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NVIDIA GEFORCE 210 Graphics Card Unboxing, PC Setting Up

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Hit that like Subscribe button it only takes 2.1435244532 seconds!!! Need to contact me here is my info: Xbox360:UnormalKiller Twitch:UnormalLaggerTV Email:[email protected] For Xbox 360 gaming I use the AverMedia LGP Lite PC Parts: Graphics Card: http://www.ebuyer.com/696229-palit-g210-1gb-ddr3-vga-dvi-hdmi-pci-e-graphics-card-neag2100hd06-1196f Case: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-048-AE&adword=google/pla&gclid=CI_wzu3o_cQCFczHtAodjCoAew Power Supply: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ace-Black-Power-Supply-Silent/dp/B0051ZGS50 Fan Control: http://www.ebuyer.com/569144-aerocool-touch-1000-lcd-touch-screen-4-fan-controller-brushed-aluminium-effect-acoolfancontouch1000 Like,Subscribe and leave your comments below thanks for watching!!!
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Text Comments (67)
Meet Patel (3 months ago)
driver plese download
RedHoodVN (3 months ago)
I have the same graphic card but why i get low fps on csgo im get 10 fps windows 7 2gb ram PLS DO YOU MQKE link FROM PALIT CD!?
EngKoK KO (8 months ago)
Were is the second video
Amit yadav (11 months ago)
Hi can you share the front image of your graphic card since my graphic card sparked and it is not working now i have seen 2 ic is burned and damage i am able to read the details of one but unable to read detail of second one can you please share the screen shot of ics near 1RO in front. Show that i can see details and purchase new IC to make it work again. Please. Model is same zotac 210 ddr3 1gb.
Silarus (1 year ago)
how do i remove it?
Eki Clash (1 year ago)
UnormalLagger (1 year ago)
abc def (1 year ago)
geforce 210 with 1G RAM is much newer than 8800GT 512M RAM, but 210 is $30 and 8800GT is $150, 8800 has 3 times more transitors than 210. 210 only works for older 3D games but any games that use a lot of shadows and shades whatever, 210 crawls, 210 is a cheap junk that is only good for checking if the motherboard works or not. why did ndivia make 210 to fool people? it is newer but it is a junk.
Chodex (1 year ago)
but I have a brand new monitor and a PC so it doesn't matter geforce210 is good guys
Chodex (1 year ago)
and I have 4 GB
Chodex (1 year ago)
This is made for job not gaming but our family have it and I can play high graphics games fast and nice
Amit Tzoor (1 year ago)
Why did you spend 20$ for this piece of garbage (from experience)?
RockabillyFox (2 years ago)
I hearing the song say DIABETE! DIABETE! Cool rig tho.
Glitchyyy (2 years ago)
I have a 1gb gigabyte one...Despite what everyone says, when paired with the right cpu it can pull of 45-50 fps in cs-go, fallout 3 and over 70 fps in Portal 2...That's not bad for a card that costs 15-30$......All of that with the lowest settings of course, i mean if you are going to buy this gpu for gaming you are massively wrong, u can game on it but that is not what the card was made for....
abc def (1 year ago)
i have Dell with i3 that came with a built in ATI 4500 or 5500 video chipset, when i tried to replace the video card, the damn junk Dell was incompatible with other good video cards except for Geforce 210. so i took it what the heck! although it was much newer than 8800, but it runs totally badly on new games with a lot of shades and shadows. i paid $30 for 210, heck , no big deal i can eat it.
Trax Nitro (1 year ago)
Glitchyyy that's bad for a card that costs up to $30. I bought a used GT 740 that costed me $25 and it runs circles around that crap
Indian TechHub (2 years ago)
Meh meth (2 years ago)
+Dat Fork i see all of your video u have none of TITAN version :/ stop lyin...
ya boy (2 years ago)
No you don't. How can you afford a Titan when you only have a Core 2 Duo laptop? People who own a Titan wouldn't also have problems trying to run GTA fucking 4.
Meh meth (2 years ago)
John Smith we all know tittan is way way way better than gt210 but some ppl dont have money to spent just only for gpu card u know :/
Bunkbed Bros (2 years ago)
I found a g210 (which is better than this) in my house and I put it in my pc and its worse than my integrated GPU! Dont by cheap DGPU's! £100 or above! NO LESS!
Kombajn (2 years ago)
i have this card
Chodex (1 year ago)
Kombajn me too
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
Its a popular starting card isn't it
BraX FM (2 years ago)
ihave this card before but ireplaced it with zotac gtx 750ti
marlen muradov (3 years ago)
thank you, you are amazing
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
Why Thank You Kind Sir!!
marlen muradov (3 years ago)
hello i have our videocard .Please sow me what game a can game
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
I'm Just Wondering How I'm Wrong :)
marlen muradov (2 years ago)
+UnormalLagger why
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
+marlen muradov Would You Please Explain How????
marlen muradov (2 years ago)
+GrowTFM you not right
UnormalLagger (3 years ago)
+marlen muradov this can run some smaller games but when it gets up to bigger games for example GTAV this card will not be able to handle them because it doesn't have enough video memory
The Mighty Tekken (3 years ago)
i have the same graphics card and it works fine except for the fan the fan is broken and won't spin thats my only problem with my graphics card
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
You May Be Able To Just Get A Replacement Fan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4kRxaQ2GKo click the link to discover the best games compatible with tihs gpu..
i have this same worst graphics card on my pc.. It was a big slamming surprise, that people still uses this card..Any way i'm going to buy a new gaming laptop.. liked and subscribed your video dude :D)
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
Thanks A Lot !!!
blakegriplingph (3 years ago)
I'm kinda' surprised that they're still selling this thing, and that's despite being somewhat antiquated compared to newer entry level GPUs.
callum edmondson (3 years ago)
does it have hdmi fitting
Indian TechHub (2 years ago)
callum edmondson (3 years ago)
+New chanter I'm new to gaming and my pc just needs a new graphics card and I have had a pc in the past that is vga and it's not clear so keep your mind to yourself and on some things think before saying.
+Callum Russon what a foolish question was that
troy (3 years ago)
it does .
troy (3 years ago)
hahahah how bout if you dont want the vga just don plug it in the vga ...
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
I Have To Say I'm Sorry For burek mesni's Behaviour
troy (3 years ago)
have one too . it does the job .
Kelvinator X (3 years ago)
not bad for a 35$ graphic card
Kelvinator X (2 years ago)
+New chanter The Rookies's gamer # Here for the starters# you're a moron..I currently using a 980TI
+Jad Jamous You buyed this card on 2016 .. Think who is stupid
+Kelvinator X right
troy (3 years ago)
not at all
Cherry (3 years ago)
damn i tried to watch this video on 1080p and it sucked ass i used the nvidia geforce 210 too maybe i can only be in 720p
UnormalLagger (2 years ago)
Possibly So

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