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Best Graveyard Deck Right Now | CWA Mobile Gaming Subscribe to Me: https://goo.gl/qFh722 Watch Next, Hog Exenado Pro Deck, https://goo.gl/pBznef Clash Royale's "pro tips" series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we'll look at the best graveyard deck in the current meta that has been taking the Clash world by storm. It's been super popular in the arena ever since it's been widely used in CRL. Now it's the most popular Graveyard deck in grand challenges as well. It's a great defensively, slow paced, deck and today Carter from NRG will join me breaking it down and playing some live ladder matches. Use with confidence in arena 9, 10, 11 and 12. Enjoy and good luck! *Shownotes* ►►Carter Player Stats/Profile - https://goo.gl/miapkj ►►Carter Twitter - https://goo.gl/ozA5aL ►►Carter Twitch - https://goo.gl/AAVnF8 *Join my discord community!* ►►www.discord.gg/cwamobilegaming *Watch More* ►►Top 7 Broken/OP Cards of All Time - https://goo.gl/Q5oYss ►►Ranking all 40 emotes! - https://goo.gl/MrHhph ►►10 Cards That Level Doesn't Matter - https://goo.gl/oH2ZPC I'm Proud to be a community partner with Bren Chong! ►► Instagram - https://goo.gl/jEcVu1 ►► Twitter - https://goo.gl/c1u5V8 ►►Check out my player profile: https://goo.gl/Ve4J1S ►►Top deck text guides: https://goo.gl/NJzUuG ►►DECK LINK►► clash with ash wants to share a Clash Royale deck:https://link.clashroyale.com/deck/en?deck=28000011;28000012;28000009;28000010;27000009;26000023;26000015;26000000&id=VPU8G Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: ►►https://goo.gl/nh2VUM I stream LIVE on Facebook 5 days a week here: ►►https://goo.gl/g9pQTC #ClashRoyale #Graveyard #Splashyard THANK YOU to my tier 3 PATREONS!! LOVE YOU ALL! - Noah McDiarmid - Austin Hoover - Mark Figueroa - Richard Parnell - Tyler Skinner Social Media- ►►Twitter - @CWA ►►Instagram - Clash_With_Ash ►►Facebook - Clash With Ash Official
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Text Comments (498)
CWA Mobile Gaming (7 days ago)
Feel free to check out the second channel, which will have all the replays I didn't end up sharing here on the main one from each pro tips video: https://goo.gl/wUxCp6
KaoticKrakhead420 (6 days ago)
can you bring on some 3m pros?
Christian Detzel (6 days ago)
ТhеSеhUhА gee - even freakier bits
Christian Detzel (6 days ago)
CWA Mobile Gaming happy birthday ash :) 🎂
aryan panchal (6 days ago)
I meant orange juice
Eshinggg (14 hours ago)
Omg i love ash
James Cooper (3 days ago)
Is it just me that noticed that ash was juked? Like, well played to that player that did that.
SweetFireNZ (4 days ago)
guys what do u think i could sub in ice wiz for ?
aladeen aladeen (4 days ago)
I'm looking to start a new deck currently running a weird mortar deck.. Do you think this deck would be good for a f2p player or does anyone recommend anything else in the current meta? (Anything but a golem deck i find that boring)
Phoenixia Valeria (4 days ago)
this guy sounds a lot like Sushi Pay Pay
iiGigablast (4 days ago)
I’ve been using the bowler ewiz version since 2900 and it’s cool to see a hard return of splashyard
MeBoss Manga (5 days ago)
Lol that rocket-goblin barrel
Emiliofajardo (6 days ago)
I’d rather have an ice golem and bowler/freeze in my gy, frankly I’m not as good
Austin Lance (6 days ago)
an easy deck to overpower. no heavy defenders and spell dependant.
AJTokez (6 days ago)
Alison Alan (6 days ago)
I faced someone with that deck and beat the shit outta them 😂😂
Rob Guiking (6 days ago)
Hey Ash, stop beating yourself up, you're a great player (y)
Diego Cardenas (6 days ago)
Ash man I really think mortar cycle needs a buff. What do you think? RG meta and Beatdown and huts are everywhere and it is impossible for mortar cycle to win. I feel they should buff nado back to its old self so now we can actually beat giant decks which are everywhere. Pls let Supercell know the idea to buff back nado. Thanks in advance! Love your videos btw.
Kael Tupper (6 days ago)
Plz bring a pro on for the new meta bait deck: prince, Ice wiz, princess, goblin barrel, goblin gang, tornado, log, rocket. I found someone on royale tv using it and it is absolutely OP!! Prince is so good rn and shreds tank and the combo with ice wiz and tornado as you know is alreAdy too strong. If you throw princess in on top of that it’s just gg
Some guy That exists (6 days ago)
im terrible with GY: hopefully this can help my cause
fgab (6 days ago)
Lol so this is why everyone plays this deck ^^ :D
Jim Tennant (6 days ago)
I main log bait and Graveyard kills me every time lol.
babim alzeen (6 days ago)
I have more trophys then both of you live Battles where not very interesting
Kevin Le (6 days ago)
is getting to 4300 as a lvl 10 good?
