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Evolution of NVIDIA GeForce + Test Running Games

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Text Comments (1838)
Rhett Brady (22 hours ago)
the amount of screen tear on the last two is just sad
MATRICE ZA PJESME (5 days ago)
Where is GeForce 8200M G
redzuan red (6 days ago)
Why not include the price
Son Goku (6 days ago)
Watching on a 2080Ti.
WOS (6 days ago)
Y la 1050 y 1060?
Evolution Slither.io
GAME DIRECT (8 days ago)
Gtx 710 and gtx 1060???
Gabrielle Dela Cruz (8 days ago)
Getting a 2080 ti nowadays is enough for generations. It's lile of the same performance with a 6050 ti in the future lol
Analogia Filmu (8 days ago)
where is gx2 9800 ?
Analogia Filmu (8 days ago)
Why on gta 4 on q8200 3ghz and gtx 750ti 4gb and 4gb ram i have 20 fps ?
seby 0906 (9 days ago)
I have a gtx1060
Daxx1337 (10 days ago)
Gtx 1050 2GB ?
de stompy gamers (10 days ago)
But titan v isnt suposed for gaming! That isnt even geforce.
KAS lovers (11 days ago)
can you make a video on amd processors
SpaghettiSouls (11 days ago)
whats the outro song
Nidal Durmic (11 days ago)
Sad reality
Poop rock (12 days ago)
I used to have gtx 750 now I got an rtx 2080 oh how time flies
MANO KANEKI BRABO (12 days ago)
Nividia GEforce 1050?
Rien Manitou (12 days ago)
RTX? GeForce GTX 1050, 1060, 1070???
Krystian Kmieciak (12 days ago)
0:03-0:10 what is this music?
Bupsi (12 days ago)
M Pro Channel: has Nvidia GTX 1080 M Pro channel: Plays sniper elite 3
By_Enver (12 days ago)
gt series?
F B K (13 days ago)
bartexxx 3497 (9 hours ago)
Intel better
Golden Gaming TR (13 days ago)
I have rtx 2060 ti im happy 😊😊😊😊
นรค รคน (13 days ago)
Watersod Bunmick
Dirac Drynx (13 days ago)
Watching on my phone with a Snapdragon 430 I can probably beat a GeForce 4ti in a drag race
Rad Gaming (13 days ago)
I have crysis 3 but i dont know how to play it
Rad Gaming (12 days ago)
+Mysterious Stranger well i have passed the starting mission and the next level when i go to the green land when there is grass i confused because i died and i,m taking damage repeatedly. I dont know who attack me.
Mysterious Stranger (13 days ago)
Ummm what? it's just a shooter game, it's not hard at all.
JtomásGames 28 (13 days ago)
And the 1050/1050 ti
Iljas Madiev (14 days ago)
I have GTX 1050
Mohamed Ibrahim (14 days ago)
GTX 680 Owner , and it still rocks xD
KeMpL DS (14 days ago)
I have geforce 210
PŘÎÑÇÈ * core (14 days ago)
Imagine playing super mario in rtx 2080ti in very very low settings What fps u will get? Ans:Infinite
Stqff (12 days ago)
Charles Grover (15 days ago)
Lol where is geforce 210 1gb?
MarcusIronFist (15 days ago)
Gtx 1070 ti?
Chaiwat Ngaoseethong (16 days ago)
what is the music name of your intro
Kieron Cousins (16 days ago)
GTX 8800 is a true legend still can play games today even better in SLI
Crimsonix (17 days ago)
GTX 280 looked so clean
JohnDoe Plays (17 days ago)
5:01 My Official Graphic card PC
Самокрут (17 days ago)
Собрать бы для себя пк на старенькых лучших девайсов на то пора
What about 1060 dual
Raja meena (17 days ago)
the graphic card looks alike BEN 10 ULTIMATRIX somehow
kasra rahvar` (17 days ago)
history of intel graphic pls
Virgo Inno (17 days ago)
Evolutsion of granny pllllllls
Noob Gamer (17 days ago)
Can you make videos on computers history
I am watching on Rtx2080 ti 6gb graphics ddr5
Niepokonany Gamer (17 days ago)
*8gb GDDR 6
edison arroyo (18 days ago)
jajajaja i have a AMD r5
mates (18 days ago)
U forgot GT 240
Öztuğ Toprak Uzun (18 days ago)
Where is 1050Tİ
juego Gámez (19 days ago)
yo gtx 550 ti es buena o no que aljienme diga
Tamilan Gamer (19 days ago)
Where is gt610 legend
Theholaxd YT (19 days ago)
Where is GTX 750 TI?
