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GTA:San Andreas:Nvidia Geforce 6200 Low Details

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Resolution:800x600x32 Draw Distance:Minimum Frame Limiter:On Widescreen:Off Visual FX Quality:Low Mip Mapping:Off AA:Off 25-40 FPS
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Text Comments (24)
AdonisRD Nuñez (6 months ago)
wtf you limit frames xdd
FluffyWolves (2 years ago)
noooooooooooooob! you have frame limiter on xD
zombie9143 (3 years ago)
GeForce 6200 can run this on higher settings than this
LNCRFT (2 years ago)
No, it cannot without a bad framerate
diosesvip (9 years ago)
this no is a 6200 play gta sa on 64mb and the frame rate is 23- 40 i play on low settings and resolution in 600x480x32
Nautilus (9 years ago)
only if they had gta iv physics just sayin
pie&gangrena (9 years ago)
you have a saved game in me documents . ok delete gta.set . and now run gta sa You dont find the gta user files in me documents. search in rockstargames-gtasa-data-gtA.set
Chirriz Berto (9 years ago)
i run this game whit the same video card at full graphics 800x600x32 anti aliasing 2
xXLupoSolitarioXx (9 years ago)
Il falso è suscettibile d'una infinità di combinazioni, ma la verità ha solo un modo d'essere
Creta Mihai (9 years ago)
Help? When I start SA it says "800x600x32 video mode not found"
Aquele Tal (9 years ago)
I have 6200le 256mb and run max 35fps
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
si mi sembra supportata..comunque puoi cercare su internet i requisiti minimi per i videogiochi in generale
Jean Miranda (9 years ago)
What program did you use to shoot the game
Vic F (9 years ago)
i have a ge force fx 5200,512mb ram ,2.8 ghz processor and it runs absouletly fine on maximum
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
non è un gameplay è un test della scheda video...
poweron69 (9 years ago)
scusa he senso ha questo video???? è una missione e basta
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
u have better cpu and ram then
Jacky Wang (9 years ago)
its the acttual game the retail game wont lagg other wise its your procceser
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
it happened to me too! reason was processor dirty! try clean it up. if u think its clean i dont know, but maybe is video card
666Russel999 (9 years ago)
:) yea, it rock
DriftErTM (9 years ago)
sa rulez
unchallenged hate (9 years ago)
let's go bitch. (i love that part) hey, do you want to download my total conversion fo' vice city?
superstrunz93 (9 years ago)
gittàh sant andrea? 2009 04 26 16 26 11 65

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