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How to Make a Nun Costume

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Watch more How to Make Halloween Costumes videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/233252-How-to-Make-a-Nun-Costume Whether you're a sinner or a saint, making a nun costume for Halloween requires no divine intervention. Step 1: Make the habit Make a habit from a long black dress with long sleeves, or a graduation gown. Tip For added authenticity, purchase a pattern for a tunic at a fabric store and sew the tunic yourself. Step 2: Make a belt Tie a piece of rope around your waist as a belt. Step 3: Make the ring Take a strip of white poster board, and cut it to fit around your head. Step 4: Finish the veil Cut the piece of black fabric into a large square so that the veil is the length you desire. Hot glue the fabric to the poster board ring to complete the veil. Step 5: Accessorize Accessorize the costume by adding a crucifix or rosary beads. Did You Know? In 2008, an Italian priest attempted to organize a beauty pageant for nuns, but his superiors quickly suspended the event.
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