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How To Make $30 Per Hour Just By Watching Videos Online ( Easy 2018)

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Text Comments (444)
masoud farshian (5 days ago)
Ho Taylor Is impossible to create account in usertesting if you do not have a company. How to do For creating an accunt in usertesting without company ?
patrick gregorio (20 days ago)
still work?
Tyler Pratt (18 days ago)
yes go for it
solo traveler (29 days ago)
That's nice work well
Claire Samuel (1 month ago)
Hi i live in St:Lucia dont have pay pal in my country...can i get paid some other way like debit care
2010joen (1 month ago)
According to their web site and my experience with them you may get maybe 2 or 3 a week while taking endless unpaid qualifying questionnaires asking the same questions over and over again. that is where most of your time is spent. I did make about $50 with them but it took a couple of months.
mma lovers (1 month ago)
sub me to sub every one
Brandon Hall (2 months ago)
im looking for someone who made money with affilatemarketing about $30 or more
Tyler Pratt (1 month ago)
your in the right place
Michael Deluca (2 months ago)
Just took the test...was a little wary, but used blue yetti microphone....and did the instructions...24-48 hours to wait for reply...( Hope I get this gig)
Michael Deluca (2 months ago)
Thank you Tyler,,
Tyler Pratt (2 months ago)
thanks for the support
Pooh BearVlogs (2 months ago)
Hey Tyler help me. I'm almost homeless. I need a way to make money. Thanks man
Pooh BearVlogs (2 months ago)
+Tyler Pratt I got a apartment.dont want to lose it.
Tyler Pratt (2 months ago)
find a home first, take that stress out.
YUNGSiR (2 months ago)
just watched you video >>this was really helpful>> Clinking link Now really trynna To OverStand this Passive income! any other tips?
San jay (2 months ago)
It's so awesome and really looking interesting
Entertainment Trendz (2 months ago)
What is all about.. conclusion
Tyler Pratt (2 months ago)
I will send you the cliff notes
denise dacosta (2 months ago)
I don't see a link for earning a passive income.
Nikki Schaffner (3 months ago)
I need help to finding a good consistent online job from home...
Tee Wofford (3 months ago)
Sign up for FEATUREPOINTS!!! Use Referral Code 8WZH59 for free points.
Gigi Mercado (3 months ago)
I just joined them after passing the exam. There are very few jobs available that you will be qualified for. Its good for supplemental income but don't rely heavily on this. Sounds good but not enough money to make.
Alex Shoyhit (3 months ago)
nice opertunity to bad its not work in linux pc
Ivan Guerra (3 months ago)
Ooohhh dear inocent people, likes = $$$$$
Tyler Pratt (3 months ago)
likes dont = money, learn some Internet Marketing and you will see
oliver butterface (3 months ago)
what a great idea!!!!thank you so very much.
Tyler Pratt (3 months ago)
thanks for the support
Ra Nu (3 months ago)
Does this work with chromebook?
Tyler Pratt (3 months ago)
not sure give it a try
bmandtn (3 months ago)
no computer. what can you do on a phone?
Tyler Pratt (3 months ago)
get a computer, they are cheap
Stacey Story (4 months ago)
If this works on tablets I will get one make that money
Entertainment level up (4 months ago)
make the that help all country people
Lamar Hernandez (4 months ago)
Who’s here to get v bucks ?? 😂
Freud Vixamar (4 months ago)
Powerful stuff👊👊
Tyler Pratt (4 months ago)
thanks for the support
Benjamin Stott (4 months ago)
I just needed $30 a day.
Caaazim Oml (4 months ago)
Nice to see this video 😘
Tyler Pratt (4 months ago)
thanks for the support
Nuel121 NEIGL (5 months ago)
It does not accept my country Nigeria
Nishanthi Wasantha (5 months ago)
Sir this way in srilanka available
Helen Reslock (5 months ago)
Thank you for wasting everyone's time :)
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
good luck to you
KingofPentakill VG (5 months ago)
Idk how to work it sir plss i need help it took me some kinda advertising
Into the BLUE (5 months ago)
SURVIVAL GAMER (5 months ago)
30$ perday also good
Ger Her (5 months ago)
Bilionaires club here I come!!! :v
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
yes go for it
Rakuss Maybe (5 months ago)
mallox 42 (5 months ago)
sara hassan (5 months ago)
Could i know what next step zfter paying 9$then i am based in egypt ??