JohnGTA94 (20 days ago)
I have a gtx 1050ti 4GB oc
JohnGTA94 (19 days ago)
Devanshu Dwivedi nice
JohnGTA94 (19 days ago)
Andy Landgraf 😛
Devanshu Dwivedi (19 days ago)
1060 3gb OC
Andy Landgraf (19 days ago)
Mein Beileid
Amy Pink (20 days ago)
You forgot GeForce 210
Ivan Stalin (20 days ago)
Не вижу смысла инспектировать видеоплату. Ведь по хоть какому ее вставляли в мощнейший компьютер с новым железом, и тестировали, она не имела права лагать.
Variable X-Y (20 days ago)
Where are de 1060 1070 1660????
Danonymous (20 days ago)
Where is GTX 2050 and GTX 2050 ti????
Tomáš Minařík (21 days ago)
Evolution of Xiaomi mobile
ZY Swanson (21 days ago)
You didn't include RTX's
kanavy khith (21 days ago)
Don’t Try On Your Phone. That’s How Phone Ricer Were Born.
malahi douieb (21 days ago)
Way games like that i can run all of it with gtx 660
ĘłDįābłø666 (21 days ago)
Where is gt710
Niko Graha (22 days ago)
Mafia 2 is my favorite
Brandon M (22 days ago)
I saw a lot of comments from people asking where X card was, this is meant to be the evolution of the high end Nvidia Geforce cards
TheRandomshite123 (19 days ago)
580 was high end
BASS & TRAP (22 days ago)
Abraham Lincoln (22 days ago)
Plus Evolution of Games
Crescer Estatura (22 days ago)
Nome da musica da intro?
DaChozenPoww (23 days ago)
These 2000s gpu are better than my intel hd 4000..
un postino (23 days ago)
When even the most powerful graphic card can't handle crysis 3 in its first year of life
Paul Westfall (23 days ago)
I like how they only used enthusiast GPUs. Not.
Paul Westfall (23 days ago)
Surprised they didn't use Half Life 2
himanshu pawar (23 days ago)
Mr.Keanu Reeves (24 days ago)
2080ti is best gaming and Titan RTX give little better Graphics than 2080ti but this GPU is not for gaming and Titan RTX can't give best graphics in many games. And titan v is super computer GPU your Choice which you like.
Invincible king (24 days ago)
Watching on Geforce 256
IMPERIAL exgamer (24 days ago)
So where can I place my gt710 2 gb gpu among these gpus
spit (24 days ago)
Where's 2019?
Florenz Respicio (25 days ago)
Nvdia geforce 920mx???
REBIRTH Of GaMING (25 days ago)
Make a video on evolution of controllers ☺️
My Anime Story (25 days ago)
If you can answer, How much time it takes to make and edit a video? Nice video BTW
clove martin (24 days ago)
Depends on the kind of video processing. The video you saw above can be processed within a day maximum.
Sean W. (25 days ago)
gtx 580??
Where is 1070 and others?
Viljams Šillers (26 days ago)
Where was navida geforce 740m
SHEENA V R (26 days ago)
Titan V is not Geforce..
vlog robert (26 days ago)
I'm exited for the future!!!!!!!!
IZUGamer (26 days ago)
Nvidia titan v is not a geforce series nub
Zer01neDev (20 days ago)
Actually the guy show Crysis 3 for the 780Ti...a game that GTX 280 can run
walrider96 (27 days ago)
just upgraded from gtx 750 to 1660 ti... MASSIVE differance in FPS.. so smooth now
B P Barthwal (27 days ago)
video is not complete where is nvidia geforce 210
bartexxx 3497 (9 hours ago)
And geforce GTS 250 ?? I have GTS 250
joon28 (27 days ago)
wut about the GeForce gtx 1050-1050 ti or the 1060 3gb or 6gb, and also the 1070 and 1070 ti
joon28 (24 days ago)
+Emiliano Contreras To be fair I actually accept that but to be fair those are some of the best either including or discluding the 1050s.
Emiliano Contreras (27 days ago)
This is only the top components
6:15 but can it run crysis?
i have gt 220
KACHEK Bitsushkin (28 days ago)
отчего до этого геймерские общедоступные карты а в конце titan v?
YaSsiNe (28 days ago)
32mb xD
Rotten Potatoes (29 days ago)
Ur intro killed my ears
I Play Gta 4 In Dx 9 in My Pc
Toesty-toes (29 days ago)
Wheres the rest of the gtx series?
Magiker1337 (29 days ago)
2018 is RTX but yeah this Video is solala
Adeeb Parvez (1 month ago)
watching on rtx 2060 GRAPHICS
nvidia starts with riva 128, later released riva tnt and riva tnt2. Geforce was after tnt's
Saurabh Kumar (1 month ago)
Gt 710??
Dragan productions (1 month ago)
filmora ?
Illuminati (1 month ago)
watching on nvidia gtx 1060

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