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TIPS And tricks on how to trade better with pokemon cards

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HotBurger122 (3 days ago)
This dude is tryna help us while he got scammed with that fake charizard 😂
Ok.... if you want to trade let them tell you what they will pay for it, and keep raising the price till your at max lol
BirgBoi (3 months ago)
why would you rip a card because of a trade??
Gaming with Saranyan (3 months ago)
I made a dumb mistake I traded my shiny mega gangar ex for mega manetrick ex full art
JackPlaysVideoGames (6 months ago)
ok guys I have a new channel now,this is when I was in 5th grade soo now I’m in 7th my voice isn’t squeaky af anymore the channel is thebossisbeast 11
cole & lulu (10 months ago)
You suck
ReaPeR_hogs (1 year ago)
I need to trade with this kid lol
Qubekani Dube (1 year ago)
Charizard is fake😝
DJShiver (1 year ago)
RIP That Charizard is Fake. In 6th Grade, I was the first in School to get a GX. Everyone was crowding around me, offering like 5-8 cards for the one Solgaleo GX I had.
Riley Jones (1 year ago)
Mate the Mega Charizard EX is fake
Poke Kid (1 year ago)
That charzard is fake lol
Poke Kid (1 year ago)
I did and I got zekorm
Massive Destruction (1 year ago)
Face palm

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