Scott Jackson (6 days ago)
Getting so sick of seeing nothing but graveyard decks in grand challenges and classic challenges as far as that goes. not sure what it needs to or how to nerf it without making it worthless but for sure needs something done with it.u have to run poison as ur spell to have a chance
James Bennett (6 days ago)
Ash, place the dang tornado directly on the king tower. Guaranteed activation. You GY noob 😜😇🤣
Hell Heaven (6 days ago)
BuT aSh WhAt Ab0uT 2.6 h0g CyClE?
iakah Drake (6 days ago)
not Bigspin :( hes better than Carter with that Deck and hes playing that Deck with Barbarian Barrel
Austin Smith (6 days ago)
Hey CWA I just wanted to let you know about another YouTuber using your opening with their name. Check them out @nocountersnocombos
Coach Carter had a son? 😮😱
Parth Trivedi (6 days ago)
Intro music is very nice.....😋 Love from India✌🇮🇳
FTsifat hossain (2 days ago)
Please tell me the inro music name!!!!!
SqueezY- tube (6 days ago)
He is talking comfortably and wining at the same time without being distracted, damn he is a true player<3
Amit Sarker (6 days ago)
Ladder is dead for me. Because i play cr for free. After maxing my xbow deck, now i am wanting my time back which i spent for cr. Because there is a man named rum hum is gay. He loves royal giant so much.
Icen Cold (6 days ago)
Happy birthday!!
marta (6 days ago)
U should make a video just of pushing on the ladder
poolverine (6 days ago)
I'm not able to see live matches at all.. stupid bug.. Android redmi5
Lirmaqui Ilyass (6 days ago)
The barb barrel cannon cart version is mutch better im my opinion
CRY BABY HERO (6 days ago)
*ASH where do i send replays on twitter . i don't use it and downloaded it to share replays with you but i do not see how to do so ? or when u said share on twitter and @ you ? let me know . is there a more direct way.? 100% these replays will blow your mind because the deck looks unusable ..*
Talha Uddin (6 days ago)
btw ash u can kill g.barrel with barb barrel
Simi _M (6 days ago)
Why not bigspin, He was place 3?
Jay Skillz (6 days ago)
Awesome deck bro
Funtime Freddy (6 days ago)
Yo I was playing with that deck before this vid!
1896 Felix (6 days ago)
Wait you Show this Deck and you do not invite Bigspin?
Ultramax TN (6 days ago)
CWA is a bug
ТhеSеhUhА (6 days ago)
Thanks Ash for all of your good videos in CR. Always have a question what is music in your intro?
Bay Kıvılcım (6 days ago)
*Best intro ha ha ha ;)*
Jason Fonoti (6 days ago)
I recently switched out log for barb barrel in this deck. Still can't decide which is better. Does play very different. Opinions?
Алексей Л. (6 days ago)
One word - Poison
LarryAllen (6 days ago)
Bigspin would be Great🤯🤣
Yope01 (6 days ago)
I am currently using the hog double barrel deck but for some reason the baby dragon is the worst card to play against. Help?
Arsh Zulfiqar (6 days ago)
Now i think the ice wiz buff was a bad choice
jeewan sooklall (6 days ago)
i just a goblin hut instead of tombstone, it is also very good
Liebscher Susann (6 days ago)
Don't forget Bigspin, he is insane with this Deck
Zero X Four (6 days ago)
Sean - COC (6 days ago)
thank you for the nando placement for the barrel. i never knew that
H&R Gamers (6 days ago)
Hey ash why does clash royale team keep putting crazy 2v2 win prizes, and 1v1 is like I give 300 gold and thats crazy enough, but for 2v2 your going yo give 250 K gold of you won? Ok let me see if have that 0.000000000001 percent luck to win, 2v2 big prizes suck, if your teammates suck, then your fucked :) thanks supercell
Darren Way (6 days ago)
4 spell deck....
captral (6 days ago)
You could tell that Joseph dude was super tilted the way he played and because of all the emotes he spammed. ^^
Whisper401 (6 days ago)
I would have raged quit if i were the last guy.. lol
Edvrin Channel (6 days ago)
How if i don't have graveyard? Can i use graveyard deck?
Bilax Chaudhary (6 days ago)
3 musk deck plzzzz...
Animus Spero (6 days ago)
Ash. You’re the man.
niluka peiris (6 days ago)
pro vs pro ash
Aador Dasgupta (6 days ago)
Happy Birthday cwa
Critical Panda (6 days ago)
"I'm playing really well but my team just sucks"-- wise words from Carter regarding my SoloQ career.