Golden Fantasy (5 months ago)
Really Tyler Pratt I have no money ;-; how can I sign up on your website?
Hamza Kashif (5 months ago)
One more question.>>>>>>Can We Use BETTERNET FREE VPN????
Hamza Kashif (5 months ago)
Is It Available in Pakistan?????I am facing very much of problems each time I get into a website for money......except John Michael's videos...they helped me a lot...Thank you John Michael AND Tyler Pratt
Samson Mamus (5 months ago)
I thought this was about watching videos to earn and not test websites to earn? How does your title for this video tally with what you are explaining in the video?
Grow ByDoing (1 month ago)
Samson Mamus it doesn’t
Lee Beauty Paradise (5 months ago)
Is this real?
Alicia Sagedao (5 months ago)
Your title is "Just by watching videos". Why the BS?
Juan Palacio (5 months ago)
you did not explain anything on this video .-.
Greg Otero (5 months ago)
can i do this business with just a smartphone or tablet or does it require both?
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
both will work
Nate Lupo (5 months ago)
U said thanks for my support, I said 《YOUR VIDEO SUX COCK》FUCKING DUMMY
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
Good luck to you and your success
Nate Lupo (5 months ago)
Your video sux cock☆☆☆☆☆
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
thanks for the support, come back later when I upload a new video
ego (5 months ago)
This sound like asmr
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
sounds like you might be having great success online
Teresa Horner chase (5 months ago)
Ive never found anything that pays. Im on mobile n need to earn xtra income. I live on [email protected]
Ade Machin (5 months ago)
Thirty dollars a year!
ar halimi (5 months ago)
dear Tyler .. this is my 1st time in trying making income via the net .. tQ very much for sharing. May GOD bless u alwayz. take care.
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
thanks for the support
meljory gamboa (5 months ago)
how to withdraw?
Karen Peach (5 months ago)
usertesting is a load of bull, i've done a million surveys which is not paid for by the way, there are never tests available and I joined months ago
Tyler Pratt (5 months ago)
well dont give up just because it didnt work for you
misheal ugheghele (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, the vpm is so important as my country is limited to participate
Krypto Smooth (6 months ago)
Good afternoon Tylor my name is Michael Anderson. I've watched several of your videos and I'm very interested and creating myself as passive income. I know you probably won't call me but my number is 901-608-0008. I would love to talk to you one-on-one on helping me get something set up or an established to where I can get some sort of passive income coming in. I'm currently a production supervisor here in North Carolina but I don't want to get behind on my bills ever again. I don't mind spending my time for money but I just want a residual income coming in and hopefully you can help me. Thanks a lot..... once again this is Michael Anderson
Joseph Greisen (6 months ago)
the link doesn't take you to any video. you said something about passive income, it's just you trying to sell something. Sucks
Trent Burns (6 months ago)
This is much more than just watching videos. You are expected to talk and be quizzed as you review each video. $30 an hour just isn't possible, I would say $20 an hour is more feasible. Maybe worth some extra income but definitely not simple money.
The Online Busker (6 months ago)
Guys listen up carefully....you will NOT make 30 per hour doing this. At MOST you will get THREE tests per week!!! That's30 dollers PER WEEK!! NOT PER HOUR! It's easy, they pay you $10 per test, it's true, but I do this regularly and normally just get TWO TESTS per week, that's TWENTY DOLLARS PER WEEK! and I'm a 5 star tester!! $30 per hour??? lololololoolololololol
bmandtn (3 months ago)
The Online Busker What are the test like? They ask questions about the video u watched? Thank you
TimeBucks (6 months ago)
have you tried TimeBucks?
