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3-D Dinosaur Adventure Gameplay (part 2)

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3D Dinosaur Adventure is an educational game that gives info about Dinosaurs and early life on earth. Their are nine activities featured in the game including: "Save the Dinosaur", "Dinosaur movies" and "3D Dinosaur Museum", "Create a Saurus", "Photo Safari", "Dinosaur Encyclopedia", "Name a Saurus", "Make a Match" and "Dinosaur Storybook". The Anniversary Edition is a re-release of the original game 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. New to this version is a separate disc with a small program called "Art-a-Saurus" which lets the player make pictures using paint, moving dinosaurs or non moving ones, music and lots of backgrounds to choose from. Also included with the package is an authentic fossil TSM Channel on Facebook : https://fb.me/tsmchannel TSM Channel on STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsmchannel TSM Channel on Google+ : https://google.com/+TSMChannel TSM Channel on Blogger : http://tsmchannel.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (40)
Peter Galik (2 months ago)
Nice! How did you get this game to work?
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Hi, we're running the game on an old PC with Windows 98. 😄
FYCY (2 months ago)
Oh hell yeah been looking for this game for years. Thanks for the upload
TSM Channel (2 months ago)
Glad you found the video! Have a great day!
The Spork Guy (3 months ago)
The end of the extinction video used to make me cry as a kid. So brutal :(
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Indeed. 😞
bijou bijoux (3 months ago)
I loved that game so much as a kid. These dinos are way off though.
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Rohan Zener (3 months ago)
Early life, you say? But this is the mesozoic, not Paleozoic, era.
Bansheera (4 months ago)
16:19 This was the clip I remember from my childhood. It took many years to find this game again, but I'm glad to hear it!
TSM Channel (4 months ago)
Indeed. Good times! 😄
nolocobralink (5 months ago)
the spanish translation of the movie "care to dance?" feels really weird after looking at the original version
Luy22 (5 months ago)
"Let's watch as it has a snack!" *starts breathing on food* HHHHHHHHHHHH I loved this game. The animatronic dinos were aight but the stop motion and cg videos got me obsessed with animation
TSM Channel (5 months ago)
Indeed! 😄
Kid (6 months ago)
did they create all those claymation shorts just for the game? they're actually pretty good
Jack Crooker (6 days ago)
They’re from a documentary called Dinosaur! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gYe3r-wH_1s
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Yes i think so. Or maybe they used some stock footage.
Rhewin (7 months ago)
Huh... in my mind as a kid the effects and music were 100% realistic.
TSM Channel (7 months ago)
Indeed! 😄
Absolom Apple (8 months ago)
The movie where the Allosaurus are chasing the Lambiosaurs at around 5:00 is like an excercise video for Allosaurus.
Chantal Ward (8 months ago)
LMAO at most of these. I used to love this game.
TSM Channel (8 months ago)
Owww... ok, i get it now. Yep, you'll need Windows XP or an older Windows version to play this game.
Chantal Ward (8 months ago)
TSM Channel Not so. The computer I played it on became obsolete and was gotten rid of, so I haven’t been able to play it since. In fact, I wanted to play it, hence why I found your videos.
TSM Channel (8 months ago)
And it didn't age well?
Doug Buckner (9 months ago)
5:54 Used to terrify me as a kid. I know I am not the only one here!
TSM Channel (3 months ago)
Cringing and Gween (3 months ago)
I saw this as a three year old and it scared me so bad I flipped my plate of food over and almost ruined my family's keyboard. I can't remember if it was spaghetti or birthday cake though. For shame.
TSM Channel (6 months ago)
Yeah, i remember that animation with the biting and all. That's right.
AlaricSkywalker (6 months ago)
Funny thing, in one dinosaur science show, it uses a good amount of the footage of this chase scene, and, turns out, in the part where it chases after "us", in this dino show (which I can't remember the name of but am trying to find), one of the allosaurs managed to catch up with one of the Lambiosaurs and killed it by biting it's neck when Lambiosaur turned it's head around to check how close it was. The allosaur then proceeds to eat it. If I run across it, I'll let you know.
KGrove94 (6 months ago)
Trust me, you're not the only one who was scared of that moment.
John Whitesell (10 months ago)
I would like to see the soundtrack for this game.
TSM Channel (10 months ago)
I think some other user uploaded the soundtrack, but i might be mistaken.
Jacob Chang (1 year ago)
At 15:16-15:26: (Parasaurolophus) Announcer: "Called the trumpeter, the Parasaurolophus could have used its 6 foot long crest as a horn to warn other dinosaurs of danger".
KGrove94 (1 year ago)
I grew up with the DOS version of this game, but it's nice to see this version on YouTube and see the differences between the two.
AlaricSkywalker (6 months ago)
I actually know someone who is doing that, as well as how you can get it yourself if you're curious.
Nicholas Hanson (9 months ago)
TSM Channel I agree completely. This was the best version of the game, in my opinion. If you’re interested and willing, would you mind uploading some of the tracks or reference pages from this version? I know kylgrv and a few others easily have the MS-DOS one locked down, but not many people even have access to the Windows version, much less having gameplay of it on YouTube.
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
We appreciate your comment, we've looked a lot for this game, pretty rare, and it deserves a special place on YouTube. 😄
Devan Hinskey (1 year ago)
I had that game as a kid! And I loved playing it so much...
TSM Channel (1 year ago)
Yep, back in the day, this game was amazing. I'm glad i've found it and got the chance to play it again. The music and the graphics... bring so much memories. 😃

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