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Geforce 6200 Unboxing (Quick)

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This is the unboxing of the GeForce 6200 PCI (NOT PCI-E).
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Trax Nitro (6 years ago)
l34n t0 r34d typ05
asweran (6 years ago)
@R3VBigBlue nice grammar pal
Trax Nitro (6 years ago)
@asweran no......the im older than the vid :D
asweran (6 years ago)
@R3VBigBlue Relax pal im on a gtx 560 now this vid is prolly older than you.
Trax Nitro (6 years ago)
6200 Sucks Balls,i can play gta iv on 6800GT 512MB DDR3 on low with playable FPS
Ianas Andrei (7 years ago)
lol i have an 6200 but is totaly diferent version its made by MSI mine. MSI NX6200AX DT512 DDR 2 ........... ( RAM OC BY allmost 45-50% and GPU by 15-20 % OC ) GPU 440 Mhz RAM 910 Mhz :))
TGITFH (7 years ago)
i have the pny 512mb edition agp8x. its a lot better.
asweran (7 years ago)
@75LetMeKnow75 This card was shit, hence me throwing it away.
MaxTheMasterful (8 years ago)
Woah, it's tiny
segapaisa (8 years ago)
hey hey do not talk bad about this card ,this card is a warrior video card when it was born (2004)
lordcedrik4 (8 years ago)
@asweran k :P but i'm not a bad person, i think yeeeaahhhhh lol XP
Smith Smitherman (8 years ago)
@3akz wow, this guy is fuckin dumb
asweran (8 years ago)
Your right, but in todays society a single person can give off a bad impression for an entire nation or continent.
lordcedrik4 (8 years ago)
@asweran not all europeans are assholes :(
Aaron Campeau (9 years ago)
6200's are really crap mine overheated for nothing without me using Nvidia nTune... IT wont go over 640x480 now
asweran (9 years ago)
Hell no, this shit can barely run mine sweeper.
Blitzvogel (9 years ago)
asweran (9 years ago)
People who dont have pci-e slots, thats who.
-Xtazzee- (9 years ago)
who would want a piece of crap like this?
asweran (9 years ago)
Yeah its given me some memories too, all very fucked up.
asweran (9 years ago)
No, Its on Earth. And what the fuck does that have to do with you never actually being in North America. Your just another bitch ass European that fakes his identity claiming attention.
asweran (9 years ago)
First of all, your a fake ass bitch living in England, you dont know jack shit about north America, second of all, what the fuck is dack. And no, I cant take dumb fucks like you. They really piss me off by showing me how illiterate they really are.
asweran (9 years ago)
Learn how to spell, and fuck the free movement.
RandyTheStalker (9 years ago)
why did you launched the vga? poor vga :( i have installed a 6200 on my second pc
asweran (9 years ago)
It must be really crappy card then. A video card with 512mb of memory for only 20 dollars means only one thing, it sucks. The core lcok speed and memory speed are very low, and the pixel pipelines are loe aswell. It may also be a turbocache 512. If you can, give me the name and model of this video card.
BUDOKAI1 (9 years ago)
I saw a PCI-E with a memory size of 512 for 20$
asweran (9 years ago)
Yeah, the card is shit. I finally upgrade my computer.
iiCyx (9 years ago)
Lool! did you actually throw the graphics card?
asweran (10 years ago)
There is also a radeon 2400 pro for the pci, but it is a hefty 130 dollars.
Ali Nadem (10 years ago)
get the 3850 agp, its the best agp card
asweran (10 years ago)
Pci cards are expensive, because no one makes them any more. Plus this video card and video was made LONG before the upload date.
Jeremy Johnson (10 years ago)
$100!?!?!?! Wow, you got ripped off worse than I've ever seen a human being get ripped off. Ever.
asweran (10 years ago)
Yeah it does, but I didnt buy it for gaming.
asweran (10 years ago)
Ha ha real smart and shit when your talking behind a fucking desk, try saying that to my face and I'll knock your ass out. Just so you didnt know, I dont have support for Pci-e or agp, I bough the card for better playback, BITCH.
asweran (10 years ago)
If your looking for an agp card, I'd go for the Radoen HD 2600 pro, that is equivelant to the 8600 gt. Its also cheaper.
asweran (10 years ago)
No point of ony upgrading to 6600gt. You should put in a little ,ore money and get your self a geforce 8600gt.
asweran (10 years ago)
Like I said, pci-e and agp cards do not work in my computer. I can get those cards you mentioned for less than half the price.
asweran (10 years ago)
I payed 100 dollars for this card, I could have bought a geforce 8600 gt with that much, but since my pc is old, it only supports PCI, NO AGP OR PCI-E.
asweran (10 years ago)
IT SERIOUSLY SUCKS BALLZ. Instead of upgrading, im just gonna buy an xbox 360.
Anthony (10 years ago)
lol i have that card

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