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
not yet
Marcelo Espinoza (6 months ago)
Tyler I'm a highschool student currently enrolled in many things at my school, I wanna figure out a way to make 700 dollars to travel to a conference that I really want to go to, what is the best way to make money, I'm willing to spend an hour a day on weekdays and more hours on weekends, also so that I can keep making money as a 17 year old teen guy. Love your videos, keep it up, all the way from Nicaragua in central america.
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
build your audience first, then promote affiliate offers.
Game World (6 months ago)
Sir this way Indian available
Vikash Sharma (6 months ago)
hy good one
Reuben Reid (6 months ago)
Great video
Forex signals & Pool (6 months ago)
awesome video
DragonK1ller209 (6 months ago)
If you need a vpn use the Web browser opera it has a built in vpn and it's free.
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
great suggestion
Janet Sims (6 months ago)
sine me up
faith Navarra (6 months ago)
1. Sub 2. View 3. Like 4. Comment done 5. I will do the same
VINAY MEDAPATI (6 months ago)
Does this work for citizens out of USA. In countries like India?
VINAY MEDAPATI (6 months ago)
DragonK1ller209 woah thanks bro 🙂
DragonK1ller209 (6 months ago)
VINAY MEDAPATI: that's what he was talking about a vpn. You may not be able to get on the website from your country unless you use a different ip. If you don't want to pay for a vpn then use a Web browser called opera and it has a vpn built in that you can use to get on the website.
Daniel Dreamer (6 months ago)
Has anyone ever used this and does it really work?????
Lloyd Parker (6 months ago)
Awesome sight. thanks Tyler yur the man !!!!
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
thanks for the support
Rashad Oneal (6 months ago)
Wow I have a million dollars ! !
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
Flats From Spongebob (6 months ago)
I think this is patched in update 2.0.6
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
I enjoyed your video
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
thanks for the support
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
United States I can just use my web cam to make the video :) - I might not get a smart phone next month though
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
English is my first language :)
Grow ByDoing (1 month ago)
Katherine Marsh You’ve left tons of comments on this video. Least you’re persistent lol Now try using your brain and applying that persistence to income tasks like , marketing and affiliate sales.
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
I don't like smart phones just a laptop
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
I like your video :)
Katherine Marsh (6 months ago)
Ahmed habib (6 months ago)
paypal is banned in our country what should i do
Cassidy Gibson (6 months ago)
Shekhor Sardar (6 months ago)
This guy want to sell his own book there.
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
DynastYxGaminG (6 months ago)
You are a bit of a prat to be honest
Tyler Pratt (6 months ago)
well that is original, lol
SnowyTheBread (6 months ago)
All I need is money to feed my Fortnite addiction *Please help me*
anjan sarkar (7 months ago)
sir, i want to make money online from India almost 100 dollar per day. Can I make it from my country?
Era Herrera (7 months ago)
Could i do this on my country which is philipines. Thank you hope you notice my comment i subscribe on your channel.
preston rogers (7 months ago)
Swag bucks works and you can be 13
Myownie (7 months ago)
Can i use this in philippines? Pls reply
Hazelita Hayes (7 months ago)
Going to try this out.Thanks.
gerson jacob (7 months ago)
is it a must that you get a smart phone or is using only a laptop okay
dillon holmes (7 months ago)
how do you do it with out a download?
madz di dadz (7 months ago)
Want a new sub. Sub to me and I will sub to u. Comment done wen u do
Does it work in Canada?
Ken Thoughts (7 months ago)
I need 100 bucks to buy a Vivo Phone
maulsoleu (7 months ago)
Video ClickBait
Daniel Ventura (7 months ago)
second video i click and this dude again >.<
Claydood (7 months ago)
There are rarely any tests available on Usertesting, and I've never seen one that requires watching videos. I earn maybe $10 per month sometimes $20 on there.
Luka Todorovic (7 months ago)
Nice wasting my time dooshbag
steelhound duncan (7 months ago)
There's no need to be nasty.
Tyler Pratt (7 months ago)
good luck to ya
Koen Kassly (7 months ago)
This is a bunch of crap

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