Veppy (6 days ago)
I'm happy that graveyard is becoming the new meta cause my deck counters it pretty well
Jay Vaishnav (7 days ago)
Happy birthday ash♥️♥️
Mr. Weed (7 days ago)
I think im done with the game till they nerf RG again. This shit is not fun anymore.
Skrepy Studio (7 days ago)
Cannon Cart is better then knight, in this deck.
Mitchell Padula (7 days ago)
I love graveyard
Sahib Ali (7 days ago)
Pro Vs pro match please
tacos61192 (7 days ago)
Not a bad deck. I personally use hog, log, baby drag, infernal tower, rascals, royale ghost, zap, and archers
AXANIN PL (7 days ago)
I'm playing this deck for 2 weeks or something like that and it's great😊
Mark Talbert (7 days ago)
this deck is trash. these "top players" only come on here to confuse.
MinatoNamikaze200 (7 days ago)
I still think my Bowler GY is better lol lemme know if you wanna know the full deck!
vinay singh (7 days ago)
Its always feels awesome to watch a graveyard match.
Gentjan Hyseni (7 days ago)
I traded princess with ghost now i dont have 3 cards log lava hound and bandit
David Recinos (7 days ago)
Tommy in the next video?????? He was in the clan🤭 I’m from Nicargua too! It would be amazing to watch tommy in your chanel Ash!
Hussain Zabeth (7 days ago)
Can u plz use the OG font for your thumbnails?Thanks for the GY video,I plan to choose it as I have a Legendary King's Chest after sometime.What Legendary should I choose,Ash?!I have Miner,Princess,Ice Wizard and Lavahound
Mateja Dimitrijevic (7 days ago)
Is there anything i can use instead of ice wiz
Chris Young (7 days ago)
Ash have u decided on ur next subs? Ve pro miniminter
FeedMe (7 days ago)
Always same shit.. i gave this game a shot last season and it doesn’t deserve anything.. it’s crap.. u face same decks over and over and over.. the only way to be competitive is to waste time all day on a wc game.
Drew Anderson (7 days ago)
Ash bro, I don’t even play clash Royale that much anymore but I still always find myself watching these videos just because you’re such a good guy and this channel has such a great atmosphere. Idk what it is but I love you and this channel. Mad respect
mar yoo (7 days ago)
I Hate The [email protected]€¥ing Royal Giant Buff, Super Cell Has Has Gone Mental ! , They Should Fire The Head Of The Card Balancing Panel, this Guy Know [email protected]
mr DAF (7 days ago)
Kunal Pujari (7 days ago)
I use the same deck with canon cart instead of knight... Canon cart is damn op with graveyard 💪
Berg Santos (7 days ago)
My deck is pretty much the same, only the executor changes in place of the ice wizard
Kushal Rahatkar (7 days ago)
ash man i think this game is highly imbalanced
Adam Marjanovic (7 days ago)
GY decks need to get nerfed in the next balance changes, they’re everywhere and almost impossible to beat
George Gardipee (7 days ago)
Looking forward to pro v pro and it would be cool to see mini vs Lciop (spelling?aka silent assassin)👊👍
Tyler Greer (7 days ago)
If your not poetically correct don't waste your time ash looking for lights yo rgb's bro.
Tyler Greer (7 days ago)
Steven Jelinek (7 days ago)
Was waiting for this deck! Been using it since it's premier in CRL, I love it!
Diamond ruby (7 days ago)
I love this deck it made me hit my new pb
Orpix (7 days ago)
Are you going to bring Swood on in pro vs pro on the one after the next pro vs pro?
Devon Innes (7 days ago)
Hey ash I don’t think you’ll see this but I just wanna let you now that I think you should change up archetypes cause I feel you’ve been doing a lot of graveyard. Would love to see more bridge spam!!
Simon Hodson (7 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Graveyard needs a nerf.
Lordrokkhan pvp (7 days ago)
I fought this deck so many times except with a cannon cart it was crazy how popular it is
George Gardipee (7 days ago)
Thank you for another great video Ash! Hope you and the family are doing well☺👍
GoFourYourGG - Gaming (7 days ago)
love your vids keep em comin. Could you do a lava hound deck??
GoFourYourGG - Gaming (7 days ago)
sup ash
Patch 990 (7 days ago)
Are you today’s date? Because you’re 10/10
nehaal kadge (7 days ago)
B-RAD trophy pushed with this deck last season
Alex Wan (7 days ago)
At the start of your ladder match you straight up didn't use the barb barrel on the goblin barrel smh
DuelM.Y-G-O (7 days ago)
Crticise alert⚠️ Great deck for ladder and easy wins from it You might have to take a lot of damage just for 1 tower or 2 over all and all defense are effective to any thing (Ice wiz+tornado combo) not suitable for three crowners out there
DuelM.Y-G-O (7 days ago)
oh and great video dude SUBSCRIBED!!!

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