retard and I forgot to connect my 3 monitors to my 3 Graphics cards
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Make sure your PC is cooled well and your video card fan is working properly. Update your drivers.
BlueRaidz (2 months ago)
Park Hyunbin it’s just for fortnite
BlueRaidz (2 months ago)
Fudge me at least my other games work
BlueRaidz (2 months ago)
Oh shit
Super900k (3 months ago)
Can someone help, my card does not boot, even if it boots there’s a green screen and no way to bypass it
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
A lot of times it's a software problem, and win10 is a big software problem. If you have a brand new system, it's pretty rare that it's a hardware issue, unless you built your own system and did something wrong.
Super900k (2 months ago)
I watch jaytwocents video and he was talking about bad oc and he was showing signs of what could happen and I had the same issues, therefore I uninstalled msi afterburner and did what he did now it actually works. It truly works now, but I only get 1911mhz ;( rip
Park Hyunbin (2 months ago)
Super900k hmm it may be a registry issue. I m not a professional software wise but I hope you get a solution soon
Super900k (2 months ago)
I also followed his tutorial and still no use
Super900k (2 months ago)
Its not the ports since I made sure on the connection were tightly connected and I tried DVI, HDMI, and DP ports. Still the problems persisted, so I installed an AMD card and it worked no crashes whats so ever. I also tried different PCIE slots and non of them worked. GPU is not damaged since i was able to oc to 2.1ghz at 70c, I tried different drivers but when I did a troubleshoot windows would tell me the drivers are not compatible with windows 10 pro. Finally I've found a temporary fix: when I boot I quickly disable my 1070 ti and enable it, this works if I don't restart. MOBO: msi x370 gaming plus ryzen 2600 Gigabyte 1070 ti Aorus
Josan Gawson (3 months ago)
Well played man
Baltho82 (3 months ago)
yow i really have a big problem with my gtx 1060 everytime i play heavy game call of duty the card stop working and the fan in the card start spinning so hard my screen go black and my pc still on
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Yeah it probably overheated, get some decent cooling for you system.
SpongeTheSquare (3 months ago)
its overheat try put in aircon
Mustafa Mohamed (3 months ago)
Not healp me
Dawood Bhatti (3 months ago)
after installing the driver. still nvidia control pannel does not apperas and open plz help me
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Take out you GPU card and see if your on board graphics card works, if so, your GPU card could be faulty.
Big Chief (1 month ago)
already done that didnt work i just bought a new gpu
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Install the latest drivers and do a clean install.
Big Chief (3 months ago)
we already know that
DarkErrorCode (3 months ago)
open control panel click large icons scroll down and it should be there
Devil's Heart Sb (3 months ago)
Hey. Old driver is working but the latest one isn't in my case.and I'm getting display driver crashed message every time I play games. Help
Devil's Heart Sb (1 month ago)
+Blarson 12 when I play heavy games.. display driver crashes.. only way is changing OS
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Well install the old drivers if that works for you, you can get it at the Nvidia web site.
Devil's Heart Sb (1 month ago)
+Blarson 12 still haven't found the solution after a month 😂
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Install the latest driver but do a clean install.
Minitankpr. (3 months ago)
Can you help me please? I'm getting so frustrated with my graphics card. I keep getting code 43 and I cannot use it. There has been a few instances where its worked fine but then just code 43'd again upon next use. I followed this guide and it's the same code again so please, any help?
Al Bundy (3 months ago)
I want geforce experience will it work asswipe wey
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Don't get geforce experience because you have to register and then login which half the time doesn't work.
DarkErrorCode (3 months ago)
asswipe wey?
Sir Dino (3 months ago)
My computer shows windows loading then the display cuts off, if I restart the pc a few times it will say resume from hibernation and run windows 10 but black and white. My gpu has a code 43 error showing in device manager. When I go into safe mode it runs perfect with colors and there’s no errors. What do I do?
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Turn off hibernation in the power settings, then reboot. Make sure you have the latest video drivers.
Sekhar Maitra (3 months ago)
bro why my oc guru not opening.... i see the oc guru is running in task manager process but not show in display pls help
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Reinstall it.
Davion Swearegene (3 months ago)
how can i found my geforce series?
MinKar98k xD (3 months ago)
can someone plz help me i got a new graphic card but do i have to put a hdmi only or both(hdmi/VGA)?
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Yeah go with hdmi, just make sure your video card and monitor both support hdmi.
MinKar98k xD (3 months ago)
Park Hyunbin ok thanks
Park Hyunbin (3 months ago)
Vasko Minkov if you have an hdmi cable I suggest you use that. VGA cable is an older connector that provides lower quality. Only plug in hdmi for best quality :) hope it helped
RBeatz' Remix's (3 months ago)
I Just did this a 2 days ago .. Work just perfect for 12 hours ...i shut down the computer . open it ... try to play and the video card start doing the same shit .. 50 fps in csgo , stuttering, high temp... like 62 on desktop with nothing open ..
RBeatz' Remix's (3 months ago)
I use ddu first time .. second time .. work till i restart my pc .. i decide to format my windows .. and i did it with windows pro N or pro .. For me now ... everything its ok .. but i did not install the last driver . I think i run with the default one ... 350 fps cs go on high
MinKar98k xD (3 months ago)
Park Hyunbin yes
Park Hyunbin (3 months ago)
Vasko Minkov are you sure you properly installed your graphics card in the correct slot?
Robert Goddard (3 months ago)
Vasko Minkov use ddu
MinKar98k xD (3 months ago)
Remus Stefan ok thanks but when i install the nvidia drivers or what that is , shows me that he cant find a graphic card :(
Krystina Lamont (3 months ago)
Virus in download: Display Driver Uninstaller: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/d
Roy van den Ing (3 months ago)
Thnx for the Explanation, it worked perfectly for me. Everything works again..
EG_lucky freak (2 months ago)
Roy van den Ing Are u sure my control panel is missing can u help
Grégory H. (3 months ago)
dont work for me
Rc ProHunter (3 months ago)
Bullcrap nothing worked and even I freaking uninstall all the nvidia drivers still after I download the new one from nvidia website it dosent even proceed to the next step for installation options! It just gives me error. So F all of this shit am going to reinstall the whole shitty Windows 10 because of this stupid issue!
Blarson 12 (1 month ago)
Its win10, its bloat ware and a virus rolled into one. Reinstalling win10 will just bring back the problems.
Juno Berries (3 months ago)
yeah i got fucked too! like real fucked! the reinstall of the entire os made things worse!
ced aboc (3 months ago)
plug the fucking vga to the fucking videocard not to the fucking mobo. ps: to those no signal detected.
jkl 931 (3 months ago)
After doing everything in the video(DDU with safe mode), I re-installed my drivers through the NVIDIA website. After my driver update finishes, it automatically restarts my pc so it can take affect. My problem is, my monitor dosent have signal when it does the auto restart... but my pc is clearly still turned on. What should I do? If I manually press the resart button on my pc, the drivers wont update and I would have to go back to being broken before I did all the steps. But if I leave it on. I can't use my monitor. Help me out here?
Puk Buy (4 months ago)
When i wana play fortnite this shit comes. FUCK.
buzocaperuso (3 months ago)
pc gaming is such a pain in the ass
somelittlerat thepurest (3 months ago)
no its not because whe you have a problem ther are multiple ways of fixing them
buzocaperuso (3 months ago)
pilzerfa i have 2 of them
pilzerfa (3 months ago)
buzocaperuso then get a console?

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